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Full SquareSpace Website Builder review – all you need to know about SquareSpace Website Builder


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that helps users create a beautiful online presence. It enables users to build websites and online stores. This platform is all you require to build a website, start selling your products and services online, market yourself, and measure the success of your business. The award-winning template designs offered by the platform help you show yourself as an expert right from the beginning. It includes all the features required to power your online store. The marketing tools offered by the platform helps you reach and grow the audience of your business. The platform offers unlimited free hosting, an enterprise-level infrastructure, top-notch security, and 24/7 support.


The benefits of using the Squarespace platform are as follows:

  • Using Squarespace, you are able to project yourself as an expert right from the beginning. With the award-winning templates offered by the platform, you can present your ideas online in the most beautiful way.
  • Squarespace offers you everything you require to power your online store. No matter you are just getting started or already established, the platform helps your business website in its growth.
  • Using the marketing tools offered by the Squarespace platform, you are able to engage with your audience. It helps you from search to social to Squarespace email campaigns. You are enabled to create a powerful communications strategy easily.
  • The all-in-one platform of Squarespace helps you as your own IT department, with free and unlimited hosting, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, top-of-the-line security, and around-the-clock support. You will also get personalized support from the customer service team of Squarespace via email or live chat. You can reach out to the team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Squarespace offers many features that will help you in designing, creating, and maintaining your website or online store. Some of the features are as follows:


All Squarespace template designs are crafted by a world-class design team. The templates are created keeping in mind the modern browsers and mobile devices. With Squarespace, you can install different templates onto one website. You are also able to work on multiple designs simultaneously. Each template design supports major content types including Galleries, Pages, Blogs, Calendars, and Commerce. All template designs include a unique mobile experience, which matches the style of the website you create. It offers hundreds of customizable settings that include colors, fonts, page configurations and so on. The template designs are built with customizable content areas, which use the LayoutEngine and Content Block system of Squarespace. Squarespace enables you to use Typekit fonts on your website without paying additional fees or embedding font kits. The platform also includes a selected set of Google fonts. The platform also offers features such as custom CSS, example content restore, video backgrounds, chart blocks, and starter layouts.

Image Manager

The drag-and-drop management feature enables you to add and organize the images on your website instantly. The platform generates some scaled versions of every original image uploaded. Using Squarespace, you can make sure that the images on the top of a webpage are loaded first that makes your website more responsive and faster to visitors. A global content delivery network (CDN) hosts the images on Squarespace. Customers of Squarespace are able to access over 40 million high-quality photos from Getty Images. Squarespace also includes features such as image focal point control, Adobe image editor, lightbox presentation, Image SEO, and Image Metadata importing.


You are able to add the Gallery Blocks of Squarespace anywhere on the website. They provide you with different presentation variations such as sliders, slideshows, grid layouts, and many more. Every gallery offers several lightweight transitions and hover effects. The gallery collections allow for presentations of mixed media that include audio and video content in addition to images in the same gallery. Squarespace enables you to upload music to the platform directly and share the albums easily with a pretty, integrated player and album art display.

Connected Services

Squarespace enables you to link accounts from Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Linkedin, Github, and many more. In a single click, you can sync the images files stored in Dropbox with Squarespace. The platform enables easy importing and content downloading. It helps you in displaying your social network profile links easily on the website. The platform also includes features such as simultaneous posting, photo downloading and resizing, Facebook page integration, smart third-party service support, Amazon associate support, OpenTable bocks, acuity scheduling, Zola for wedding websites, and ChowNow ordering for restaurants.

LayoutEngine 2

Squarespace offers a custom WYSIWYG editor that supports different content types and complex multi-column layouts. The LayoutEngine pages are fully-responsive. The platform helps you with full-screen editing, automatic image scaling, and automatic text wrapping. The Markdown Mode allows you to embed Markdown on your website easily. The platform also offers various features such as Gallery blocks, Audio blocks, Video blocks, archive blocks, Amazon blocks, Map blocks, Product blocks, Menu blocks, Index blocks, Quote blocks, Social Blocks, Code blocks, and Button blocks.

