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Full SignNow e-Signature Software Review — All You Need to Know About SignNow


An award-winning e-signature solution, SignNow provides users with an elevated signing experience—at least based on customer reviews.

Admittedly, it’s a bit difficult to picture how, exactly, SignNow stands to improve upon something that many tools already do really well.

That said, we like the simple presentation, the relatively low price point, and the fact that this company has designed a signing solution that does more that route editable PDFs to signers.

Compared to solutions like AssureSign or Sertifi, this product is more affordable—accessible to a number of industries with budgets that vary as widely as their work.

This review will compare SignNow to competing tools—and should help you determine whether this makes sense for your company’s goals.

What is SignNow?

SignNow is a piece of signing software built for a range of industries. The platform was designed to provide a compliant e-signature solution allowing businesses to skip the scanning and faxing typically involved with getting official documents signed and filed away.

SignNow also provides some additional features that add to its value. For example, there’s a companion app for Android and iPhone, as well as a PDF editor, custom branding, and the ability to add authentication steps, just in case.

When we took a look at the website, we were surprised at the sheer number of features that come with the platform. For example, just the sending documents tab seemed to include like 20+ attributes. Which, while potentially overwhelming is pretty awesome.

Between the collaboration features, the ability to use the tool as an organizational database, among countless other details, SignNow has a lot of promise.

Below, we’ll look closely at what you can expect to find inside this platform.


Easy as 1-2-3

The makers of SignNow position this product as this simple solution made for anyone at any technical skill level.

The site says it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Meaning, all it takes is uploading a document and marking where to sign. Setting fields is as simple as dragging and dropping them around—saving and sending out the form.

Next, signers receive an email containing a link to the form. On the signer side, forms can be completed using their phone, their computer, or tablet.

Finally, documents are routed back to the appropriate parties, ensuring all signatures have been collected. The administrator will give the form a once over, and once it’s been updated, all signers and relevant parties receive a copy of the final draft for their records.

Safer than Paper

According to SignNow’s website, the platform is safer than paper. And, it makes sense because paper is prone to human error and can easily get lost or stolen. SignNow, as well as most of their competitors, provide secure document storage equipped with SOC 2 Type II certification.

All documents that pass through your account have a safe place to call home—the SignNow cloud. What’s more, you don’t need to print and file contracts, NDAs, and other crucial documents anymore. This means admins can save a ton of time on data entry, filing, and locating old docs and rest assured all the information is organized and ready for an audit.

Great Signing Experience

SignNow promises a positive signing experience. G2Crowd users gave this platform top marks in 2015—and the site mentions that they are ranked #1 for implementation. That latter designation does not come with a specific award attached, so we can’t say what they’re referring to.


Send Documents for eSignature

The main use of SignNow is using this as a method for obtaining legally binding signatures from customers, employees, and whoever else requires the official documentation.

Users will have the ability to create a document and customize fields, send bulk invitations, and receive reminders and completion notifications. You’ll also be able to include some email-like features along with your request.

Recipients can forward documents to others or cc another recipient. In all, the signing is what you’ll generally find with similar tools, but all of these little things add up to a convenient experience that allows users to make things easier for all parties involved.

Documents and Templates

Organize and manage templates from right there inside the software. Import Word documents and customize them based on what you need from the signers.

Add data to a document, then send it out for signing. Save favorite templates and add them to a shared folder, so your company can present a uniform documents policy. You can also create team documents that allow users to edit documents and track changes accordingly.

Team Collaboration

SignNow makes it easy to work with your team through the platform. Where other tools emphasize individual accounts, this one lets admins create teams, manage organizational dashboards, set advanced options for teams, and create shared templates.

What the advanced options include, in case you were wondering, are some nifty features. For example, you now have the ability to add a team admin, remove users, and transfer document ownership. Kind of similar to a Google Drive, though with some additional security features in place.

Fillable Fields

SignNow brings more control over the signing experience through fillable fields. These include checkboxes, text fields, calculated fields—for adding, subtracting, and multiplying different values from different fields.

You can also include magic fields—which is a term that refers to the fields that guide your users through each section requiring action. Radio buttons, smart fields, and drop downs bring further customization into the mix.


Another nice feature you’ll find in the SignNow suite is the email branding option. Organizations can build trust more easily when email invitations reflect the rest of their branding. Not only will your invitations look more professional, but they’ll also help customers feel more comfortable clicking through to sign.

