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Full SureMDM Mobile Device Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About SureMDM


Today’s businesses and enterprises are increasingly adopting strategies for mobility that will transform how they do business and productivity.

They are always digitizing and/or automating business operations through deployment of purpose-specific mobile devices, and offering support for BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives.

These multiple platform business endpoints also need a management that is centralized so as to counter productivity and security challenges.

Employees, whether using BYOD (personally owned) or company owned devices, are also enabled to execute their tasks in the workplace effectively and efficiently, and this has soon become a norm and standard.

It is of utmost importance therefore to support mobility strategies such as these without putting any compromise on the security, and simplifying management of endpoints.

SureMDM, a mobile device management software, and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution is one of the best MDM tools to use for such purposes.

This software, designed for iOS, Android and Windows endpoints, offers a platform through which IT admins can secure, monitor and manage BYOD and/or company-owned devices.

It also incorporates all EMM aspects including mobile content management or MCM, mobile application management or MAM, and mobile device management (MDM), making it quicker and easier to enforce deployment of business apps, enforce security policies, and perform remote activities on thousands of devices managed in the organization.

What is SureMDM?


SureMDM is defined as an intuitive and powerful enterprise mobility management solution that is applied primarily in startups, small and medium-sized organizations to manage, monitor and secure every mobile device with the company including those owned by both the organization and individual employees.

SureMDM supports Windows platforms, iOS and Android for small and medium businesses, as well as startups for managing and monitoring their mobile devices.

The solution is made up of various components which include mobile identity management (MIM), mobile content management (MCM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM).

The mobile device management feature that is present in the solution allows user to enroll devices quickly through QR code scanning, perform app and device provisioning, enroll a lot of devices at once, monitor the health of devices remotely and track device locations in real time through the help of a map.

With the availability of SureMDM in the company, employees can distribute app across mobile devices that have been enrolled and updated.

The mobile application management solution that is available in the solution gives IT administrators ability to specify the applications that employees can use while controlling access permissions.

The mobile content management in the solution allows the organization to have their staff members to securely check through business related files and documents from several devices to improving their productivity.

However the mobile identity management solution allows the authentication of people who are allowed to access the devices. And those individuals can access the devices using a single sign-on (SSO).

SureMDM also allows employees to access corporate data, access apps and alerts from mobile devices they possess by the help of its BYOD or the capabilities of Bring Your Own Device.



Mobile Device Management Solution

One of the components that are offered by SureMDM us Mobile device management that enables users to enroll the mobile devices that employees need to perform in their jobs and also guarantees that the devices are configured based on specification set by their own organization. The solution’s mobile device management solution takes device and app provisioning and enables users to set up their mobile devices using the appropriate settings for apps such as WiFi, VPN, and email configuration and settings. They also categorize mobile devices with accordance to the specific criteria which includes both geographic location and business role. SureMDM mobile device management software gives its users the ability to remotely monitor mobile devices and this let them create alerts for notification about battery and connectivity problems. Besides that they have the responsibility of locking devices and also wiping data on such devices remotely.

Deploy and Manage Commercial and In-House Apps

SureMDM gives its users another component that works together with mobile device management solution. The component is known as mobile application management (MAM) which is equipped with flexible functionalities that allows users to easily deploy applications to both the organization’s and employee-owned devices and it ensures that the personal data and information of their employees are safe and protected.

Enterprise App Store Functionality

The enterprise app store functionality allow users to distribute mobile apps quickly from apps that are made in-house or from commercial sources. After the app has been deployed to enrolled devices, users can manage and control these apps from a web-based console.

Apply Mobile App Management And Security Policies

Within the SureMDM mobile application management solution is the policy control functionality. This functionality allows admins to use management and security policies to applications that are deployed on mobile devices. This will enable admins to define who can access the apps that are based on specific duty. The policies  for containerization can also be applied in app management from BYOD or employee-owned mobile devices. The policies are used to separate personal data and separate corporate data or content.

Content Management

SureMDM comes with mobile content management that allows employees to access, view, and share corporate files and documents from many mobile devices securely. With the feature users can use policies as employees can access certain content, allow them authenticate employees, control how they copy and paste content and use files sharing rules. And the benefit of this content policy is that they can be used and enforced whether the organization’s employees are using company-owned devices or personal devices.

