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Full ShopKeep Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About ShopKeep


What is ShopKeep?


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ShopKeep is an intuitive and easy to use, cloud-based restaurant management software and iPad POS system.

The software puts your cash register on an iPad, and accepts any form of payment, with features like employee management, automatic inventory tracking, and real time sales reporting any place and anytime.

Founded in 2008, ShopKeep has its headquarters in New York, and is used by over 23,000 small businesses in Canada and the US, most of which are restaurants, coffee and retail shops, and bars.

Everything ShopKeep does is in support of independent and growing restaurant businesses. It is built for and by small business owners, and offers a secure, and intuitive iPad POS that empowers merchants to run smarter restaurants by managing inventory, optimizing staffing, and accessing sales reports in real time, plus customer information in a cloud-based, seamless platform.

Its award-winning customer care team is available 24/7 with a support network that’s robust, for growing restaurant business owners.

ShopKeep is the number one rated iPad POS solution that features 24/7 support, detailed reporting and inventory management.



Rapid and reliable

Through its iPad POS system, ShopKeep gives your restaurant a competitive edge in the fast paced service industry world. You can customize its intuitive register for faster transactions at optimum speeds.

Helps with decision making

ShopKeep’s genius POS system delivers the data you need for decision making, from items to staff.


Your restaurant can be equipped with POS tools needed to ensure you always turn, burn and earn.

#1 rated iPad POS

ShopKeep’s iPad POS is the number one rated solution with which you can make and get to keep more of your hard-earned bucks. It offers a modern register that saves you and your team lots of hours on a weekly basis, with preferential pricing for enterprise and multi-location needs. Genius analytics let you know what is happening, so you can make informed business decisions. The integrated payment processing solution provides customized and low rates, and you can stay on top of your business on the go from your desktop or smartphone. It also allows you to capture customer email addresses from all locations so they can keep coming back to your restaurant.

Turns customers to regulars

With ShopKeep, you get email receipts and gift cards. These are designed to capture emails from the register so as to have a profitable conversation with your customers, and bring in both new and regular customers back respectively.

The perfect decision, every decision

ShopKeep lets you create profitable menus as you get to fine tune and see your top selling items. It also shows your busy hours for easier staff scheduling. Besides that, it tracks ingredients, then sends alerts for when you’re running low.

Your cash register on an iPad. Your business on another level


ShopKeep is easy to set up and use, and works just the way you want it to. Its modern register accepts all payment types, and it offers all the hardware needed for your restaurant, plus the lowest guaranteed rates for integrated payment processing, so you save big.

Skyrocket your profits and productivity

Get clear and detailed data and reports in real time accessible from your smartphone or desktop. Anything you sell is automated in ShopKeep’s inventory management tool that saves you from errors, and saves hours.

Run your retail business on your terms

Get everything you need to thrive, from integrated processing to feature rich POS software, and customizable hardware bundles.

Master Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re on vacation or running errands, or you’re just not next to your retail location, you’ll love how easy it is to monitor your restaurant using ShopKeep’s Pocket App.

Simplify Your Day, Every Day

No more manual management of pesky day to day tasks like exporting data or counting inventory.

Bye Bye Long Lines

ShopKeep has a tablet POS system that lets you place staff strategically through your restaurant so that there are no more long wait times during peak hours.

Peace of Mind. All Day, Every Day.

Customer care is 24/7/365 at ShopKeep so you get award winning support as and when you need it.

Customizable hardware set up

ShopKeep offers all the hardware your business needs from cash drawers, to Bluetooth barcode scanners, credit readers and more. It also gives a one year warranty for peace of mind (and overnights you a replacement). The set up is plug and play, but if you need guided setup, the ShopKeep expert team is available.

Trusted by Over 25,000 Business Owners Like You

ShopKeep’s powerful, and simple POS solution lets thousands of business owners thrive as they do what they love most and better.

Manage your restaurant masterfully with ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep has in-depth staff management and reporting capabilities for simple decision making. It provides the perfect schedule showing peak hours to know when extra staff are needed, hours worked by staff, tips and sales, and data in real time from the free smartphone app. You also get to decide the permissions staff get while using your POS system.



