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Full SellerCloud Procurement Software Review – All you need to know about SellerCloud Procurement Software

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Sellercloud is a procurement software solution which is geared towards assisting online retailers simplify the process of multichannel selling. This is achieved through synchronization, simplification, and automation.

What is SellerCloud?

SellerCloud isn’t just a procurement software solution. It can also handle tasks such as publishing listings to marketplaces, processing orders and shipping, and accounting integration.

SellerCloud takes the complexity out of running an ecommerce business, letting owners take control of their online sales. This company provides its customers with their full support. In-house tech support and programming teams facilitate account setup, training, and whatever else is necessary to get customers up and running.

SellerCloud Benefits

  • Multi-level access: SellerCloud grants users varying levels of access. Some users will be granted more access than others based on their position in the company of course. Oversight management can monitor employee actions with this setup. However on the customer side of things, wholesale customers can even be offered the ability to place orders directly by importing their orders directly to a business’ SellerCloud account if they are given limited user access.
  • Multi-warehouse: Some businesses will have multiple warehouses. SellerCloud simplifies this by grouping all of a business’ inventory into a single platform. This way it’s easy to track inventory across all warehouses in real time.
  • Shared inventory: SellerCloud facilitates companies which share inventory. They can keep their individual branding while using a single management software.
  • Kit creation: You can set up the software to group multiple items into a single kit. This is in addition to their individual listings.
  • Shadow listing: Different products can be listed under different profiles. This is useful for products that fall under multiple categories for examples. With this, items can be sold in different ways without affecting inventory.
  • Rule sets: This allows businesses to setup an automated chain of desired actions after an order is made.
  • Automated orders and shipping: The ordering and shipping processes are automated, making them more convenient for users.

SellerCloud Features

SellerCloud lets you simplify, centralize, and synchronize your procurement efforts. It represents a true end to end management solution. Here are some of the main features offered by SellerCloud.

Catalog: A Single Entry Point For All Your Product Specs

If your business is selling across multiple channels such as Ebay and Amazon, it can be tricky to maintain separate product catalogs. However you can maintain a single SellerCloud catalog, and use this to upload your products to the various platforms you want to sell on.

SellerCloud acts as a central database for all of your platforms, letting you store product information, descriptions, images, pricing, and other details. SellerCloud’s product information fields are set up in such a way that they are compatible with all major online retail channels. You can also set shipping preferences for each of your products.

Automate and Simplify Inventory Management

SellerCloud Procurement Software Inventory Mangement

SellerCloud will automatically adjust your inventory through either purchasing or vendor feeds. When an inventory item needs to be restocked you will be sent an alert. You will then be able to reorder the item from a supplier of your choice directly through SellerCloud. Product availability amounts are conveniently updated across all of your active marketplaces.

When an order is first created, SellerCloud automatically marks the item as reserved. When the item is actually shipped, it decreases the item count accordingly. Businesses with multiple warehouses can choose to set rules such as where items should ship from and how they should ship.

Manage Your Purchasing: Never Be Out of Stock

SellerCloud Procurement Software Purchase Order Management

This procurement software lets you create your purchase orders from directly in it. An email is generated to your specified vendor. When you receive your order, your inventory is automatically updated.

Sell Through Multiple Channels

SellerCloud Procurement Software Ebay

SellerCloud makes it easy for you to gain maximum exposure across multiple selling platforms. SellerCloud asks as a central management system which lets you handle all listings, orders and inventories. Whenever you sell an item, it’s decreased quantity is automatically reflected across all of your selling channels.

This drastically minimizes the risk of overselling and negates the need for businesses to manually update listings and amounts across various sales channels.

SellerCloud is integrated with all of the leading marketplaces and fulfillment channels. It notably supports full integration with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). It can also be integrated with many shopping carts such as Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify to name a few.

With SellerCloud Multichannel support, businesses can easily sell internationally. There is also multi-language and multi-currency support.

Orders: End-to-end Automation

This effective procurement solution manages every step of the order process. Orders are automatically downloaded from your various sales platforms, allowing your team to handle managing and fulfilling them from a single interface.

In addition, information such as the shipping confirmation, which includes tracking, is automatically sent to buyers via email. SellerCloud can also handle returned items. After an item is returned, it can be returned to a business’ stock or returned to the vendor.

