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Full Soda PDF Document Creation Software Review – All You Need to Know About Soda PDF


Viewing PDF files can be daunting especially if you want to make changes to them. However, platforms like Soda PDF have changed the game; altering PDF documents is history now.

The Soda PDF is a software that combines some applications used for PDF files. With these apps, you can share, secure, edit, open, create, edit, and convert PDF any time you want to.

In 2010, the LULU Software released the first version of Soda PDF as its flagship product line. And in December 2011, LULU software launched a new Soda PDF product line that featured enhanced editing capabilities, new customizable viewing options, and 3D viewing technology.

Soda PDF has advanced since its introduction into the market. And in its latest version, you can add your preferred options.

This review will give you an in-depth knowledge of the Soda PDF software, its features, flaws, and benefits.

What is Soda PDF?

Soda PDF is a platform that offers you both an online and desktop PDF solution. Plus, it comes with a wide range of PDF tools that can come in handy for you.

On the one hand, the online version of the software gives you access to features on any web browser from any device. While on the other hand, the desktop version allows you to download the Soda PDF app and work on your PDFs while offline.

Soda PDF lets you secure, review, split, merge, edit, convert, sign, and create PDFs on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The software functions as a robust PDF solution for people that technology might be a bit tricky for. Hence, the platform is designed to be smart, reliable, and easily accessible. Plus, they can be easily contacted via live chat, email, or phone, if you have any issues.

Pros of Using Soda PDF

Using Soda PDF comes with some benefits.

So, let’s review the pros of using the PDF solution, shall we?

Portable and Reliable

The Soda PDF is intuitive, reliable, and quite portable. You can use the platform anywhere you are; at home, at work, even on the go.

The software offers you both a fully functional online and desktop PDF solution. Hence, you can easily access the software’s features with a web browser on any device.

So, you might want to look at Soda PDF as a PDF application that you can take with you wherever you are.

Easily Convert PDFs

With Soda PDF, you can easily create PDFs using any of its over 300 file formats. Also, you can convert your PDFs to other file types like PDF/A, image, PPT, HTML, Word, and Excel.

Additionally, you can edit the contents of your PDF, send and track contracts for e-signature, create custom forms, and annotate your files.

3D Reading View

The Soda PDf app integrates a unique page-flipping technology. As a result, you can read your digital publications and PDFs in 3D.

Also, you can take complete control of your files by customizing the structure and modifying the content of your documents so that they fit your preference.

Easily Revise Documents

Soda PDF makes it easy for you to make document revisions. Plus, you can make your work better by collaborating with others and annotating your documents.

High Security

If you are looking for a way to protect your files, Soda PDF might be what you need.

The software uses professional-grade data protection which might be what gives peace of mind. Also, you can add a 256-bit AES password, as well as restrict permissions.

Go Paperless

With Soda PDF, you can go paperless by collecting and sending e-signatures that are legally binding. Also, you can create fillable digital forms like surveys and invoices.

The software also has an advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Hence, you can easily convert scanned documents and images into PDFs that you can edit. Now, you don’t have to retype those documents.


Soda PDF has a secure and quite reliable e-signing tool. This tool helps you handle all your signing needs. Plus, you can send, prepare and track the status of your package using the software’s app.

Also, recipients can e-sign their packages using a browser on any device; they don’t even have to register to do so.

Supports Collaboration

Coupled with Soda PDF’s security features, you can easily collaborate with others. Hence,  the platform is easy to use and enhances your productivity.

An exciting part of the software is that you have access to volume licensing discounts and multiple deployment options.

Cons of Using Soda PDF

Even the best platforms out on the market come with their flaws. So, Soda PDF is expected to have its drawbacks too.

So, let’s review the cons of using this software.

No Video Embedding

Though you can create and edit PDFs using this software, you can’t embed videos into your documents.

Slow Cloud Modification

You might find out that it can be bit slow modifying files in the Cloud using Soda PDF. Hence, you waste more time when using the online app than when you use the offline app.

Features of Soda PDF

Soda PDF comes with a set of features that individuals and businesses find appealing. You have access to advanced security options, OCR, a PDF viewer, and more.

So, what are the features of this software?

Advanced Security Options

Soda PDF comes with a couple of advanced security options to make sure your documents are safe.

With this feature, you can sign and approve documents with legally binding digital certificates, control and set permission levels, and secure your PDFs using 256-bit AES passwords.

Also, you can manage and create digital signatures, and remove signatures to edit a file.

The software also has a redaction feature which you can use in blacking out confidential information. Plus, you can the platform’s co-signing support in adding digital signatures to previously signed documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The software has an I.R.I.S. OCR technology that lets you unlock the text within a file in a matter of seconds.

This feature recognizes texts automatically in documents and images. Hence, Soda PDF lets you transform scanned images and documents into editable PDFs. Plus, you can convert documents without retyping.

