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Full Setmore Online Booking Software Review – All you need to know about Setmore

Setmore Online Booking Software

What is Setmore Software?

Setmore software is a reliable online booking software that you can use for appointment scheduling. This online booking tool performs perfectly on every device that you currently have. This platform is highly effective and also highly acclaimed. You can do everything with this booking software. You can do online booking, scheduling of payments, use engagements and even use various automation. It is a meritorious software that helps you gain customers and turn them into long-term clients.

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No matter where in the world you are, you can use Setmore software for your online booking needs. Currently being used by millions around the globe, some of the highest acclaimed industries are utilizing this software for their scheduling needs. Founded in 2012 in the United States, Setmore grew to be a leading booking software on a global scale.

When it comes to booking appointments with customers, Setmore is your tool for appointment scheduling. It is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive as a scheduling platform. The online booking page is great for customers to book on at any time and from anywhere. You no longer have to wait for calls or deal with scheduling conflicts.

Benefits of Setmore Software:

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to choose this booking software for your appointment scheduling needs. The list of benefits is extensive. Therefore, here is an outline of some of the best benefits that you will get when using Setmore Software for your organization.

  • There is a free version that you can use to try out before purchasing the more extensive version. By trying it out for free, you can test it out to see if it has all the features you need for your organization.
  • Even the least tech-savvy of your staff can utilize this software. It is super simple to use and implement for daily scheduling tasks.
  • This booking software is highly configurable. Therefore, you can set it up according to your specific schedule and even have multiple schedules arranged.
  • Great for the mobile worker, you can get bookings anywhere. Not only do your clients have the option to use it from any device anywhere, but you also can approve bookings and see your schedule from anywhere.
  • You can add as many services as you desire and configure them around different times. It is fully functional regardless of what your business hours may be. Have appointment scheduling at any time.
  • There is a fully functional mobile app that is compatible with any of your devices. Having an app makes it convenient for anyone to use this booking software on the go.
  • Embed this online booking tool into any of your online platforms. Embed it into your website, Facebook page or otherwise for ease of use and convenience.
  • The appearance is professional and very neat. The clean look allows for ease of navigation for anyone who isn’t familiar with using booking software of any kind.
  • Ultimately, this online booking tool will allow you to save time, cut back on administrative tasks and avoid scheduling conflicts. It is the ultimate booking software for anyone who needs to have online booking.

Setmore Software Features:

The only way you can fully comprehend if a booking software will work for you. Comprehending appointment scheduling is done through a look at the features it offers. You want to be sure you are getting what you need down to the last detail and what is functional for your organization. Here is a look at the various features that come with Setmore Software.

Ease of booking:

Your clients can easily book an appointment with you in just a few clicks. It is simplistic and convenient. There is a drag and drop option for rescheduling, and it also alerts you of scheduling conflicts. You will be able to avoid double bookings and cancellations as your clients can easily make these adjustments themselves through this software.

Utilize various integrations:

There are a variety of integrations that are compatible with Setmore Software. As mentioned in the “benefits” section, you can embed it into your Facebook or website through widgets. You can sync your online booking tool with a variety of calendars including Google calendars and Outlook. The various business integrations include MailChimp, Zapier, Stripe, Salesforce and so much more. Take your appointment scheduling to the next level with integrations.

SMS and email reminders for all:

You no longer need to worry about missed appointments. Through Setmore Software you can set SMS reminders for both you and your clients. If other staff members are booked, they will receive SMS reminders as well. You can configure this to say what you want them to say and when you send the reminders. It is fully automated and saves you both time and frustration.

With the use of SMS reminders, you can also have email reminders. When appointment times are coming up, you and your clients will receive an email reminding you of the scheduled appointment. Having email reminders is very convenient and useful for those who don’t have access to SMS.

Empower your staff:

Each of your individual staff members can have their own login. Having their own login enables each staff member to set their own schedules. They can set their schedules by their availability, the times you want them to set and even by service. Each co-worker will have complete control of their schedules. Having control of your own schedule allows you color code it or book time off with ease.