User Data Collection

The feature ‘Form Block’ supports more than 15 various data types, such as currency, addresses, text fields, and emails. It makes the process of capturing data from the site visitors easy. You are also able to save user data from submissions to MailChimp, Google Docs, and, or email. Using the Form Block integration, you create a mailing list on MailChimp. The newsletter block helps you in enabling newsletter signups from your website.

Site Control

The site annotations allow the Squarespace interface and content to live side-by-side within the browser. The platform offers a mobile information bar that helps the visitors accessing your website via a mobile device with a simple shortcut bar containing your address, phone number, email, and business hours. The platform also offers facilities such as an announcement bar, custom favicon, custom code, sitewide password, page-specific password, custom lock screen, custom redirect, deleted collection recovery, and duplicate pages.

Multiple Contributors

Squarespace enables you to provide access to multiple contributors to your website. The contributors can be granted different access levels such as an administrator, content editor, comment moderator, trusted commenter, billing, reporting, and store manager. The platform offers unified site logins that help contribute and manage multiple Squarespace sites at once using a single login.

Cover Pages

You can add the cover page builder to an existing Squarespace site that makes the creation of a landing page easy. Each Cover Page is able to link to another page within the Squarespace website. The grid gallery feature offers various customization options such as orientation, number of images displayed, overlay filters and so on.


Squarespace offers different blogging features such as LayoutEngine-based editing, social sharing, workflows, markdown support, post scheduling, podcast support, excerpt and source URLs, Google author rank, RSS syndication, RSS blocks, category/tag support, external link configuration, post display options, customizable URLs, Geo-tagging, multiple author support, and simple links.

Commenting System

The commenting system of Squarespace offers complete commenting features, including comment moderation, commenter authentication, reader comments feedback, disabling comments automatically, anonymous comments, comment sorting, community management, bulk comment management, powerful abuse filters, and simple Disqus integration.

Email Campaigns

The all-in-one Squarespace platform makes the process to unify your brand voice simple, from the homepage to the emails. The various features offered by the platform such as content integrations, powerful editing tools, customizable layouts, mobile editing, mobile-optimized designs, integrated analytics, mailing lists, and sender profiles help you in creating and conducting email campaigns smoothly.


Using Squarespace, you are able to sell an unlimited number of products. The features that help in conducting business using this platform are flexible product variants, rich product descriptions, templates optimized for commerce, product merchandising, product quick view, product image zoom, product embed, digital and physical products and services, custom forms for products, importing products, accepting donations, affordable pricing, speedy sign-up, multiple payment methods, multiple accepted currencies, customizable checkout, mobile-optimized checkout, express checkout mode, checkout on your domain, customer accounts, gift cards, discounts, mailing list integration, social integrations, and many more. Squarespace also offers facilities such as order management, mobile apps for store management, 3D packing algorithms, ShipStation integration, etc. Using commerce analytics feature, you can understand the state of your business. With Orders API, you can build custom integrations with different third-party systems. Squarespace is PCI compliant and SSL enabled.

Search Engine Optimization

This platform includes all the best practices for SEO without the need for additional plugins. The pages are indexed and searchable. You can order the page titles as per your wish. Squarespace also offers different features such as automatic Google sitemaps, robots.txt, automatic tagging, canonical tagging, clean URLs, automatic redirects, Facebook Open Graph Support, and anti-spam.

Blog App

The blog app offers various features such as site management, preview and post, and multiple website management.

Analytics App

The features offered by the Analytics app are site analytics and KPI monitoring.

Note App

Squarespace offers free Android and iOS note applications. You can capture your ideas instantly with the app publish to different services.

Portfolio App

It is completely free and requires no network connection.

Squarespace Logo

Squarespace offers you more than 30,000 icons, It offers a simple user interface along with preview and download. Logos are free for customers and $10 plus applicable tax per logo for non-customers.


Squarespace enables you with the overview of traffic to your website and helps you identify the top performing content faster. The other features are traffic sources, sales overview, purchase funnel, abandoned cart, device filtering, site search queries, RSS statistics, activity log, unique visitors and page views, visitors insights, preferred OS/browsers, commerce overview, and so on.

