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Full ServiceGuru CRM Review – All you need to know about ServiceGuru CRM

ServiceGuru CRM
ServiceGuru CRM

In this era of Digitalisation, we all want to take the advantage of technology to make our lives as well as our businesses to sail smoothly. Also, the statistics show that there has been a huge rise in the number of start-ups with quite innovative ideas on various scales/levels. Any kind of business to keep chugging along the way without any stability issues, it is essential to equip yourself and your deemed establishment with the cumulative set of tools to easily manage your business processes. ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform provides such kind of righteous facilities.

One of the important aspects of the CRM software approach is their systems that compiles and collects data from a range of different communication mediums, including a brand’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and mentioning of the modern era innovation, social media. The CRM approach and the systems used to facilitate it, allow the businesses to learn more about their target audiences and how to best comfort to their needs. Let’s discover a detailed overview of this abstract business utility.

What is ServiceGuru?

ServiceGuru is a fairly new customer service overview management platform which was initially developed by a team of three members developed with keeping all various types of business scales in mind. It was primarily built to cater to the needs of the customer review refinement and employee improvement which every company needs to suffice in the modern market.

ServiceGuru is a customer service overview management platform classified in Software as a Service(SaaS) category  that serves as a kiosk and can be set up at customized strategic places where there is huge rush of customers, enabling the customers to leave feedback and reviews for Products which they purchase, services that they use, venues which they visit and various other types of topics related to the business operation and customer satisfaction.

ServiceGuru provides a user-friendly environment to record immensely valued customer feedback from the real customers so that they are always provided with accurate information from which they can observe and conclude the insights on further how to bring product improvisation and how to gain a better popularity among customers.

ServiceGuru offers users a friendly set of tools to help them administer questions, capture and analyze answers, and as well as gather customer information for special offers and marketing purposes. These advantages make ServiceGuru Stand out from an administrative point of view.

Benefits of ServiceGuru

Being a sophisticated user of the core application, it’s common for us to expect a set of feature-packed benefits for any tool that we purchase for business. ServiceGuru in a very short period of time has gained a huge amount of popularity for its exceptional product quality. In this part, we will be having a descriptive overview of the Prime Benefits of the ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform which they cater to their users. They are :

  • ServiceGuru Platforms provides the sophisticated users with Customized attributes definition and measurement so that they can easily evaluate various aspects of the business.
  • ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform also accurately Measures the feedback done by the customers and also does its cumulative offline storage.
  • Easy Setup Process and Getting started procedure in the platform initialization guarantees ease of mind.
  • ServiceGuru offers a variety of Options to build a contact list allowing customers to opt-in for special offers and marketing campaigns.
  • ServiceGuru is well known for it’s Detailed, Robust reporting about the employee stats and overall review scale.
  • Private Acess specification to the reviews in the platform allows you to secure your views about a specific product or service until you want to publicize them.
  • White labeling pledging provided by ServiceGuru ensures your branding and terms across the entire experience.
  • Employee motivation by top employee detection through the support of Employee statistics management.
  • Quick identification of potential service problems and listing of the employees who need a better amount of training ensuring the primary goal of employee motivation.
  • Effectively increase your feedback rate by the independent establishment of the ServiceGuru Kiosk at the desired locations
  • Significantly reduce the frequency of bad online reviews by effectively managing your customer reviews using the complete Control Feedback feature.
  • Actionable Data collection provided by the ServiceGuru platform ensures accurate analysis of the overall business workout.
  • Faster Resolution compared to other third-party solutions.

So far, we have covered the basic introduction and benefits of the ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform. However, it’s now time to discuss the salient features which this unique platform has to offer its users. The platform comes equipped with a wide variety of tools and features which are bound to increase your Product Quality and Employee Enrichment by taking highly valuable feedback from the consumers. Furthermore, the ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform is the perfect go-to platform for a better Product Quality and and proves to be an easy medium for portraying the right reviews to the public whenever you want. Most importantly, it certainly helps with increasing the quality of employees of the company by motivating them through different means like top employees listing and the ones who need better support.

However, it is important to realize that the uses of the ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform are not just limited to what we have discussed above. You can enjoy a wide variety of features which this Platform offers with which your business can certainly see a better day of light.

Features of ServiceGuru

Quick experience

The ServiceGuru Kiosk ensures a real-interaction like experience enabling a simple yet valuable feedback collection about the staff your company entertains and the business you cater.

Custom-Tailored attributes

By making use of the fully customizable Attributes section, Users can collectively gather positive, neutral as well as negative attributes from the Clients who use your products that affect your business.

Feedback Measurement

ServiceGuru allows you to collect actionable reviews from your product clients about their product experience.

Feedback Storage

Apart from the Feedback Measurement, the service guru application also ensures the storage of each and every customer feedback so that you easily monitor the client’s experiences at any time.

Easy Setup

ServiceGuru Offers a rapid setup guide that easily allows the users to walk through the installation process and running the primary software in just 30 minutes.

