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Full Swiftype Site Search Solutions Review – All You Need to Know About Swiftype Site Search

Swiftype Site Search
Swiftype Site Search

What is Swiftype Site Search?

Swiftype Site Search is a web-hosted site search solution developed by the IT and software company of the same moniker. Founded in 2012 by Software Engineers Quin Hoxie and Matt Riley, the company was acquired Elasticsearch in November 2017. The software is one of the several tools out in the market that powers your website so it can connect your website visitors with the most important content they need. Swifttype is a search and index tool that allows you to leverage your business through an agile and faceted search, concept query, full text search, and several other on-demand information re-crawl and indexing features.

Solidly built for entrepreneurs, web developers, and online marketers, Site Search is a powerful solution that allows you to incorporate search functionalities in to your own website. It has a very intuitive algorithm which simply makes every implementation a breeze. Swiftype Site Search is also known for its insightful analytical power and convenient implementations. And because the site search solution is a cloud-based powerhouse, incorporating it into your website, rolling it out, editing and managing every aspect of its operations is convenient and much easier.

More than its power to scan through online data, Swiftype is a useful tool for businesses to leverage their sales and provide end users with the right information and correct answers. It has Enterprise-grade Search modules, a powerful crawler, and seamless API integrations. Swiftype also has a huge amount of tool suite for developers, a stable cross-domain search capacity, and a highly secure cloud-based framework.

Swiftype Site Search

Since the site search solution was released, it has acquired the name of being one of the most trusted website components. Some of its notable users include industry giants like AT&T, Hubspot, TechCrunch, and Dr. Pepper among others.  It has also released several other software updates including the integration of artificial intelligence into the system to logically interpret queries across multiple data platforms.  With its “enterprise-grade knowledge graph” component, Swiftype is able to acquire and interpret data from every data source it connects with.

The software is able to derive better search results from its AI technology providing accurate suggestions for every query. Site Search is also able to filter and refine every search according to each relevance and what your browser needs. It has the capacity to tweak each results with its intuitive interface and customization features.

The real power behind Swiftype lies within its analytical power. It is able to provide real-time results about your website visitors’ specific behavior so your business can formulate business impacting actionable insights.  This out-of-the-box advanced feature is only one of the few good things that make Swiftype remarkable. It also has relevant results rearrangement through its dynamic results ranking, precise content weights and relevance model promotion, facets display and similar content filtering, and many others.

Swiftype also has an impressive way of syncing website content and presenting them in a clear and manageable way.  The software is even made flexible with API integrations that allow it to forgo its built-in content crawler and exchange it for a programming protocol. This program alteration shows the capacity that Swiftype holds and is a dynamic way of indexing content and completing every search or query.

Swiftype Site Search Benefits

Connect your audience to what really matters

Site Search was developed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and web professionals to provide a solid site search solutions. It allows eCommerce industries and online businesses to sell more by allowing its website visitors to get the right answers with every query. The software also allows you to attract more people to your platform by providing them with straight out answers to all their needs. It provides an intuitive search experience by giving its users “surface relevant content” gathered from its autocomplete, faceted search, and spellcheck functionalities.

Simple roll out and integrations

With its full capacity and functionalities, Swiftype is an easy to implement tool for any website. It also integrates well with most API clients including the Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java, jQuery Autocomplete the Swiftype iOS and Android SDK, and the jQuery Search Plugin API libraries. These third-party open source libraries create a well-crafted search solution rich in algorithm and content ingestion framework. They also add to the software’s controls giving your website a solid programming network able to communicate and connect with other platforms for data exchange and management.

Rich functionalities

Decorated with rich functionalities you would need from a site search solutions, Swiftype is easily one of the most relevant and powerful tool you would need for your website. It has Autocomplete, Spellcheck, Synonyms, and many other advanced features to help you transform your website into a goldmine. It allows you to attract visitors and turn them into loyal subscribers.  Swiftype has also been powered by Elasticsearch with the Swiftype App Search for an unprecedented search query and control.  Combined with its powerful analytics, Swiftype is the only solution you would need to get your website up and running.

Swiftype Site Search

Boost your website’s conversion rate

Regardless of the nature of your website, incorporating a search tool to help your visitors quickly rummage through your content is one of the most helpful ways of creating loyalty. The advanced search capacity of Swiftype and the powerful algorithm of the solution generates relevant results to your business. Swiftype reacts and gives powerful results even to the most complex search queries entered by your website visitor. It has a robust language modeling precepts that instantly searches for the most relevant content.

Content Syncing

Swiftype was created with a powerful content syncing capacity using the flexibility of its integrated API and third-party platforms. It has a uniquely intelligent and brilliant web crawler that instantly creeps and searches for the most consistent and relevant content being queried. Swiftype also captures all possible content very rapidly with data entered to keep all of its search results updated. The search site solutions strongly supports custom schemas, custom extractions, and meta-tagging to help the system recompose unstructured data into a highly framed and structured information.

