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Full Simformer Talent Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Simformer


What is Simformer?

Learning is a continuous journey. Of course, a lot of people, if not everyone, know that. And learning and development can be done better with the help of technology.

Simformer can be your best ally in sustaining your growth. It is an online learning platform that helps individuals and organizations take their training and education requirements without the need to be in a classroom.


This is not only for students and teachers since this can be enjoyed as well by enterprises and companies that aim to capacitate their workforce – from the managers to clerical personnel. It uses a business simulation model in developing various courses that are focused on skills development.

Can you imagine the cost you may need to incur if you have to gather all your employees in one venue for a learning and development activity? It would be too costly, right? Likewise, you may only waste your time if some employees still need to travel from their respective workstation to get to the meeting venue.

With Simformer, you can assess, educate and train the people in your organization – whether you belong to a business entity or an academic institution.

Simformer Benefits

The Simformer software offers a number of benefits for its users with the goal of improving their skills and talents to become more productive. So, if you are keen about making the people in your organization continue their improvement, you may want to check the following benefits before finally deciding to take advantage of this business solution.

Inclusion of Core Requirements

The e-learning courses, training programs, and learning and development activities which Simformer offers include the core requirements of both the businesses and academic institutions.

Simulated Courses

Since the courses and programs offered by the software are presented through simulation and gamification, you will get a feel of how it is to be in the same situation in a real environment – whether in your company or school. Therefore, the retention of the new knowledge gained is higher. You will understand more the impact of such skill set in the real world.

Comprehensive and Effective Approach

Learning and development is the core objective of Simformer. Thus, it offers a wide range of courses designed to meet the training needs of employees and students. And not only that: it makes sure that trainees achieve their expectations when they join the program.

Customized Training Programs

Those who belong in the corporate world can customize the training programs for their people. So, if you are the HR manager of a company, you may design a course according to the competency requirements of the position.


Holding of Contests to Assess Learning

When you are subscribed to Simformer, you can design a competition which can cover even the workforce outside your base to gauge everybody’s learning. Thus, those in other countries can still be part of the contest.

Hands-On Skills Development Intervention

As an IT-based learning and development platform, Simformer focuses on how it can assist managers in developing hands-on programs on skills development.

Quick Assessment of Competence and Potential

The managers are being given the opportunity to check the existing competencies of employees and their growth potential through the online assessment. This report will help them in doing the evaluation of all pertinent data

Consultations Given Readily

When it is your first time to use a software, it is understandable that you might find it difficult to navigate and run it. Thus, you need a helping hand from an expert who is equipped to guide you all the way.

With Simformer, consultations can be accessed no matter what your concern is. You can ask the experts from the company’s tech support team to help you in building a learning and development plan using the system. You may ask them, too, about the things you can do when integrating it into the organization’s internal systems.

Simformer Features

Corporate Business Games

As a business organization, you have the power to come up with your own Simformer games. These corporate business games can be designed to help you assess the skills and competencies of your employees.

Since these games will be crafted based on your organization’s needs, they will surely be crucial in your employees’ education and skills development.

Corporate Realm

The software’s simulation capability can be done in a corporate realm. As such, the training interventions are designed according to how the skills to be acquired be adopted and applied.

Simformer online learning and development modules can be designed according to how it is being in the corporate world or living within the office premises the whole day.


Online Personnel Assessment

How would you know that some of your personnel need to undergo capacity building interventions? What is your method in identifying their training needs?

With the help of Simformer, these concerns can be addressed easily. Its personnel assessment feature can help in determining who among the current workforce need interventions and which training programs they can take advantage of.

Business Games for Academia

In academe, the business games to be adopted can be tailored fit to the institutions’ set of standards. Exciting games can be utilized to achieve the goal of getting a reliable assessment result showing the real learning and development situation among students. The assessment is done online.

In the meantime, computation of results will be done automatically. This shall then be submitted to the HR manager to ensure that the matrix and its interpretation is correct.

Course Development

This is a feature that allows its subscribers to design their own online courses and programs. This is crucial since this is the very stage when you need to come up with questions and activities that will capacitate further the people in your organization.


When developing a course, you need to ensure that they will meet your organization’s competency requirements.

