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Full SilverPop Campaign Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About SilverPop


What is SilverPop?

SilverPop is a supreme marketing provider that grants businesses with topflight email marketing, marketing automation and lead management services. Developed by Aaron Shapiro and David Bloom of Avienda Technologies in 1999, the cloud-based digital marketing solution was acquired by IBM in 2014 and is now part of the IBM Watson Marketing suite. As a constituent of IBM, SilverPop which is also known as the “IBM Watson Campaign Automation” acts as a tool to help companies and organizations alike transmogrify prospects into loyal and excited customers through pertinent personalized collaborations.

Counted on by more than 5000 companies worldwide, the multi-dimensional marketing platform serves a multiplex of industries spanning from financial and retail, banking, transportation, automotive to professional and media outlets. Among the companies that make use of SilverPop include the ATP World Tour, Air New Zealand, Georgia Aquarium, Fossil, The Jackson Laboratory, Mint.com, Santander Consumer U.S.A and Japanese automaker Mazda. Built in with a “share to social” peripheral, the booming marketing solution empowers marketers to generate and distribute significant campaigns to various targeted channels with the hopes of reaching a wider audience.


Other than that, SilverPop is also responsible in coordinating the sales and marketing endeavors of companies by recording sales leads, developing them through the sales conduit and calibrating return on investments campaigns with immediate reports and accurate analytics. The software-as-a-service platform takes advantage of customer data and individual activities in scaling down the multiplicity of cross-channel marketing, thereby. ensuring wonderful customer experiences during the entire buyer campaign. Strengthened with accurate, precise and narrow behavioral data, SilverPop accredits users to concoct coherent operations throughout a wide array of platforms which include group messaging, mobile push messaging, web, social media, SMS and electronic mail.

In addition, SilverPop possesses redesigned programs, marketing insights not to mention its content hub component that fast-tracks the delivery of target experiences through AI-fueled content management. The content hub is a cloud-hosted content management application that enables users to superstruct content with ease, administrate with AI, convey with confidence and collaborate content. With the content hub, every SilverPop consumer can guarantee wealthy web ventures by content-enabling billboards, applications and embedded tools.

Operated with an intuitive user interface, SilverPop marketer work in conjunction with websites and content to avert glitches, thus, making upgrades brief and smooth. In addition, the content hub is also gassed up with an immediate access to professional creative chattels and a visceral editor that lets users sketch out an enthralling experience throughout social channels, websites and emails.

SilverPop Benefits

Customer engagement is an argot that everyone seems to understand but couldn’t calibrate. By means of the SilverPop, companies can quantify customer engagement by utilizing mirrored experiences and goods that associate with their customers. In addition, the online marketing solution is likewise adequate in producing lightning-quick insights that help ameliorate messages, offers and campaigns. With SilverPop, marketing specialists can do their job quicker hence resulting in more time for them to find inventive and premeditated ways to embellish their products.

Likewise, product users can further resort to SilverPop in getting their hands on reliable intuitions and acumens to accurately transport the appropriate message and approach at the appropriate time in the appropriate avenue. Apart from authentic insights, SilverPop also boasts a robust security feature that protects business-critical information such as customer and client details, thus, putting every client’s mind at ease. Similar to other IBM cloud offerings, the marketing platform banks on its Secure Socket Layer security component in assuring secure distribution of client details over the Internet.


While navigating through the user interface could pose challenges to new users, SilverPop more than makes up for their inefficiencies with auto-tagging competences for web analytics and an assortment of mailing comparison reports which can be employed in finding the things that need to be calibrated to heighten processes. Moreover, SilverPop can likewise automate data uploads and downloads with application programming interface and file transfer protocol.

Another attention-grabbing functionality of SilverPop is its explicit lead scoring element which is critical in granting users the equipment needed to catalyze an array of scoring models that can be used in divergent product lines. The application permits users to print lead-scoring modules as well hence providing the sales department with complete details of the process. SilverPop users can also benefit from PlacePunch which assist them in pleasing end users with location check-ins that can be amalgamated into cross-channel marketing affairs.

On the other hand, Social Sign-in facilitates site guests to ply their social identification to sign in instead of leaning on a more tedious signing-up mechanism. Not to be outdone is the program’s “Snooze” tool that gives permission to its users to cut down the costly list to size by affording their contacts with another substitute to unfollowing from emails. Through this process, companies can let their prospects take a momentary break from their email alerts rather than completely wriggling out.SilverPop

Addedly, SilverPop adheres to the most demanding industry and global conformity principles such as the EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework and the ISO 27001, therefore, asseverating that the program can quickly adapt to rapid business changes. Aside from its top-of-the-line security attributes, the marketing automation software is also armed with innate drag-and-drop campaign planning as well as social media marketing and real-time reporting behavior monitoring capabilities. Making SilverPop second to none is its ease of access that capacitates users to swiftly install and maneuver the program without the assistance of an IT expert.

Interestingly, the marketing automation system provides companies with the means to initiate the whole enchilada when it comes to web-based deployment, thus, ascertaining the optimization of microsites, forms and landing pages. SilverPop likewise integrates well with third-party applications including Netsuite, Salesforce and Microsoft’s customer relationship management. Moreover, it is also drummed up with an inbound marketing solution that can be accessed by clients and prospects in a beta version.