Also, this feature can batch recognize the texts within multiple documents.

PDF Viewer

The Soda PDF software has a free reader that lets you read your digital books and PDF files in 3D. Plus, you can view and open any PDF file, as well as comic book and .ePub files (.cbz/.cbr).

The software also has a unique page-flipping technology that lets you view documents in 3D.

Additionally, you can view and work on multiple documents on the same screen using an exclusive side by side view. Plus, you can save and access files directly from the Cloud, as well as connect to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

This feature also lets you send files to Evernote if you want to view and edit them on multiple devices.

Custom Forms

Soda PDFs custom forms let you stay on top of your business using custom invoices, fillable forms, and so on.

With this tool, you can create personalized forms, insert scripts, and control field sequences. Also, you can add extra fields like texts, buttons, checkboxes, and so on.

You can also include an Email, Print, or Submit button.

The interesting part is that you can export and import data from these forms.

Flexible Deployment

Soda PDF has a couple of deployment options. You have access to options like Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, Windows SCCM, MSI through GPO, and so on.

Also, the platform has a cloud-based app that you can use on Linux and Mac Operating Systems, and on Android or iOs smartphones.

A plus side to this feature is that you have access to license keys and account management. And, with these tools, Soda PDF can quickly adapt to any deployment environment.

License Management

The software has self-serve license management that you can access online. With this tool, you can assign, remove, add, and revoke licenses, as well as manage devices and reset license keys.

Also, you have access to a proprietary Management Console. This Management Console is a license deployment and management solution designed for GPO deployments.

Cloud-Based Solution

The Soda PDF software is available both online and on a desktop. Hence, you can easily access the software from any device.

All you need to use the features of the software is a modern browser. Plus, you can connect directly to your cloud storage using apps like Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

Pricing Model of Soda PDF

Soda PDf has three cloud-based pricing plans. Also, these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free customer support. However, the plans differ for personal use and business use.

So, let’s look at the pricing plans of the software for both individuals and businesses.

Individual Use

If you are looking the Soda PDF software for personal documents, then you can choose from any of the plans highlighted below.

Home Plan

The Home plan comes with essential and standard features and goes for $48 per year or $10 per month.

With this plan, you have access to features like:

  • Desktop and Web Apps
  • PDF viewer
  • Converting PDF files
  • Creating PDF files
  • Free Updates
  • Editing PDF files
  • Reviewing PDF files and;
  • Inserting Page elements

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is valued at $84 per month or $15 per month and gives you access to comprehensive and advanced PDF tools.  Also, you get access to all the features of the Home plan, plus signing and securing PDF files, and creating custom forms.

Business Plan

The Business plan gives you access to a complete PDF solution tailored for professionals. The plan is valued at $120 per year and $20 per month and gives you access to all the features of the Premium plan, plus unlimited Soda E-sign and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Business Use

Soda PDF offers you pricing plans that can fit into your business needs. You can easily pick from any of the pricing plans highlighted below.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is valued at $84 per month and gives you access to features like:

  • Two floating devices per license
  • Full-featured PDF application
  • Unlimited device switching
  • Free software updates
  • Cloud-based access to most features and;
  • Self-serve license management

Business Plan

The Business plan goes for $120 per year. Also, the plan gives you access to all the Premium plan features, plus unlimited E-sign and OCR.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a Perpetual License plan.

The plan goes for $159 per year or $222.60 per year with maintenance. Also, the Enterprise price gives you access to features like:

  • One set device per license
  • One device switch per year
  • OCR
  • Self-serve license management and;
  • Full-featured PDF application

Technical Details

Though Soda PDF is an online solution, it also has a desktop app. Hence, you can access the software using any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, and any iOS or Android mobile device.

The software supports both English and Dutch languages. Also, Soda PDF has a pricing model that supports both monthly payment and annual subscription.

Finally, the Soda PDF’s customer base covers freelancers, small businesses, medium organizations, and large enterprises.

Support Details

To connect support on the Soda PDF is quite easy because of the software’s excellent customer service. All you have to do is go to their support page to get access to a knowledge base that can help you with any issue you might be having.

The platform’s support section includes useful online user guides, webinars, video tutorials, and searchable FAQs. Also, you can go to their blog section that contains many articles on how to work with PDFs. As well as exciting infographics on how to manage documents.

If you wish to contact a member of the Soda PDF team, you can easily open a ticket. Once you fill in the necessary details, you’ll be reached in no time to have your issues resolved.

To Wrap It UP

The Soda PDF software comes with useful services and features for document management.

The cloud-based solution also has an interface that is simple and easy to use. Hence, you can easily create, edit, convert and secure your PDF files.

Additionally, Soda PDF has both a desktop and an online version. As a result, you can access the platform from any device with a browser.

Though the software comes with its flaws, it might be what you need to manage your documents more efficiently.