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Full SpiraPlan PMS Software Review – All you need to know about SpiraPlan

SpiralPlan PMS Software

Are looking for an agile project management solution that is able to control and effectively manage your project requirements and activities within one environment? Then, SpiraPlan PMS software is the best solution for these needs. As an agile project management application, SpiraPlan system comes as a single package capable of controlling your own project requirements, iterations, releases, tasks, and issues, all from a single environment and completely synchronized. SpiraPlan PMS software has been developed to support methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM and Agile Unified Process (AUP) and a result, teams can manage all of their information from a single environment.

Before we go deeper into reviewing SpiraPlan system, let’s look at some of the advantages of a project management software. Through project management, companies have a fundamental way for optimizing processes and ensure that they provide the greatest efficiency and effectiveness when undertaking project management activities throughout the organization. With the use of a project management software, project managers are able to become as effective as possible independent of the industry that they operate in.

However, the use of project management software within an organization has different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some advantages of using project management software.

Real-time collaboration with project team members

With the use of project management software, teams are provided with communication tools that help them to discuss issues in real-time. The advantage here is that users will be constantly updated and thus they can effectively handle issues as they arise.

Document sharing

Project management applications also incorporate document sharing tools which are very useful in projects that require extensive documentation. The document sharing tools can be used for editing, updating the status of reports and creating systems that support transparency and communication.

Manage project expenses

A project management software is also known as a useful tool for controlling project costs because it offers tools that can help in the management of those costs.

A project management software gives users the ability to manage risks, budgets, and do forecasting

Using a project management system, project managers and users in general will be able to identify project risks, create forecasts and track budgets.

Reporting capabilities

With the use of a project management application, you will access flexible report formats and you will also have the ability to quickly access the required data and as a result, you will be able to ensure that a task is kept on schedule.

Most project management software are intuitive and easy to use

With dashboard-based applications, you will need some training in order to implement such systems. However, with a new project management software, the application can be installed easily and it allows for quick ramp-up times.

What is SpiraPlan PMS Software?

SpiraPlan PMS software is a comprehensive agile project management application that offers you all the things you need in your agile project management activities. This tool incorporates the complete set of an agile project management software. SpiraPlan system is owned by Inflectra, a privately owned software company that was founded in the year 2006. Some similar applications under the Inflectra’s portfolio include SpiraTest, RemoteLaunch, and SpiraTeam.

SpiraPlan - Agile project and program manamagent

With the use of SpiraPlan system, all your project management operations are streamlined including other aspects that relate to your business. Using SpiraPlan PMS software, you will be able to manage your project requirements, tasks, releases, iterations, bugs or issues all from a central hub. The application also has an open platform through which developers can access existing source code repositories or tools that are useful to them.

SpiraPlan system has an agile planning board which makes it possible for teams to collaborate on tasks and this exceeds the simple drag-and-drop editing and color coding. As mentioned earlier, this agile project management tool supports agile methodologies such as Scrum, AUP, and DSDM and this moves project management collaboration to an entirely new level.

SpiraPlan - Planning board

SpiraPlan system was developed to help project owners effectively manage projects, allocate tasks, and track bugs and issues. The application is expected to make life easier for project managers by offering them a dashboard that allows better tracking of events that are supposed to occur.

SpiraPlan agile project management software is designed to be used by small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises in different industries. The application offers different features which include Kanban/Scrum planning boards that have drill-down and drag-and-drop capabilities, bug and issue tracking capabilities through which users can allocate, manage and close incidents, an audit log for changes which could include tasks, releases, document changes and bugs, user dashboards that can be customized, and multiple reporting options that include velocity charts, custom reports, and burndown.

Some additional capabilities of SpiraPlan PMS software include task management, collaboration/document management, data import wizard, and a customizable email notification system. Users are also provided with some integration options that include Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and JIRA products.

SpiraPlan agile project management is made available to users across the world as a cloud-based solution or through on-premise installation.

SpiraPlan system can be accessed in multiple languages, its dashboards will highlight key information, and it can support an unlimited number of projects. Managers can use the system to deploy resources when they are really needed.

Benefits of SpiraPlan PMS

As a user of SpiraPlan agile project management app, you will acquire many benefits associated with the use of this software. Some of these benefits include the following.

SpiraPlan agile project management software is compatible with agile methodologies

As already mentioned earlier, SpiraPlan PMS software supports different agile methodologies including Scrum, XP, Kanban, AUP, and DSDM and this makes it possible for teams to do their project management setup within a single platform.

SpiraPlan System provides integrated dashboards

SpiraPlan PMS software provides users with an integrated dashboard that displays information on project status and health.

Reporting dashboards for tracking project progress and identifying risk indicators

SpiraPlan agile project management system offers reporting dashboards that are useful in tracking project progress and identifying risk indicators. With SpiraPlan system you can get information about task progress, project velocity, effort slippage, task burn-down or burn-up, top risk and issues, all from a single consolidated view.

Features of SpiraPlan system

SpiraPlan PMS software includes several features that make it an effective tool in agile project management. These features are:

  • Agile planning board
  • A clean and powerful user interface
  • Central knowledge sharing repository
  • Determine resourcing levels
  • Creating, editing and deleting requirements in a hierarchical ‘scope matrix’ organization
  • Refine project schedule
  • Load-balance project resources
  • Prioritizing and scheduling requirements for every release
  • Create new projects with the help of existing project templates
  • Create and edit project workspaces
  • Creating, editing, assigning, tracking, managing and completing project tasks
  • Organizing releases hierarchically, with unlimited levels of granularity
  • Creation and editing of user profiles with own set of permissions
  • Web Services SOAP and REST APIs
  • View project velocity, burndown, and burnup reports
  • Customizable dashboards of important project information
  • Tracking issues and defects alongside project schedule
  • Browse linked source code repositories, including files and revisions.

