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Full SutiExpense Expense Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About SutiExpense


SutiSoft is a company that makes accounting solutions that hone in on specific aspects of the profession. SutiExpense, of course, is their expense management tool, which serves as a way for businesses to sort through travel receipts, meals, client expenses, and more.

The tool comes equipped with advanced analytics and business intelligence tools. And, users have the option to purchase this software on its own, or as part of a larger SutiSoft suite. The suite rolled procurement, accounts payable, and expenses and invoicing into one platform. Though, it seems the Suti suite is still lacking in a general accounting tool.

That said, in some cases, specificity pays off. With SutiExpense, users can expect advanced reporting, combined with integrations with travel providers, automation, and more.

Below, we’ll see if this particular expense reporting tool brings anything more to the table than something comparable, like Chrome River Expense, or if users are better off with one of the countless, affordable expense tracking options that still perform at a high level.

What is SutiExpense?

SutiSoft’s expense management software is cloud-hosted and built to help businesses take control over their travel and operating expenses.

This platform allows users to capture expense receipts through a variety of methods—through mobile phone, e-receipt, or scanner.

The software is designed for businesses of all sizes. Users can choose between three different versions—with each offering high-level functionality.

SutiExpense works with travel booking companies, too. The benefit here is, all travel-related expenses will automatically populate expense reports—making things easier on traveling reps and the accounting team alike.

Additionally, SutiExpense can be linked to all major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. Like the travel integration, this means that all expenses charged to the company card can connect directly to the system.

Overall, the benefit of adding this solution to your accounting lineup is to automate data entry, set up fraud controls, and implement approval workflows.


Policy Enforcement

One of the key benefits associated with this tool is, you can automate policy enforcement to avoid issues like overspending or falling out or compliance.

Define age limits, so employees won’t submit reports six months down the line. Or, mandate receipts, set spending limits, require approvals—it’s up to you. The benefit is, you make the rules here, however best works for your company.

Easy Reconciliation

With SutiExpense, you can easily verify corporate card transactions. Filter expenses by status, employee, or another parameter to view transactions in greater detail. The Professional plan does not automate this process, but you can upload statements. Upgrade to the Premium or Enterprise level, and you’ll get the benefit of automatic integration, which will save you time in the long run.

Real-Time Analytics

Create custom reports with accurate, up-to-the-moment data. Reports are super easy to analyze, the interface is clean, color-coded and you can filter spend by the employee, category, project, or department.

Expense Report Updates

Users can add comments and approvers can add questions in the notes section of a report. This allows users to explain why, say, they spend more than their per diem or what an unfamiliar transaction is from.

Additionally, you can edit reports so everything is documented correctly. Any changes made to a report will be tracked, and time stamped, for later reference.


Automated Receipt Capture

SutiExpense makes receipt capture a breeze. All users need to do is snap a quick shot of their receipt and it saves in your receipt repository. This allows users to toss receipts after they take a picture and you’ll spend less time searching for crumpled papers when it comes time to run an expense report.

Additionally, data auto-populates into an expense report using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, technology.

Expense Audit Rules

Another great feature in this lineup is the expense audit rules. Here, you can configure all kinds of settings like spend limits, per diem rates, approval rules, and more. This gives you control over employees while they’re out of sight, and helps you remain in compliance with company policies and the IRS.

Expense Reporting

Expense reports look really nice, here. And they come with a ton of functionality. SutiExpense gives users the ability to calculate mileage automatically by integrating with GPS. You’ll get point-to-point recognition of distance traveled. And, data automatically imports into the report.

SutiExpense also integrates with major credit cards, so all transactions from company cards will automatically show up in the system. Users can automatically import their spending activity, which removes the unnecessary burden of manual data entry.

Employees can also create expense reports based on date and time for various projects or clients. And finally, users can split expenses between different cost centers, clients, and projects. So, if an employee submits a report with expenses that fall into different categories, its easy to allocate different line items to different reports.


SutiExpense also shines in the approval and workflows realm. This feature does not come standard in every reporting platform and adds huge time savings to the expense tracking process.

Use the platform to create flexible workflows and select type, hierarchies, and thresholds for each role or department.

Approvers have the ability to edit or update reports, reject specific line times—or the whole report, and forward expenses to another approver, if needed.

You’ll also be able to set alternate or proxy approvers that can take over in the event of an approver’s absence.

Finally, you can set up your system so that approvers receive notifications as requests are submitted. This way, nothing slips through the cracks. On the user side, they’ll also receive notifications when their report is approved or rejected.


