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Full StepShot Guides Document Creation Software Review – All You Need to Know About StepShot Guides


Guides are an easy and expressive way of making explanations. Most companies, organizations and even freelancers use guides to pass out relevant information about their processes. However, guides are notoriously hard to create.

Well-detailed and simple to read are good attributes of a useful guide. A guide is perfect for selling products or services to readers. Therefore, creators usually have to summarize and fit many details all at once into these documents.

Many guide creators use screenshots in the creation process. Doing things this way can become difficult for the writer. The writer would have to make the screenshot, take it to another application for editing. After editing, annotate it and then place it into the guide software.

A process we can all agree is cumbersome and time-consuming.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if a particular software could do all of these processes? Having a single software with the capability to take screenshots, edit, annotate and create the manual would be fantastic.

The above is precisely what StepShot Guides claim to do. In this review, we are going to review this application and see if its worth it.

What Is The StepShot Guides Software

Founded in 2009 as a little group by IT developers. The StepShot  Guides team grew in leaps and bounds until finally starting a company in 2015. StepShot Guides was able to make this leap due to the value it added to users.

They were also able to get this growth boost with the aid of Startup Wise Guys. Startup wise guys being the premium tech accelerators in Europe gave great influence to the project.

Based in Tallinn Estonia, StepShot Guides now boasts of up to a thousand users. Some of which include Microsoft, Hershey’s, Motorola among others.

StepShot Guides’ ability to grow from a small freelance project to a full-blown company is indeed admirable. What is more, they could do this because of their value-adding aim.

Now let’s go down to the main facts about StepShot Guides.

StepShot Guides is a software that helps users create comprehensive guides. Now the StepShot Guides developer’s original intention was to help with IT documentation. However, the app is useful for creating blogs, teaching, instruction manuals, and presentations.

The app was able to gain this crossover appeal due to its essential characteristics. These characteristics include its ability to create seamless and smooth materials. StepShot Guides optimizes the writing process.

How StepShot Guides Works

StepShot Guides offers a PRO plan fourteen-day trial and a free version afterward. So, you have enough time to figure out if the software works for you. An option which is great for the natural skeptic.

Upon starting your trial or activating your license, you can quickly begin creating. One of StepShot Guides’ most exciting features is its screenshot function. Using StepShot Guides, a user can take a screenshot with a single mouse click.

The StepShot Guides software is also an intuitive one. You can pause or resume screenshot capturing with little to no errors. StepShot Guides also allows image resizing and window selection giving you total control of image output.

StepShot Guides users can also pick out specific text from images and fix them into their documents. A feature that’s A for Awesome.

After picking out the useful images and fitting them into desired templates(StepShot Guides offers templates based on need), the annotation process then begins. Annotating of images is an automatic process with StepShot Guides. The software can generate step-by-step descriptions of every image fixed into your documentation.

The ability to do this dramatically reduces the time spent working. Editing with StepShot Guides makes your work neat, fast and highly efficient. You can create a sufficiently detailed manual in two to three hours. A process which usually took companies the whole day to complete.

The video below from StepShot Guides group is a quick guide on how it works.


Screenshot Capturing

StepShot Guides makes screenshots super easy. Users can make high-quality screenshots with a single click of your mouse. You can choose to take either the whole screen, a window or a particular section.

StepShot Guides makes it possible to capture photo sequences and have automatic text descriptions. At any point in time, users can pause or resume the screenshot process. So as not to have a pile of unnecessary shots taken.


Another perfect StepShot Guides function is its ability to fix in annotations. Upon taking the screenshot, StepShot puts in a description of the photo taken and keeps it. Users can then decide to edit the annotation or leave it as it is.

The annotation function opens up valuable time for workers. Annotation is intuitive and is therefore mostly accurate. Editing with StepShot Guides is also quite easy as all relevant tools are put in place.

Examples of annotation features include,


StepShot users can easily crop images to fit the desired template. Therefore, users can remove irrelevant bits of the screenshot and cancel out mistakes. The crop function allows for a bit of leeway while taking shots.

Correcting mistakes is thereby possible.

Geometric figures

Insert geometric figures, shapes, boxes, arrows, the line into your text at any time. Doing this can beautify your blog or manual, making it more presentable. Geometric figures are also great for highlighting important information in the text.

They are also neat and well drawn.

Screen blur

Blur out irrelevant bits of a screenshot using the screen blur option. Screen blur is best for situations where cropping is not possible. The blur function enables users to take out unnecessary bits while still maintaining the integrity of a document.


Text-boxes make it easy to add in relevant information. Place it in a conspicuous location and fill in your relevant details.

Text Highlight

Fix in a highlight over the relevant bits of your text.

Others include

  • Outline element,
  • Color in Shapes,
  • Add shadow to the elements,
  • Group several elements within the screenshot,
  • Guide Customization,

StepShot Guide provides adequate templates to enable you to create excellent guides. Using the templates is an easy and fast way to get professional looking documents. You can fix in logos and other brand information straight into the templates.

Design of the templates is done by professionals and is, therefore, more than adequate.

Copy Screenshot Text

StepShot Guides uses integrated OCR technology to facilitate this function. The software can recognize text from any image, lift it out and place it into the desired part of the document.