Know how you are doing:

Through this appointment scheduling tool, you can enable your customers to leave reviews. They can easily use this software to give feedback on services and staff. You will always know how you are doing and where you can make improvements in your execution of services. Letting clients leave reviews allows you to have a clear line of sight into the functionality of your organization.

Make payments easy:

Through the use of various integrations, you can allow for online payments. Your customers can pay partially or in full through this online booking tool. They can use the payment method that suits them best, and it saves time when they arrive for their appointments. You can also allow for discounts, coupons and so much more when using the payment options of this booking software.

Allow for recurring appointments:

When you offer a service or a class that requires multiple appointment scheduling times, you can allow these to be scheduled through your booking software. Your clients can easily pick a time they prefer to meet with you and schedule it to be the same time and day for each appointment. Having the ability to make recurring appointments saves time and avoids missed scheduled times. Your clients will never have to miss a follow-up appointment with you again.

Marketing opportunities:

Use this booking software to market your services and products. You can customize SMS and email messages to send out to your frequent customers to offer them discounts or to promote new services. Having marketing options allows you to increase your customer base and provide you with more opportunities to increase your profitability.

Pricing Details of Setmore Software:

There are two pricing plans you can choose from when using Setmore Software. Geared individually to specific organizations, look at the one that is according to what you are needing. Give the details a look and choose the one that will suit you best.

Free plan:

This one is as stated, free. You will get all the basic features including widgets and one-way calendar syncing. You can have an unlimited number of staff members.

Premium Plan:

This plan comes at two price points. The price points vary according to a staff member. There is $17 per month and $25 per month. The lesser if for up to 10 staff members and the larger is for up to 20 staff members. You get all the features that come in the free plan. Additionally, you get the 2-way calendar sync, online payments and custom branding. Finally, you also get recurring appointments and a flexible trial period of up to 30 days.

Phone Booking:

For $85 per month, Setmore can make your booking for you. They will provide you with their booking service that saves you from doing things online. You can get them to answer calls 24/7 for your organization, and it will be done in your name.

Technical Details of Setmore Software:

A cloud-hosted software means that you can use this online booking tool using any device you have. You can use it on Windows systems and Mac system. Through the web-based version, you can use it on any device regardless of operating system. There are also apps you can download. Get the app from the iTunes store for all iOS devices and get it from the Play Store for all Android devices. The app is great for when you are on the go and want to see your schedule at any time and in any place.

The supported language by this booking software is English.

Support Details of Setmore Software:

When your entire organization relies on having an appointment scheduled, you want to be sure the booking software you use will work for you. Therefore, it is essential that there is a level of giving and takes between your organization and Setmore Software. The union comes with the support options that are offered when using online booking. Here are the various support options you have when your use Setmore software as your online booking tool.

  • Email: You do have the option to contact them with general inquiries via email. You won’t have to wait too long for a response as they strive to answer fairly quickly.
  • Phone: With a provided North American toll-free number you can speak to a live representative at any time. This support is fully 24/7 and allows you to get help immediately.
  • Online Resources: Through the vendor website, there are a variety of online resources you can check out for personal information. They have training videos and how-to videos. You can also check out the comprehensive FAQ section that has answers to your most commonly asked questions. This online database also includes a variety of answers to questions that have been asked by other users of this online booking tool.


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You know the needs of your organization best. Therefore, you need to weigh the various bits of information you receive and determine what will work best for you. Take the time to find out what you can from experts and users of Setmore Software before committing to purchasing it. Again, since there is a free version, you can use it as a test to find out if this is the booking software for you.

Being highly configurable and easy to use, Setmore comes with a variety of features that will work well for any organization when it comes to appointment scheduling. You have the ability to brand your scheduling tool when you use the purchased version, which lets you advertise your organization. With each staff member having the flexibility to set their schedules saves you time and energy. Your organization can run more efficiently and cut down on time-wasting interruptions.

Through this booking software, you won’t have to worry about cancellations, rescheduling or missed appointments. The variety of tools from drag and drop rescheduling to the ability to send out reminders allows you to work more efficiently and professionally. When choosing a booking software, Setmore comes complete with a variety of tools you can use to take your organization to the next level.




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