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Full Swiftype eCommerce Software Review – All You Need to Know About Swiftype


Swiftype is a web-based search platform that helps you access large amounts of data, improve web content readership and increase conversions and sales. The team behind this eCommerce tool provides excellent customer care support and has a reputation for their flexibility and responsiveness.

Swiftype was founded in January 2012 by Quin Hoxie and Matt Riley. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Swiftype’s site search is useful for full-text search, concept search, faceted search, and real-time search queries.

Back in 2015, Swifttype received $13 million in a series B funding round, apart from its September 2013 Series A funding. The company initially gained funding from its participation in Y Combinator’s incubator program and has total funding of about $22.2 million before Elastic acquired the company.

Swiftype is a reliable search application which delivers numerous relevant results, and many businesses trust it.

What is Swiftype?

Swiftype was created mainly for eCommerce store users. This cloud-based search solution improves customer experience in searching for products. It is helpful for business owners, enterprises, professionals, website owners, and publishers.

Swiftype ensures that site visitors find the most relevant and useful content they are searching. It is an intelligent system which gives users the option of changing the order and ranking of their search results over a particular period.

Swiftype was created with a goal to improve the search experience on eCommerce sites. It offers advanced search algorithms which offer advanced capabilities to help its users get relevant search results.

Swifttype offers search analytics tool which enables users to know what users are searching for on their website or eCommerce store. This platform provides a better way to search for your public content, applications and shared data for your team.

It helps web professionals to put forth the most relevant contents to their readers and give the right answers to their site visitors. This easy access to information helps improve sales.

Swiftype Pros

As one of the most useful eCommerce search platforms, Swiftype has the following advantages:

Easy Set up

It is quite easy to set up a Swiftype search engine in your e-commerce website or online store. The JavaScript snippet is easy to deploy, and it works within minutes.

Fast deployment

It is easy to deploy the software to your eCommerce site as there is no technical know-how required.

Inbuilt Analytics

The search analytics tool helps you understand what your site visitors are looking for. This way you are in a position to surface the most relevant content to your users for better user experience.

Result ranking

Swiftype offers a default drag and drops feature to help you reorder them, and the changes are reflected instantly on the website.

Android and iOS Support

Swiftype has integration with both Android and iOS.

WordPress Plugin

Integrating Swiftype to your WordPress site is made easy by an inbuilt WordPress plugin

Third-party compatibility

Swiftype offers integration to all major third-party platforms and offers a Magento Extension, Shopify App, and WordPress Plugin.

It also provides tutorials on integrating Swiftype with Jimdo, Tumblr, Weebly, Heroku, Tumblr, CloudFlare, Desk.com, and WebStarts. The software also deals with fixes for WooCommerce.

Multiple client libraries

Swiftype supports client libraries for node.JS, Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP.  It also has a separate autocomplete library for an Android SDK, an iOS SDK, and jQuery.

Swiftype Cons

  • If your business is a small one, you might have to pay more than your budget to get more features
  • You need additional guidance for theming and skinning search results and search bars
  • You need the help of a developer to install the software because the installation instruction is a little tricky for non-professionals
  • Content indexing doesn’t happen in real-time

Swiftype Features

Swiftype has the following main features.

Fast and seamless setup

Swiftype has a hosted Documents API which makes feeding data into the search engine easy. You do not have to define schema up front. All you have to do is send a request to the service through the official API clients and get the content in real-time on the dashboard.

The Documents API allows you to update documents in bulk using a single API call and the changes reflected immediately. This feature allows you to update content and send new documents frequently.

A document browser is present to help you review your content to verify the integrity of data, remove unwanted documents, or inquire into indexed documents. The Apps search platform allows you to review and edit any indexed document. You can add new fields, change data types, and review warning and errors related to indexing.

Endless possibilities using one search endpoint

The main query platform for your search engine is the Search API which allows you to manipulate, filter, get, sort and boost result sets when querying. All you have to do is make a query and add the configurations you want, which is optional.

You do not need to set up complex query analysis tools. The App Search has core search components like phrase-matching, typo tolerance, stemming and bigram. App Search Supports most of the used filters and facets. This integration allows you to perform both complex and simple filtering and faceting, display data sets, or add a geo-aware search experience.

You don’t have to worry about the use cases that require integrity check and validation. Swiftype has put in place mechanisms to enforce query validity with signed requests to ensure that the user has access privileges and that they are applying the right filters.


Swiftype has the best-in-class relevance and complete flexibility. It helps you improve the precision of your search experience by helping you fine-tune your search engine’s algorithm relevance. This is by using Boosts and Field weighting to assign relative importance on certain values.

Swiftype has a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface that lets you manipulate the results output of a query without re-indexing. Using this feature, you can promote a specific result or add a remove results for a particular query.

Users may use different vocabulary to search for the same thing. App search provides a synonym feature which enables your users to create synonym sets through the dashboard or programmatically at search time, to expand the scope of searches using the same datasets. You can do all these without having to re-index.

App Search offers multilingual support. It analyzes the content based on its language to produce accurate and precise results and reduce algorithmic noise. These features enhance the user experience for native speakers despite their location and locale.


App search offers analytics and insights to help you see your users’ query habits, whether it is an integrated search query data or a resultless search request. It has an inbuilt insights engine which helps you see the relationship between queries and click data. It also helps you see any gap that needs improving with a Search Customization feature like curations and synonyms.

