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Full Shift Agent Scheduling Software review – all you need to know about Shift Agent Scheduling Software

Shift Agent Employee Scheduling Software
Shift Agent Employee Scheduling Software

With the increase in the number of staffs in an organization and events or tasks, managing resources has become a tedious job for the administrators. Because of this the need for an employee scheduling application has increased.

The staff management software has the ability to plan, organize and manage a resource in an easy and efficient manner. This reduces wastage and increases productivity. Such software can be used by project managers, administrators or even freelancers.

What is Shift Agent?

Shift agent is a smart employee scheduling application. It enables managers to assign persons to shifts. As a result, there is no overlapping of shifts. The staffs also get to option to mention his preferred shifts.

Using Shift Agent, employees and managers can accept requests from their teams. They can then review the request on their web application or mobile application. They also have to ability to modify the requests according to their needs.

Furthermore, Shift Agent makes the team calendar visible to each person in the team. This ensures that each person on the team is aware of the other’s schedule. As a result, each person can take into account the schedule of the other while planning or requesting any shift changes.


Seamless Scheduling

Shift agent lets the managers and supervisors schedule shifts to the person in an easy manner. The managers do not have to spend hours into the planning or maintain any spreadsheets. This ensures that the team goals are met and the budget is also taken into account.

It also keeps the employees informed of their schedules so that they do not have to contact the team leader every time to be updated. The employees are constantly reminded of the schedule through text messages, thus ensuring that the goals are met on time.

By keeping track of operational needs, while keeping in mind personal requests, Shift Agent recommends the best choice of shifts. The manager then selects the shift for the employee and the same is communicated to the employee.

Simple Design

The clean and simple layout of Shift Agent application lets the manager schedule staffs and manage shifts efficiently. The manager has access to all the staff’s calendar, hence enabling him to schedule staffs shifts easily. The manager has the ability to view the dates available for any staff. He then assigns shifts to the staffs depending upon his availability.

On assigning a shift to the staff, an email is sent to the staff containing details. Furthermore, the staffs are then constantly reminded of the shifts through text and email messages.

Accessible Calendar

Shift Agent allows the calendar to be visible to everyone in the team. This ensures that there are no overlaps or any other scheduling problems. As a result, a team person can decide their preferred shifts keeping in mind the other teammate’s schedule.

They can also plan their off days and trade shifts with ease in case of emergency. It also enables the managers to manage the schedule changes with recommendations from the software effortlessly.

Team Messaging

Shift Agent provides a common platform for communication among team members. Managers can use this feature to send reminders or any other notices. The staffs are instantly notified about the alert, thus making them accountable for their words. This makes sure that the task is performed without fail and no loss of revenue occurs.


Mobile Decisions

Shift Agent provides a mobile app that can be used by any team member. This provides the flexibility and helps managers review or approve shifts requests made by the employee on-the-go.
The mobile app can be accessed from any modern smartphones. So you do not have to wait to reach your desk to perform their task.

Schedule and track from anywhere

Since it is a web-based application, Shift Agent can be accessed from around the globe. This helps managers schedule shifts and organize staffs effectively. Alternatively, Shift Agent also provides IOS and Android applications. This can be used in any modern electronic devices. Because of this, the manager convincingly performs their tasks from anywhere around the globe.

It also helps the staffs log their off days, thus making their attendance marking system easy and efficient. This reduces the time and effort required to maintains several Excel sheets to keep track of staff’s attendance.

Trade Shifts

Shit Agent allows teammates to trade or give away their shifts with other team members easily. It also provides a seamless means of communication between them. As a result, no loss of resource occurs. This feature is very useful during an emergency case.

Throughout the day, the user can see the remaining shift length, and also who is assigned the next shift.

Overview of Shift Agent Features

Shift Scheduling

It makes shift scheduling an easy job. The manager has access to the staff’s calendar. He can review the staff requests regarding the shifts and choose the shift that is best suited to the staff keeping in the mind the company needs.


Preferred Hours

Employees have the feature the select their preferred shift hours. They can make shift requests to the manager according to their availability. The manager then reviews the request and assigns shifts that are of best interest to the employee.