The travel feature is another area where SutiExpense goes above and beyond. In this case, users have access to features like the pre-trip authorization, which allows users to create travel requests with estimated expenses, and sends them to an approver for the green light.

There’s also the travel booking integration which allows you to book flights, hotel rooms, and cars directly from the system. While this isn’t the most important factor here, the design looks really nice. Users can easily view upcoming flight information, book a hotel room, or a car from an attractive central hub that, frankly, looks better than what you’ll find on any of the travel aggregate sites.


SuitExpense is offered at $6.50 per user per month for the entry-level plan, the Professional. This plan comes with receipt capture, mobile access, automated workflows, cost allocation, accounting system export, custom expense categories, and OCR. You’ll also get credit card stamens imports and accounting system exports.

That last feature, the accounting system export means that users can download expense reports and data, then upload that information into the system. We’re not sure that this is the most efficient process, and it would be nice if SutiSoft enabled QuickBooks, Sage, or Xero integrations.

The other plans, the Premium and Enterprise are offered on a case by case basis. You’ll need to contact the company for pricing details. But, these plans open access to the travel booking feature–a major plus, as well as direct credit card integration.

At the enterprise level, users can now take advantage of data analytics and more advanced reporting features.

Technical Specifications

SutiExpense is a web-based application that works on any device that connects to the web. Because the platform is cloud-hosted, users will see real-time data and can view transactions as they come in.

Free App

Capture and send receipts with the tap of a button. The app comes with the added benefit of a one-time authentication, so you won’t need to enter your password multiple times on your mobile phone—which is pretty annoying.

Who is it For?

Well, since the app doesn’t come with a pricing grid, we can’t get too specific, here. Still, according to the makers of the product, users from any size organization can benefit from the platform. Of course, if you’re paying for an expense management platform, there’s likely a reason.

For example, your average small business owner needs to track receipts, but probably isn’t spending tons of money on travel, meals, and hotel rooms. Nor do they have multiple employees with their own credit card.

As such, larger organizations or those with a lot of travel, sales calls, or client expenses will benefit most from SutiExpense. Smaller companies, on the other hand, should look for something else. Think Zoho Expense, Shoeboxed, or something super affordable.

Support Details

The SutiExpense website is nice and easy to navigate. The company has done a great job laying out exactly how all of the features work, complete with screenshots, and clear descriptions.

While the support page is pretty minimal, users can get in touch by calling the number provided or filling out a form on the website. Based on some of the customer reviews we’ve encountered, it seems that the team is responsive and helpful.

Here’s a look at some of the resources this website provides:

ROI Calculator

One of the biggest questions looming over a buying decision is, “how will I know I’m getting a return on investment?” The SutiSoft team knows this and has provided users with an automated expense management tool. So, you can type in a few figures and get a sense of whether its worth it to stick with the status quo or upgrade.


The website provides a tour, which is something of a departure from the usual knowledge base, blog, and getting started guide. Here, you’ll gain access to a selection of short videos that showcase each feature and how it works.

Breakdown by Industry

Additionally, the site looks more closely at how you might use this tool in a few different industries. Professional services, manufacturing, and government can all benefit from the added visibility, but their approaches are bound to be quite different.

What’s the Verdict on SutiExpense?

SutiExpense is an impressive solution. Users will see major benefits when it comes to control. Things like approvals, workflows, and custom reporting will bring greater visibility into the mix.

While there are several great choices for companies seeking an affordable expense reporting solution, SutiExpense is for power users.

Companies that need to stay on top of expenses or risk compromising their budget can benefit from this level of control. The platform allows companies to reduce fraud and see credit card transactions in real time. Beyond that, the integrated features give users more visibility into how much they’re spending. So, companies can look at projects and see where they are spending money, which can inform future estimates and the price of service.

Or, users can identify things like which employees are spending too much on food and drink, or who is out of compliance.

All of these things enable an organization to take control of their bottom line. In the case of SutiExpense, that increased visibility and relative ease of use stand to bring a major return on investment.

That said, the lack of integrations is something of a turn-off here. While we get it, SutiSoft has its own suite to promote, the AP solution, Expense, and Procurement all could benefit from playing nice with other pieces of accounting software. The company does not provide a full-fledged accounting platform, so this only makes sense.

Still, the selection of features is too much to ignore. If the upload process isn’t too much trouble, we suggest giving this expense tool a try.