Reliable Service Architecture

Squarespace offers systems with high capacity and availability and powerful and custom infrastructure. You do not require any additional caching plugins for the Squarespace website.

Content Ownership

The content hosted by a customer in the Squarespace platform is owned by the customer. The vendor does not sell or run ads against the content of the customer. If the customer wants, he/she can display the Squarespace badge on the website. The vendor does not sell data of customers.


You can purchase domains directly from Squarespace. It offers free domains, seamless domain registration, DNS control and forwarding, custom emails, and the ability to connect third-party managed domains.

Apart from these features, Squarespace offers G Suite integration, custom site search engine, importing and exporting facilities, support facilities, and developer platform.


You can start using Squarespace with a free trial. The vendor does not collect the credit card information of users until they decide that Squarespace is the right product for them.

There are two pricing plans for websites: Personal and Business.


This plan costs $12 per month when billed annually or $16 per month when billed monthly along with applicable taxes. This plan helps you create a simple and beautiful personal website. The key highlights of the Personal plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Website that is mobile-optimized
  • Website metrics
  • Free custom domain with annual purchase
  • Includes SSL Security
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Two contributors are allowed


This plan costs $18 per month when billed annually or $26 per month when billed monthly along with applicable taxes. You can create a website that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. The key highlights of the Business plan are as follows:

  • All the features included in the Personal plan; however, the business plan allows unlimited contributors to your website
  • Professional email from Google
  • Ads credit worth $100
  • Promotional pop-ups
  • Fully-integrated e-commerce
  • Ability to sell unlimited products and accept donations
  • 3% transaction fee
  • Mobile information bar
  • Complete customization through CSS and JavaScript
  • Announcement bar
  • Premium blocks and integrations

For online stores, there are two pricing plans too: Basic and Advanced


The basic plan costs $26 per month when billed annually or $30 per month when billed monthly along with applicable taxes. This plan enables you to get your business off the ground by providing everything you require. The key highlights of the Basic plan are as follows:

  • All the features included in the Business plan for websites
  • Ability to sell unlimited products
  • Mobile-optimized website and checkout
  • Free custom domain with annual purchase
  • Powerful commerce metrics
  • Label pricing via ShipStation
  • Inventory, orders, tax, and coupons
  • Checkout on your domain
  • Integrated accounting via Xero
  • Products on Instagram
  • Customer accounts


The advanced plan costs $40 per month when billed annually or $46 per month when billed monthly along with applicable taxes. This plan offers you advanced features as your business grows. The key highlights of the Advanced plan are as follows:

  • All the features included in the Business plan of Websites and the Basic plan of Online Stores
  • No transaction fee
  • Abandoned cart autorecovery
  • Real-time carrier shipping
  • Gift cards
  • Flexible discounts
  • Orders API

Technical Details

Squarespace is a web-based application that supports devices with Windows and Mac operating systems. It is ideal for small and medium businesses. The languages supported by this application are English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese.

Support Details

The customer support team of Squarespace offers support via emails and live chats. To contact customer care, you can visit the web page https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new#choose-topic. Next, choose a topic and a subtopic. You will be offered with the help articles related to your query. If you still do not get an answer to your query, you can send your query in the form of an email. The email facility is available 24/7. If you want to chat with a customer care expert in real-time and get immediate answers, you have the live chat option, which you can use from 4 am to 8 pm Eastern Time (Monday to Friday).

The Help and Support portal of Squarespace contains a nifty search box in which can type your query and get answers. The next section is called ‘Popular Guides’ lists the documentation on popular topics related to the application. In the next section, you can browse all the topics related to Squarespace. By joining the Community Forum, you can get help on advanced customizations from the Squarespace community. You are also able to sign up for an interactive session in which the experts walk you through the basics of the application.


With hundreds of templates for the creation of websites and online stores, Squarespace empowers users with creative ideas to gain success. With a plethora of features, this platform helps you create, manage, and maintain your online presence. It allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and services. It also helps you monitor the progress of your business. Using Squarespace, you can make your website or online as much visually attractive as possible. Businesses such as Mood, Egg Shop, Lyft, Airwalk Public supply, and many more have created their websites using Squarespace.