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Full Synup Local Marketing Software review – all you need to know about Synup Local Marketing Software


What is Synup?

Synup is a local SEO software that offers an uncomplicated way for managing the online listings and reputation of your business. It offers a fully-automated location management service for online listings, reputations, analytics, and reporting for all types of businesses no matter regardless of their sizes. The technology suit of Synup powers more than 157,476 local businesses as of now. It keeps tracks of thousands of local business profiles and observes millions of interactions so that it can offer businesses automated marketing and insights that the businesses will otherwise not receive.

Synup is an all-in-one local marketing software that manages your local listings, aggregates all of your interactions, monitors the analytics of your business, and helps you in exporting reports easily. It offers different solutions for small businesses, enterprises, and marketing agencies. The small, single location businesses can grow their online presence and receive the right edge over their location competition by using this software. The multi-location businesses and enterprises are offered auto-scale location marketing for different locations from a single and full-featured dashboard. Synup helps marketing agencies grow their businesses by providing them with the right toolkit for boosting their local marketing portfolios.

For small businesses, it keeps all of the profiles of your business on various sites such as Google, Yelp, and Bing in sync automatically. Also, it sends you notifications when your customers post reviews about your business. By automating these tasks, this software helps you in focusing on important stuffs related to business. Moreover, the software keeps the basic marketing of your business covered. You are able to run a free scan using the comprehensive scan tool that automatically discovers errors in location data as well as the areas of improvement for your business within just two minutes. When you come to know exactly what needs to be performed, you can enroll your business to this software by signing up. After signing up, you will get automatic results from the software.

The cutting-edge platform offered by Synup helps multi-location businesses in managing location data, syncing the data automatically with different external directories, and tracking customer pulse. Synup places all the locations of your business in a single dashboard. Hence, it’s easier that ever to manage your online listings and customer reviews if you have more than one business locations. You are able to manage, update, and sync all the reviews and locations of your business from one dashboard. The software is developed in such a way that it can automatically scale to any number of locations demanded by your business. There are no onboarding hassles, and also there is no waiting time. Also, the vendor offers priority support with all their business packages that include a high-priority SLA for responding to all your queries and questions at the earliest.

For marketing agencies, Synup helps you automate the process of business listings, review generation and more for your customers and clients. You can perform all these from your own completely white-labeled product. The software offers you a fully white-labeled platform. The dashboard, email notifications, prospecting tools, comprehensive reports, all are branded with the logo of your marketing agency. You receive your own product at your own pricing.


The benefits of using the Synup software for your business are as follows:

  • Using this software, you are able to manage the local listings of your business. It crawls and syncs location data automatically across a network of more than 100 local directories.
  • Synup helps you in aggregating all the interactions made by your business. The software monitors the social sites of your business and the reviews posted by the customers of your business no matter where they post on the web. Also, it notifies you if any new interaction takes place.
  • With the help of Synup, you are able to receive up to date analytics and reports on the performance of your business. These analytics and reports can be monitored to track the progress of your business. They also help you in taking important business-related decisions.
  • Synup offers you easy to use reporting feature. You are able to export various reports with your own branding on the fly. You are also able to extract all your data present in the Synup platform.
  • Synup understands that the importance of having access to your own data if you are an SMB. Even if a user cancels the Synup subscriptions, the listings of the user’s business stay intact. Synup keeps your account active so that you are able to export the data related to your business which are there in the platform.
  • With Synup, you do not have to worry about the scaling issue if your business grows. The software is built in such a way that it scales automatically to any number of locations your business has. Hence, it involves no onboarding hassles and waiting time.
  • For multi-location businesses, Synup offers a single dashboard for managing, updating, and synchronizing all the locations and reviews. The dashboard enables you to view detailed insights about the listings of your business. You are also able to view and edit the information related to your business from your dashboard. The dashboard offers you the option to switch between all your locations easily for tracking your progress. Moreover, the dashboard helps in enhancing the business listings with media and other personalized information.
  • With the help of Synup, your dashboard, tools, reports, email notifications, all can be branded with the logo of your marketing agency.


The Synup software offers users a complete local marketing toolset. It makes it easier for its users to manage location data, online presence, reputation, and analytics. Let us discuss the features of Synup:

Location Management

The location management feature from Synup makes it possible for you to manage the location data, online presence, reputation, and analytics of your business no matter what is the number of locations your business has. It can be one or one hundred or one thousand; however, there will be no issues from Synup’s side. This software is developed keeping in mind the issue of scalability when a business grows. It can easily adapt itself to your growing business.

Instant Sync

Your business can have accounts on many places such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many more. When you make any changes to your data, it has to be updated everywhere. However, you do not have to perform this task manually. Synup takes the responsibility to instantly sync the business-related and location data across all the sites. It saves a lot of your precious time.

