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Full SharpSpring Marketing Automation Software Review – All You Need to Know About SharpSpring


What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring is an all-inclusive marketing automation design with strong features needed to manage multiple clients under one piece of software, functions, and performance. It is mostly known as “the marketing automation tool for agencies.”

SharpSpring is one of the most manageable systems in the market. The program offers behavior-based email marketing that runs smoothly with most third-party tools and existing systems. It has a built-in Customer Relation Management or CRM, dynamic forms, site tracking, landing page, and blog builders and much more. It is basically intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

SharpSpring is quite less expensive in the competition. It might not be the cheapest, but you’ll pretty sure get what you pay for. It prides itself on being comfortable to operate with as an organization and having an easy to handle operating system.

SharpSpring Benefits

  • No Contract – Trap for a year? No way! With SharpSpring there are no expensive transfer fees and definitely no long-term contract. Users are only required to sign up on a month to month basis. And in case you are thinking to switch on a different provider, you just need to inform a 30-day notice. Not pain in the ass right?
  • Cost effective – Compared to other tools, SharpSpring is inexpensive. So, if you are comparing mid or high-end tools, may you want to consider adding SharpSpring to your list.
  • Intended for Agencies – SharpSpring is well-known for its offering to agencies. It is meant to enable them to manage, label and credit customers the way they want. Managers can track incoming sales and prospects just by using the tool.
  • Easy Automation Implementation – If you are not technically inclined like me, being friendly-user is a huge strength in the industry. The system is self-explanatory and very comfortable to use if you are particular with computers. You can quickly load emails and set automation to your device.
  • Segment Email Lists – You can make customs field for your clients that you are onboarding and create custom email lists for your clients to help them make better market to their consumers.
  • Extensive Partner Portal – You can load articles, webinars as well as amazing customer service in this section. Any issues can be looked upon immediately and be resolved in a very timely manner.
  • Custom Landing Page Builder – It is so easy to use that even a child can use it. The help of dynamic web content can be adjusted in accordance with visitor characteristics and concerns to start more conversations.
  • Reliable Customer Support – Online 24/7 unlimited service. Any troubleshooting tickets or feature requests submitted are responded within an hour and resolutions are given quickly, mostly within the same day.
  • Fast Lead Description – The sales tool recognize as many site visitors as they can. Its brilliant visual features can give clients the ability to see every way their lead has engaged with their business and make it easy to identify strong prospects.

Generally, SharpSpring is a very big part of software with only a few numbers of defects. It has one of the excellent user interfaces for increasing automation crusades, making it easy and fun to use.


SharpSpring Features

  1. Email Campaign Marketing Tools – Automated email set up based on events, lead scores, and online activities. Built with personalized emails that manage templates, creates and designs emails with an editor. Can send emails in bulk.
  2. Lead Management – Automatically creates tasks and provide real-time sales alerts thru mobile device and email. Tracks which emails a prospect opens, which web they visit, what keywords they use and even what they post on social network sites.  
  3. Native or 3rd Party Customer Relation Management CRM – Track events from work to meet with a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. Build system deal stages, fields, filters and more to accomplish your individual sales means.
  4. Landing Page – Establish strong landing pages and landing page funnels that convert visitors into leads. Throw more progress with effective web content that grows based on visitors’ interests and qualities. Present results in pronto without coding and without visiting your website.
  5. Blog Builders – Start a blog in no time with a convenient blog builder that enables you to control and publish posts with security. Increase the range of your content with Rich Site Summary (RSS) email control that immediately transfers new updates and with a gadget that will make sharing of content on social media easier for guests.
  6. Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing – Automatically changes and score lead based on demographics, prospect performances, and pre-defined campaign measures. Prioritizes your own weights to identify lead scores.
  7. Campaign Management – Includes budgeting to handles all aspects of marketing, design marketing programs, coordinate work-flows and arranging plans with actual inventories. It controls the calendar for the whole marketing department, from promotions to public relations.
  8. Program Management – Mark program goals, results, and costs to evaluate the program return of investment (ROI). Execute marketing campaigns and programs across various channels, including online advertisements, virtual events, and video campaigns, mobile and social media. Landing pages, campaigns, emails, and lists create and optimize program assets.
  9. Always on Social – Reaches customers through social activities, events and optimizes real-time social ad campaigns. Share buttons are available to your content, campaigns and can monitor who is sharing your content.



SharpSpring is a month-to-month basis and no annual contract. It comes with five pricing plans you can choose from. Select a plan that is best for you.

