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Full SharpSpring Social Media Monitoring Software Review – All you need to know about SharpSpring

SharpSpring Social Media Monitoring Software

What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring is a powerful marketing software for online marketing. This email marketing platform targets primarily small to medium-sized business and offers a wide range of features to make sure you are getting all the online marketing functionalities you could possibly need. This marketing software is inexpensive and ideal for smaller organizations since it requires no annual contracts and allows you to use it month to month.

Founded in 2012 in the United States, SharpSpring emerged from a recognized need to take marketing to the next level. The team of experts at SharpSpring wanted to make it easier for you to manage, brand and charge your consumers the way you want to. This email marketing platform can be used across any organization for all their online marketing needs. SharpSpring is currently servicing over 1500 marketing agencies and over 6700 organizations. Dedicated to providing you complete satisfaction at least 98% of the time, SharpSpring will meet your needs.

Manager and staff alike can benefit from using this tool to track incoming sales and prospects. Allowing you to communicate effectively with customers and prospects is key to using this online marketing tool. This comprehensive marketing platform automates all your marketing initiatives using a powerful and behaviour-based marketing system that allows for 3rd-party integrations and social management tools. Using this marketing software, you can build landing pages, blogs and have universal CMS compatibility. Furthermore, there is an offer of a special partner program for marketing agencies.

Benefits of SharpSpring:

There are many reasons you pick a particular marketing software; the numerous benefits are one of those reasons. You will love the variety of way SharpSpring can benefit your organization and help you get a step forward in all your marketing initiatives. Check out this overview of the benefits.

  • SharpSpring is a sleek and modern style online marketing system that you can use for all your marketing initiatives.
  • This marketing system is easy to implement and can get you going with your email marketing right away without the hassle of complicated
  • You can use unlimited users with each of the pricing plans they offer you. No matter how many people are working on this marketing software, they can go without additional costs.
  • As mentioned above, you don’t need to pay annually for it. SharpSpring has all their plans on a month to month basis.
  • This marketing software is always upgrading their features and tools in order to provide you with the best you can get for all your online marketing plans.
  • Email marketing is fully automated in order to keep you going on mission-critical endeavors and spend less time in the office.
  • There is a free demo that you can make use of in order to learn more about it before making the decision to purchase.
  • Get the mobile app in order to do all kinds of online and email marketing from the road. You can use it on any of your devices. Having an app makes it ideal for both the remote and mobile workers.
  • Email marketing and online marketing initiatives are fully customizable and flexible to meet all your needs.

Features of SharpSpring:

There are many robust and powerful features you can use for your online marketing. You will find that this software will come complete with everything you need in order to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Check out this overview of all the features that come with this marketing software.

Email marketing that is behavior based.

You can stop sending out time-wasting email blasts and start having conversations with potential customers. Using the after-the-click tracking, you will be able to develop personalized messages to your visitors in order to hook them at the time of decision making. Have the option to send out the right information at the point of the buying process that is most critical. Notify your sales team for them to act at the right time to close the deal.

Use dynamic forms to help you turn leads to conversions.

Take advantage of the opportunity to build, reorder and customize all the fields of your forms with ease. You can use the drag-and-drop editor that will make arranging your forms effortless. Furthermore, you can allow for dynamic autocomplete fields that will save your visitors time and improve the rate of conversion. Finally, you can look good on any site using the custom CSS. Even use the map fields that you can get from a 3rd party and native forms.

Get leads going at the exact point when it is critical for gaining conversion.

Using the easy-to-use workflow builder, you will simplify your online marketing automation. Make use of branching logic to help get leads engaged in conversation at the critical point of deciding. Customize your messages to reflect the buyer’s persona. Get a list of each day’s best leads delivered to your inbox so that you have a record of visitors and know where to act when you need to. Have an easy way to identify your motivated prospects using lead scoring that is based on the user’s engagement and page tracking. Expand your marketing funnel with many powerful applications that will let you convert leads to sales.

Make use of the built-in CRM or use your own with 3rd party integrations.

You will be able to have an overview of all your opportunity pipelines. Create deal stages that are customized with fields, filters and so much more to help you manage your sales process more efficient. You can do this through the built-in CRM that you can use or use the two-way sync of data that you can use between SharpSpring and the 3rd party CRM of your choice. There are many other integrations you can use with this marketing software through Zapier.

Develop powerful SEO landing pages that will attract business.