Template Game Scenarios

If you are not yet prepared to create and design your own games, there are template game scenarios that you can use to finally jumpstart your online training goals.


It takes several months or even years to learn a new skill. Whether you are a new bank manager who wants to puts his or her knowledge to practical use or an upstart software developer eager to create the next best-selling app, you will still have to go through a “learning curve.”

This is the main advantage of using the Simformer platform. It is like having a personal online trainer that enables you to do things simultaneously; giving you access to source materials while allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

And because the training is done via simulation, you will be able to experience the business courses firsthand and at the same time, develop the essential skills needed for the particular job or application they are intended for.


Employers know that conducting a training program for its employees is no easy task. Designing the coursework is one thing. Prepping up the staff for the sessions and establishing a conducive learning environment is another concern.

Gamification is a key feature of Simformer that aims to keep employees engaged and motivated despite the challenges of acquiring new skills and concepts. Training will never be the same again, as each session becomes an exciting and memorable experience.

You want to teach your staff a new way to cut down on overhead costs or improve their sales performance? Enroll them in a game that will challenge them to think on their feet and develop creative ways of addressing problems.

Now being hailed as one of the most effective methods in HR training, gamification is both cost-efficient and practice-oriented. Regardless of your age, learning will no longer be a chore but a game of mastery and skills.

Strategy Sessions

At the core of the Simformer is its ability to develop strategic thinking among its users. This is based on the reality that any company or organization will only succeed if it backed up by a solid business strategy.

What Simformer actually does is to simulate the whole decision-making process. By using the software, you are able to develop a wide range of options, test how these will impact your enterprise and do corresponding adjustments that will make your enterprise more efficient.

But what makes this solutions platform invaluable is its feedback mechanism that enables users to draw out reactions from other professionals. As a result, you are able to come up with a holistic strategy that takes all factors into consideration.


Career Development

One of the biggest challenges confronting students and graduates is acquiring the necessary skills that would prepare them for the real world and make them globally competitive.

Simformer Business Simulation offers gives users the ability to chart their career path and development.  The platform is designed to simulate actual conditions in an enterprise and put them in the driver’s seat so they can actually feel how it feels to run a business.

Whether managing their own clothing line or ensuring the profitable operations of a commercial bank, Simformer users will get the chance to “experience” their future careers as professionals even before they have received their diplomas or been hired by companies.

The end goal is to create an army of workers who are ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Academic Realm

Simformer is not only designed for those in the corporate world but also for professionals in the academe. With Academic Realm, your faculty, college or university will be able to find viable solutions to a wide range of issues confronting it.

What makes this feature stand out is its ability to be tailor fit depending on the specific needs and requirements of its users. For instance, your institution’s ecosystem can be customized in such a way that students can act either as business competitors or allies.

Moreover, this feature has a lot of add-ons which include the ability to track game dynamics, generate design templates and incorporate data into your existing LMS. Do you want to train 1,000 people? No sweat. Academic Realm will ensure that you get a bigger bang for your buck.

Student Contest

The main purpose of holding student contests is not only to showcase the skills and talents of students but also to find out how to maximize their abilities and put them to good use.

With Simformer, students can now be gauged not only by conducting competitions and regular exams but also through the practical application of the knowledge they learned. For instance, you need to demonstrate how you can raise the profits of your business or turn around a losing enterprise.

Through this platform, your capacity to retain information is measured as well as how you are able to put information into good use. By simulating real business conditions, users like you are given the chance to duke it out with other student competitors and demonstrate how you will react when faced with challenges.


The developer does not readily provide their rates. This can be a dilemma when you want to know the prices of their plans as soon as you visit their site. Sadly, you can only get a quote when contacting them directly.


Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Model in Pricing

  • Quote-based

Types of Customers

  • Small enterprises
  • Medium businesses
  • Large companies
  • Freelancers


  • On premise


Support Details


Clients who have concerns or inquiries may contact the Simformer tech support team by sending an email. The message must include a description of the problem so that it can be addressed accordingly.


Another option to reach them out is through the phone. You can call them up to relay their concern.

Live Support

The Simformer’s tech support team is on standby always to respond to your queries. You may log in to your account and reach them via live support.


Aside from the open communication line between Simformer and subscribers, a training is also provided. This is done to equip users on how the system works. They will be guided, too, on how to use it.