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Full Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery Data Recovery Software Review – All You Need to Know About Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery


You must dread the horror of losing files from your virtual drives. Whether you created these files using Microsoft, Oracle, or VMware, there are chances you might lose some of your files. Now, that’s something no one is looking forward to.

But, if you’ve lost your files before, platforms like Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery are here to save the day.

The software is one of the solutions developed by Stellar which got founded back in 1993.

Stellar is a leading name in the provision of data erasure, data migration, and data recovery solution. Plus, the company also provides solutions for disk sanitization, server erasure, drive erasure, password recovery, database repair, file repair, data migration, flash media, and much more.

The company provides you with a ton of solutions for data recovery.

Well then, let’s have a review of Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery and look into its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery?

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery is a solution for recovering deleted and lost data from Oracle, Microsoft, and VMware virtual image files. This recovery is suitable if you’re using virtual disks for products for desktop virtualization.

The recovery solution works whether you’re using a VirtualBox, Workstation, or WMware Player. You can also use the software with a Virtual PC for desktop virtualization environments or if you haven’t set up image-level backups on your desktop.

With this solution, you can also go back in time to recover a specific period to start working from again. Plus, the software also provides you with tools for retrieving your data even if your desktop virtualization VMs or desktop environments get corrupted.

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery also allows you to retrieve data from accidental deletion, virus, or volume corruption. Also, you get access to tools for recovering data from inaccessible virtual disks or volumes on your virtual machine, whether due to corruption or deletion.

So, picture this; somehow a malware corrupts your desktop VM, and unfortunately, you didn’t do a backup. All you have to do is to copy your virtual disk to a safe system. Then, you can use the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery software to scan and retrieve your data.

The software supports a wide variety of file types for VMware virtual disk. These supported file types include Two GB Max Extent Sparse, Two GB Max Extent Flat, Monolithic Sparse, and Monolithic Flat.

Furthermore, the Stellar Virtua Machine Recovery solution also allows you to recover every data lost by formatting your virtual drives or by deleting a volume. The system provides you with the option of searching for lost volume.

How Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery Works

By now you must have realized that Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery recovers lost or deleted files from virtual disks. The system scans your disks first then gives you a preview of the scanned files before recovering them.

But, the question is, how does the software do all of this?

Data Recovery

The software provides you with numerous options for recovering your lost data from your virtual machines. However, the methods of recovery are entirely different depending on the scanning process.

To recover your data, you have first to scan your virtual disk or volumes. You can use either of the four scanning options available; Raw Recovery, Advanced Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Quick Recovery.

You can also recover data with a formerly scanned information file. And, after the scanning process, you can preview these files before recovering them. Also, you can select, find, and filter the files you prefer to be retrieved.

After selecting the files, you can then retrieve and store them to a chosen destination folder.

Also, you can retrieve your date from lost or deleted volumes from your virtual machines. The system has a Scan Lost or Deleted Volumes option that list all deleted volumes on your virtual disk. Plus, you can also perform Raw Recovery, Advanced Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Quick Recovery on the listed virtual volumes or drives.

Resume Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery also has a Resume Recovery option that lets you restart your data recovery.

You can resume your data recovery by using the scan information file saved as an IMG file. With this scanned information file, you can restart your recovery at any time of your choosing.

Additionally, it is advisable that you save the scan info file of a virtual volume at a separate location with an adequate naming. This way, you can quickly recover the necessary file for restarting your data recovery.

View Log Report

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery allows you to save, clear, and view log report of processes and events that occur within the software.

The system has a “Scan Result” window that lets you view log report.

When saving your log report, you can also specify the section where you want to keep the log file.

Pros of Using Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery comes with a set of amazing benefits for you.

So, what are the advantages of using this software as a recovery solution?

Raw Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery allows you to carry out raw recovery for all your corrupted volumes.

The system searches for your lost files using the file signature as the basis of the search. Plus, you can also recover everything the system finds in the preferred source.

This functionality is especially needed when you have volumes with severe corruption issues.

Quick Recovery

This recovery solution can quick scan lost volumes of a virtual disk as well as existing volumes. And, you can also choose individual volumes for a quick scan.

Advanced Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery software also allows you to perform advanced recovery for all data lost from volumes as well as for formatted volumes.

With this scan, you search volumes as exFAT, NTFS, or FAT.

Even if the file system of a volume was FAT before formatting and you created a different NTFS volume instead after format, the system allows you to scan the newly created volume as FAT. Hence, all your files get found during the scanning process.

