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Full Sendtask PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Sendtask

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As a company or business, you must be involved in project management in which case you encounter multiple challenges if you don’t have an effective task management tool in use. However, if you consider implementing a highly effective task management tool such as Sendtask system, most of the problems you face with your project management will be gone. With the use of Sendtask PMS software, you will be able to view all the details about your projects and tasks and these could include tasks and schedules, progress statuses, team members and their assigned tasks, running expenses and much more. As a user of Sendtask system, you will be able to locate and manage your projects and tasks all from a single and centralized location which means you will not need to shift between different systems to manage the different aspects of your projects.

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From a basic point of view, Sendtask PMS software can be said to be a to-do app. Similar to many to-do apps, this task management tool incorporates several tools that can be used to organize tasks into projects or folders and assign them deadlines, add subtasks, write comments, and attach files.

And what does the best project management software or team management software do?  For a system to be considered a top tool in team management or project management, it has to improve on collaboration and help coordinate the work of everyone. With such a system, you should be able to manage each person’s tasks, schedule work and meetings, and collect data that is about completed activities.

With regard to the size of your team and the nature of the work you are doing, you will need several software features for enhancing teamwork and storing important data about your projects and events.

Majority of task management applications will include an interactive task list in which you will be able to add all of your incoming tasks and receive reminders about upcoming deadlines. Sendtask system and other team management software will allow you to prioritize tasks and monitor your to-do list on a daily basis.

Some task management applications will allow you to create shared tasks and this means that in the event a team member creates a new task within their to-do list, they can also assign that task to other project members. This task will pop up in each person’ task list and they collaborate on it. With shared tasks and to-do lists, your team collaboration will be enhanced by reminding everybody of their responsibilities.

Sendtask task management tool - ToDo List

A task management tool will include a time tracker for measuring the time spent on your activities and this allows you to know what activities take much of your team’s time. However not all team management software will come with a time tracker, others will require integration with time tracking software like Toggl.

Through measuring the time worked, you will get task reports that show you the types of activities in which most of your time has been spent, and this gives you an entire overview of your team’s work. If you are working for an agency, it is even much important to track the billable time of your team.

With a detailed task report, you’ll see what each team member has spent his time on and the tasks they have completed. You will also see the amount of time you’ve spent working on a project or for a customer. If the customer is being billed on an hourly basis, you must have task reporting for your team.

A task management tool could include a messaging app that is built into the system. However, since it might be beneficial to have everything within your system, sometimes it could be worth considering a team messaging tool that is more powerful and which complements your task management software.

What is Sendtask PMS Software?

Sendtask PMS software is a collaborative task-management app that offers all the tools that you could expect from a to-do app and also offers collaboration much easily and quickly than other applications. It is easy and quick to collaborate within Sendtask system because, with this tool, you are not required to sign up for a Sendtask account in order to use the system. This task management tool is provided as an iOS and web app and is ideal for individuals and small businesses that collaborate with external stakeholders on short or one-off projects.

Sendtask system - tasks in a project

From the most basic level, Sendtask PMS software can be equated to a to-do app. Similar to most to-do apps, Sendtask system includes multiple tools that can be used to organize your tasks into projects or folders while also allowing you to add them deadlines, subtasks, write comments and attach files. For instance, using Sendtask, you can assign yourself “Bake a Cake on Wednesday” as your task, and attach a recipe plus a comment that reminds you that your oven will take 20 minutes to preheat.

With its collaborative capabilities, Sendtask PMS software allows you to allocate tasks to other people apart from yourself but it works differently when compared to other collaborative systems.

When it comes to collaboration, other project management systems will work by allowing you to invite collaborators to join a project. After signing up for an account using the application, they are integrated into your team. The system allows these new partners to view the whole project that they have joined and this is helpful to collaborators in situations where they need to know the progress of tasks that haven’t been allocated to them.

Depending on the tool you are using, collaborators will be able to create new tasks, allocate them to others, and fully participate in the project. However, collaboration works differently with the use of Sendtask system.

When using Sendtask task management tool, you will invite collaborators in order to complete a particular task, but you will not invite them to join the whole project. When you have allocated a person a task in Sendtask system, the individual will receive an email containing a link to that task. Through this link, the collaborator will be able to view all the details about the task, add comments where necessary, and mark it as complete when finished. However, the collaborators will not be able to view any other details of the project or your account. This means that collaborators can only view the tasks that you’ve allocated them.

Furthermore, collaborators do not have to possess a Sendtask account as they can access the task through email invitation since there is no signing up to anything.

As a task management tool, Sendtask puts more emphasis on collaboration between teams and their customers and suppliers within one, unified environment. By bringing everything in a single place, Sendtask PMS software makes it easy for organizations and businesses to monitor, manage, set schedules, assign tasks, and communicate with project members and stakeholders, and much more.

The best thing about Sendtask system is that it allows users to collaborate with every other person without requiring them to have a Sendtask account and this eliminates the barriers to productive and smooth collaboration and communication. The task management tool is accessible through mobile and web platforms and this makes it possible for users to do things while they are on the move or at the office.