On assigning a shift, a message is sent to the employee containing all the details. Furthermore, the employee is constantly reminded about the shift.

Overtime Monitoring

The employee can log their time into the calendar. This calendar is visible to the manager. As a result, the manager can easily monitor the staff overtime without having to spend hours maintaining a spreadsheet for it. This saves lots of time and resources.

Day Off Awareness

Shift Agent allows their employees to mark their day off in the calendar. Since the calendar is visible to all the team members, they can plan their day offs or other events keeping in mind the schedule of their teammates. This ensures that the work is done smooth fully.


Overlap Prevention

Shift Agent provides a clean and simple interface which lets the manager view the calendar of all the staffs. Because of this, he makes sure that the shifts do not overlap.

Days Off Trades

Similarly, Shift Agent provides its employees to feature to trade days off. This is very helpful in case of an emergency. The employee can trade his day off with other employees. As a result, the task goes on without any interruption.

Schedule Templates

Managers can create labor models and save them as templates. They can be adjusted, perfected and reapplied depending upon the needs.

Team Messaging

With Shift Agent, the managers can send a message to every employee in the team by a simple click hence saving time. This is very helpful in case a large number of staffs needs to be reminded of a meeting or a policy.

Shift Progress Tracking

Shift Agent lets you track the length of the shift remaining and also the who is assigned the next shift.

Smart Notes

You can also attach information about the task. This lets employees know what exactly needs to be done. You can attach notes, videos, images wherever you need. This avoids the need to maintain another document related to the task.

Web and Mobile Apps

Shift Agent provides both web and mobile-based access. Using the web, the application can be accessed from anywhere in the world with no software download required. On the other hand, it also provides iOS and Android applications.

This can easily run on any modern day smartphone.

Web-based access

Shift Agent can be accessed from anywhere around the world and no software download is required. Since Shift Agent is a web-based event management application, it can be accessed by any modern browser.


Group Scheduling

Shift Agent does not provide the feature to schedule multiple persons together. This can be a tedious job when more than 10 people have to scheduled together.

Inability to turn features off

Shift Agent does not allow the manager to lock certain features if he wants to. There are situations in which the manager needs to disable some features so that none of the staffs can use it. However, this is missing in Shift Agent.


Time Clock

With Shift Agent, staffs cannot log their clock in and out time. If the staff wants to maintain the time taken for the to-do list, he needs to maintain it manually in a spreadsheet.


Shift Agent provides 3 enterprise pricing plans for the users to choose from. The user can choose the plan best suited for their business.

Basic – Free
• Smart Scheduling.
• Labor Projections.

Team – USD 27.00 per month
• Smart Scheduling.
• Labor Projections.
• Employee Logins.
• Team Messaging.
• Change Request Tracking.
• Availability Analysis.

Plus – USD 37.00 per month
• Smart Scheduling.
• Labor Projections.
• Employee Logins.
• Team Messaging.
• Change Request Tracking.
• Availability Analysis.
• Smart Notes.

Technical Details

Shift Agent is a web-based service. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere around the world without installing any software or package on your machine. It can be accessed from mobile, laptops, tablets or any electronic device which supports modern browsers.

Since it is a web-based service, the data is stored on the server. Because of its security algorithm, there is no chance of data been stolen or lost. Thus users can be sure that their data is safe.
Finally, Shift Agent also provides Android and IOS apps. This makes it easier for the users to manage everything in a few taps.

• Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based.
• Language: English.
• Pricing Model: Free, Monthly Payment.
• Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; large enterprises.
• Deployment: Cloud-Hosted.
• Integrations: Microsoft Word & Excel.
• System requirements: a modern operating system.

Support Details

Shift Agent provides many resources through videos and documents. This enables its user to effectively and easily use it. Alternatively, they can always email their support team for any help and the team provides the best possible solution to their query.

Furthermore, Shift Agent also provides the chat feature in their website and Android IOS apps. This chat feature can be used by the user to clear any query.

• Email.
• Phone.
• Live support.
• Training.
• Tickets.
• Customer online support.
• Technical FAQs.
• Self-help learning: Product tutorials, Recorded webinars, Technical documents.
• Free online training: Webinar schedule, Online training center.