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Full Segmentify Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About Segmentify


Don’t be fooled by the cute animal animations, Segmentify is a significant marketing tool designed to help users get personal with consumers.

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According to the company, Segmentify’s goal is to help online retailers improve conversions by creating a unique online shopping experience by way of machine learning technology.

Truly futuristic, no?

We’ll be clear from the outset; there’s no doubt that Segmentify is most useful for e-commerce platforms. The product works as a way to get more sales out of your customers. And, if you’re looking for subscribers or lead capture methods, this isn’t the right tool for you.

Even the pricing model operates with the understanding that you’re making sales on a regular basis. The app takes a small cut from sales generated through their smart recommendations.

With that in mind, let’s cruise through some of the key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of Segmentify.

What is Segmentify?

Segmentify is a conversion rate optimization platform built for e-commerce shops looking to turn visitors into customers. The software turns its focus on providing customers with a personalized experience, delivering timely recommendations based on user behavior.

The platform is powered by two artificial intelligence machines that are designed to help you increase conversions by tracking customers and sorting them, as well as making recommendations based on those assigned categories.

The idea is, Segmentify can help you sell more per customer and increase conversions by suggesting products that align with their shopping habits.

As the name suggests, Segmentify allows you to segment your audience and personalize offers based on consumer profiles. The tool includes a selection of online widgets, push notifications, email marketing.

According to Segmentify’s website, the main selling point of the tool is the real-time conversion analytics. These reports provide insights on whatever is going on on your website—in real-time. This way, you’ll be able to make quick business decisions.

The tool best serves e-commerce platforms.

The reporting reveals your best-performing products and categories. As such, it might be a waste of money for users who don’t sell many products.

The machine learning technology also gets better at recognizing habits and preferences, allowing for more tailored recommendations over time.


Getting Started is Easy

The site mentions that getting your account up and running is a simple process. You can choose to do the integration yourself—there are instructions for self-service here. Or, you can have someone from Segmentify help you out.

You’ll need to incorporate a line of JavaScript in the backend of your website before making the integration, whether you do it yourself or receive assistance from a rep.

Collect Visitor Data

You’ll track visitor behavior on an individual basis. Look at page views, clicks, and order history to make the perfect recommendations.

Additionally, the tool provides insights into trending products, conversion rates by product, as well as the brands your customers like best.

These insights not only enable you to make more sales online, but they also function as a way to improve your inventory management process and give you a sense of which new products will perform best.

Segmenting Users

Analyze customer segments to collect segments within a larger pool of visitors. Assign them a category based on behavior, location, or custom parameters.

What’s more—the tool helps you collect visitor responses to your recommendation campaigns—so you’ll get consistent feedback as to whether or not a campaign is successful.


Segmentify’s features are divided into three categories. Personalization, Recommendation, and Conversion Tracking. This combination of tools come together to provide a holistic approach to boosting conversions. You’ll catch visitors on the site and inside their inbox.

Here’s a quick look:

Product Recommendations

This platform’s main selling point is its ability to make personalized recommendations.

We analyze each visitor’s interests and help you offer the most relevant products that your visitors will love.

The second part of this is—capitalizing on easy sells. What they mean by this is sending out messages that allow you to get more mileage out of each customer. Show price-sensitive customers similar products that fall within their price range.

Or, upsell or cross-sell products. The former is a good strategy for high spenders, while the latter is ideal for products you’d buy to complement the item in your cart.

According to the makers of Segmentify, the platform identifies each visitor by the micro-segment they belong to.

From there, another algorithm determines which products to recommend based on group preferences.

Product sets usually contain about 1000 items. The tool pinpoints the items in that set past customers typically add to their carts.

Personal Emails

Emails are the go-to way for marketers to stay in touch with subscribers and let them know what’s going on.

Segmentify takes your basic email newsletter to the next level, offering personalized content based on user interests.  In general, this typically looks like those emails you get from retailers that send you recommendations based on past orders.

According to the Segmentify site, you can let customers know when a product in their cart goes on sale. It’s an effective way to capitalize on easy sells. You can remind customers they’ve left something in their cart.

Or, you can connect with a customer who visited your site with our adding anything to their basket. Send some alternative products that they might like better than the items they visited.

Other uses include welcoming new customers, alerting them that you’ve got new items, and checking in with discounts and offers.

While email plays a big role here, it’s worth noting that you do need to connect your email marketing platform.

Conversion Tracking

Segmentify’s real-time conversion analytics allow you to track your performance as users interact with your site. The benefit here is, you’ll be able to detect any underperforming campaigns or products and change things up as needed.

Additionally, insights extend outside of the website. You’ll see whether more people find you organically or through paid ads or social media.


Segmentify’s pricing works a bit differently than some of the other tools in the conversion rate optimization area. The platform charges between 3% and 5% of the number of sales generated through its services. There’s no set-up fee to get started, but you’ll need to connect with the vendor to get started.

Your plan allows you to add as many users to your account. You’ll just need to send Segmentify their names and emails.

You’re able to sign up for a free trial, too, if you’d like to see Segmentify in action. You’ll need to submit a request, but it’s worth getting in contact anyway. The pricing structure may be confusing for new customers and you might want a complete breakdown.

Technical Specifications

The platform is cloud-based you can access your account on the web or mobile devices.

Support Details

The site provides a contact form you can fill out requesting a call. They also have phone numbers available, but phone numbers are only available in Europe and the Middle East.

US-customers are supported, but it might be hard to get in touch with a live rep during business hours. In any case, email is always available.

We found the site very user-friendly and informative. They do a decent job highlighting how one might use the tool, making clear that seems to suit e-commerce businesses best.

In addition to the basic features rundown you’ll see on the site, here are some of the resources aimed at helping you get familiar with the software:


The FAQ section is comprehensive. They answer questions about how, exactly the product works, breaking things down in simple terms. They cover the machine learning process that powers the platform, as well as how to create a campaign and manage your efforts.

How-To Articles

Once you implement your JS code and open up your account, you’ll be presented with your Segmentify dashboard. The How to Section gives you some background information regarding how you’ll proceed from here.

It’s worth noting that they do only provide three articles here. One covers setting up email campaigns using MailChimp, while the others look at getting going with recommendations.

Overall, they could provide more here, but the rest of the website is pretty thorough regarding explaining the features and benefits.

It would be nice to see some video tutorials, which would give you a closer look at the tool before you contact the company for a free trial.

Would We Recommend Segmentify?

Segmentify is a unique offering in the conversion rate optimization category. This platform seems to work best for e-commerce stores—almost exclusively.

Service-based businesses won’t be able to get much use out of the platform, at least as far as product recommendations are concerned.

We could see this potentially being useful for news sites or other content-heavy channels, but the real benefit is being able to tie this into your Shopify account, Magento, or whatever sales platform you’re using.

Segmentify’s ability to make recommendations and learn more about your audience is pretty fantastic. That is if you’re an e-commerce seller. If you’re looking for a similar tool geared toward content creators, BrightInfo may be a better choice.

Personalized messaging focuses on abandoned carts, purchase reminders, and behavior-based suggestions. We liked that the platform works with email service providers like MailChimp—allowing marketers to connect with users both onsite and off.

Ultimately, Segmentify seems like a solid option. But, we wish we had seen more information from existing customers. There doesn’t seem to be much information about the tool and what it’s like to deal with the company.

That said, there don’t seem to be any signs of trouble. If you’re curious, it might be worth scheduling a demo to see if it’s a good fit.

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