Connect your team with the most relevant information they need

Across organizations, Swiftype has an important aspect of unifying information for everyone’s access. It can create as solid support for your team so they easily collect data based on the existing information gathered within your company. Swiftype Site Search can act as a central source of data so your team can interact with each other acquiring the information they need to get their jobs done. It can improve your team collaboration, help ease work load, and unify everyone’s effort with less mistakes and more productivity.

Swiftype Site Search

Swiftype Site Search Features

Swiftype has some of the most advanced functionalities and tools you would need in a site search solution. Elasticsearch’ acquisition of the company has allowed it to fully immerse itself with the development of the system to make it more powerful and industry dominating. Although the tool has many important features, some of the most notable ones include:

Fast and seamless setup

Swiftype is API-enabled to give its users a powerful system integration. It works wonderfully well with some of the leading API platforms including Java, Python, Node.js. JavaScript, and Ruby. By adding an API into the system, you get a more powerful and advance site search solution which can help you get the ROI you need in less time. Integrating Swiftype into your website is fairly easy because it does not require coding like most of the search solutions out in the market.

Real-time Indexing

Web indexing is a strategic way of helping your system learn of relevant sites that are commonly being searched on your network. With the incorporation of AI technology within the Swiftype infrastructure, Internet indexing becomes automatic. The real-time process allows you to gain better insights and widens your network’s useful vocabulary, metadata, and keyword repository for quick and relevant returns.

Schema Editor

Using enterprise-grade XML Schema Editor, Swiftype is able to fully describe the relevant content being queried on your site. This powerful yet lightweight functionality is what makes every search return with the most relevant content. Using the text-based query form on Swiftype, the system is able to generate a comprehensive list of the most suitable answers based on keywords being typed or written. The Schema Editor also has a complex way of handling every query regardless of modified data types, added new fields, or indexing-related reviews, warnings, or errors.

Swiftype Site Search

Tamperproof Query Parameters

Swiftype validates and checks every search to insure integrity and legitimacy. The software solution has a strong way of making sure every entry has the right filters and applies such parameters based on the context and the content of the words being entered. Signed requests ensure that every query gets appended into the system for faster future results.

Search Facets and Filters

A faceted search or simply faceting is a good way of narrowing down on sets of results that are too large to interpret. The SERP (search engine result’s page) selects a certain criteria for the results to adhere with. Using filters to narrow down a selection, users are able to gain better results with their queries. Swiftype has a front-end systems design that allows your eCommerce business to fully customize the results based on your website’s aesthetic templates.


Using wide vocabulary support, Swiftype is able to manage its results by using Synonyms for every search. The software has an impressive way of giving results based on keyword and search category similarities. This feature is applied both on the Dashboard and using the internal programming protocols. Synonyms is applied in every query expanding the search’ scope without re-indexing keywords against similar datasets.

Impacting Insights & Analytics

With internal processes that allow you to get a closer look into your user’s habits, Swiftype is able to provide you with powerful information which can be used to boost your business. The software also identifies correlations between searches and queries, allowing you to have an inside look at current and future trends your site visitors might be interested. Using the customization features lets you dig deeper into your customer’s behavior.


Swiftype has SOC2 compliance to ensure high standards of security in all aspects of its performance including the security policies, information safeguards, and quality control. All of its data centers were constructed and developed to meet with the ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and ISO 27017 requirements.

Swiftype Site Search


Swiftype Site Search offers a free 14-day trial of the software with all its functionalities.  Pricing for SMBs and Enterprise users vary per number of queries, data crawling, and documents appended into the system. Full details are as follows:

Standard Plan- $79/month

  • 5k documents + additional $25 per 5k documents
  • 50k queries + additional $25 per 50k queries
  • 1 engine + additional $50 per engine
  • Dataset crawling after every 3 days
  • Full Core Search functionalities and features
  • Unlimited users

Pro Plan – $199/month

  • 10k documents + additional $25 per 5k documents
  • 100k queries + additional $25 per 50k queries
  • 1 engine + additional $100 per engine
  • Dataset crawling after every 12 hours
  • Full search dashboards & analytics
  • Cross-domain search capacities
  • PDF and document indexing

Premium Plan- $1,999/month

  • Volume pricing subscription
  • Enterprise-level SLA &security
  • Commercial TOS
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Account manager

Swiftype Site Search

Technical Details

Swiftype Site Search is a cloud-hosted and web-based tool with an Open API infrastructure. It supports major computer OS including Windows and Mac. The software is only available in the English language for the meantime and has a monthly payment pricing model. The site search software caters to all customer types including eCommerce, offline entrepreneurs of all sizes including smail and medium businesses, and large enterprise.

Support Details

Swiftype Site Search has a huge documentation of everything you need to know about the software. They cover much of Site Searchs’ basics including its powerful crawler, and several other important components including the dashboard features. Read the full documentation here.

You can also find additional resources on the same page including search-related terms and Search Concepts, a Support Forum for FAQs and several other important topics.

For email support simply contact their Support Team:


Or you can Contact Sales by filling out this form.