ShopKeep Register

ShopKeep’s smart, powerful and modern register, is built for efficiency and speed. From tracking customers to ringing up items, you can increase productivity using the cash register which is taps away. With the ShopKeep register, you can:

  • Customize the layout of the register for maximum transaction speeds so you never miss out again on sales with offline credit card payments
  • Efficiently perform returns while issuing refunds to customers from previous or current shifts even without receipts
  • Allow customers to leave deposit or make partial payments instead of full payments at once
  • Customize your discounts with manager approval if you want, and track total applied discounts
  • Use the time clock for employees to clock in/out from the register, and use BackOffice to track their hours
  • Assign manager and cashier privileges for more control over the functions of your register like discounts, pay ins/out, and returns

Inventory management

ShopKeep puts hours back into your week by managing any size of inventory easily. With this tool, you can:

  • Import large inventories and managing them with thousands of SKUs through CSV
  • Know top selling departments and items in a flash
  • Stay alert and not miss out on sales by setting up order triggers for when items run low
  • Track profit and cost margins for each item
  • Scan items with a Bluetooth scanner or add them to your inventory from any place
  • Organize items by category, department or supplier
  • Track item ingredients with the raw goods tool
  • Set up unique item modifiers that come in a variety of arrangements
  • Track inventory in real time from any location using the ShopKeep Pocket app

Staff Management

ShopKeep offers pain-free management of staff from schedules to payroll, as it tracks hours they work, saving you money and time, so no more guesstimations. With ShopKeep’s staff management feature, you can:

  • Let employees clock in/out of shifts in the app
  • Assign access levels per staff member
  • Know the hours worked by everyone at the end of the week
  • Identify staff that are working hard and delivering and those that aren’t pulling their weight
  • Know your team using in-depth reports on shifts that show who sells what and identifies star performers
  • Identify your restaurant’s busiest hours to staff accordingly
ShopKeep Payments and Credit Card reader

Pair the ShopKeep credit card reader with ShopKeep Payments to future proof your restaurant business. It takes payments and makes them a painless process from using cash to credit, ApplePay and EMV chip cards. You also get:

  • Detailed and customizable modifiers so no order is too complex
  • See top selling items that earn you money
  • A genius POS that is easy to use
  • Open tabs simultaneously so customers stay happy ordering even more
  • Split, merge and/or transfer open checks
Customer Marketing

Reach more customers by using ShopKeep to capture their email addresses and start a conversation, while keeping your restaurant at the forefront of their minds. You can also:

  • Grow your mailing list by offering email receipts at checkout
  • Market your business by branding your receipts with social profile links and your logo
  • Keep in touch using special offers, upcoming events, and bring customers back every time.
  • Track top customers using number of purchases and visits over specific periods of time
  • Send stylish email campaigns and monitor their reception
  • Know if customers are engaging on your social pages using the customer marketing panel
  • Sync your mailing list to MailChimp for launching compelling email campaigns
  • Give gift cards to customers who visit your restaurant
Reporting and analytics

You can know everything about your business using ShopKeep’s analytics as it compiles data so you can pile up the profits. You also get to:

  • Work smarter by understanding and fine-tuning your business
  • Skyrocket profits by making decisions based on facts to grow profitability consistently
  • Understand your top performing staff and best selling items
  • Make intelligent connections in one platform conveniently as you see your sales data
  • Check key data using ShopKeep Pocket App for iOS from anywhere
  • Manage in bulk as you can see your total and net sales and so much more; every transaction is broken down and analyzed individually or filtered by attributes
  • Schedule staff intelligently to prepare for rush hours in teh week
  • Know the right time for expanding your most profitable category/department
  • Check staff performance and hours clocked in/out
  • Know your inventory using reports that show items that are dead weight and strong top sellers

POS hardware

ShopKeep offers top of the line hardware for peace of mind as it is smart and speedy and caters to all businesses, while being infinitely customizable. A one-year hardware warranty is available, plus its easy, free, and quick to set up.

ShopKeep Pocket™ App


This app offers peace of mind as you see your restaurant’s performance from anywhere in real time with daily comparisons for clearer perspective of performance, multi-locational provision, and it is easy to use to run a smarter restaurant business.

Integrations and Add-ons

ShopKeep integrates with BigCommerce, QuickBooks, and other powerful apps and add-ons which are your secret weapon that make your life easier, and profits greater. You also get premium customer support with ShopKeep’s Premium Phone Support 24/7, day or night.


Starting from $99 per month

Features available with the pricing plan include:

  • ShopKeep Register App
  • Accounting
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Multi-Location Management*
  • Email Marketing
  • Premium Customer Care
  • Advanced Business Reports
  • Employee Management
  • Unlimited Registers
  • Mobile Business Insights
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Online Listings Management
  • Gift Cards (w/ starter pack)*
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • ShopKeep Loyalty
  • eCommerce
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Online Ordering
  • 2 Training Sessions
  • Guaranteed Lowest Payment Processing Rate

Note: For a customized quote, contact the vendor.

Technical Details

Devices: Android,Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Annual Subscription, Monthly payment, Quote-based

Customer Type: Small & Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Resources
  • Online contact form
  • Live chat
  • ShopKeep BackOffice
  • Support articles
  • FAQs
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