Benefits of Sendtask PMS

Sendtask task management tool provides a number of benefits to businesses and users and some of these include the following.

Sendtask system offers project collaboration

By using Sendtask PMS software, users can allocate tasks to almost anyone through an email address.  The system will allow them to provide comments and give instructions to a task, and also attach files like documents and images.

Sendtask system makes it possible for users to remove followers from a task in order to make sure that every involved person is updated.

With the use of Sendtask task management tool, users are able to collaborate without having to sign up for a Sendtask account. The application supports unlimited users that can be added as a team to a project to allocate tasks easily.

Sendtask PMS software is flexible when handling personal to-do lists and during the management of business activities and tasks.

Sendtask PMS software supports task management and organization

The task management tool allows teams and users to get work done more easily. With features like notifications and reminders for important events, Sendtask system allows users to focus their mind on actionable items and not trying to remember things.

The system provides activity logs and due dates, custom tags and sections that help in work organization and making the work more visible. In Sendtask system, the magic bar act as a powerful search tool when it comes to the creation and searching of tasks. With markdown support, Sendtask PMS software allows people to format their comments and offer clear discussion on ideas.

Sendtask task management tool is customizable and supports multiple integrations

Sendtask system works with third-party email. For instance, people can use their Gmail to sign into the system and view their contacts within the task management tool. With email sync, users can use their inbox as a task management hub through which they will create and allocate tasks without having to sign into Sendtask.

Sendtask PMS software also provides features like filters that allow users to track particular projects. It also offers built-in sorting options or users could create their own. With Sendtask task management tool, dashboards can be changed during customization to suit the personal preferences of users. Sendtask system also integrates with Slack and Evernote. It also provides an iOS app that can be simply downloaded.

Sendtask system offers a centralized platform for managing tasks and projects

Using Sendtask PMS software, users can easily view every detail of their projects and tasks and they include things like tasks and schedules, progress status, team members and the tasks allocated to them, running expenses, and much more. Through Sendtask system, all things are managed from one centralized location and this means there is no need for a user to shift between multiple systems in order to handle the different aspects of their projects.

Sendtask task management tool - tasks

Sendtask task management tool can be optimized for multiple devices

Sendtask system is optimized to support both mobile and web-based processes and this allows users to access their projects and tasks, create schedules, and do their work together with other people through devices such as tablets or smartphones. With such flexibility, users can work from any location at any given time. You and your project team will be able to view your tasks, see the activities that should be acted on, and deliver perfect results within budget and schedule.

Features of Sendtask system

Sendtask system provides several features that make it one of the leading project management applications. These features include the following.

  • Project Collaboration
  • Email to Task Conversion
  • Task Management
  • Integration
  • Email Management
  • Task Monitoring and Scheduling

Let’s now summarize in a few details the features and capabilities offered by Sendtask PMS software.

Project relationship

Through Sendtask task management tool, users can collaborate with anybody and this can happen in just a few seconds. They can end a task through an email and even provide instructions for a specific task plus attach files that could include images and documents.

Since the application is for unlimited users, Sendtask system allows a user to join a task or a project without having a Sendtask account. With this capability, many project members can join to collaborate as a team and thus the project will be completed easily and within time. With Sendtask task management tool, you can effectively manage any task without any issue.

Task management

Sendtask PMS software helps you manage your team in a way that allows everything to be easily achieved. Users can access tasks through their mobile devices and websites and this allows things to move much more easily with users being able to change a task list. While checking on a list, Sendtask system allows you to check on a list and collaborate with the right people to complete your work.

Reminders and due dates

Sendtask task management tool offers automatic reminders that empower users to track their projects while allowing them to complete the task. Through activity logs and due dates, users can organize their work in a proper manner and give them visibility. Using Sendtask system, tasks can be emailed to the email inboxes of your team members and thus they can’t claim that they were not aware of due dates.

Customization and integration with slack

Sendtask PMS software has been integrated with Slack chat system to help you have an effective workflow.  Using this chat system, you can easily share tasks with your project team members. Users can also sign into their Gmail and view contacts in the task management app. They can view a task without having to go back to Sendtask. Sendtask system provides a built-in sorting option and users are also allowed to create their own.

The task management tool can also be customized to change the dashboard to suit the personal preferences of users. As a result, it becomes easy to do anything as users are made aware of what they are doing.

Some other features of Sendtask PMS software include:

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Assignee
  • Mobile app


Sendtask PMS software is offered 100%-free and thus you don’t have to worry about any enterprise plans.

You can sign up or register to use the system at app.sendtask.io.

Also, you can get a demo at calendly.com.

Sendtask system - Pricing

Technical Details

Sendtask task management tool can be accessed using devices that support Windows, Mac or through iPhone/iPad and web-based devices. The application only supports the English language. The pricing model is free. Customer types include small businesses, medium businesses, and freelancers. Sendtask system is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of Sendtask PMS software offer their support through Email and live support.

Facebook: Sendtask

Twitter: @sendtaskio


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