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Full Scoro Enterprise Project Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Scoro


What is Scoro?

Gone are the days when happy workaholics are revered as model employees. These days, workers are encouraged to pay attention to doing more in lesser time and effort. Working harder and staying up late does not equate to a more productive day. Sure you are willing to stay up late and work overtime, but working late during wee hours takes its toll on an employee’s health reducing your productivity badly.

When an employee works smarter, a work and life balance are achieved contributing to a healthier and happier disposition. Working smarter also enables an employee to allow time for his personal development, making him maximize his potential. All in all, a happier and more knowledgeable employee is more productive and brings more

This is why, Scoro came up with a technology solution that will enable workplaces to live by the principle of “work smarter, not harder.” Scoro’s founders, Fred Krieger and Priit Matiisen only had one thing in mind when they made Scoro – “there’s always a smarter way to get work done.”


Founded in 2013, Scoro is a business management solution that caters to creative and professional services, like advertising, consulting, and IT, and offers a way to streamline and eliminate routine tasks to ensure an efficient and smoothly running venture. Because of its comprehensive work management solution, it provides small to medium-sized companies with a control hub that will display in one screen their account information, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), pending tasks and schedules, and calendar of events, among others.

In May this year, Scoro was acknowledged by G2 Crowd as the “Easiest to Use” B2B software and it was the 6th Highest Rated Business Process Management software. The G2 Crowd is a global B2B review platform which has 200,000 software reviews.

In the second quarter of 2018, Scoro clinched the #3 spot out of more than 150 business cloud-based management solutions listed on GetApp, a leading software repository.

Scoro managed to close a €1.7 million ($1.9 million) in seed funding from SmartCap, an investment arm of the Estonian development fund, Inventure from Finland, and Alchemist Accelerator, a Silicon Valley enterprise, in 2016. It used the fund to speed up the development of its automation features and integration of business tools. It also expanded its sales and grew its support team in its main office in Tallin, Estonia, and London, UK. It also has three international offices in Riga, Latvia; New York, USA; and in Vilnius, Lithuania. Today, Scoro has at least 130 employees and a total annual revenue of $2 million.

Scoro Benefits

If you want to streamline your schedules and tasks to manage your time more efficiently, try Scoro. Using Scoro is found to be helpful when you are looking for a single software that allows you to manage so many applications that often times gets too complicated to handle.

Scoro’s dashboard is not only pleasant-looking but most importantly, it allows users to see a project status in real time. Project leaders can get a glimpse of what tasks should be assigned and what are those that have already been completed. If you are having trouble keeping tabs of your finances, Scoro easily gives you a peek at what work is billable and non-billable.

It is also fully customizable according to users’ needs and preference.Scoro

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when using Scoro:

  • Scoro keeps you organized. Being the only platform which provides a single space to control the business, Scoro allows users to be organized in various aspects in doing their tasks. The platform keeps users to stay on top of their performance as they see all the changes in real time. This means that the tasks are organized by day, week, or month on a list, allowing users to customize and prioritize. It can integrate with systems such as iCal, Outlook Google, and other calendar apps. If you find Dropbox convenient, you can integrate it too with your Scoro account and access your files anytime and anywhere.
  • Scoro saves you time. You don’t need to use a separate software or application to reach your clients. Scoro keeps all the contact details of both your suppliers and customers that you can filter using tags, location and categories. It saves your time by allowing you to link directly to your client and you can create and issue invoices here, too. With Scoro, you can track expenses and billable project times. Getting a scan of the comprehensive financial reports is also possible making you manage your accounting and finance easier. The software can connect with Mailchimp to organize mailing lists and XERO to synchronize financial data.
  • Scoro secures your information. Scoro also grants access to a specific project only to the staff who are supposed to work on it, giving project leaders the security that important information stays confidential.
  • Scoro is mobile-friendly. Scoro has also come up with a mobile version of the application for both iOS and Android users. This will allow users to do what they have to anywhere they are.