In the features walkthrough, SignNow walks users through the process of adding branding. There’s not much to it–we found that you’ll essentially upload your logo and you’re good to go. Sure, it’s a small thing, but we think that it goes a long way here.


Business, $5 per month per user

The business plan is the entry-level option of the bunch. In this case, users will receive team access–but will need to pay by the user. According to the site, here are the tools offered in this plan.

  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited templates
  • 1 team
  • OneDrive, Google, Box
  • Self serve and email support
  • Audit log and history
  • Multiple signers
  • Password protected signing
  • Document expiration dates
  • Kiosk mode
  • iPhone, iPad, Android app access

Business Plus, $15 per month per user

The business plus brings a few more elements into the mix. For one, users now get some features that make this a more useful piece of software. it’s still pretty affordable, but now you’ll have access to bulk sending, branding, and more advanced features.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Bulk sending
  • Signing links
  • Custom branding
  • Link protection
  • Unlimited teams
  • Document groups
  • Conditional fields
  • Conditional routing
  • Advanced forms
  • Smart fields

Enterprise, Call for Price

The enterprise-level plan offers a volume solution aimed at helping users work through high-volume document processing. You’ll also get a few more features, including phone support, digital certificates, HIPAA compliance, payment solutions, and more. Other useful add-ons include a CRM integration, organizational dashboard, and API integration.

In sum, we think the enterprise version really blows the business plans out of the water. We also thought that it was a bit strange that HIPAA compliance wasn’t a standard feature, which makes us wonder how secure the $5 plan is.

Technical Specifications

SignNow is a cloud-based software solution, so there’s no need to do anything on your end, aside from signing up for the account. The company mentions that they’ll take care of the security–keeping your data and your customers’ safe and secure.

Encryption and Security

Protect your documents and keep your data confidential and secure. According to the SignNow website, all data is documented on an audit trail—fully admissible in the case of an audit.

Documents adhere to HIPAA compliance, meet ESIGN requirements, and more. Thus, making this a viable option for those users who work in the healthcare space, or other areas that handle sensitive information.

Other security features include the ability to require a signers name. This means that the document owner will always see who is viewing a document by asking them to sign in before viewing the form.


Salesforce, Oracle, Word, NetSuite, Zapier, Chrome, Gmail, and more. This isn’t the most impressive lineup of integrations out there, but it’s a solid smattering of tools useful for someone who might require an advanced piece of software purely for signing and document management.

Salesforce, especially, turns this from a decent solution for signing (and more) into a powerful way for sales reps to reduce friction when closing a deal.

Google integrations, too, are always useful, as everyone uses these web apps. In short, it’s not a fit for every CRM, but Salesforce is the big name in the space. So, that’s a lot of people who stand to benefit. No word on whether this is a complete list, though.

Who is this For?

Well, based on the entire page—entitled, solutions—this product is ideal for just about any organization from construction to education, real estate, sales, and even sports.

Essentially, anyone tasked with managing deals, orders, contracts, and launching products can benefit from using this platform. The real determining factor is going to, of course, be the price.

However, the platform starts at a pretty affordable price point. The Business plan is $5 per user per month, which seems pretty reasonable. It adds up when you’re considering multiple users or multiple features.

Support Details

People seem to like this product. What they don’t like? The support. And while the tool is pretty straightforward, sometimes, you do just need to get someone on the phone. According to reviews from previous customers, the service is dismal. No one is available to answer the phone and it seems like there are some software glitches that have not been addressed, despite regular requests for change.

That said, the site itself features a lot of information. There’s a decent rundown that highlights all of the key features you’ll find here.

Still—the SignNow University is really a glorified FAQ section. And, there’s no substantial knowledge base. It’s by no means any major deal breaker, but we wish there was a bit more in the way of self-serve resources for new customers.

That, said, when you click on any of the main navigation questions in this section, you will see a lineup of additional topics. The information is there, it’s just presented in a way that feels a bit confusing.

What’s the Verdict on SignNow?

Good tool, good price, bad service. In sum, we recommend this product to people who don’t typically need much assistance when it comes to dealing with their SaaS tools.

Those who want dedicated support or even reliable service should look elsewhere for an e-signature solution. So many of these products are good—or at least, adequate—such as there’s no real need to compromise on service if that’s a key selling point.

In the end, though, you can’t beat the number of features offered at a price point that works for smaller organizations or those on a budget.

Take the free trial for a spin and see if you like what you see. If you find it confusing though, you may be on your own, here.