Automate and Simplify Your Shipping Process

SellerCloud integrates with all major shipping carriers. This means that you can easy generate compliant shipping labels from directly within the software.

The shipping app for SellerCloud is a desktop application, which gives your shipping team, access to be able to manage shipping without accessing the central SellerCloud account. Items can be scanned before shipping them out to ensure accuracy.

Moreover, SellerCloud supports high volume shippers and supports cubic rates in the case of shipping heavy packages.

Keep Track of Your Business With Reports

SellerCloud Procurement Software Reports

SellerCloud collects data from a wide range of areas such as item costs, sales, commissions, and shipping fees in order to be able to provide informative reports. These reports can be used to track product performance, sales, top selling products, and profit and loss.

It’s also possible to set up automated reports which can be scheduled to take place at specified times and then emailed to specific users. You can also track tax collection according to the rules of your jurisdiction.

Manage Your Accounting

Accounting data related to your sales and purchasing can be exported to QuickBooks, allowing you to easily manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable.


SellerCloud’s API lets companies who run their proprietary software have access to the functionality of SellerCloud. This can help to increase a company’s efficiency and market reach.
The API runs on a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web service. This means that it is compatible with several external application including accounting, image editing, and shipping apps.


SellerCloud Procurement Software Pricing

The pricing for SellerCloud is structured around a per order model. Per order rates are divided up into standard orders and FBA orders. Outside of these 2 pricing options please note the following:

  • Enterprise customers receive a discount on each order.
  • There is a monthly minimum cost of $500 until per order charges exceed $500.
  • Premium support is chaged at $500/mo and is required while SellerCloud is being implemented for your business.
  • There is an implementation fee of $2000. This covers implementation and training.
  • Users have the option of a dedicated server which is priced at a minimum of $525/mo.

Standard Orders

The pricing per order for standard orders is as follows:

  • First 5,000 Orders (1-5,000) – $0.25/order
  • Next 5,000 Orders (5,001-10,000) – $0.20/order
  • Next 20,000 Orders (10,001-30,000) – $0.15/order
  • Next 30,000 Orders (30,001-60,000) – $0.10/order
  • Next 60,000 Orders (60,001-120,000) – $0.05/order
  • All additional orders (120,001+) – $0.02/order

FBA Orders

The pricing for FBA orders is as follows:

  • First 5,000 Orders (1-5,000) – $0.10/order
  • Next 5,000 Orders (5,001-10,000) – $0.05/order
  • Next 20,000 Orders (10,001-30,000) – $0.04/order
  • Next 30,000 Orders (30,001-60,000) – $0.03/order
  • Next 100,000 Orders (60,001-160,000) – $0.02/order
  • All additional orders (160,001+) – $0.01/order

Technical Details

SellerCloud is a cloud-based application which can be accessed from a web-based interface. English is the only language supported at the moment.

Support Details

Support is provided through several means by SellerCloud. Firstly, there is a resources page which is regularly updated with the latest information related to ecommerce and marketplace selling. The data presented in the articles on the resources page is from actual SellerCloud accounts.

There are also lots of courses available online as well for users who wish to become more knowledgeable about the software. Courses are available on topics such as Catalogs and Products, Inventory Management, and Shipping.

In addition, there is a comprehensive knowledgebase available which provides help on technical topics such as Dropshipping, customization, inventory, and orders.

Finally, support is also provided by phone, email, and via a client portal.


With SellerCloud you will be able to manage your purchase orders effectively. You will be sent low stock alerts and predicted purchasing information based on historical data. SellerCloud also integrates with leading sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay. It acts as a central database, allowing users to essentially sync the products present in their SellerCloud database across sales platforms.

With SellerCloud you will also have access to the detailed reporting module which gathers data on things such as item costs, to sales, commissions, and shipping fees, allowing users to generate reports which help to track a business’ performance.

Overall SellerCloud will help you to optimize your procurement process by automating some of the more challenging aspects of the process, and allowing you to handle the entire process from directly within the software. Moreover, SellerCloud’s useful functionality, as illustrated, lies beyond procurement needs, and lets users carry out important related tasks such as managing inventory and orders.