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Full Slidely Digital Asset Management Software Review- All You Need to Know About Slidely


A Slidely review covering product promotion, visual content, video slideshows, and more.

Thanks to digital asset management software solutions like Slidely! Businesses and individuals can now comfortably create video content.

Users can quickly and affordably create videos with tools provided by this software. Ready-made templates and royalty free music are available on this platform. What’s better than that?

But, there is a bit of an issue.

Getting the right digital asset management software to work with can be a drag sometimes. So let’s go ahead and one of the industry’s best, shall we?

What is Slidely?

Slidely is a digital asset management software popularly known as Promo by Slidely. It is a cloud-based software used for visual content creation.

This digital asset management software can be for both personal and business use. Slidely comprises of creative applications suite that allows the creation of visual content.

This platform solves the content deficit problem which most businesses face. Slidely provides its users with fully licensed premium footage from professional videographers.

Slidely launched in 2012, and it connects over 175 million people in the world with visual content.

Users can publish or share designed visual content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Slidely allows users to create video slideshows from their photo and music collection instantly.

There is a mobile application available for users to work on the go. This digital asset management software provides style templates and arts for users.

This cloud-based software has features such as premium music, 24/7 customer support, Lifetime license, integrations, photo collection, high-quality video content and more.

Customers can also use this software to incorporate music into their video slideshows. You can launch video marketing campaigns and product promotions with this software.

This software’s intuitive interface and customer service chatbot make it easy for a novice to navigate the site easily. Users do not have to be creative as templates are available to use.

How Slidely Works

Slidely allows users to access its high-quality video library which has over 12.5M clips. With this digital asset management software, users can customize fully packaged videos.

Promo by Slidely is very affordable. This affordability allows users can promote new products or brands on the internet.

Slidely integrates with Wistia which helps to host and monitor the online performance of your promo video. Wistia provides tools that aid in the distribution of media files.

Users can seamlessly upload their videos directly to Wistia and get embed codes, viewer analytics, HD video delivery and lots more.

For users to aid their marketing efforts, Slidely integrates easily with Hubspot. With this platform, you can attract visitors, close customers and attract leads.

You can directly publish your video on Hubspot File Manager as a result of the integration.

This Visual content creation software provides video advertising and content marketing tools. There are optimized promo videos on this platform for mobile and desktop video advertising on social media.

The Facebook integration feature makes it easy for users to share videos on facebook groups and personal timelines.

This software is available for small businesses, large enterprises, freelancers and others. Anyone can make use of this software due to its intuitive interface.

Features of the Slidely Software

Slidely offers you a set of features. You get photo capture, marketing campaigns, collages, photo galleries and more.

Let’s explore the features that come with this digital asset management software.

Promo Tools

Slidely allows users to make marketing promotion campaigns. With the music and editor already available, all you have to do is add your message and logo to the content.

Social Media Calendar

Slidely provides a master social media calendar with tons of videos, trends, and hashtags. These contents are perfect for all channels, and you can sync your social media to it.

Audio Tools

There are audio tools available for users to incorporate in their videos or collages. There are also some music files in the media library accessible to aid this tool.

Photo Collage

Users can make photo collages in their gallery with the collage tool available on the Slidely platform. This cloud-based software allows you to create picture collections out of the royalty-free images found on the software.

Facebook Video Covers

There are various video cover templates for facebook pages available on Slidely. All you have to do is choose a video cover for your Facebook page.

Media Library

Slidely has a media library with over 500 million media files. These videos, images, and music are availablefor every user.

Social Sharing

You can publish and share your visual content on various social media platforms. The social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Speed Adjustment

There is the speed adjustment available on this platform. This adjustment feature allows users to be able to adjust the speed of videos, slideshows or films.

Text Overlay

With this digital asset management software, you can overlay text on any visual media content you produce. Tewt overlay aids in brand and advertising campaigns.

HD Resolution

All media content produced on this platform are of HD resolution. Every media content found on Slidely’s library are also of high quality.

Video Capture

With Slidely, you can quickly capture video content which you can edit and finetune with the tools available.

Movie and Video Production

You can turn photos and videos into a film with this platform. Slidely also allows users to produce video content for their personal or business use efficiently.

You can also make shows effectively with this software.

Photo Effects

You can effectively add effects to any video or slideshow you are producing. Adding effects to your creative content will help consumers distinguish your brand’s campaign or advertisement.

Video Voice-overs

The Video voice-over option is available on this software. This way, you can successfully make voice-overs on videos you have produced. The voice-over tool is an essential marketing feature.

Video Templates

Slidely has video templates that are very easy to modify. The Templates can be adjusted to suit your creative needs.

Font Options

There are text font options available on this platform. This font option allows you have various text options for text overlay.

Stock Format and Length

Slidely comes with a stock and length format. Users cannot make long videos or use more than one clip in a video.

Pros of  the Slidely Platform

Individuals and businesses are attracted to Slidely for its benefits. Highlighted below are the key attraction points of this digital asset management software.

Seamless User Interface

The User interface is easy to use. The design of the platform is simple which makes it easy to navigate. The chatbot feature also aids user experience on this platform.

Exceptional Customer Service

Slidely has 24/7 customer service. They are very prompt and thorough when answering queries.

Customer support is available to walk customers through the platform. The chat feature is also available for more help.


Users can customize templates and media files available to suit their needs. This customizable feature allows users to modify their media files to suit their campaign or advertisement strategy.


Slidely gives users great flexibility regarding editing media files. They can trim, stretch and modify the media files to tailor their message.

The simple editing tools make it easy for users, so efficiency and flexibility increases.

No Contract Lock-in

No contract locks you in with Slidely.  This no-contract lock means you can change your plan at any time.

The ‘no lock-in’ feature means that you can move from the basic plan to the plus plan to the pro plan and vice-versa hassle-free.

Vast Media Database

Slidely has an impressive media library that you can use in your videos. The videos, music, and photos can be made available by just searching.

Easy To Use Editor

The editor on this platform is straightforward to use. Support materials are available to teach you how to use the editing tool.

Appropriate For Social Media Sharing

Slidely handles both rectangular and square sized video. You can use the videos easily on both Facebook and Instagram.

Its seamless integration also allows users to share their video content on their websites, landing pages, and others.

Good Quality Media Files

Slidely has a vast library of over 12.5 million quality media files you can use. All you have to do is search for the media file and make use of it.

Seamless Integration

Slidely integrates seamlessly with Wistia, Hubspot, Facebook and more. Users can now easily upload their videos directly to Wistia to get analytics which will help to track video success.

The integration with Hubspot makes it easy for users to use their videos on all inbound assets such as websites, landing pages, blogs, and social channels.

Due to the integration with Facebook, Users can easily publish their Promo videos directly to Facebook pages or personal timeline. You can boost engagement and view due to this integration.

Cons of  the Slidely Platform

Even the best products have downsides. Slidely isn’t immune to defects. Now, let’s explore the drawbacks of this digital asset management software.

Editing Limitations

Users can only edit videos that are on the platform. They cannot alter any media file they bought, and this is a cause of concern for customers. Users cannot make changes to media files after updating.

No Room For Long Videos

Users cannot make long videos as they are forced to make use of the stock length provided by the platform.

Not Professional

Slidely is a fantastic option for novices, but it doesn’t have as many opportunities for creative professionals.

Generic Stock Footage Videos

Slidely has merely stock footage videos that are generic with text overlays. There is no animation available on this platform.

Free Version Limitations

The free version of Slidely is not free as users have to pay to download or publish videos.

Limited Customization

There is a limit to which users can customize slides or screens on Slidely. This limitation restricts users from making use of tools or media files outside the platform.

No Categories

There is no categorized media content on Slidely which makes it hard for users to find media content. The content labeling makes it difficult to find.

No Effect Variety

This digital asset management software has limited effects on sound and texts. Users cannot customize the placement of fonts over ads.

Users are only allowed to use the effects available on the platform.

Pricing and Price Models

Slidely offers different prices for different plans. They offer a trial period after which you have to subscribe to one of their projects.

Let’s find out the pricing for the various plans, shall we?

Basic Plan

The pricing model for this plan is $49 monthly and $468 annually. The monthly package comes with one video while the annual kit comes with twelve videos.

The features of this plan include over 12.5million high-quality videos, premium music, already-made collection, 24/7 customer support, lifetime license, Facebook integration, Square & vertical formats and much more.

Plus Plan

The pricing model for this plan is $99 monthly and $828 annually. The monthly package for Plus comes with four videos while the annual kit comes with forty-eight videos.

Included in this package are all the features of the basic plan and more

Pro Plan

Pro Plans pricing model goes for $199 monthly and $1668 annually. Its monthly package comes with ten videos while the annual kit comes with one hundred and twenty videos.

Included in this package are all the features of the Plus plan and more.

Agency Plan

Agency package pricing model goes for $359 monthly and $1320 annually. Its monthly package comes with fifteen videos while the annual kit comes with one hundred and eighty videos.

Technical Specifications

Platforms Supported

Slidely supports both application and online solutions. You can access this software from your laptop, desktop or smartphone.

Users can download the mobile application from Google store for Android smartphones and Apple store for iPhones and iPads.

This digital asset management software supports different devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, Macbook and others.

Integrated Platforms

Slidely can easily integrate with a couple of common platforms such as Wistia, facebook, Hubspot and others. These integrated platforms help in the distribution of the video content and also with the viewer analytics.

Contact Support

Contacting support on Slidely is very easy with their 24/7 customer service available. The easy to use Chat Bot is always available to render assistance.

You can also contact them by email, and they will sort out your problem in no time. Slidely also has resources and FAQs available to make users understand the software.

To Wrap It Up

Slidely is one of the leading digital asset management software today with its unique features. With this software, you can create video content for advertising and marketing campaigns.

This cloud-based software allows users to customize the various templates available to suit their brand’s needs. Users have increased flexibility and effectiveness as a result of this intuitive software interface.

Sidely does have its drawbacks, but it remains one of the best digital asset management software available today.