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Full Social Studio Content Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Social Studio


With customers being constantly on social media, businesses need to integrate digital marketing into their system. What better way to do this than to make it automated!

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Well, thanks to marketing automation solutions like Social Studio, digital marketing is as easy as ever.

Social Studio is a sector of a company known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Furthermore, the company provides digital marketing analytics and automation services and software.

Founded back in 2000 under the name ExactTarget, the platform grew from $11.5 million in its second year to $41.1 million at the end of 2006.

By November 2014, Salesforce Marketing Cloud unveiled the new version of Social Studio.

As a result, you have a software that integrates Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud with the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Even more, this integration lets you send leads over the Sales Cloud and gives you a full context of your social media interactions.

That said, let’s have a review of one of the industry’s most beautiful.

What is Social Studio?

As you must have read already, Social Studio is a product of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Hence, the software offers effective social media marketing solutions.

One noteworthy thing is that it helps you do is to tap into the social media in its sales customer services, sales organizations, and marketing.

The Social Studio software exploits social interactions. Hence, these interactions let you analyze, publish, engage, and listen to customers on a more personal level.

You get improved overall interactions, as well as enhanced return for your business.

On top of all that, the Social Studio platform has a pricing model that works with quotes. Therefore, your pricing is explicitly tailored to suit your requirements and needs. As far as the system integrates with Salesforce, you are good to go!

Social Studio has a module known as “Analyze.” This module offers you pre-built dashboard and reporting templates you can use for social listening. Also, Analyze provides you with customer intelligence.

As you connect with your customer more with Social Studio, you can also navigate through workflows easily and quickly.

Social Studio gives you an in-depth understanding of what your customers think of you. As a result, whether there is something they need you to integrate or take out of your business, you will be able to know.

Also, you can create and schedule the sharing of content across various social media platforms. Furthermore, you can amplify your content to get larger customer engagements.

Social Studio has in-built reporting tools that help you keep track of the performance and social media engagement.

Pros of Using The Social Studio Software

What are the benefits of using the Social Studio software? This question must have crossed your mind

So, let’s go through the pros of using this marketing solution.

One-Stop Shop

The Social Studio platform lets you combine multiple facets of individual tools. Hence, the software is a one-stop shop for almost everything on social media.

Easy Post Scheduling

With Social Studio, you can schedule your posts with ease.

If you’re a community manager or marketer, Social Studio can provide you with a simple and easy way to manage the output of communications.

An Impressive Extension of Salesforce

Social Studio is a natural extension of the ubiquitous Salesforce platform.

A significant strength of the software is its CRM and engage functionality.

This strength is what makes it an excellent idea to integrate the software into the Salesforce suite.

A Simple User Interface

Social Studio has a rather simplistic, yet a pro, user interface.

The software’s interface has individual layers of functionalities which makes it intuitive and easy to navigate.

If you are a newbie, you can access the platform quickly.

Multiple Channel Support

Social Studio allows you to engage with your customers on all channels in one place.

You can also assign inquiries to other members of your team and follow up on their progress.

Social Listening

Using Social Studio enables you to pull in mass amounts of data from different social interactions. Hence, you have an insight into your customer’s behavior.

The platform has a superior data collection capability. Therefore, you can collect data from major social channels like mainstream news sites, blogs, and forums.

With boolean social queries, you can narrow down your search by language, source, and location. As a result, you are guaranteed that the data is relevant to your brand.

Publishing Tool

Social Studio allows you to create a content calendar. Also, you can publish these contents on multiple platforms quickly.

The software also lets you schedule, draft, and track brand owned social posts. Furthermore, it gives you a visual representation of your social calendar on a monthly, weekly, and daily level.

Your daily posts are not just listed out; they get organized in hourly blocks. Hence, with this level of organization, you can keep everything spaced out nicely.

Another significant advantage is how Social Studio previews the way your content will appear on each social platform.

You can also share content calendars and workspaces between users.

Channel Monitoring

Social Studio lets you pull your brand’s comments and content into streams. Hence, the software allows you to engage with, review, and moderate your contents.

Also, you can analyze the performance of your channels and create dashboards for reporting.

Integration of Third-Party Tools

Geralt / Pixabay

The software integrates well with external tools like bit.ly and Google Analytics.

With this seamless integration, organizing your content in one place is made easy.

Cons of Using The Social Studio Software

Even the best software out there today have their flaws. Well, so does Social Studio.

Let’s take a look at the major drawbacks of using this marketing software.

Surface Analytics

The analytics that the Social Studio software offers are quite surface level. Therefore, some essential analytical data might not be available.

Use of Topic Profiles

Social Studio uses “topic profiles” in powering searches. Hence, this system may be inefficient and quite confusing.

Poor Auto-Generated Reports

Reports generated automatically by Social Studio aren’t as good as you might desire. Therefore, you might have to export the raw data to excel and create your report from scrubbed data.

Doesn’t Support Instagram Social Listening

Though Social Studio offers many social listening tools, it is yet to support Instagram social listening.