Deleted Recovery

This recovery solution can also scan your device to discover deleted files from your virtual volume or disk. The system does this search through a process for recovering deleted files.

After the scanning process, the system lists only deleted filed from the virtual drive you selected.

Cons of Using Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery

Every software has a downside to using it. Even the best platforms come with one kind of flaw or the other, and Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery is not off the list.

That said, let’s explore the cons of using Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery.

Basic Interface

For a software with amazing functionalities, the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery platform has a rather basic interface. The system might not be as sophisticated as you might expect.

Inconsistent Scan Time

With Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery, you can’t be sure of the exact amount of time it would take to scan a device.

While it might take only a few minutes for some, it might take hours for others.

Can’t Scan For Specific Files

If you’re looking to recover a specific file or file type, that can be an issue with Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery.

The system does offer options for scanning for unique files.

Features of Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery

The Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery software comes with impressive features. These features make the software one of the leading solutions for recovering deleted and lost data of virtual image files built from Microsoft (.vhd), Oracle (.vdi), and VMware (.vmdk).

The features of the software as a recovery solution include:

  • Recovering data from VHD, VDI, and VMDK virtual image files
  • Providing Raw Recovery option for retrieving data
  • Recovering data from deleted or not recognized virtual machine’s volumes
  • Support for recovering data from NTFS file, exFAT file, NTFS, FAR32, and FAT16 systems built on virtual drives
  • Retrieving data from virtual machines lost due to corruption or formatting
  • Recovery of DB files, Multimedia files, and Office Documents from virtual machines

Pricing Model of Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery

To buy the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery software, all you have to do is make a one-time payment of $299. Yes, it’s that easy!

However, you’ll need to fill in your billing information to have the software delivered to you electronically.

Also, you can make payments for the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery Software using three payment options; Verve, MasterCard, or PayPal.

Additionally, Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery uses the 2Checkout tool by Avangate to process orders on the platform.

Amazingly, the software also comes with a free download. This way, you can walk through the system and see if you want the full package.

Technical Details

For you to smoothly and efficiently use Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery, there are specific technical details to consider.

Highted below are these details.

System Requirement

To successfully run the software on your Windows device, you need:

  • A Pentium Class processor
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, or 2003 Operating system
  • 1 GB minimum memory
  • Free 100 MB hard disk space

Package Details

This recovery solution is a Do-It-Yourself software with the product name Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine.

Also, the platform is a version 2.0 software.

Software Delivery

After a one-time payment of $299, the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery gets delivered to the location you put in your billing information.

License and Version

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery comes with a single user license. Also, you can install the software on different systems at different locations.

Support Details

With Stellar, you get terrific support anywhere, at any time. The software comes with fantastic customer service that provides you with the appropriate support.

All you have to do is to head over to their contact page and fill in the necessary details. A member of the Stellar support team will get in touch with you to have your issues resolved in no time.

If you prefer not to do that, Stellar also has an exciting support page with useful materials.

This support page gives you access to an extensive knowledge base containing:

  • How you can recover your deleted files from Mac OS trash
  • Information on a hard drive with bad sectors and how you can retrieve data using the Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery
  • How to register the platform’s .dll drive successfully
  • Recovering lost pictures after accidentally formatting your memory card and;
  • Repair JPEG image files that have unknown JPEG format error

Also, you get access to numerous FAQs on:

  • How to recover your original registration key after losing it
  • Resolving issues after entering registration key in the registration window but it comes up as invalid
  • How to recover partitions of your drive on your system using Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery
  • Types of files extensions that can be repaired by the platform and;
  • How to import repaired files to MS Outlook

Wrapping Up

The Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery is an advanced recovery solution for virtual drives. The software comes with amazing functionalities and features that make recovering lost data as simple as ABC.

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery seamlessly recovers deleted or lost data from virtual drives developed using virtualization software by Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware. And, the software also effectively handles all minor and major issues that can cause data loss from your drive.

The software scans your virtual image files like .vhd for Microsoft, .vdi for Oracle, and .vmdk for VMware. Also, the system gives you access to numerous recovery algorithms like Raw Recovery, Advanced Recovery, Deleted Recovery, and Quick Recovery. These algorithms depend on the requirement and how severe the data loss is.

Another exciting thing about the software is how it lists out recovered data in its interface in the form of a tree structure. Plus, you can also have a preview of the retrieved data. Then, you can select them and save them at the preferred section of your system or upload them directly to the FTP server.

Recovering deleted or lost data from your virtual machine is made easy.

For you to figure out if Stellar Virtual Machine Machine is what you need exactly, you can download the software for free and go through its functionalities.