Descriptive Reporting

ServiceGuru Provides the statistical measurement for each and every employee of your company. Such kind of Robust reporting ensures you to qualify your top performing employees with ease and also lets you notify the employees who require additional training.

Contact Establishment

ServiceGuru offers to create a strong listing of your contacts so that you can easily allow your customers to register for special offers and marketing campaigns.

Private Reviewing

ServiceGuru offers a private reviewing experience to the customers so that customers have a final verdict on the decision on their product experience before they can make it public.

Brand Recognition

ServiceGuru platform pledges to offer you and your company the true identity of your company by allowing you to poster your branding and recognition throughout the experience. The Company thrives to deliver a pure white-labeled experience.

Paperless filling

ServiceGuru provides a paperless solution to gather the valuable feedback from the customers, stepping up from the tiring process of the boring-old traditional methods.

Strategic placement

ServiceGuru Platform supports anywhere placement. This allows you to strategically place your kiosk on the basis of the customer traffic which easily raises the customer reviews

Better Insights

ServiceGuru helps you obtain high-quality feedback from your highly valued customers, which then translates to better insights. Better insights allow you to improve your services, products which then can be significantly used to drive your business’s growth.

Complete Feedback Control

ServiceGuru allows keeping all of the Consumer reviews offline as well as private, proving to be a great feature if the reviews are negative. This allows you to find out the core reason for the customer dissatisfaction and resolve them quickly and quietly.

From another perspective, this allows you to instantly publish positive reviews and use them as marketing tools to attract more customers and increase your revenues.

Built to Cater

ServiceGuru has been built with keeping all types of businesses in mind. So regardless of your business scale and reach, you can easily use this tool to enrich your business’s overall value.

Business ease

ServiceGuru also supports the google apps for business integration, easily allowing to import your business data into the platform within a couple of clicks.

Let’s have a look at one of the results their real-life application. These results were gathered from a single location. The location was Pita Jungle, a fully fledged Mediterranean restaurant with its active operations over 20 locations:

  • Only 13 reviews were gathered from third party online review platforms.
  • While the ServiceGuru platform gathered 667 reviews from it’s platform noticeably proving a huge spike in the number of collected reviews.
  • The results concluded a shocking 51 times increase in the number of reviews.

These results helped Pita Jungle in providing a better overall services to their consumers and improving their services on a large scale.


ServiceGuru offers a simple and flexible enterprise pricing scheme, described as below:-

ServiceGuru – Starts at $49.95/month and offers the following set of primary features :

  • Customized Attributes Definition.
  • Review Measurement and Storage.
  • Easy Setup and walkthrough.
  • Support for Building Contact List.
  • Robust Reporting about Employee Statistics.
  • Private Reviews for Security and Enriched post-publication.
  • White Labelled offering for Brand name Transparency.
  • Employee Management.

Technical Details

Just like a bunch of other software-based platforms in the market, the ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform also comes with some in-baked technical specifications. They are discussed in detail in this section. Read on ahead to find out what it offers :

  • Support for ios devices like iPhone and iPad ensures that you can easily access and manage it from anywhere without needing your primary framework on hand.
  • ServiceGuru is Offred in a single language that is English with proper support guidelines.
  • Monthly Pricing Model Ensures an Effective yet comfortable Pricing model.
  • ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform is Created to cater to small, medium and large businesses so that you never miss out on any features regardless of your business scale.
  • ServiceGuru Customer Service overview Management platform provides On-premise Deployment so that you can easily install it on your base machine and synced with your business anytime as per your eased convenience
  • SaaS-based Application provided by the ServiceGuru Platform provides a plethora of features with practical and meaningful over-time upgrades.
  • SPF, Amazon and Google business apps integration into the ServiceGuru platforms ensures a quick getting started using your existing synced data and preferences.


ServiceGuru is one such organization which emphasizes on customer satisfaction. They are renowned for their state-of-the-art customer care services. In case you do have a query, you can easily approach them through the use of any of the following communication mediums:


ServiceGuru offers eased assistance through their email contact in case of any queries you have.


ServiceGuru also provides a quick assistance in case of urgent queries you need to resolve.


The support is also provided in the form of tickets by ServiceGuru.


If you are looking for one of the premium customer service review management platform, look no further. The ServiceGuru platform integrates its service with its own kiosk which is quite a utility. It with pretty nifty features like Employee Motivation, better insights, paperless filling, descriptive reporting, feedback storage, feedback management, custom-tailored attributes, and complete feedback control is a must suggestion for all the established reputees out in the corporate world.

The Software is being currently used by prominent brands like WestLake Ace Hardware, Hyatt Regency, Subway, Zipps, and others. The software has also won interesting awards like “Great user Experience-2018”, “Rising Star-2018”, “Top 500 CRM software” and also beholds its 30th position under the category of “Customer Service Software” by finances online.