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Full Silent Auction Pro Nonprofit Auction Software Review – all you need to know about Silent Auction Pro Nonprofit Auction Software


If you work for a non-profit organization, finances can be tough. You need to spend time and resources to manage fundraising events. Moreover, you have limited time and resources to manage these events. This is where Silent Auction Pro helps you.

It is the ideal solution for schools, church or organizations. It provides an effective event management and fundraising tool. It provides various auctions options ranging. It ranges from the silent auction to live auction, and from mobile bidding to online bidding.

What is Silent Auction Pro?

Silent Auction Pro is multi-client, web-based internet auction software system. It provides an entire solution suite for a charitable organization. It helps them manage events and raise funds. The suite consists of donation tracking, integrated card processing, and contact management to name a few.

It allows you to deal with your donors and participants. Users create customized emails and text letters to send them invites. It provides insights on how to event is performing. This makes it easy to track the event and the fund raised by the event.

It simplifies the process of creating auctions items for donations. Users even bundle many donations into single auction items in a snap. It further allows you to print the bid sheets in formats you like. It provides the feature of sharing these sheets with other members as well.

One of the advantages of using Silent Auction Pro is that it provides both online and mobile bidding. This enables associations to draw more bidder from around the world. As a result, there is an increase in the organization’s fundraising ability.

It allows users to send customized email and messages to participants. This helps the organization spread the word about their efforts. It also attracts more supporters. It automates the process of creating materials for organization’s fundraising events. As a result, the organization spends less time and effort in creating such materials.


  • Silent Auction Pro provides a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • It simplifies the way organization manage contacts, track donations and create auction items
  • It allows users to create customizable bid sheets.
  • It automates the process in which organization’s sell tickets. It helps organization track donation details
  • It provides a simple online bidding management interface.
  • It also has mobile optimized bidding with AuctionMobile
  • It has an extensive easy to read and step by step online help and video tutorials.


Fundraising Solution

Silent Auction Pro provides all the necessary tools an association needs to manage fundraising events. It also helps manage online auctions. It stores all the event information in its database. It also allows users to access this information.

The organization spends a lot of time and effort in organizing and managing the event. But, Silent Auction Pro simplifies the process. It provides users with real-time event data with the internet-based system. This way they are able to create, host and manage fundraising events in an easy way.

It allows the user to send customized text notifications and emails to participants. This enables organizations to spread the word of mouth about the event. As a result of this, more participants take part in fundraising activity.

The solution provides an integrated online credit card processing tool. This makes it easy for organizations to raise fund.

Once the event ends, you can send customized emails and text messages to the participants. This helps you thank participants for their participation. Additionally, it provides insights. This helps you track how much funds the event raised

Branded Materials

With Silent Auction Pro, users create information sheets corresponding to fundraising events. It allows them to create customized emails and letters. These contain information about the events. The organization then distribute these documents to the participants. This increases awareness about the event. This information ensures the participants that the event is legitimate.

Participant Tracking

Silent Auction Pro provides a check-in and out processor for the participants. This allows organizations to ensure that only participants who have event pass get entry to the venue. This also ensures that it is easy for the organization to track participants.

Automatic Notification

It is very important to notify the bidding participant about their item. Normally, the auction managers have to manually perform the process. But, Silent Auction Pro simplifies the process.

It automatically sends text and emails notifications to the participant. This notifies them about their gain or loss. This way to bidders is always aware of their gain or loss. Moreover, it saves the auction manager a lot of time and effort.

Online Bidding

It provides all the details about auction items. Participants view this information anytime they want using mobile or computer devices. This lets them keep track of the item that interests them. It also lets participants enter their personal pieces of information. This is useful while buying items.

Integrated Card Processor

One of the main features of Silent Auction Pro is that it makes online fundraising easy. It provides integrated credit card processors. This makes it easy for users to raise funds using credit cards.

The credit card processor is integrated into the application. This enables organizations to receive donations and payments. The application saves credit card information the first time you enter it. As a result, you need not enter the details every time you want to make donations.

Silent Auction Pro employs industry’s best practices to make sure that the online payment is secure. This allows participants an easy way to donate money.


It provides detailed reports. This enables organizations to see where they have made gains. This also allows them to track if there is room for more gains.

These insights let organization examine which items the bidder was more interested in. The organization then plans future events that feature similar items. As a result of this, there is an future fundraising.

Save Information

Ticket purchase

Silent Auction Pro stores all the event related information in its database. The organization views these details to get insights on how the event was. It also helps them explore what improvements can be made.

It employs the industry’s best resources to ensure that the data is secure. As a result, an organization can be sure that their data is always protected.

Email and Text

It allows you to customize messages. Users customize email and text messages according to user behavior. Users also get the time when the open was opened and even the location. This makes team management easy. You can even schedule messages based on customer behavior and preference.

Additionally, it provides custom templates. The template is customizable and compatible with all modern devices.


Silent Auction Pro provides several pricing plans for users to choose from. Give all plans a look and then select the plan that best suits you.

AuctionCore – USD 99, one-time payment.

  • Multiple users
  • Contact management
  • Auction item bundles
  • Custom group logo.
  • Data import and export
  • Event reports
  • Authorization level
  • Donation tracking.
  • Print material generation
  • Custom mailing lists
  • Group announcement
  • Auction data hosting.

AuctionDay – USD 249, one-time payment.

  • Event History.
  • Check in and check out
  • Premium technical support
  • Integrated merchant account
  • Payment history.

AuctionPromoter – USD 149, one-time payment

  • Custom letter
  • Online program guide
  • Leaderboard display.
  • Custom forms
  • Display sheets printing
  • Scheduled notifications.
  • Online public donations list
  • Custom group branding.

AuctionMobile plus – USD 299, one-time payment.

  • Mobile interface
  • Item search
  • Kiosk Bidding.
  • Browser interface
  • Online bidding management
  • Closing time setting.
  • Online bidder announcement
  • Personalized bidding portals
  • Multiple bidding options.
  • Automatic notifications
  • Item status page
  • Bidding time extension.

Additionally, it provides other services. For more information about the services, users can contact the support team.

Technical Details

Silent Auction Pro is a cloud-deployed software. This means it does not rely on any particular operating system or device. The application does not need any hardware or software installation. All you need is a modern browser and an internet connection.

Additionally, the application is compatible with mobile devices. This makes it easy for users to perform their task on the go.

  • Device Supported – Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Web-based.
  • Language Supported – English.
  • Pricing Model – One-time payment.
  • Customer Types – Small Business, Medium Business, Freelancers.
  • Deployment – Cloud-based.

Support Details

Silent Auction Pro has an extensive support team. They help you take full advantage of their products and services.

In case you want to get a free trial, you can request the support team for the free demo. The free trial lets you explore all the necessary features of the application.

You can contact the support team at support@silentauctionpro.com. Or, you can have contacted the support team via telephone at 8869159932. The support team provides the best possible solution to your query.

Or, there are online videos and tutorials available. This helps you find solutions to query that have already been answered. As a result, you save time.

The various support options are:

Emails – Users email the support team to get answers to their problem. Make sure you give a detailed explanation of your query. The response time of the team is very less. The support team gives you the best solution to your query.

Phone – Or, you can have a conversation with a knowledgeable support person at 8869159932.

Online Training – Silent Auction Pro provides a convenient training program. If you want to explore all the features of the application, you can enroll in the online training program. The training can be taken from anywhere across the globe.

Online resources – Silent Auction Pro provides precise support videos and documents. Users refer these documents to explore all the necessary services provided by the application.