Scoro Features

As a business management software, Scoro promises to “bring structure to your work” through its integration of various applications and programs. Here are some of its key features:

  • Project Management. Scoro provides users a view on how their projects are doing and what should be done next. Managing your project portfolio is easy with Scoro.The Projects tab houses all the projects and its details – completed projects and active projects, the start date, income, costs, and statuses. The tab allows you to see how your team is doing, in real time. You can also create budgets for projects and easily compare these against the actual outcome.
  • Calendar Management. Scoro’s Calendar tab gives you an overview of your team’s workload. You can schedule work and assign tasks using Scoro’s planner and schedule your meetings in a shared team calendar. Each user can manage his own tasks based on their priorities, project statuses, and deadlines.
  • Financial Reporting. Scoro allows you to use reminders for late invoices and billings, while recurring invoices can be scheduled. The credit and sales invoices can be sent through a PDF format. You can also monitor all your purchases and orders. With its invoices and expense management, you may also compare several budgets against the actual revenue and get forecasts based on your scheduled invoices and booked deals. Users are also allowed to set multi-currency custom rates and manage product and service library, including price lists and margins, among others.
  • Customer Management. Scoro also allows you to manage and track your customers. Its Contacts tab gives you the contact details, projects, quotes, orders, invoices and communication history. You can filter your contacts using tags, location, or latest activity. Scoro also has the Quotes tab to track your sales and get a visual of your sales funnel.
  • Business Dashboard. Scoro’s comprehensive dashboard gives you an idea of your KPI, actionable items and conversions. You can get a view of how your team members utilize their time, their billable and non-billable work, missed deadlines, and the actual budget deficits and surplus. This will help you make sound decisions that are based on facts when you need to get things done.
  • File Management and Sharing. Scoro can integrate fully with your current tools to help you access your files and schedules any time you need them. You may synchronize it with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook. You can also connect it to your file storage like Google Docs, Dropbox or FTP server.
  • Custom tags, custom fields. Scoro is fully customizable. You may configure activity and custom fields to almost any feature. You can also set permissions for each user if you want to limit access to certain projects. Using bookmarks will also help you in customizing views and reports.
  • Mobile app. Scoro is available for download from the App Store or Google Play. With its mobile-friendly application, you can have everything you need to know about your projects on your smartphones. You can access your projects or create new ones, check on your team mate’s tasks and time management, and make contact with your customers immediately. Mobile notifications will also help you to keep up to date with what you need to work on.



Scoro offers three pricing plans which all require a minimum of five users and is payable on a monthly basis. Its pricing includes:

  • Plus Plan – The Plus plan is available at $22 per user per month. This covers the onboarding from $899, the CRM, intuitive dashboard, task management, calendar, basic project management tools, quote management, invoices, reports on financing and output. You can also integrate with other third-party apps like Toggl, Dropbox and Mailchimp, among others.
  • Premium Plan – The Premium plan bills each user $33 a month and covers all Plus plans features, such as an additional planner, billing for time at work, task management (advanced features), project management (advanced features), invoicing (you can send on schedule), reminders for late invoices,  and comparative reports. Integration with other apps such as Quickbooks and Xero are also possible.
  • Ultimate Plan – The Ultimate plan costs $55 per user per month. You include the previous features outlined in the Plus and Premium packages and add resource planning, customized options (unlimited), budget planners and forecast, commission calculator, and integration with FTP server.

If you wish to give it a try and see if it fits your business needs first, Scoro offers a 14-day trial for free.

Technical Details


Scoro is cloud-hosted and is accessible to users using various devices, including Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based. It is available in the English language to small and medium businesses. Its pricing models offer monthly subscriptions.

Scoro offers support via its website’s Help Center where users can find the introduction to the software, a walk-through on how to use its dashboard, a detailed instruction on how they can set up their site and the menu, and free live webinars where users can learn to know everything about Scoro.

Using the Help Center, users can watch the video to know about the basic information on the software, a Help button where helpful articles are posted, including:

  • Users and access rights
  • Search settings
  • How to reset passwords
  • Events and tasks
  • PDF templates for quotes and invoices
  • How to use bookmarks
  • How to use filters
  • How Watchdog works
  • Tags
  • Version updates; and
  • How Scoro protects your data

If you wish to view video tutorials, all these information can also be watched online. However, if you cannot find the help you are looking for, Scoro’s staff can help you via email and phone. It also provides training to users to ensure that they fully understand how the software works and how they can maximize it to their team’s advantage.

Support Details


Scoro is a reliable project management software. If you are looking to improve your business process and work smarter, you may find Scoro as an excellent choice. If you want to get a glimpse of where your business is right now and what your available resources are, Scoro can give you that. Its features let you focus and take control where you most need it.

It can help you lessen complications brought by too many applications needed to get things done. The software houses everything you need in one platform which saves you from incorrect or double data entry. Avoiding unnecessary mistakes could save you a lot of valuable money in the end.

The software also gives you an enhanced tracking capability to avoid inadequate reporting. You can track time, projects, finances, and resources in one space. This assures you that you are making good decisions based on the reliable data at hand.

If you want to remove the clutter in your work schedules and take control of everything related to your work at your fingertips, you may give Scoro a shot. Try it for free to 14-days to see that it does what it promises.