Multiple Output Formats

You can also export your document via various formats. These formats include WordPress, word, video, PDF, images. After saving your work in any form, you can switch it up to whatever you desire.

The multiple output format is useful for sending documents to different clients. You never have to worry about the text not being helpful. As the ability to change formats is embedded in the software.

External Service Accounts

StepShot also allows the user to add external service accounts into the software. The function makes work faster and more efficient. You can add software like Confluence, EasyDITA, Dropbox into StepShot with ease.

It also helps with faster documents and image exporting. Or you could also always use good old email.


Increased Efficiency

The use of StepShot dramatically increases work efficiency. Anybody who has to create documents will understand how rigorous it is. By using StepShot the time, energy and workforce needed to develop a report are cut by a considerable amount.

Leaving behind the drudgery of previous practices will make content creators more efficient.

Better Training Sessions

Because manuals are made with ease, trainers can make a whole lot more. Therefore, leading to all around better training. Creation of manuals will no longer be an arduous task.

Manuals, technical blogs, and other documentation can be finished in record time. Moreover, creators now can add finer details. Using StepShot minute but important aspects can easily enter documents.

Easy Client Deliveries

Manual guides are an easy way to aid clients in understanding processes. StepShot creators can easily send customized documents to clients. They can also send it in any required format.

Showing a willingness to help clients can make clients loyal to a brand. In addition to manual creation, StepShot’s edit tools help create scannable documents. The documents are clean, unique and full of details.

Custom Templates

StepShot offers custom templates to ensure your documents always look professional. Using StepShot’s custom templates makes your document all that much neater and efficient. It also increases the efficiency of the document creating process.

Instant Publishing

StepShot integrates seamlessly into many documentation software. Therefore a user can create with StepShot and send it in immediately. StepShot documents are also WordPress ready. Instant upload and publishing significantly reduce time spent on the overall publishing process.


Needs Better UI

The user interface could stand to be better adjusted. Right now it is a bit clunky and hard to navigate.

Slow Customer Support

If you have any problems with this software, you might need to wait a while for customer support. Customer support is a bit hard to track down. Although they employ a phone line, email and live chat, they’re still a bit hard to get a hold of.

Slow customer support is quite a problem especially when clients run into problems. It is worthy of note however that StepShot does provide adequate guides and video how-tos.

Therefore users might not run into many problems while running the software

Limited Templates

Although, StepShot provides templates that are not easy to edit. One needs to be able to code to effect any change. The limited options make it a bit difficult for users who are unsatisfied with how things look.

Personalized Edit Tools

Users need to be able to personalize the edit tools and make it more personal. Adjusting of functions like arrow shapes, shadow elements might be helpful. Just minute details that can help create better and more personal aesthetics.


StepShot offers a fourteen-day free trial. The trial version is the full PRO plan which gives you a full view of all you stand to gain. After the trial expires, you can decide to do a monthly or a yearly subscription.

There are three payment plans for StepShot namely, free, basic and pro version.

Free Plan

StepShot markets the free plan as the pro plan but with some limitations.

The benefits are:

  • Only 5 guides per month for export
  • 200 screenshots/month
  • StepShot branding for all guides
  • Video export without auto narration

Basic Plan

The basic plan works best for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Prices start at $9.99/month for annual billing and $12/month for monthly billing.

The benefits are:

  • Screenshots auto generation
  • AI-powered automated text description based on steps
  • PDF template editor
  • Exporting features: PDF, WordPress, Export in Images

PRO Plan

The PRO plan contains advanced features for entrepreneurs and organizations. It is, therefore, the addition of the basic plan and a few other features. Pro plan costs $39/month for annual billing and $49/month for monthly billing.

The added features are:

  • AI-powered text recognition on screenshots
  • Floating licenses
  • automatic insertion of prepared information
  • PRO exporting features: PDF, WordPress, Export in images plus: Word, Video, Al-powered audio narration in Video export

StepShot also provides discounts for companies buying more than ten subscriptions. Discounts are also available for educational establishments and NGOs. To get more information on this you can contact StepShot here.

Technical Details

StepShot provides support in the English Language.  The software also works with Windows, Mac and Linux devices. As a result of StepShot’s prices freelancers, small, medium and large businesses can make use of the software.

StepShot’s deployment is on-premise although work is being done to make it cloud-based.

Support Details

Apart from technical support StepShot also offers customer care support to users.

You can contact StepShot via their phone number +1 650 425 7355.

Also, reach out to StepShot’s live chat via this link here.

There’s also an email address available contact@stepshot.net

To Wrap It Up

Finally, StepShot is a good enough software. It does exactly what it claims to do. Firstly, the application saves a considerable amount of time. Secondly, it is a more efficient method of creating documents. It is also easy to understand with no need for long tutorials.

StepShot Guides is good for users who constantly make documentation of any length. Using StepShot Guides, I believe content creators will approach the job with less trepidation and more enthusiasm.

Lastly, StepShot Guides is useful for functions other than IT documentation. Use StepShot Guides to create blogs, manuals, guides, wallpapers, checklists and any other kind of material you desire.

It really makes life easy.