In order to further understand how SpiraPlan system functions, let’s look into detailed summaries of some of the features and capabilities supported by this agile project management software.

Project management

Are you wishing or willing to view the health of your project from a single page? In SpiraPlan PMS software, every project has a dashboard home-page which provide summarized but comprehensive, and easily digestible information about your project and this acts as a “one-stop-shop” for users who want to understand the overall project status at a glance.

The dashboard contains summarized details about requirements, incidents, test cases among other things and these can be used to drill-down to a specific section within the application.

SpiraPlan PMS - Project management

Program management

SpiraPlan system understands that projects are usually pieces of larger initiatives. In this regard, the agile project management software includes program management and program planning features that help you in planning and executing several projects in parallel. There are also tools within these features that you can use to track project progress, inter-project dependencies and milestones.

SpiraPlan PMS software - Program management

Document collaboration

With its document collaboration feature, SpiraPlan system allows team members to be involved in uploading documents in a centralized location that is secure and supports folder organization, meta-tagging, documentation taxonomies plus built-in version control. As opposed to a standalone tool, the documents can then be connected to SpiralPlan artifacts that include incidents, requirements, and tasks to offer a complete picture for users.

SpiraPlan agile project management software - Document collaboration

Instant messaging

In SpiraPlan agile project management system, there is an integrated instant messaging capability that allows users to view people who are currently logged-into the platform, maintain contacts list and where applicable, communicate through short instant messages with other team members. Exchanged messages can be posted within the relevant artifacts as permanent comments.

SpiraPlan agile project management software - Instant messaging

Email integration

The powerful email integration capability offered by SpiraPlan PMS software ensures that every user is notified of the changes taking place within the platform, and also allows users to raise issues or incidents and post comments directly through their email system.

SpiraPlan system - Email Integration

Requirements management

With SpiraPlan system, you will be able to manage your user stories and requirements within an integrated requirements matrix. Furthermore, the end user can validate these requirements and then elaborate them into more detailed tasks which can act as the basis for your development.

SpiraPlan - Requirements Management

Release planning

With SpiraPlan system, you can manage multiple releases or versions of the software under development. Every release can be further dived into smaller tasks called Sprints or Iterations. With its integrated resource estimation capabilities, the application helps you to plan out the size of the team required for every iteration.

SpiraPlan - iteration sprint planning

Bug Tracking

Are you searching for the best way to manage and track bugs and issues? SpiraPlan agile project management application is an effective solution for bug tracking and fully integrates with your planning system. Some of the bug tracking features offered by SpiraPlan system include customizable fields and workflows, configurable email notifications, flexible reporting, priorities, fully editable statuses, bug types, and severities.

SpiraPlan PMS software - bug tracking

Task management

SpiraPlan PMS software incorporates a comprehensive task management system through which users can define tasks, categorize them into types, assign the tasks to team members, organize them by folder, track task progress up to their completion.

SpiraPlan system - Task Management


As a user of SpiraPlan agile project management software, you will be provided with a robust library that contains printable graphical charts and reports. These reports are customizable using XML based report templates. Some of the report formats supported by SpiraPlan system include MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Project, HTML and Adobe Acrobat.

SpiraPlan system - reporting

Test case management tools and software

With SpiraPlan PMS software, you can empower your testing team as the application will let you throw away outdated methods such as managing requirements and test cases in spreadsheets and documents. The system provides an unparalleled usability and functionality combined with a highly reliable technical support.


SpiraPlan PMS software is customizable without any scripting or coding. As a result, you will be able to create customizable properties throughout the platform, customize every incident field that could include severity, status, and priority, configure custom workflows, and customize email templates among other things.


Here are the pricing plan details for SpiraPlan system:

Free Trial – allows up to three users and is offered through a 30-days trial hosted account

Single – costs $4.99/month and supports 1 concurrent user, software and hosting

3-User – costs $19.99/month and supports 3 concurrent users, software and hosting

5-User – costs $49.99/month and supports 5 concurrent users, software and hosting

10-User – costs $99.99/month and supports 10 concurrent users, software and hosting

20-User – costs $199.99/month and supports 20 concurrent users, software and hosting

30-User – costs $259.99/month and supports 30 concurrent users, software and hosting

50-User – costs $299.99/month and supports 50 concurrent users, software and hosting.

SpiraPlan - Pricing

Get your free trials at inflectra.com.

Technical Details

SpiraPlan agile project management software runs on the following devices: Windows, Android, and iPhone/iPad. The application supports only the English language. The pricing model is monthly payment. Customer types supported SpiraPlan system include small businesses, medium businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers. SpiraPlan PMS software is deployed through cloud-hosting or on-premise installation.

Support Details

The sellers of SpiraPlan system provide their support through Email, tickets, phone, and training.

Call: 1-866-572-5878 (toll-free) or +1 202-558-6885 if you are interested in offline purchasing or need a formal price quotation.

Facebook: Inflectra

Twitter: @ inflectra

LinkedIn: Inflectra Corporation

Instagram: inflectra.tech

Google +: inflectra

Youtube: Inflectra


Support Center: inflectra.com.

You can also contact inflectra at inflectra.com.