Identify and Access Management

The major ability of SureMDM is identify and access management. And this ability allows users to provide digital certificates to mobile devices to authenticate the individual’s identity who use mobile devices and apps and provide them with access. The users can activate a single sign-on and integrate with their very own identity provider or active directory. This allows employees improve productivity and reduce maintenance burden since they do not need to manage a lot usernames and passwords.

Remote upgrade of apps

SureMDM upgrades apps within many devices with just a single-click

Remote screen sharing

It allows for remote screen sharing and also controls problems that are related to troubleshooting.

Provision of dashboard

SureMDM comes with a dashboard that is used for quick overview of mobility deployment.

Creation of custom reports

SureMDM creates custom reports that are complete for understanding and data mining.

Cloud options

They come with either cloud or On-premise deployment options.

Rest APIs

The REST APIs comes with integration that is used for third-party solutions.



Device Enrollment

This feature function is to enroll devices in a few seconds using QR code scanning. They also do bulk enrollment and also protect enrollment with the use of Active Directory authentication.

Device Provisioning

These feature function is to arrange devices with required apps and settings when using default policies and jobs. It also comes with the provision of Wi-Fi, Email and VPN settings.

Device Grouping

The feature’s function is to group devices that are based on geographic location, business function or any other available criteria that can be applied. It also brings along devices for easy classification and filtering.

Device Health Monitoring

This feature’s function is to remotely monitor devices, connectively alert notifications and setup battery.

Location Tracking

Apart from this feature tracking devices on map real-time it also view historical location data. It also provides push policies and geo-tag landmarks based on Geo-fencing.

Device Security


Its function is to remotely wipe and/or lock devices and also apply password policies.

UEM Analytic Engine

The feature tracks and monitor issues and track that are related to perform and use business devices and applications.

Application Distribution

This has the function of pushing app and updating mobile devices.

Enterprise App Store

It publishes applications to Enterprise App store. This gives user an ability to download app that are on-demand through enterprise app store.

App management

This feature checks on installed applications and versions on the user’s devices. It is also a software asset manager.

Content delivery

It remotely delivers contents to devices

Content security

Its function is to provide security to the content that are available on mobile devices through the use of containerization.

Content Removal

Its wipes and deletes the company’s data out of the devices that are based on compliance policies such as the non-compliant password or un-enrollment that are taken from MDM.

VPN configuration

It has the duty of sending and receiving private data through a secure network

Self-service Portal

The employee’s self-service portal has the ability to locate, wipe and lock devices and view the device health.

Single Sign-on

It has the role of integrating an Enterprise Active Directory and also enabled a Single Sign-on.

Certificate management

This remotely pushes identity certificates to devices. It views and manages a list of installed certificates.



SureMDM comes with two small and medium business and enterprise pricing plans that a customer can select from. These plans are available in two editions: cloud subscription and on premise licensing. Here are some of SureMDM’s detailed pricing plans and their features.

Cloud Subscription: $3.49 per month for every device

  • Free Upgrades for Customers
  • Basic Support
  • Enrol Devices in a matter of Minutes
  • Provide Data Storage and Backups on Cloud

On-Premise License: $45 per device (one-time payment)

  • Basic Support if provided for free for the first year
  • Free upgrades together with active support plan
  • Annual maintenance plan that is required for this plan
  • Maintenance of organizational data policies
  • Higher level of safety and security
  • Installation of SureMDM on the customer’s servers

Note: A free 30 day trial is also available if you’d like to test run SureMDM before subscribing to the available plans.

Other plans include SureMDM Standard plan: $3.99 per month, per device, Premium plan for $5.49 per month per device and Enterprise plan $7.99 per month per device. Among the features in all three plans include:

  • Mobile device management
  • Install/uninstall apps
  • Remote control
  • File transfer
  • Admin to device messaging
  • Geo/Network/Time fencing
  • Device grouping or tagging
  • On demand and scheduled reports
  • Location tracking (10 minutes for Standard plan, and 1 minute each for Premium and Enterprise plans)
  • Historical Data (1 month for Standard plan, 3 months for Premium, and 6 months for Enterprise plan)
  • Device lockdown
  • Kiosk browser
  • Digital signage solution

Technical details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, IPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows Mobile

Languages: English

Pricing models: Monthly payment; One-time payment

Customer type: Small and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud hosted; On Premise

Support details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Training