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Full Scoro Time Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Scoro


What is Scoro?


Scoro is a cloud-based time management and business management software used by small to midsize companies in industries such as IT, consulting, advertising and many others.

The software provides a control hub that can display pending tasks, account information, key performance indicators (KPIs), account information, and a lot more in a single screen.

Scoro allows you to stay up to date and see task changes in real time.

Tasks scheduled for a week, month or even a day can automatically be populated in a task list that you can sort, while enabling various levels of access to be granted to employees, for example, having only users with permission to work on a particular project.

Scoro also allows for management and synchronization of numerous tasks, calendars, quotes and projects in a single interface. It has invoicing and budgeting capabilities like sending initial invoices to clients, labor cost tracking, and advanced reporting document.

It also integrates with major apps and software such as Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, and MailChimp.



Interactive task and to-do lists

Scoro offers an interactive task list where all the upcoming tasks can added and also give you reminders on upcoming deadlines. As a user you can prioritize tasks and have a to-do list right under your eyes whenever you are going work.

Delegating tasks

In case a manager wants to assign and delegate tasks to their team members, Scoro lets them do that at a moment of notice while notifying other parties that they have been assigned new task.

Share tasks

You can create shared tasks using Scoro. Whenever a team member inserts a new task to undertake their to-do list, they can also assign it to colleagues, and the task will collectively pop up on it. Share to-do lists as well as tasks to enhance team collaboration as it reminds everyone of their duties.

Time Tracker

The time tracker can be used to measure the time spent on the activities for insight on where the team’s time is mainly focused. As some team software have a time tracker, there are those that need integration with time tracking software like Toggl. By measuring the time worked, you will achieve a proper task report showing the activity types that have taken the most time to work on, while providing an overview of the team’s work. In case you work in an agency, is more important to the team that you track billable time.

Summarizes your work

Task management tools not only outline the upcoming tasks but also provide an overview of the completed work. In order to know how much time has been spent on a given activity type such as marketing, sale or even accounting, you will need a detailed task report, and Scoro gives you one.

Detailed reports on time spent and tasks completed

A comprehensive task report within Scoro shows how each team member has spent their time and the completed assignments. As a user, you will also see the time spent on working for a customer or on a project. In case you are billing the client on hourly basis, it is authentic to have a task reporting in the team.

Data-based insights

With Scoro, each report is based on data. The more detailed information collected about the team the more insight it gets. Whenever you look for time management software, find one that lets you collect a huge variety of data like the time spent, completed tasks, customer data and past events and related projects.

Scheduling meetings

Scoro lets you save time spend on meetings and events, within the system for accurate work reporting. Furthermore, it gives you an idea of when team members are away from the office, which makes it easy to schedule meetings for a time that’s suitable for everyone.

Booking resources

Within some offices, there are only a few meeting rooms that are mostly overbooked. In case you need to allow prior booking for meeting rooms, Scoro offers a calendar that allows for booking of various resources which includes rooms in the office.

Team Dashboard

Scoro offers a team dashboard that is accessible to all team members. Add charts, graphs, visual metrics and key performance indicators to the dashboard for an immediate overview of the performance of both team and projects. A team dashboard serves as a project KPI report and is a great tool to use in meetings. You can showcase his/her tracked metrics as well as compare real-time results vis-a-vis the planned schedule. All the team members can also view the progress of the project and consider new methods of making the teamwork more efficiently



Lead management

This is the process of tracking, managing, and nurturing potential clients with the aim of turning them into customers. This process can involve numerous techniques and tools that helps in bringing the structure, to the way a company manages and interacts with individual leads.

Customer management

This feature gives you a 360-degree overview of each deal and client. It creates a company-wide contact base, while managing proposals in a pipeline view for effective communication and billing. With Scoro, you can view all customer-related information on a single page with quotes, related salesperson, past meetings, email conversation and much more. You can also create and send quotes and invoices to both new and existing clients. The activities you can do using Scoro’s customer management features include search, sort and filter contacts based on latest activity, configurable tags, and categories location.

Mobile App

Scoro can be used on the go with mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips. With this tool, you can create and access your projects, events, tasks as well as contacts immediately regardless of your location. The notification you will receive on your devices will enable you get up to date with everything that is related to your work. This feature can be downloaded from either Google Play or App Store.