Swiftype offers a clickthrough tracking feature through an API which allows you to track, analyze and see your users’ behavior and search patterns. Clickthrough API is used with query data to provide an outlook on relevance tuning and content creation opportunities.

API log view allows you to track operations in real-time. You can monitor your search engine’s performance and debug failed requests


Swiftype pricing is based on two searches, the Swiftype Site Search and the Swiftype App Search.

For Site Search

The Site search has three payment options.

The Standard Option

The standard model handles 5,000 documents, and you pay $25 for every additional 5,000 documents. You will get 50,000 queries, and every additional 50,000 queries will cost an extra $25. It comes with one engine, and every additional engine will cost $50.

Using this plan ensures that you get core search features and your site gets crawled every three days. Support is multilingual and allowed users are unlimited. All these features at $79/month.

The Pro Option

This option starts from $199/month and lets you handle 10,000 documents. Each additional 5,000 documents will cost $ 25. You will also get 100,000 queries, with each additional 50,000 queries costing an extra $25.

You get one engine, and if you need an extra one, it will cost you $100. If you chose this option, you’d get full search analytics, multilingual support, Cross-domain search and crawling every 12 hours.

The Premium Option

If this is your option, then you have access to Enterprise-level security and SLA, account manager and dedicated hardware. All starting from $1,999/month

For App Search

The App search has three payment option like the site search. Albeit, the Standard option starts at $49/month with different features.

The Standard Option

The standard model starts at $49/month and handles 50,000 documents and you pay $20 for every additional 25,000 documents. You will get 500,000 API calls, and every additional 50,000 API calls will cost an extra $ 5. It comes with one engine, and every additional engine will cost $25.

This package includes basic analytics, seven days of analytics history, advanced API access, multilingual support, basic security controls, and API logs.

The Pro Option

This option starts at $199 and lets you handle 100,000 documents. Each additional 25,000 documents will cost $ 20. You will also get 1 million API calls with each additional 50,000 calls costing an extra $5.

You get one engine, and if you need an extra one, it will cost you $100. If you chose this option, you would get advanced analytics, which includes searches, clicks, and other insights. The plan also gives advanced API access, granular security controls, multilingual support, six months of analytics history, and extended API log retention.

The Premium Option

This plan offers custom analytics history and advanced analytics for clicks, searches, and others. You get advanced API access with customized API log retention and security controls. The support system is multilingual.

Technical Details

Swiftype is an API based search engine software which supports basic and bulk indexing as well as asynchronous indexing and document expiration. It provides manual control over document indexing. A private API Key and Engine Slug are required, and you can get this from your dashboard.

The Document Types feature lets you specify the structure of documents. Its features include Add a Document Type, GET a Document Type and DELETE a document. A Document is a single page in a website search index. SERPs are used to list documents relevant to the query.

Swiftype offers an autocomplete tool which predicts language and gives suggestions to users as they type. The bigram matching tool analyzes language to find results for multiple word queries which are similar.

The clickthrough behavior records the results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that users are clicking. They use this feature to learn the behavior of users and to improve the user experience.

It has a faceting tool which allows users to narrow down a large group of results on SERP.

Swiftype Support Details

If you the standard and Pro plans, Swiftype offers support through emails and you can reach them through Support@swifype.com.  The support is a production level which ensures that Swiftype engine is available and working as expected. The support you get for these plans include:

  • Analysis of the state of your engine
  • Actions you can perform to stabilize or tune your engine
  • Updates on actions the Engineers are taking to stabilize your engine.
  • Pointers to Swiftype documentation or forums if your question is outside the scope of the platform itself.

The Premium plan users get dedicated support, 24/7, in addition to all the above.

Swiftype is offering a free- trial of their software and you can also request for a free demo.

You can also get help about their products through their documentation which is detailed and elaborate. They offer search concepts through their glossary and search-related terms. Swiftype partners are specialists who will help you to implement a custom search.

Swiftype uses cases to offer support to their users. A case connotes a ticket, service request, problem, issue or incident. A case is any situation that you encounter as a customer. They include wanting a new feature added to your account, seeking help in setting up your Swiftype account or engine and when you have a question about how to do something with Swiftype.

You open a case for anything that is important to you by sending an email address. You will receive a confirmation email, and you can communicate through that email thread in future. When sending an email for a use case, provide the primary email address for your account, the engine name you are asking about and the nature of the problem.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Swiftype is the better way to search. E-commerce stores and online businesses benefit best from the responsive and flexible Swiftype by improving how customers search their products. Swiftype offers an invaluable user experience by surfacing the most relevant content to your site visitors.

Swiftype allows professionals, enterprises and business owners to provide quality support. The software improves web content readership, access large amounts of data and increase sales and conversions. Its advanced search capabilities and algorithms deliver relevant search results.

The pricing is quite flexible, and you can choose from standard, pro or premium. Each plan comes with different features to suit different businesses. Features like autocomplete, smart suggestions, synonyms, phrase matching, drag-and-drop, language analysis and spelling auto-correction makes using Swiftype easy to use and quite helpful.

Swiftype is API powered and cloud-hosted. It supported small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses, and freelancers.  It is a go-to search software for any business size.