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Full Simpra RMS Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Simpra RMS

Simpra RMS

If you own or run a restaurant business, there’s a high likelihood that you’re using some kind of point of sale or POS system to carry out all the sales transactions you need to on a daily basis.

In recent years, restaurant management software and POS app development has gained traction, and although the primary function of the latter is to process transactions electronically, the systems geared towards businesses in the hospitality industry contain various features for restaurant POS that cater specifically to requirements of restaurants.

These features are designed effectively to ensure the front and back house operations are done with a lot of ease, so that there’s harmony and unity between dining hall and kitchen, plus offers the right tools for better services.

If you’re on the market for the best restaurant management software, some of the key features you need to consider besides the cost of development to build your own POS system include: reporting, customized menu and floor plans, customer database, automated inventory integration, table-side and table ordering, integration of loyalty and gift card programs, cloud services, tech support, and marketing.

Another thing to consider is the cost of developing a restaurant management and POS software as it varies based on different types of fees. So find one that offers fair and transparent pricing.

Simpra RMS, a restaurant management software, offers everything you need to effectively and efficiently run your restaurant business while retaining customers and keeping them coming back, and ensuring happy staff.

What is Simpra RMS?

Simpra RMS

Simpra RMS is a cloud-based restaurant management software system that offers the advantages of a cloud-based system together with flexibility, while saving you the costly investments on infrastructure.

The restaurant management software has an intuitive design so its easier to learn, thus you get to save on training expenses, and time.

With Simpra RMS’ superior abilities and user friendly interface, it is well suited for all sizes and types of restaurants, enabling you control processes from taking an order, to payment on a mobile device.

Simpra RMS has innovative and smart capabilities such as splitting of checks per product or per person, tagging of related products, and cover charges for convenience, plus stress and hassle free customer experiences and more productive service personnel time on the floor.

The POS is easily installed and can be ready to use within minutes so you need not incur more training or infrastructure costs.

Simpra RMS is suitable for cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, and other companies in the food and beverage industry.

The new generation, cloud-based RMS and POS system is designed for restaurateurs, by restaurateurs, with handpicked features, and a system that’s rigorously and intensively tested in the field.

Simpra RMS is the perfect food and beverage establishment ePOS as it easily serves multiple or single properties, plus has a wide scope of abilities extendable further using the software’s various modules.

Simpra RMS isn’t just your ordinary restaurant management system with smaller software and apps. In fact, the company plans to grow the family and get stronger and expand to offer further solutions in the Simpra RMS suite of products. These offerings will then cover all the aspects of your business with new modules for software.


Simpra RMS

Simple and Practical Restaurant Management System

Simpra RMS not only offers the advantages and flexibility that come with a cloud based system, but it also saves you money that would otherwise have been spent on costly infrastructure investments, plus it is easy to learn and saves you training and time expenses thanks to its intuitive design.

Save on Infrastructure Costs

Simpra RMS is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices, plus Mac OS PCs. It works on all devices from your tablet to desktop computer, and you don’t need any extra investments.

Takes Your Business to The Cloud

Being a cloud based restaurant management software, Simpra RMS doesn’t come with any type of software errors, security issues or data loss which are usually found when you adapt on-premise systems. These are ruled out completely.

Pay Only for What You Use

Simpra RMS has the flexibility and answers for adapting to any and all of your restaurant business needs as it lets you add/subtract devices as aligned to your business needs.

No Training Costs and Saves Time

Acclimatisation and learning periods are vital during the course of transitioning into new software, from using old types. Simpra RMS has an intuitive interface that is effective and so easy such that even those with no prior experience with restaurant management software become experts quickly.

Reduces time for ordering  and the payment process

Simpra RMS has an intuitive and user friendly design that aims at shortening the time taken during ordering and payment processes. Being an easy to learn restaurant management software, customers need not spend a lot of time on training. They save on time and training costs.

Facilitate convenient customer experience

Simpra RMS offers innovative and smart capabilities such as tagging of related products and check splitting per product or per person, with charges covered to facilitate hassle-free and convenient customer experience and a more productive service personnel time on the floor.

Spares customers costly investment solutions

Through the smart, ease of use, access flexibility, practical functionalities, and cloud implementation of Simpra RMS, the tool aims to spare you from the costly investments in solutions, so that you can set off on your way to success.

