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Full Smart Property Systems Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Smart Property Systems

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Do you want a comprehensive property management solution to speed up your PM business? Or do you require a versatile solution to streamline your entire property management operations? Look no further with Smart Property Systems.

Property management is a core segment in the real estate industry today. However, businesses experience debacle whenever they are managing their property business. For instance, property managers may experience issues while collating checks for rent payments. Besides that, time-wasting and resource-consuming activities might be a dent on the schedule of a designated user across the organization.

Nevertheless, it is a necessity to adopt one of the recent digital tools in automating their entire property management operations within their business environments. While many tools can be utilized within a PM environment, property management software can be implemented due to its application specific usage i.e. property management.

With an effective property management software such as Smart Property Systems, businesses can restructure their property management activities in order to succinctly increase their overall productivity. Besides that, Smart Property Systems is a versatile solution which can fit into any types of property management setup.

What is Smart Property Systems?

Smart Property Systems (also known as SPS) is a cloud-hosted property management solution that provides users with series of effective tools in its unified platform. It is a hub of property management functions.

smart property systemsDesigned for all kinds of property businesses irrespective of their sizes. Basically, this property management software supports all types of property types and is reputable for handling property types such as residential, commercial as well as homeowners associations.

Some of its main features include rental accounting, lease management, inspection scheduling, maintenance management, tenant screening, vacancy advertisement and more. Also, Smart Property Systems provides users with a series of automated tools for generating items such as account statements, collect rent payments, issue out notices & notification,

On the other hand, Smart Property Systems provides users with real-time visibility and access to its unified platform. Besides that, Smart Property Systems provides businesses with accurate and insightful reporting tool which enables them to make effective decisions across their entire property management business operations. Nevertheless, users can receive or make payments on the platform without any form of constraints.

By implementing an effective property management solution such as Smart Property Systems, you can improve the efficiency of your entire workforces which ensures that you can drive more sales thereby increasing profitability.

Benefits of Smart Property Systems

This property management software contributes immensely to the increase in efficiency and viability of all kinds of property management businesses irrespective of their sizes.

Here are some of the benefits which Smart Property Systems offers:

Ease of use

If you want an easy-to-use solution to automate your property management business, Smart Property Systems can make this happen. Besides, this property management software is ideal for all kinds of users with basic digital clicks. Also, Smart Property Systems comes with an interactive user interface which allows users to carry out property management functions without technical assistance.


Besides offering property management functionalities, Smart Property Systems provides you with unlimited access to its platform. Moreover, Smart Property Systems is a cloud-hosted property management which can be accessed from any region in the world via the web.

Multi-functional solution

Smart Property Systems is a comprehensive property management solution which can work with all property types most especially single, multiple family residential, commercial properties as well as mobile Home Parks. In addition, this property management software incorporates a series of property management functionalities which allows you to manage your entire business operations effortlessly.

Property accounting

With Smart Property Systems you can automate your property rental accounting dynamically. If you want to collect rent payment, pay vendors online, generate tenant statements, and perform other property accounting tasks, Smart Property Systems can make it happen.


Property managers can effectively push their property listings for advertisement on more than 24 property advertisement websites. Besides that, this property management software enables you to create and design professional webflyers for advertising your property vacancies.


This property management software is reputable for its highly secured platform which mitigates against all forms of cyber-threats; therefore, you can be assured that your property business data is safe and secure. Moreover, Smart Property Systems utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption which is a military-grade encryption standard, to protect your activity while connected to the internet via web browser.

Comprehensive reporting

With Smart Property Systems, property managers can generate actionable and insightful reports based on user-entered data, which can be used to make effective business decisions. Besides that, you can generate a wide variety of reports based on preference.

Premium support

smart property systemsSmart Property Systems facilitates effective property management capabilities. Moreover, thousands of users attest to its excellent tools and features as well as their dedicated support team. For instance, their support team respond to email enquiries within a couple of hours. Nevertheless, Smart Property Systems can also be reached via live support on their platform.