Reports Can’t Be Exported Or Customized

The analysis component of Social Studio does not support exportable and customizable reports. As a result, you might have to do some reporting in Salesforce’s Radian6.

Doesn’t Allow Response Tagging For Facebook

You can’t tag people or pages in responses or posts for Facebook. If you need to, you have to schedule a content directly to Facebook.

Features of Social Studio

What makes Social Studio one of the leading content marketing solutions? Well, it has unique features that stand as its attraction points for businesses.

So, what are these features?

Social Media Monitoring

Social Studio lets you monitor what happens on your social media channels. Furthermore, this feature extends its capabilities and gives you access to:

Social Reporting

With this tool, you can access custom dashboards and reports. Due to this accessibility, you can measure engagement opportunities and social activities.

Also, you can export graphs and data into Powerpoints.

Social Measurement

You can measure products, brands, and campaigns with Social Studio.

The software generates quantitative metrics like conversation volume when there are interactions related to your brand.

Social Management

Geralt / Pixabay

It can be a daunting experience when managing your social presence. However, Social Studio has a social management feature that makes it easy.

With this feature, you have access to:

Social Analytics

You can uncover your customer’s sentiments and also identify trends. These trends let you relate to customers better.

Social Sharing

The Social Studio platform allows you to create, manage, and schedule contents for sharing across numerous social media channels.

Social Campaigns

In addition, you can use Social Studio to identify how customer sentiment trends respond to social media campaigns. This data helps you improve on your future campaigns.

Social Engagement

You can centrally manage your social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

Social Ads

The social management feature lets you optimize and manage ads across all social channels.

Brand Safety

Social Studio reports and monitors social media activities that are related to your brand name or campaign. Due to these reports, you can identify compromising, misleading, or fraudulent mentions.

Posting Feature

Social Studio’s posting feature allows you to post a single content across social media channels. You can also schedule and automate the publishing of social media content and responses.

Dashboards & Reports

The Social Studio has a rather simple dashboard that you can easily navigate through. This feature also lets you access:

Customizable Dashboards

The platform enables you to customize dashboards to display the essential social media metrics.

Follower Analysis

You get an analysis and illustration of information on your followers. This information includes purchase intent, location, demographics, and more.

Customizable Reports

Social Studio gives you a level of flexibility when it comes to reports. Therefore, you can manipulate and dig deeper into the provided data.

Report Exporting

You can export reports from the Social Studio platform into a .pdf, .csv, or excel file.

Business Intelligence

Social Studio correlates business intelligence with social media data to improve your business operations.

The platform also makes use of competitive intelligence to uncover social media insights and performance of your competitors.

Keyword Setup

A plus side to subscribing to the Social Studio software is its keyword setup feature. This feature lets you search for particular keywords that help you measure social impact.

Third-Party Integration

Social Studio communicates well with other software. This easy communication allows for the integration of logic, objects, data, and more, with other applications.

Pricing Model of Social Studio

Depending on your needs and requirement, Social Studio comes with four different pricing plans. These plans come with annual billing, and they include:

Basic Plan

This plan is suitable for starters and goes for $1,000 per month. With the basic plan, you have access to 2 social accounts and 20,000 mentions per month.

The basic plan is ideal for brand engagement and listening on your primary channels. Also, you can add publishing for an extra $500 per month.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan lets you engage, publish, and listen across social networks. The plan starts at $4,000 per month and gets you all the necessary features.

Additionally, you get access to 10 social mentions and 250,000 monthly mentions.

With this plan, you can achieve governance and compliance with Publish Approval Rules. Also, you get third-party apps partner access.

Corporate Plan

Social Studio’s Corporate plan works well for social customer service and social marketing for multiple brands.

Starting at $12,000, you get all the features of the pro plan plus 20 social accounts and 1.5 million monthly mentions. You also get full social automation capabilities and social care integration with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan maximizes results at scale across geographies, brands, and teams. You need to contact the Salesforce team for the pricing of this plan.

Technical Details

Social Studio is a cloud-based digital marketing software. So, you don’t need an exclusive gateway to get access to it.

You can access your Social Studio account from any Windows or iOS supported computer or mobile device.

The customer base of the platform ranges from small to medium businesses.

Support Details

Social Studio’s excellent customer service makes contacting support as simple as ABC. All you have to do is head straight to their contact page and fill out the required form.

Once that is done, a member of their support team will reach out to you. Your issues get resolved in a matter of minutes.

To Wrap It Up

Social Studio is a cloud-based digital marketing solution. The platform enables you to organize your team around events, regions, and campaigns on the right social channel.

With the software, you have a one-stop-shop for flexible content creation, collaboration, and social publishing. You also get access to features like ROI tracking, global partnership, analytics modules, quick workflow management, and content calendar.

With the priceless information provided by the platform, you’ll be able to have full control of opportunities and trends. Furthermore, you will be able to fill any gap in operations that customers talk about, but you had no idea of.

Yes, there are some drawbacks attached to Social Studio. However, the software still stands tall as one of the leading content marketing software out today.

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