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Full SpellCheckPlus Grammar Checker Software Review – All you need to know about SpellCheckPlus Grammar Checker Software


SpellCheckPlus is the online spelling and grammar checker. It is for the students who use English as their 2nd language.

The grammar analysis and spell checker tool are both students and teacher friendly. This software aims to assist students to learn from their errors, in identifying mistakes in the writing and writing better English.

Thus, this software is excellent as a teaching tool. It makes sure that the students could clearly understand why they’re committing spelling and grammar mistakes. They should know what they have to do for rectifying such errors.

In addition, the SpellCheckPlus software has a paid and a free version. Its free version, however, has the text length restriction. It lets students submit their text to check up to 2000 characters at one time.

Plus, if students want to submit their text above this length limit. Then, they could buy the SpellCheckPlus Pro. It is a paid version of the software which provides advanced features.

What is SpellCheckPlus?

What is


This is an online spelling and grammar checker for institutions and students. It helps them to detect 2nd language spelling and grammar mistakes.

The tool also improves written English via independent learning. The SpellCheckPlus software works in synergy with MS Word.

It is the spelling checker and web-based grammar. This software lets English learners verify grammar and spelling mistakes in their writing.

The SpellCheckPlus is very simple to use as it doesn’t need users to get any particular computer skills.

Also, learners can check English spelling and grammar by pasting and typing their original text. They need to click “Check Text” button on their screen.

When the users click on the “Check Text” button, the SpellCheckPlus analyzes their text. It displays the mistakes which are usually put into 2 different categories.

For instance, spelling mistakes are typically in red & grammar mistakes are marked in yellow lines.

But, this doesn’t mean that this application revises all mistakes automatically. Instead, it provides options for learners to correct the mistakes by themselves as this highlights the mistakes.

Benefits of SpellCheckPlus

The SpellCheckPlus provides a free spelling and grammar checker. It analyzes your content against a large range of mistakes.

This also offers valuable explanations and suggestions on how you could repair each mistake. Hence, you do not make the same error again.

Also, the software detects spelling mistakes in the write-up with perfect accuracy.

The SpellCheckPlus also provides a paid upgrade that includes an ad-free experience and advanced editor.

App for Second Language Learners


SpellCheckPlus is the online grammar checker that is exclusively for the second language learners or non-native English speakers.

So, this tool got the capability to analyze the mistakes made by the learners who use English as their 2nd language.

It includes typically confused words (for instance, their, there; to, too; affect, effect), apostrophe issues, grammar errors, capitalization & punctuation, etc.

Different Categories of Errors

After analyzing the mistakes in a text, this software summarizes & arranges mistakes into categories. They include agreement, spelling, word choice, punctuation, and word form.

Due to this, students could easily identify mistakes. Plus, they can make a distinction between spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

This tool highlights the spelling mistakes in red, and grammar mistakes are in yellow.

Learn Independently

What is really amazing about this software is that this enables the students to learn English independently. As this detects mistakes, it also provides clear and simple explanations.

Plus, the tool assists them in understanding why they’re committing such errors. It offers students a chance to think about how they could repair them.

While it detects a mistake in the content, this allows the students to manually fix it. It makes them interact along with feedback.

Process-Based Learning

Moreover, the SpellCheckPlus does not overwhelm the students with so many errors. For example, the phrase has 2 mistakes.

It allows users to fix one mistake before this highlights the second error in the same phrase.

In this way, they could enhance their writing and grammar via process-based learning. It is a teaching strategy where the students can learn to resolve problems or issues step by step.

View Old Texts


The SpellCheckPlus has a characteristic that allows students to view their texts that they previously submitted.

Thus, with this feature, they could review their contents where they actually made mistakes. So, they can track their progress because they use this tool to enhance the writing skills.

Features of SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckOnline is the free online spelling and grammar checking application. It allows you to rectify easy grammatical errors.

Through online English spelling and grammar checking software, you could get more proofreading. It gives grammar checking suggestions on the official blog too.

Types of Errors

The SpellCheckPlus software could detect different types of mistakes. SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checker is able to check 2 types of mistakes.

However, it doesn’t correct the mistakes automatically. It just draws the users’ attention towards them.

Its users move their cursor over some marked mistake. The explanation for repairing it is there in the right corner of the computer window.

Vocabulary Enrichment

SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checker software assists students to learn & use the synonyms for target words via vocabulary enrichment tools.

Also, by typing some word in its text box, the learners can find the same words. It exposes the learners to more diverse words.

Further Explanation

If the users move their cursor over the highlighted words, they can view the explanation of their mistakes.

Grammar Exercises

There is a remarkable feature of the SpellCheckPlus. The users could understand why they have made some grammar errors in the writing.

In case users click on the grammar exercises next to mistakes. The follow-up grammatical exercises also explain to users how they could resolve future grammar errors. Hence, they consequently enhance their grammar knowledge.

Teacher Fit

According to the application developers, the SpellCheckPlus is actually inspired by the process-writing approach. As this app helps users to understand every step of their writing process. The learning procedure is to improve their writing skills.

