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Full Smartsheet PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Smartsheet

Smartsheet PMS Software

With Smartsheet PMS software, you have the best project management application for planning, capturing, managing, automating, and reporting about work and this enables you to move from idea to impact with speed. Smartsheet system is helpful in standardizing key project elements and this improves collaboration and increases speed while offering options that suit individual work preferences.

Smartsheet PMS software supports collaboration in different ways as follows.

Smartsheet System increases the agility of work

With its simple and intuitive interface, business users are empowered to quickly configure, adapt, and improve their work processes to speed up execution.

Smartsheet PMS software removes productivity killers

With Smartsheet PMS software, there is frictionless sharing with stakeholders and this eliminates silos while unifying teams. There is clear accountability which facilitates deeper ownership and more engaged teams.

Differentiate through execution

Top organizations ranging from those involved in opening multiple retail locations to those hosting the most-watched sporting events globally, rely on the Smartsheet system to gain a competitive edge.

What are the problems that Smartsheet PMS project management application can solve? Smartsheet system can solve different problems associated with project management.

Smartsheet system leverage customer experience

Problem: Delays in customer project onboarding

Solution: when using Smartsheet PMS software, you are guaranteed that customer onboarding projects will be delivered on time and within budget.  The project management application achieves this by prioritizing an onboarding project approval that is transparent by integrating with Salesforce, configuring a project approval workflow, and automating the management of service demand. Smartsheet system successfully adapts to meet your client requirements and enhance data visibility.

Smartsheet project management application- customer implementation dashboard

Smartsheet system accelerates team output

Problem: Time-consuming repetitive tasks and wasted effort

Solution: Smartsheet PMS software gathers data that is consistent, automates the processes of approval, and transform data into actions. The project management application saves you time on doing repetitive tasks by automating the key processes of your business.

With the use of Smartsheet system, you will not require coding and every user will be able to create, modify and maintain the prompts effectively and quickly.  The application offers a solution for spotting and elimination bottlenecks which drag down cycle time.

Smartheet PMS streamlines marketing campaigns

Problem: marketing campaign operations that are disordered

Solution: With the use of Smartsheet PMS software, performance will be enhanced as a result of optimizing campaign execution, results and accountability. The project management application develops a framework for the execution of marketing initiatives. With the campaign calendar offered by Smartsheet system, you can ensure that you are on top of your schedule – whether it’s about tracking launch dates or highlighting milestones. With the application, your team will be accessing context-driven data and a unified collaboration plan.

What is Smartsheet PMS Software?

Smartsheet PMS software is a project management application that has an interface that looks like a spreadsheet and it can help teams to manage tasks, plan projects, and collaborate. The solution incorporates a suite of project management applications such as reporting, document management, resource management, and time tracking, and issue management which is offered via an add-on application.

With the use of Smartsheet system, the key project elements are standardized and this helps in increasing speed and improving collaboration while providing the options that suit individual work preferences. Users of Smartsheet PMS software can track all their projects and improve the visibility of team priorities in a way that ensures important activities do not miss out on normal work operations.

Smartsheet system - program status

Smartsheet system is offered via the cloud-based subscription model and it has native mobile apps for iOS and android that users can rely on to finish their work while they’re on the move.  Users can also subscribe to an account meant for multiple collaborators for the purposes of working on projects with several colleagues and clients.

Smartsheet is used in many industries ranging from high-tech to non-profit and it can be customized to match the needs of businesses of different sizes ranging from start-ups to large corporations.

As a web-based collaboration tool, Smartsheet PMS software can be used for your task management, project management, sales pipeline tracking needs, and crowdsourcing. Being a leading collaboration platform for corporations, this project management application provides businesses with innovative ways for collaborating on processes and projects.

Being compatible with multiple devices and accessible from any browser, Smartsheet offers capabilities that include a spreadsheet that is easy to use and has a visual timeline management, automated workflow, and collaborative file sharing and discussions.

A lot of businesses rely on spreadsheets to manage their inventories, finances, and schedule. In this case, the familiarity provided with the easy to use interface that is offered by Smartsheet makes the system easily adaptable to your teams as it looks and functions like a powerful and customizable spreadsheet. It can manage different types of work which include projects, programs, and key business processes.

Smartsheet system also integrates with leading web services which include Box, Google Apps, and Salesforce.

Smartsheet project management application is designed to unleash the advantages associated with collaboration while offering greater work agility. With Smartsheet PMS software, decision-making is much faster and the importance of data-driven information is easily understood. Smartsheet system is built to empower teams to execute and complete their tasks and projects with speed and accountability.

The key functions of Smartsheet PMS software are planning, automating, tracking, and reporting on work. It provides targeted solutions to processes that are of high value and mission critical within your organization. This involves simplifying planning and budget, enhancing customer experiences, streamlining the management of facilities, etc.

Its solutions are designed for different industries and these include manufacturing, technology, professional services, construction, and education. Smartsheet project management application also caters for different teams and roles which include IT and Ops, project management, software development, marketing, sales, and HR departments.

Smartsheet PMS software - HR resource center

Smartsheet system is highly cherished for its online project management, collaboration features, and file sharing. As an application that resembles a spreadsheet, Smartsheet PMS software can be used to perform and manage different work types and these include business processes, sales pipelines, event schedules, customer info, team projects, and task lists.

Smartsheet system - sales pipeline dashboard

Businesses can rely on the platform to purchase plans which are cost effective and offer value to their investment.

Benefits of Smartsheet PMS

Smartsheet PMS software comes with several benefits which include the following.

The use of Smartsheet System increases project speed and quality

When using Smartsheet project management application, you will gain much greater reach and depth during project management than when you rely on platforms like Microsoft Excel. With Smartsheet PMS software, you can plan and standardize projects, manage tasks, and use the solution for collaboration. While doing this, you will increase the speed and quality of your project.

