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Full Scoro Project Management Software Review – All you need to know about Scoro

Scoro Project Management Software

What is Scoro Software?

Scoro Software is a cloud-based business management software that targets small to medium sized businesses to provide them with an easier what-to-handle business workflow. Using this project management solution, you can collaborate, schedule, track and handle finances all in one unified platform. Everything related to your business workflow, including customer management, can be done using Scoro Software.

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Founder Fred Krieger and co-founder Priit Matiisen noticed there was a need for a business management solution that would provide a complete overview of all your business workflows. Therefore, they launched Scoro software in 2013 from their place in the United Kingdom. This project management solution quickly gained roots and grew to expand globally. Today, organizations like Newton, Grant Thornton and WSI are using this business management software to keep their companies organized and working efficiently.

Scoro Software enables business professionals like yourself to control your entire business workflows from one place. In additions to the reputable project management solution, you can also schedule, collaborate, quote, bill, report and have a CRM all in one business management solution. You no longer need to switch between various applications as Scoro can do it all for you.

Benefits of Scoro Software:

There many useful reasons why you might want to use Scoro Software within your organization. One of the main reasons is the various benefits it can provide you. Have a look at this overview of the benefits provided by this project management solution and how it can help you improve your overall business workflows.

  • Scoro Software is the most comprehensive business management platform on the market today.
  • This project management solution is the only platform that will allow you to control your entire business workflows and processes in one place.
  • You can stay on top of all your organizational performances from a single place through the ability to have real-time views of what is going on and when.
  • Gain security as you can allow various users to have different levels of privileges so that only the right team members are working on specific projects.
  • Save precious profitable time by getting through all organizational projects in an orderly fashion that is designed and executed by you.
  • The dashboard is both user-friendly and modern. Through the intuitive interface you can gain a clear visible path into individual business workflows or as a full overview according to your preference.
  • This project management solution is very easy to use. Everyone from your tech savvy partners to your less tech savvy team members will have no trouble using this software.
  • Scoro software is fully customizable so that you can have it cater to your needs instead of you having to change your business processes to meet the software requirements.
  • This business management solution is constantly developing to provide you only the highest quality platform from which to manage your organization.
  • Never again do you need to worry about confusion as this software puts all your business workflows into an easy to follow and logical path of execution.
  • You will find both productivity and work efficiency will rise dramatically after you implement this software into your organization.
  • There is a free trial that you can make use of for 14-days to help you determine if this is the right fit for your organization. There is no commitment to purchase when you sign up for the trial.
  • Since today’s modern workplace is always on the go, the ability to manage your organization from the road using the mobile applications make it ideal for those who aren’t chained to a desk.

Features of Scoro Software:

There are many features that make Scoro Software the world’s leading business management solutions. Each feature provides you unique abilities that will help you handle your business undertakings with ease and without complications. Here is an overview of those features.

Business management:

Gain a complete 360-degree view into your entire organization and business workflows from this one project management solution. You will be able to see everything that is happening within your organization with a bird’s eye view. Furthermore, you can dive deeper into areas of business that you are most concerned with and want to stay on top of for efficiency sake. Stay on top of your entire organization by seeing time spent, bills sent, planned tasks and even meetings that are conducted. Finally, you can also create budgets, send out invoices, submit expenses and manage your entire project portfolios from this one location.

Work Scheduling and Tracking:

Whether you are a fantastic planner or a disorganized one, Scoro Software can help you keep things together. Schedule work and assign tasks to various team members using the Scoro planner to help you. Have an instant visual overview of all your employee workloads, set realistic project deadlines and even avoid overbooking and backlogging. Schedule meetings with individual departments or department heads.

Moreover, you can schedule events and projects while linking them to certain clients. Have everyone manage their task lists through the ability to set priorities, statuses and deadlines according to your parameters. Track actual billable hours with clients so that you get paid for time spent. Finally, avoid complicated time sheets by keeping track of everything automatically.

Financial Management:

Let Scoro take care of routine, cumbersome tasks. Automate all your late invoice reminders including scheduled and reoccurring invoices. Send out invoices as PDF’s that can be done as either sales, prepayment or even credit invoices. Stay on top of all purchases and cost related to certain projects or departments. Find out the best budget scenario to follow through the ability to compare them all against actual revenue, profit and cost forecasts.  Go global with the ability to set multi-currency custom rates. You can set these rates based on team members, clients or any of your on-going projects. Finally, manage your entire product and services repertoire by making custom price lists or margins.