Aside from its easy-to-configure system properties, SilverPop also exhibits numerous campaign automation programs including a WYSIWYG email editor, which is vital in concocting comprehensive and sweeping emails. What’s more is that the marketing automation platform permits its users to sync the program with web analytics and customer relationship management as well as connect with email and social marketing to degenerate return on investments. While IBM has made some sterling changes to the marketing automation system, SilverPop still orbits around email services with cosmopolitan aspects that include the “Send Time Optimization”.

As part of IBM’s marketing suite, SilverPop is not only able to perform personalized marketing but also assists users in achieving enhanced digital experience as well as factual and scientific marketing analytics. With marketing analytics, SilverPop product purchasers can leverage data throughout the whole customer journey hence stimulating them to establish an encyclopedic view of their customers. In addition, marketing analytics also lets every user unearth congruent wavelengths and approbations that get astuter with every single interaction so that they can accumulate their desired results. Digital experience, on the other hand, benefits users in providing business administrators with the means to dish out enchanting encounters with shared content, targeted offers and durable labeling across the web, mobile networks and hybrid applications without the need of an IT expert.

SilverPop Features

SilverPop SilverPop is loaded with a superfluity of features that include email marketing, campaign analytics, lead scoring, lead management, web activity tracking, email deliverability utensils, multi-channel marketing, real-time sales alert, lead nurturing, forms and landing pages, integrated surveys, real-time asset alerts, automated lead marketing, Microsoft customer relationship management, social media marketing, automated integration and data lists and management. Bolstered with an AI-powered Watson assistant, the marketing pamphlet allows its users to save more time by encapsulating more of the right leads in order to get a preview of their prospect’s attitude. Consequently, SilverPop’s lead management also lets product consumers adjoin the loop between sales and marketing to propel preeminent dividends that hand over more shipshape leads and cut down the costs of customer acquisition.

In a relation to the AI-powered Watson assistant, SilverPop is also belted with magnetic and AI-powered audience generation integrals that energize every user to remain in accordance to their business goals as well as keep an open ear on the requests of their customers. By means of this process, companies and organizations can make their customers feel important which is imperative in generating more clients in the future. Product consumers are advised to capitalize on the virtual interface to piece together the most rousing audience for their operational angles to boot.

Intensified with the IBM Journey Designer tool, SilverPop users can produce journey maps that are necessitous and substantive to achieve a desirable customer journey. Ensuingly, the IBM journey designer also fosters collaboration among teams as it permits users to share their maps with their team members to demonstrate universal objectives. Furthermore, the marketing platform likewise manifests with a prowess to devise and systematize jaded and multichannel campaigns with a comprehensible visual canvas.

On a separate note, the program makes use of an interactive interface in interpreting the performance of campaigns. By just simply flickering over graphs and charts, product users can garner the perceptions they need to further upgrade their campaign, therefore, obtaining aftereffects that are head and shoulders above their competitors. As regards to performance, SilverPop also asserts its users to hook up their marketing plans to their investments as well as calculate revenue impact and evaluate it against concrete results to get a full grasp on where and how to spend their marketing budget profitably.

Apart from that, SilverPop count on its cleverness to instigate A/B/n testing to cultivate marketing messages, offers and products. Additionally, the cloud-based platform also grants its users to add personalization such as push messages and emails to their campaigns with the aim of boosting the open and click-thru quotients. Moreover, users can also choose to include powerful content such as videos, images, documents and files to message patterns.



SilverPop is jacked up with a conglomerate of pricing options to choose from including the standard, essentials and premium plans. The essentials plan which constitutes a distinguished customer view can fork over exemplified digital synergies throughout all channels thanks to its deftness to handle 600,000 marketing interactions annually in a single environment. Besides that, the essentials plan is compatible with groups with no more than five users as it lets them access 10 programs.

Meanwhile, the standard option has the virtuosity to originate broader customer relations by way of stable digital masteries that encourage customer advocacy. Entrenched with one scoring model and unlimited customer records, users who choose to avail the standard plan can accumulate 3,000,000 marketing interactions annually in five distinct environments. In addition, the standard choice which lets companies designate 10 users per environment is also built in with 20 programs.

Enthused with unfettered programs, customer records and scoring models, the premium plan is as premium as it can get as it authorizes the users to draw up and mechanized salient and germane cross-channel adventures that transfigure at a more advanced frequency. The premium plan is likewise appareled with five seats of plan and budgeting starter packs and 10 environments. Concludingly, the premium plans which receives 9,000,000 marketing interactions every year empowers organizations to assign 20 users for each environment.

Prices for the aforementioned are not made available for public viewing. Contact the vendor to find out which edition is a perfect fit for your business.

Technical Details

SilverPop supports a variegated of operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as Mac OS, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM OS/400 and Unix. Primarily, SilverPop services B2B marketers but its features can also be elaborated for marketing organizations within the B2C section. Among the integrations of SilverPop include Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Excel, Magneto and Microsoft Dynamics’ customer relationship management.

Support Details


SilverPop is invigorated with a whole shebang of support options that scale from 24/7 phone support, community support, and email support and a detailed resource page. Found in the resource section are videos, analyst reports, white papers, webinars and other resources such as the marketing automation newsletter.