Smartsheet project management application is mobile

Being a cloud-based application, it means users of Smartsheet system can easily access it from anywhere. This means that users can use any devices to sort out project-related issues from anywhere. With the mobile capabilities offered by Smartsheet PMS software, your team will be able to carry their tools to wherever the project tasks need them to go.

Smartsheet is a collaborative project management application

Collaboration is a necessity when it comes to completing projects, meeting deadlines, and budgeting.  Lack of collaboration can create miscommunication and information silos that can kill the progress of a project. With Smartsheet PMS software, your project teams will be able to structure their project information in a way that makes it easy for them to collaborate.

Using Smartsheet PMS software, you will be able to store and track all your project information and share with an unlimited number of external collaborators and also do real-time communication through app comments.

Smartsheet system helps you to improve the way you work together and also saves you precious time by allowing you to share files, communicate using alerts and reminders and store information from where they can be easily accessed.

Smartsheet PMS software emphasizes transparency

Projects need visibility for them to be successful. You may consider visibility as not being that much important for your project but openness and transparency is a way of making sure that each member of your team understands the activities taking place within the project, the role that they play in every stage, and that each individual is working towards attaining a common goal.

Lack of transparency in your project can lead to small mistakes not being taken care of, misinformation and missed deadlines and these can “snowball” or derail the progress of your project. With its collaborative focus, Smartsheet PMS software allows your project team members to work together while maintaining transparency.

Smartsheet is an easy to use project management application

Using the intuitive interface provided by Smartsheet system, you can get started on your projects with almost zero efforts. The project management application allows you to click and create new projects and also track them with much ease. As a project member or project manager, you will enjoy the benefits resulting from the ease of use of Smartsheet PMS software.

Automate relevant business processes

You can use Smartsheet’s simple rules to automate actions. For this reason, you will not need to hire IT experts, tackling complex formulas and dealing with one line of code. When you automate major processes, you save time and eliminate productivity killers. Things to automate could include repetitive tasks, getting reminders whenever projects and tasks are due, and prompting your project members to make updates. This prevents your project team members from overlooking particular tasks and going beyond the completion deadline.

Automation using the Smartsheet system allows you to identify bottlenecks in the earliest time possible such that you will be prepared to immediately tackle the issue and plan on your next course of action.

As a user of Smartsheet PMS software, data collection has also been simplified for you and made available on different platforms and devices that include desktops, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. With Smartsheet’s form builder, users can quickly come up with customizable forms which ensure that data is organized, error-free and consistent.

Features of Smartsheet system

Smartsheet system comes with several features that make it one of the best project management application. Some of the major features included in Smartsheet PMS software are listed below.

  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Content Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Timeline/Roadmap
  • Calendars
  • Automated Reporting
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Discussion Board
  • Project Templates
  • Email Integration
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Google Apps
  • Custom Branding
  • Budget Reports
  • Card View
  • Customizable Workspace
  • Email/Ticket
  • Version Control
  • Web Forms
  • Live Chat
  • Brainstorming
  • File Sharing
  • Social Media
  • Group Calendars
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Gantt Cards
  • Milestones
  • Cell Linking

Let’s now summarize some of the capabilities offered by the Smartsheet system.

Admin Tools

With Smartsheet PMS software, user management is simplified. When you are the system administrator of a Team account, you will be able to add users, manage access to sheets, and reset passwords.

Resource management

With Smartsheet system, you will be able to view who is handling which tasks and who’s not busy in real time and categorize this by user or project.

Sharing work

Smartsheet project management application makes it easy for project members to collaborate quickly. You can share your entire sheet, or only part of it, and set distinct permission levels for controlling the activities of those in your contacts.


Smartsheet PMS software gives you the ability to easily create and customize forms which can be used to collect any type of information with less effort. As these forms are integrated within the powerful Smartsheet platform, it means that you can immediately take action, collaborate, track, and manage the collected data.

Card view

Smartsheet system provides you with the opportunity to empower teams throughout your entire organization in a highly-visual way to communicate, work, and collaborate. With Card View, there is agility in several scenarios and this increases performance and speed. Card View is available at zero costs to Smartsheet users.


With Smartsheet’s dashboards, you will be able to have real-time visibility, take immediate action and drive alignment. You can also configure dashboards to help your organization spot the appropriate information at the right time. This will help you to quickly make better decisions.

Critical path

Using the critical path feature in Smartsheet PMS software, you can highlight important tasks in your project timeline. This will help you to view at glance the tasks that are affecting the completion date of a project. The critical path is created using a Gantt chart that has dependencies and predecessor columns.


Smartsheet system offers three pricing plans as follows.

Individual Plan –  costs $14 per user per month and billed annually.

  • Email support
  • View/edit only reports
  • 10 sheets
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Mobile included

Business Plan – costs $25 per user per month and billed annually

  • Email + phone support
  • Mobile included
  • Sheets – 100/user
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Unlimited reports

Enterprise Plan – customized. You will need to contact the vendor for a quote.

  • Email + phone support
  • Mobile included
  • Unlimited sheets
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Unlimited reports

Get your free trial at smartsheet.com.

Technical Details

Smartsheet PMS software runs on devices that support Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. This project management application supports multiple languages which include English, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, and Polish. The pricing model of this PMS application is monthly payment, annual subscription, and quote-based.  Customer types are small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and freelancers. Deployment of the application is through cloud hosting, and open API.

Support Details

The vendors of Smartsheet system offer their support through phone, live support, email, training, and tickets.

Call: 18443242360

Facebook: Smartsheet

Twitter: @Smartsheet

LinkedIn: Smartsheet 

YouTube: Smartsheet


More contact details at smartsheet.com.