CRM and Quoting:

Use this business management software to manage customers and track sales. You can get a complete overview of all your contacts on one page from the first time you met until you complete the service. Furthermore, keep a database of contact details, projects, communication histories and even quotes, orders and invoices given on a client by client basis. Set search and filter parameters based on tags, locations, activities and even categories that are completely configurable. View your entire sales funnels and get defined probability rates for each individual stage. Finally, compile all your information info PDF files with just a couple of clicks.

Reporting and Dashboard:

Make smart business decisions based on fact instead of gambling. You can keep a close eye on your KPIs, conversions and even actionable items using this beautiful dashboard. Know how your teams are being utilized and where they are spending their time. Furthermore, have a detailed overview of all work that is either billable or not. Delegate and assign tasks and find out what jobs are completed and when. Never miss deadlines, but find out if one is. Always know who your projects are coming along with a real-time view into their progress. Finally, get a quick look at a detailed financial report that is based on actual results with a surplus and budget rates included.


Use Scoro Software with any of the current tools you are using for your business workflows. Synchronize your Scoro docket with any of your current calendars including  Outlook and Google. Access files where you need them through file storage integrations. Keep your mailing list up to date and in sync through marketing automation integrations.

Additionally, sync Scoro with any of your existing accounting software. Connect with thousands of other applications through Zapier in order to automate tasks. Use the open API to build integration with almost any other software.

Pricing Details of Scoro Software:

Offered to you through Scoro are three pricing plans you can review. All the plans require at least five users, have an on boarding cost of $899 that is payable monthly. Take a look at the details.


This plan costs $22 per user per month. What you get is the business dashboard, calendar and task management, basic project management and CRM plus quote management. Furthermore, you get invoices and expenses including financial and work reports. Finally, integrate with calendar, Toggl, Dropbox and MailChimp.


For $33 per user per month you get all the same features as the Plus plan including the planner, work-time billing, advanced task and project management. Moreover, you get scheduled invoicing, late invoice reminders and advanced with comparative reporting. Finally, you get low-volume QuickBooks and Xero integrations.


This plan is $55 per user per month and with it is all the features in the Premium plan. Plus, you get advanced resource planning along with budgets and forecasts. Additionally, you get the commissions calculator, FTP server integration and unlimited customizable options. Finally, there is the high-volume QuickBooks and Xero integrations.

Technical Details of Scoro Software:

This project management solution is either cloud hosted or as an open API. Scoro is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Furthermore, manage your business from anywhere using the web-based version on any device as long as you have a connection to the internet. Get the mobile apps that are designed for Android or iOS mobile devices and can be found in their respective stores.

The supported language is English.

Support Details:

It is essential the business management solution you choose will offer you support if and when you need it. Scoro has three various support options you can use when the need arises. Here are those details.

Email: Through a dedicated email address, you can contact the staff at Scoro anytime you have any issues or concerns. This method is best used for non-urgent matters and Scoro can take up to 24 hours to respond.

Phone: There is a dedicated call back number you can use when you need to speak to a live representative. Leave a message and they will get back to you promptly. Your message will enter a queue and when it comes up, a representative or tech will respond and help you out remotely.

Training: Scoro offers you a comprehensive list of training options that include webinars, online training and in person training. Make use of the option that suits you best so that you can use this software to it’s fullest potential.

Resources: Through the vendor website there are many resources you can use from manuals, FAQs sections and much more that will give you the answers you need to the most common issues. Have a look at the vast array of information you can find in the resources tab.


You know what your business management needs are better than anyone else can. Therefore, it is essential you weigh the various aspects of any project management solution you are considering for your organization. The fact that Scoro is the only software on the market that allows you to conduct your entire business workflows including managing staff and budgets from one place makes it appealing.

Scoro Software can integrate with just about any current software you are using, thus it is very versatile. Since you need to stay on top of the day to day operations conducted throughout your organization, Scoro can help you do so with ease. You won’t have to go looking for information or deal with miscommunications as everything will be at your fingertips in one unified location. Everything from your CRM to your organizational reports can be achieved using this software.

Overall, Scoro Software is a complete package. There is so much potential bundled up into this one business management solution that you will always be finding new ways to conduct business workflows. Using this project management solution, you will be able to conduct business in a more organized and efficient manner that will impact your bottom line positively.

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