Ease of use

Simpra RMS’ control panels are developed using the latest in design approaches to help you complete the order and payment processes seamlessly and quickly.

Advanced payment options

Through Simpra RMS point of sale system, you can complete payment processes faster and more seamlessly, as it offers payment options that are advanced, for example partial payments.

Enables customers  know when the restaurant is busy and full

Simpra RMS has a Reports/How Full we are section with information about the status of the restaurant in terms of how full it is per hour, on different days of the week.

Track your deliveries on the go

Simpra RMS also has an advanced delivery module so you can follow an order’s live status, while tracking the availability status per delivery, and assigning staff new orders once deliveries are fulfilled

Advanced reporting system

Simpra RMS also includes a customizable and graphics intensive reporting system so you can track your business on a variety of things like individual products or staff while monitoring your business performance and seeing actual asset values.

Customizable check printout

A smart feature that lets you design check printouts is available in Simpra RMS. The entire check can be customized including header/footer areas of the check, and you can make them match your brand identity or image. An additional space is available for marketing so you can promote your brand campaigns, or your social media pages.

Create customer profiles

With Simpra RMS, you can track customer details like order history using the customer profile tool; this supports loyalty management and marketing, while keeping track of VIP clients.


Simpra RMS

Multiple checks

This feature lets you divide the table-per-person order-product check.

Transfer/Merge table

Simpra RMS POS has flexible features for table management without you having to worry about opening/closing checks. With the transfer table, customers can switch tables without reissuing of checks and without confusion when they just want to switch tables. Merge tables on the other hand lets customers continue dining in peace as your business runs smoothly.


Simpra RMS and POS sites and mobile apps collects personal information and data which is kept in a secure database, and takes all the necessary and reasonable security precautions to keep the data safe and secure.

Statistical Information

Simpra RMS also at times collects anonymous information from visits to the POS sites which help them offer better customer service, and makes the sites user friendly.

Report labels

These labels are used for reporting processes as used by your business. They let you link products in the branch, by separating them into groups, via extensions.

Cross platform support

Simpra’s EPOS also supports a variety of platforms and managers get to control their business operations at any time and from any location.

Advanced payment options

Simpra POS also enables you to quickly complete payment processes, and seamlessly, as it offers advanced payment options.

Create menus

With Simpra RMS’ point of sale, you can create a menu easily through the easy to use interface in just a minute. Manage order processes faster as you can collect products that are related under a similar tag.

Quick ordering

Use Simpra RMS POS to complete the process of ordering easily with its easy to use and user-friendly interface.

Menu Item

A menu item is just the products that are offered for sales. With Simpra RMS, you get a menu item with the list of all items offered in and by a specific restaurant.

Menu groups

Simpra RMS offers menu groups that are special group definitions wherein products in the app are displayed. You can create menu groups by assigning group names to products held by your business in stock, and helps ease grouping of the menus. The menu group is also created by filling out the bottom section in English or Turkish.

Payment distribution report

In Simpra RMS, the report section lets you see all information including discounts, payment types, and service fees across all revenue centers, which are related to distribution of payments.

Additional Groups

These groups are sub-products which have been added based on the menu items including semi-sweet, plain, or very sweet, for example in the case of coffee.

Open Product Group

The open product group are products that aren’t in stock in the business, but will be added as need arises.


With Simpra RMS, you get to make products with their own groups more accessible easily as you can use labels in different ways for such products.

Report Label 

Report labels are for reporting processes as used in the business.


This is a deduction from the product’s cost, expressed in discount rate terms or in terms of the total amount of applied discounts.

Service Fee 

This is fees charged for the services that are included in the final bill.


Reasons is a section under Simpra RMS general settings and is divided into Returns and Cancellations; it includes examples like faulty product or late service for customer returns, or wrong product as an example for the case of cancellation.


Note: All packages are available for free for one month

Free: $0

This plan is completely free to try and affordable. If you share your contact details with the Simpra RMS team, you get one month’s free access to use the restaurant management software. The free trial lasts for up to 1 month.



  • 1-7  terminals
  • $45 /terminal/month


  • 7+ terminals
  • contact vendor for a price quote



  • 1-7 terminals
  • $449 /terminal/year


  • 7+ terminals
  • contact vendor for a price quote

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Turkish

Pricing Model: Monthly payment, Annual Subscription, Quote-based

Customer Type: Small Business, Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted 

Support Details

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online forms
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • FAQs