  • 1,500 Contact Plan for $450 per month – Unlimited Users, Unlimited Technical Support and Training by phone or email, Full set of marketing and sales automation features,  Month-to-Month, Customer Success Manager, Over 100+ training videos
  • 10,000 Contact Plan for $650 per month – Unlimited Users, Unlimited Technical Support and Training by phone or email, Full set of marketing and sales automation features,  and Month-to-Month, Customer Success Manager, Over 100+ training videos
  • 20,000 Contact Plan for $850 per month – Unlimited Users, Unlimited Technical Supports and Training by phone or email, Full set of marketing and sales automation features, Month-to-Month, Customer Success Manager, Over 100+ training videos
  • Agency Partner Plan – Contact SharpSpring for agency special partner plans offer.
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact SharpSpring for enterprise pricing

Technical Details

For technical concerns, our technical support department is available 24/7 online or by phone, support request and live chat (coming soon). You can have unlimited and free access to our outstanding support team.  We also provide contextual, in-app assist from our library of support articles, training materials, and videos.

Steps are easy to follow:

For Support Ticket Online

  1. First, sign in to your SharpSpring account.
  2. Then open our in-app help, SpringBoard.
  3. Access our Support Portal by clicking “Get Support”.
  4. Next, click I Need Help With…
  5. After that, choose from the drop-down menu the general component where you are having the problem.
  6. Then complete the form.
  7. Lastly, click Send Support Ticket.

You can track the status of your open tickets and help requests from the Support Portal. Related help desk articles are also available.

Setting a Training Request

This tool gives both pieces of training on a particular app field or a support with a customer selling performance. The training team operates on an assignment support which you will need to notify them 24 hours before you schedule an appointment.

Please follow the steps for training request:

  • First, locate the Get Support sheet in the SharpSpring application.
  • An I Need Help key will appear, kindly click on it.
  • Third, press the Request Training button followed by the App Area Training in the drop-down menu.
  • Fill-out and finish the form.
  • Lastly, submit Send Support Ticket.


Tracking System Status

The Current System Status sector gives the recent standing of the program which is located on the right side of the dashboard.

Click on the System Status and Uptime Report section and it will prompt you to a closer look of your SharpSpring’s up-to-date system standing.

Monitoring Support Problems

To check on the standing of your issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Locate Get Support section in the SharpSpring application.
  2. Clicking Support Issues button will give you an update on your status. (The Support Issues tab will have your agency name on it)

Please note that Support Requests are tickets that are recently being assessed by Partner Support. They are classified either as a New Ticket or Resolved Ticket.

In order for the issue to be resolved, the involvement of the SharpSpring development team is required.

For Escalated Tickets

When escalating the problem to the development department, a card needs to be created to keep a record of the different projects needs to be performed.

These outlines include hardware and architectural developments, characteristic improvements, and consumer feature requests from all users.

For our Technical Support Hotline

  1. Simply dial 1-800-428-9605 and press option 1.
  2. Support hotline is open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM TO 8:00 PM EST.

Get Contextual Help In-App

Seldom solutions are just a few ticks away. Click the question mark to open SpringBoard and access:

  1. Highlight what is available on a particular screen with our Page Overlay.
  2. Contextual videos and articles are available in where you are in the application.
  3. Our search library of over 100 of supports materials is in Help Docs.

SharpSpring ‘s job is to equip you with real-time excellent care for your SharpSpring account.


Technical Details for Devices Supported are as follows:

  • Windows – A collection of programs known as Operating System or OS that controls a personal computer (PC)
  • Linux – It is well-known and most-used open source operating system.
  • Android – A mobile operating system developed by Google that is used by several smartphones and tablets.
  • iPhone/iPad – A device that doesn’t include a keyboard but instead has a touchscreen interface. The tablet computer is developed by Apple.
  • Mac – A computer operating system also developed by Apple.
  • Web-based application – A program that is accessed over a network connection using the HTTP link and runs inside a web browser.

Technical Details for Language Support

A method of communication either written or spoken that consists of structured words in a conventional way.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French

Technical Details for Pricing Model

  • Month to Month Basis
  • Quotation based for experts

Technical Details for Customer Types

  • Small Business – An independently owned and managed company that is limited in size and resources depending on the business.
  • Medium Scale Business – As a company that gains more profits. It sets aside the capital needed for buildings and equipment, and more employees, finally connecting the gap between small business and large corporations. It is also a fruit from moderate and steady growth that results from a prosperous small business.

Technical Details for Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted – Refers to the enablement of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions that may be obtained on request by end users and consumers.


Support Details

You can experience a friendly and helpful support every time. We provide immediate answers to your support requests, chats and calls. We offer wide self-help resources like our library of helpful articles. Both good and bad feedback from you is seriously attended to.


SharpSpring gives customers the ability to record and trace support issues through the use of an in-application page for getting support, which reports the status of the issue within the support method.

User roles can request support as follows:

  • Administrator – A person accountable for administering the business, organization, etc.
  • Company Managers – A person responsible for supervising and motivating employees. He deals with customer disputes and in charge of customer service.
  • Marketing Managers – A person in charge of the brand, product, and services.
  • Sales Managers – A person responsible for coaching a team of sales people and leading them on the tasks.
  • Sales Persons – A person who sells goods and services.
  • Junior Sales Persons – An individual who is also authorized to request business for a firm and get paid through a commission.