Key Features of Smart Property Systems Property Management Software

Automated Rental Accounting

With Smart Property Systems, you are provided with a centralized platform for collecting rent payment from tenants. Besides that, all payments made on the system are accurately recorded; therefore, data capture or re-entry is not required to process rent payments.

Electronic Lease Management

Smart Property Systems comes with a robust and flexible leasing system. With this property management software, you can customize the workflow process for facilitating leasing process. Moreover, Smart Property Systems incorporates document management capabilities as well as electronic signature functionality. This ensures that legally compliant documentation is electronically filed and appended by the lease applicant with their digital signature.

Reporting and Analysis

With Smart Property Systems, you can enter your property business data on the platform, which are then computed by the system in order to present you with a real-time accurate information. Nevertheless, this property management software comes with a reporting tool which allows you to generate accurate and insightful reports in order to make effective decisions concerning your property management business.

Inspection Scheduling

Smart Property Systems comes with an inspection scheduling functionality which allows you to make timely and thorough inspections of property in your portfolio. With the built-in inspection scheduling system, inspections can be scheduled in real-time for every lease, which ensures successful rental process.

Maintenance Management

Property managers can automate maintenance work orders across their property portfolio with the maintenance management functionality. In addition, this property management software comes with a versatile message centre which facilitates real-time communication on the platform. Besides that, Smart Property Systems allows you to communicate with all your tenants or vendors in order to handle maintenance issues. For instance, tenants can report a maintenance issue to the property manager while the property manager can then schedule an inspection as well as a maintenance work order with a predetermined vendor.

Online Rent Collection

Smart Property Systems not only facilitates receiving payments but also allows you to make payment on the platform. Moreover, this property management software comes account payable functionality which makes it easier to pay vendor through their centralized platform.

Vacancy Advertisement

smart property systemsYou can create and manage professional webflyers for property listings across your portfolio. This property management platform allows you to push your property listings vacancies to over 30 websites in order to get maximum exposure for your vacant leases. This allows you to promote your property listings across multiple websites without hassles.

Tenant Screening

Smart Property Systems is fully equipped to provide you with an efficient tenant screening capability. With the tenant screening tool, property managers are provided with tenant screening reports which contain a credit score as well as a recommendation for the prospective tenant. In addition, the tenant screening report can be used to verify social security number and identity, check for felony convictions, Homeland Security record and more. Therefore, property managers can accept only the best tenants for their leased out properties.

Automated Tenant Statements

Property managers can compile and generate tenant statements which are sent to the tenant(s) automatically from within the application. Besides that, the statements present users with the account history of each tenant as well as their new or recurring charges.

Other important features of Smart Property Systems property management software includes:

  • Associate Portal
  • Agent Portal
  • Owner Portal
  • E-signature integration
  • Message centre
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Contact Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Insurance Management
  • Landlord Database
  • Tax Management
  • Rent tracking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Payment Processing


smart property systemsSmart Property Systems offers a flexible pricing system based on the properties that you manage. In addition, Smart Property Systems provides users with an online pricing calculator which can be used to generate accurate pricing for your property portfolio.

Nevertheless, the Smart Property Systems pricing for a single housing unit starts from $15.53/month per user.

Additional costs:

  • Tenant screening: $37.50 for each screening
  • Virtual Assistant: $25.00/15 mins segment
  • Vendor payment processing: $0.85 per payment
  • Rental payment processing: $3.00 per EFT transaction, while tenant pays 2.8% for Credit card transactions
  • Document e-signing: $5.00/e-sign document
  • Agent/associate portal: $10.00/additional employee per month


Smart Property Systems offers prospective users a free trial of their platform prior to subscription.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Windows, Linux, Mac

Locations serviced: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, United Kingdom, Africa, Europe, Germany, India, Netherlands, Middle East

Pricing model: Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Property managers, Tenant Coordinator, Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, Real Estate owners

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Smart Property Systems has a dedicated support team which offers its customers the following on-going support: