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Full SkyPrep LMS Software Review – All you need to know about SkyPrep

SkyPrep LMS software

Are you an organization that is looking for an effective way to involve your employees in online training and knowledge sharing? Then, SkyPrep LMS software is the ideal choice to help you achieve this goal. As an award-winning LMS application, SkyPrep system helps business organizations to deliver, track, and optimize training to employees, partners, and customers.

The mission of the company responsible for SkyPrep LMS software is to simplify online training and knowledge sharing in a way that allows an organization to attain their full potential. They offer knowledge sharing and online training solutions to leading companies and they serve over 250, 000 users in different sectors and industries worldwide.

SkyPrep system can solve different problems related to organizational training. Here are three problems that the application can effectively solve.

Problem no. 1: Difficulty in conducting training for employees distributed throughout the world

A large corporation that has thousands of global workers has automated their training in a way that allows every staff member to access SkyPrep system. Every employee can complete their training at their chosen time and conveniently.

Problem no. 2: it is cumbersome to manually onboard new hires

SkyPrep LMS software allows users to upload content and every information that is significant and the online training tool allows new hires to access the uploaded content and use it to educate themselves.

Problem no. 3: Difficulty in tracking employee compliance education

Every industry has predefined laws and regulations that can be applied to the roles in that industry. In this regard, companies must educate their employees so that they can be compliant and be able to do their job. They can use SkyPrep LMS software when automating the process of allowing employees to do their courses and stay compliant.

What is SkyPrep LMS software?

SkyPrep LMS software is a training software that is cloud-based and it is designed to help organizations train their workforce and evaluate the skills and knowledge of the employees. Using SkyPrep, users can build training courses in just minutes, identify the individuals that are performing better, and identify employees who require attention or more training.

SkyPrep system is an award-winning LMS which help companies to deliver, track and optimize training to employees, partners, and customers. The mission of the company offering SkyPrep LMS is about simplifying online training and knowledge sharing in a way that allows organizations to attain their full potential.

The company offers knowledge sharing and training solutions to leading companies. The award-winning products offered by this company serve more than 250,000 users from the top companies in different sectors and industries across the globe.

SkyPrep online training tool focuses on automating and transitioning any aspect of your workforce training to an online platform in a way that is simple and painless.

The application has a simple interface and runs on a modern design that can be completely customized in order to allow for highly individualized and dynamic online learning environment. The application delivers several features in addition to its intuitive and sleek design. Some of the features include the ability to upload any file, run powerful reporting and building assessments.

Training administrators can use the SkyPrep system to manage, create and sell training courses. The main features included in the application are an automated learner environment, custom branding, and blended learning.

Other features that are included in SkyPrep system are things like detailed reports and automated email. With SkyPrep LMS software, its tools are beyond the realm of business. Some additional potential users that can benefit from SkyPrep LMS include online entrepreneurs, educators, and people who sell courses online.

Using the course authoring feature that is provided by SkyPrep, you will be able to upload PowerPoint presentations, videos, SCORM content and some additional media files for the purposes of developing customized training courses that can be self-paced, instructor-led, or conducted via virtual conferencing. You can also brand and customize the courses using color theme, logo, and website of your company.

As an additional highlight, SkyPrep LMS allows you to add trainees in bulk or individually and categorize them in distinct ways as required for their enrollment in courses. SkyPrep system also allows you to track and measure employee online training performance using custom quizzes and tests plus real-time reporting.

With its e-commerce feature, you are allowed to sell courses to customers and resellers. Through its mobile learning functionalities, trainees can access courses while they are on the move using their tablets or smartphones.

Benefits of SkyPrep system

SkyPrep LMS software has several benefits as we have described below.

SkyPrep system is easy to use and can be used to share courses with other potential clients

SkyPrep software has a customer support that has been phenomenal in the way it handles issues and these include the development of requested software features, “helpdesk” accessibility, providing clear explanations, and ensuring positive interaction through phone and email.

SkyPrepLMS software supports easy uploading and distribution of content

With SkyPrep, users can easily upload materials online and virtually train people in person. The software allows you to upload Excel, PowerPoint, and word files in addition to SCORM files. The uploaded content can be dragged and dropped into any of the existing courses.

SkyPrep system allows you to add YouTube and Vimeo links, create a link and embed a website to your courses. When you have successfully created your training materials, you can easily distribute them to clients, employees, and students.

With SkyPrep LMS software, you can reuse the uploaded content in many instances as you like and thus there is no need of keeping uploading the same thing repeatedly.

SkyPrep system has an Intuitive GUI

With SkyPrep LMs software, you are provided with an intuitive GUI that is easy to learn. The online training software also provides several options when it comes to integrating with other applications.

SkyPrep system supports training large masses from remote locations

Using the SkyPrep system, you will be able to train large groups of people regardless of where they are located. With the system, you can track the performance of trainees and add quizzes that serve to ensure that employees successfully complete a program. SkyPrep also provides you with a responsive customer service.

SkyPrep allows you to create tests and quizzes

With SkyPrep, you can use the exam manager to create tests and quizzes for students and you can drag and drop tests into a course. The application allows you to design your course in different formats and deploy the auto-grade feature for these courses.  Using this tool, you can build customized training programs according to your requirements.

SkyPrep LMS software allows you to create new tests, determine time limits, and set the percentages required for passing an exam. With SkyPrep system, you can also categorize the exams, set the number of times that the student is allowed to take the exam per course, and select types such as true/false, short answer, multiple choice, fill in the blank.

Communicate with learners

Using the messaging and notification functionality of SkyPrep LMS software, educators are able to send messages to learners that remind them on upcoming due dates and courses. Additionally, they can also send automated email messages that remind students of new content that has been made available.

With SkyPrep LMS, you can compose and send messages to groups of learners, individual learners, or all the students who have been enrolled in a course. Trainers can also receive messages from learners via their SkyPrep inbox.

Monetize your courses

After creating their courses in SkyPrep, educators can utilize the e-commerce capability of this tool to sell their online courses to anyone and from anywhere. Learners can also modify the platform such that they are able to enroll in courses offered in their native languages. Instructors are immediately paid after a learner has enrolled via SkyPrep system.

Download real-time reports

Instructors relying on SkyPrep system are allowed to download real-time reports of every student. With the software comes different reporting options that provide data and insight on user analytics and performance.

Using the data tab provided within the system, you will be able to view a summary of all your online training courses. You can also select the type of report that you wish to create such as groups, exams, courses, users and download the report in CSV/Excel files or Zoho Viewer.

As a user of SkyPrep system, you don’t require software installation

When you choose to implement SkyPrep within your organization, you will not require an in-house IT team for the purposes of setting up the online training platform. There is also no installation fee charged for SkyPrep system. The online training can be implemented with speed and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using internet connection.

Real-time user tracking

With SkyPrep LMS software, you have access to immediate summaries that give you overviews on course activity, general performance, and progress.


SkyPrep system provides you with many white-labeling options for personalizing your training platform. It offers custom certificates, color themes, domain names, and more and with these, your users will feel like they are training directly on your own website.

SkyPrep system - Customizable Look and Branding

Analytic reporting

SkyPrep online training system allows you to instantly request reports with metrics that specifically align with the filters that you have set. The application allows you to customize these reports in accordance with the performance in an exam, individual user, course, or group of users.

SkyPrep LMS software- Advanced reporting and Analytics

SkyPrep LMS software guarantees you security

The application takes your security seriously as it uses industry standard practices to guarantee that the learning materials you upload are secure and confidential.

SkyPrep system - security

Features of SkyPrep LMS

SkyPrep LMS software comes with several features as listed below.

  • Course and Content Creation
  • User Tracking and Management
  • Track and Analyze Learner Progress
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Unlimited Training Content
  • Resource Center
  • Customizable Courses
  • Multiple Language Interface
  • Course Distribution
  • Sell Courses
  • Security and Integration

Now, below we provide summarized details on some of the capabilities of SkyPrep system enabled through its features.

Robust course and content management

SkyPrep supports the uploading of almost any file type plus you can create documents and assessments from the platform and easily build courses in minutes.

You can reuse the file that you have uploaded in SkyPrep as many times as you want without having to upload it repeatedly.

SkyPrep-Robust Course and Content Management

User management that works to meet the needs of your company

With this online training software, the user management process has been simplified and this allows you to do more with less time.

The system also allows you to automatically send emails, generate completion certificates immediately after learners have completed a course, create a report with only a few clicks etc.

SkyPrep LMS-user-management

Advanced reporting and analytics

With SkyPrep system, you can easily stay on top of what’s happening. The software has some robust features that allow you to track the performance of your learners while also making it possible for you to create visual and spreadsheet reports and make it easy for you to perform compliance and audits.

Customizable look and branding

The online training software allows you to tailor your e-learning platform in a way that aligns with the identity of your company.

You can easily customize your LMS platform using white labeling options that include custom logos and colors, custom domain, personalized automated emails among other things.

Fully integrate the tools you already use

With SkyPrep system, you can fully integrate with tools such as PayPal, Stripe, BigBlueButton among others.

SkyPrep online training application - integration

Enterprise-grade security

The enterprise-grade security provided by SkyPrep LMs software guarantees that your information is safely stored and backed-up for every occasion.

The application stores all your data on a secure SSL-certified cloud infrastructure and this gives you complete control over persons that are allowed to access the system.


SkyPrep LMS software is offered in four product plans that will meet the needs of businesses of different sizes and budgets. Users of this application can try it using its free trial option which costs zero.

Request a demo at skyprep.com.

Access your free trial skyprep.com signup.

The different pricing plans offered by SkyPrep software are as follows.

Starter Plan – priced at $449/month or $349/month  and billed annually (save 20%)

  • 100 active users
  • Unlimited Registered Users
  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Courses, Assessments & Content
  • Custom Branding & Certificates
  • Email Support

Advanced Plan – priced at $649/month or $499/month and billed annually (save 20%)

  • Up to 250 Active Users
  • Manager Roles
  • 5 Administrators
  • Phone Support
  • Group Hierarchy

Business Plan – priced at $999/month or $749/month and billed annually (save 20%)

  • Up to 500 Active Users
  • 20 Administrators
  • Single Sign-On
  • SCORM 1.2 Support
  • Open API

Enterprise Plan – Contact Vendor

  • 500+ Active Users
  • Course-Sharing Module
  • Migration Services
  • Multi-Year Discounts
  • Multi-Platform Hierarchy

SkyPrep - Pricing

Technical Details

The devices supported by SkyPrep LMS software include Windows, Android, web-based, Mac and iPhone/iPad. The language supported by this application include English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

The pricing model for this online training tool is monthly payment and annual subscription. The customer types supported are medium businesses and large enterprises. Deployment of the application is through cloud-hosting and Open API.

Support Details

Vendors of SkyPrep system offer their support through Email, phone, live support, tickets, and training

Contact the company through their website.

Call toll-free:  1-855-759-7737


Facebook: SkyPrep

Twitter: @SkyPrep

LinkedIn: SkyPrep Training Software 

Youtube: SkyPrep YouTube Channel