Use the landing page builder to help you build landing pages that are powerful. Have landing page funnels that will turn your visitors into leads. Gain more conversions through the dynamic SEO developed web content that will change based on your visitors’ attributes and interests. You can deliver results from your landing pages by enhancing your online marketing without coding or the need of a developer. Finally, create pages that have a sleek and modern interface that includes point and click Components.

Have functional social media management that saves you time and gains your leads.

You don’t need to have complicated email marketing or online marketing strategies to derive results from the web. Using the social media management tool called SharpSpring Social you can have powerful social media tools that will also incorporate conversion tools. Turn your social media platforms into sales generating leads using the fully-integrated marketing automation. You can trigger automation and have lead scoring rules that are based on social interactions. Measure ROI end-to-end with multiple integrated marketing campaigns.

Learn the power of blogging without wasting valuable business time.

Have the ability to launch a blog in no time with the blog builder that is convenient. Manage all of your published posts through this platform with ease and increase your online marketing. You will be able to extend and reach out to visitors using your content with RSS email syndications. This syndication will send out new post lists at pre-determined intervals. Use the built-in widgets that will make it easy for your visitors to share your content throughout their personal social media accounts.

Learn what you can through powerful analytics.

Using this marketing software, you can see how your email marketing and business is working. Make data-driven decisions through the systems powerful analytics. Metrics will make it possible for you to generate reports that are information-rich and can convert critical information into easy to understand reports that can be shared throughout your entire organization. Use email marketing to trace messages that can be optimized by following figures such as clicks, bounces, deliveries and opens. Get to know which emails are serving their purpose and which ones aren’t.

Pricing Details of SharpSpring:

There are five pricing plans that you can look into with SharpSpring. Using month to month billing, you can get all the features with each package that contain certain limitations. Have a look for yourself.

1500 Contact:

This plan is $450 per month and allows for 1500 contacts. You also get unlimited users and unlimited support and training.

10000 Contact:

This plan is $650 per month, and it allows for 10000 contacts with unlimited users and unlimited support training.

20000 Contact:

This plan allows for 20000 contacts for $875 per month. Again, you get unlimited users and unlimited support and training.

Additional Information:

  • There are also enterprise and agency-based plans that are quoted These are determined by what you need and how many contacts you need.
  • There is a one-time onboarding fee that you need to pay with each plan. The onboarding cost is $1800.

Technical Details of SharpSpring:

There are two deployment options for this marketing software. Get either cloud-hosted or open API deployment. Either one can be used on any device you currently have. SharpSpring is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux systems. There is also a web-based version that works as long as there is internet connectivity. Furthermore, you can get the mobile apps that can be found in the iTunes store for iOS devices and in the Play Store for Android.

Supported Languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish and Italian.

Support Details of SharpSpring:

Support is essential to your online and email marketing as you need to be able to execute your marketing strategies with ease. Therefore, when you encounter issues, you need to know that SharpSpring has your back and will help you immediately. Here are the support options you get with this marketing software.

Email: Use a dedicated email address to pose questions or inquire about issues you are encountering with your online marketing. The representatives at SharpSpring will get back to you as soon as they are able.

Phone: Call in and talk to a live representative that can help answer your questions or deal with issues immediately.

Live Chat: Using the chat option through your dashboard, you can get in touch with to pose questions or have issues solved remotely.

Tickets: Create technical support tickets in order to get your technical issues resolved. Your tickets will enter a queued tier system that will enable the staff to place priority on your issues and have it resolved at the earliest convenience possible.

Training: There are a variety of training options you can get. There is online and in-person training. You can also have access to a variety of webinars online that can help you out in times of need.


You want comprehensive marketing software that will meet all your online marketing needs. When you are conducting email marketing, you want to know that you can use a variety of features to make it your own. SharpSpring has all of that. You will find that as far as marketing software goes, this one comes complete with everything you could need to make it apart of your everyday marketing processes.

Overall, SharpSpring comes complete with everything you could want to help improve upon your current marketing strategies, and you can do so without having to spend exuberant amounts of money or time. However, you want to do your homework. Check out what the experts have to say about a variety of marketing software types. Furthermore, you want to see how end users feel about each software type.

Evaluate what your needs are and make sure you are aware of everything you will need before you make a final decision on your marketing software. The software you choose will be the very foundation of your online marketing and your email marketing campaigns. If you have any more questions or concern, you want to contact the staff at SharpSpring to get all the answers you need.