It offers a process-writing approach in the written instructions. This focuses to help learners in understanding and developing their writing process.

It relies on the feedback from peers and teachers throughout the entire writing process.

SpellCheckPlus also lets users learn from its revision process as this points out every mistake one by one.

In addition, it assists learners to enhance writing by reading a summary of their errors. They also improve their English by doing grammatical exercises, when necessary.

The SpellCheckPlus relies on a learner-centered approach. It is just opposite to the traditional teacher-centered approach where the learners typically rely on their teachers.

The learner-centered approach does focus on the learners to be independent in the learning process. They understand their needs, learning purposes, and styles.

Hence, in this way, the SpellCheckPlus includes several methods for encouraging learners to improve the language skills. They learn via independent kinds of learning.

Although the SpellCheckPlus analyzes & detects mistakes, this does not correct these mistakes automatically, for instance.

Instead, it allows the learners to decide in case alterations are essential. It allows them to take responsibility for making changes in their essays.

Moreover, to revise their essays, learners are able to typically repeat grammatical exercises. Hence, they completely understand how to make the grammar structures within their context.

Also, they could review their prior essays in ‘My Archives’ part where already submitted contents are saved automatically.

The system lets the learners control & become independent language learners. They become capable of using target language confidently.

Learner Fit


The SpellCheckPlus is also intended for non-native and native speakers of the English language. It is for any level of language speaking and learning.

The representative strength of the SpellCheckPlus is that this encourages the users to be independent. They are independent throughout their writing process & completion of the embedded grammatical instruction.

This doesn’t display the spelling and grammar corrections to users. So, they have an option to see what to revise & how to alter the detected mistakes whilst reading explanation.

In addition, follow-up grammatical exercises assist users to practice the problematic grammatical points. They understand the suitable use of these points.


This tool is superb for the users who are looking for some free grammar checking software for proofreading.

It detects the grammar & spelling mistakes within a few seconds. This is also compatible with MS word files. It does not change your text format.

The SpellCheckOnline also comes with an easy editing tool. It assists you to trace grammar flaws in the text with ease. This is also capable to repair your grammar typos.

The SpellCheckOnline works with the English language along with many other languages. They include German, Suomi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish texts.

This software automatically detects the mistakes which the learners usually make. The SpellCheckPlus also gives them more grammatical explanations & exercises to focus on the mistakes.

Plus, with the paid version, the users can access a comprehensive summary of mistakes. Also, they could answer some grammatical exercises.

The SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checking software offers a paid and a free version. Users could buy a 1-year license for the paid version (that is SpellCheckPlus Pro). It is at the cost of 14.99 dollars.

In case you want to buy multiple licenses of this tool for the academic or group institution. Also, you could contact its company to have the enterprise pricing quote.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The SpellCheckPlus grammar & spelling checking tool does support many devices. You can easily use this software because it supports different software. They include Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web-based devices.

This spelling and grammar checking software is intuitive and easy to use.

Language Support

SpellCheckPlus grammar checking software supports the English language.

Pricing Model

The SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checking software offers 3 pricing plans. These plans are suitable for all types of customers. Also, the customers can easily pick any plan as it has a large range of pricing models.

SpellCheckPlus grammar checking tool offers free, annual subscription, and quote-based pricing model.

Customer Types

The SpellCheckPlus spelling & grammar checking software is perfect for the small business, large enterprises, Freelancers and medium business. This software is great for any size of business.

The SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checking software is for all types of customers who run their businesses of any size.


SpellCheckPlus online spelling and grammar checking software is versatile in deployment. It actually uses the cloud-based hosting software.

So you could have access to the SpellCheckPlus software from any device.

Support Details

The support team of the SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checking software provides practical help. Its support team is very helpful for different types of enterprises.

The professional team aims to give value-added services and solutions. These are quite flexible and tailored to the particular needs. It provides assistance to even those clients who are new.

Plus, the support service team of SpellCheckPlus grammar and spelling checking software contains experienced professionals. They assist customers at any time around the globe.

This SpellCheckPlus spelling and grammar checking software offers you support through only one channel that is tickets. Its company offers support service for 24/7.


SpellCheckPlus is quite decent online spelling and grammar checker software. This is an online tool that is for non-native English speakers.

While you compare the SpellCheckPlus to some other instruments, this seems to be typically a different type of system. It analyzes the texts.

The SpellCheckPlus also offers a free version. Its free version comes with the limited features.

It would not give suggestions, do deep analysis or describes why this is not correct. This means it could not offer you feedback that you want to correct the writing errors.

Also, the methods which it typically uses are like in other tools. And, you input the content you need to go through & then just run it.

In case you need to get all the perks of the SpellCheckPlus then you would need to switch to the pro version. This costs 15 dollars for the individual license.

SpellCheckPlus is the online spelling and grammar checker which assists learners to learn English. They can enhance their writing skills through detecting the grammatical mistakes in their writing.