The integration of Scoro with current tools gives you a complete overview. Sync your Scoro Calendar with your current calendar app, and access files right where you need them by connecting your file storage with Scoro. Keeping mailing lists synced by connecting Scoro with marketing automation solution, and financial information synced using accounting software. You can also connect Scoro to thousands of apps through Zapier into your workflow to automate tedious tasks. Scoro’s full-featured API creates integrations using almost any software solution. Its integration with Toggl, for instance, enables you to automatically sync tracked time to Scoro, and link with appropriate contacts and then bill based on the tracked time.

Work tracking and scheduling

With Scoro’s planner, you get an immediate, visual overview of all potential overbooking, users’ workloads, realistic deadlines, realistic deadlines as well as available workflow. You can schedule meetings through a shared team calendar and connect all the events to both projects and customers. Each user can manage an individual task list by statuses, priorities, projects and deadlines. Since every user’s calendar events as well as completed tasks are automatically added to their work reports, timesheets become redundant and obsolete. Additionally, with just a few clicks, you can track both the actual and billable time spent on a client or project and the transfer the hours to the designated invoice.

Financial reporting

This feature automates numerous tasks, including scheduling standards and recurring invoices, sending late-invoice reminder, issuing sales, prepayment and credit invoices, then sends them as PDF files. It can also track all purchases and costs. You can compare different scenarios for your budgets against the actual revenue, cost or profits and acquire forecasts based on both closed deals and scheduled invoices. For international companies, the financial management feature allows you to establish multi-currency custom rates that are based on the projects, clients or team members. The whole product workflow and service library can be managed using margins, custom price lists and many more.

CRM and Quoting

You can manage your customers while tracking sales throughout the client lifecycle with a full, single-page overview of contacts that includes communication history, contact details, project, quotes, invoices and orders. Filtration and sorting of contacts is also possible based on the latest activity, location, configurable tags and categories. Scoro provides a visual overview of the sales funnel and can define the closing probability rates for every given stage within the workflow. It also lets you gather quotes together and send them in PDF files plus convert the quote’s service into tasks for any team, or to convert the quote into a supplier’s purchase order.

Project management

This feature allows you to manage the whole project just from one web page. It’s functions include invoices and expenses, planned tasks and meetings, time spent and billed, files and comments. You can also allocate non-billed and billed work, create budgets and compare against results. Project portfolios can be managed by configurable statuses, such as in-progress or complete, and tags like type, market or department.

Reporting and Dashboard

The Scoro dashboard organizes all conversations, actionable items, and Key performance indicators (KPIs). It can also report on how the team is utilized, what the team is working on, and displays all the non-billable and billable work, missed deadlines, completed jobs, delegated and unassigned tasks and other important data. It can also display project status in real time and includes what has been completed and what remains to be done. Generation of detailed financial reports on the actual results can also be undertaken to include budget deficit or surplus numbers.


Scoro lets you configure activities, identify types of products, tags and statuses, plus add custom fields to almost every feature and set permission for users. It also provides a selection of PDF templates for orders, quotes, reports and invoices, and reports and the option to build a custom template – using bookmarks – to create hundreds of different and effective reports.

Accurate budget and expense tracking

Team managers need to manage project budgets and ensure that expenses don’t exceed the budget. For efficient expense, an Excel spreadsheet can’t be an option. Accurate data is the basis of accurate and detailed budgeting. That is why managers need to insert all the information about complete work and used resources. Comprehensive team software that has features for managing all business process ensure that all data can be stored in one place. In management of large team, users can save hours though avoiding importation of data from one tool to the next.



Scoro is available in three pricing model which all of them require a minimum of five users and are payable on monthly basis. Also available is a free trial plan. Here are some of the details:

Plus- $22 for every user per month (with Onboarding from $899)

  • MailChimp integration, Dropbox, Toggl and Calendar
  • Financial and work reports
  • Calendar and task management
  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Business dashboard
  • Invoices and expenses
  • CRM and quote management
  • Basic project management

Premium – $33 per user per month (with Onboarding from $899)

  • Low-volume QuickBooks and Xero integration
  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Advanced and Corporative reports
  • All plus features
  • Planner
  • Late invoice reminder
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Work-time billing
  • Advanced task management
  • Advanced project management

Ultimate – $55 for every user per month (with Onboarding from $899)

  • 5 Users (minimum)
  • High-volume QuickBooks and Xero integration
  • Commission calculator
  • Unlimited customization options
  • All previous plan features
  • FTP server integration
  • Advanced resource planning
  • Budget and forecasts

Technical Details

Devices: Web-based, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and windows

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small Business and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Knowledge base
  • News and updates
  • Blog
  • User guides
  • Video tutorials