Monitoring Interactions and Sending Notifications

When your business has an online presence on various platforms, your customers often leave reviews regarding any products or services offered by your business. Also, your customers will mention your business on various platforms. Synup monitors all these social interactions of your business and constantly listen to them. When a customer leaves a social comment or a review regarding your business anywhere on the web, Synup sends notifications immediately.

Responding Back

Your customers post reviews on your business on various social platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The Synup software enables you to respond to these reviews directly from the software. It has an integrated workflow, which allows you to respond back to the reviews posted by the customers. For example, you have a restaurant and it has its online presence in a variety of social platforms including Google and Facebook. When a customer likes the food and services offered by your restaurant, he or she can go to Google or Facebook, visit your restaurant, and post a review of your restaurant. To thank the customer for his or her positive review, you can take help of Synup to respond back.

Customer Feedback

The Synup software listens to the suggestions offered by your customers for the improvement of your business on behalf of you. It helps you analyze the feedback you received from your customers so that you can incorporate them into your business if they are required and useful to your business.


The analytics feature offered by Synup tracks web ranking of your business, products, or services. It also monitors the traffic to your website and many more. The powerful analytics component of the software of the performance of each location of your business. Whenever required, the information can be exported with ease in the form of reports. Reports are very helpful in visualizing the performance of your business. They help in making important decisions related to your business.

Improve Star Ratings

Synup can help you increase the number of positive reviews or mentions you receive from your customers for any of your products, services, or the entire business. The dashboard of Synup can be used to generate more 4 and 5 star rated reviews for your business. The better ratings in Social platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook help your business be more popularity among your existing customers and introduce new customers to your business quickly. Thus, Synup helps in the growth of your business.


The widgets offered by the Synup software can help you in making the website content management process easy. The widgets can be used for displaying the location data and reputation data of your business anywhere.

Niche Specific

Using Synup, you are also able to manage industry and niche specific sites on its platform.

Fix Bad Data

The Synup software fixes bad data related to the multiple locations of your business. Hence, you will no longer have to present the wrong location information to your customers.

Data Security

Synup offers a high level of data security. It protects the location information of your business. It protects your data in such a way that no other party is able to tamper with your data or make any changes to them.

Be Found Everywhere

With the help of Synup, your business can achieve a consistent presence across online searches. This is true in the case of the voice search too.

Comprehensive Reports

This feature offered by the Synup software offers you a comprehensive insight on Google MyBusiness, Bing, and Facebook profiles such as calls, profile visits, direction requests and many more for your customers.

Fully-Featured API

Synup offers a well-documented full-featured API. The API enables you to develop custom solutions for your clients or customers on the top of Synup’s platform.

Custom Pricing

With the help of Synup, you get the opportunity to choose the amount of premium you charge your customers on top of the pricing of the platform.


Synup offers a simple and straightforward pricing. It costs you $30 per location per month at 25 locations. The price per location goes down if the number of locations increases. Synup does not have any hidden pricing, agenda, or paywall. You can visit the webpage https://synup.com/pricing, and check how much this application will cost for you using the price slider.

You receive quite a few benefits with Synup Premium. First, this package will offer you unlimited listing updates. If you make any changes to the listing, the changes get synced instantly across the network of websites. Second, It offers you instant review notifications. When a new review about your business is posted anywhere on the web, you receive immediate notification regarding the new review. Third, you are offered detailed analytics. You will receive detailed analytics on your online reputation, presence, and marketing. Last, the use of Synup premium stops your customers from leaving negative reviews regarding your business and also encourages them to leave 5-star reviews.

Technical Details

The Synup software is a web-based solution that supports devices with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It offers Android and iOS applications. Hence, you can download and install these applications in your smartphones and start taking the benefits of the software. The software is ideal for small as well as medium businesses and marketing agencies. The deployment models of the software are cloud-hosted and open API. The language supported by Synup is English.

Support Details

The Synup team offers support via email, phone, and live chat. If you have any queries related to the platform, you can email the team at contact@synup.com or call them at +1(844)228-2852. The live chat option is available on the official website of the software.

The ‘Resources’ section of the official website of Synup includes quite a few ebooks and case studies related to the software. The ‘Blog’ section includes articles on various topics related to the software. It also includes how to guides to help you get started with Synup.


Synup is a fully fully-automated location management solution for your business for online listing, reputation, analytics, and reporting. For small businesses with a single location, the software helps in growing their online presence and getting the right edge over their local competitions. For an enterprise with multiple locations, Synup offers auto-scale location marketing for more than one locations with the help of a single, fully-functional dashboard. The marketing agencies are offered the right toolkits by the software to boost their local marketing portfolio. Synup offers simple pricing plans that reduces as the number of locations added; also, you can go for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The team offers on-demand support with all of the business plans. The on-demand support includes high-priority SLA for responding to your queries at the earliest.