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Full Scoro PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Scoro

Scoro PMS Software

Are you still relying on spreadsheets to manage your projects? Or are you still spending too much of your time analyzing time sheets? Then, the time for using spreadsheets in managing your projects has come to an end. Scoro business management solution has been developed to allow you to control your entire workflow from a single location. Scoro PMS software will help you to improve your results by offering you simple and easy ways for managing your project activities. With the use of Scoro application, you and your business will stay ahead in sales, product planning, and marketing for many years.

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In project management, we are often faced with almost the same challenges in every field – it doesn’t matter whether you are a person or company offering professional services or creative services. When it comes to managing multiple projects and being responsible for accomplishing them, you will need a trustworthy software that will bring structure to your work. For this case, Scoro PMS software has been developed to handle most of your business needs and in the end, improve your business outcomes. The use of this tool will make you a leader in product planning, sales, and marketing for many years.

Are you satisfied with the manner in which you handle or organize your projects? Or would you like to have a better overview of every project, task, and schedule? If you want to take control of your projects, you will need a structured project management timeline for the purposes of planning and tracking your work. Don’t worry because all the tools you need have been embedded as features in Scoro business management solution. With Scoro system, you will be able to plan your time and projects, manage your clients, track your business outcomes, and send invoices.

Scoro application is an ideal business management solution for perfectly managing your projects, tools, finances, and customers all from a single location and therefore, you will not need to shift between different applications and emails or bother people in order to get your work done.

What is Scoro PMS Software?

Scoro PMS software is an end-to-end work management system that gives you control over your workflow from a single location. This business management solution is designed to be used by both professional services and creative services individuals and businesses. As a major advantage, Scoro pushes and pulls data to and from different applications so as to give users control over their entire workflow.

Scoro PMS - projects

By being an all-in-one application for business management, Scoro application is structured in a way that brings together sales, teams, and projects.

Some of the most important features that will come with Scoro PMS software include resource planning, task and project management, quoting and billing, real-time dashboard, and enterprise-level reporting. This business management solution is designed to help both small and medium businesses in different industries including IT, consulting industries, and advertising among others. The system serves the companies in these industries with features such as project management, collaboration, CRM, work scheduling and tracking, dashboards and advanced reporting, and quoting and billing.

Scoro application provides you with an immediate visual overview of every employee’s workload, deadlines that are realistic, available slots and potential over-bookings. With the availability of Scoro business management solution, say no to the use of time sheets. Scoro automatically adds the employee’s completed tasks and calendar events to their work reports.

Using Scoro PMS software, you can access a control center that displays account information, calendar events, outstanding tasks, and the highly relevant performance indicators and more from a single screen.

Scoro PMS - tasks

With the project management features, tools or capabilities offered by Scoro application, you will be able to create project budgets, identify billable and non-billable jobs, and manage meetings, tasks, expenses, files, and invoices. With this business management solution, you will be able to manage every project information from a centralized location and do real-time tracking of your team’s progress.

Scoro PMS - project timeline

When it comes to project management, Scoro PMS software allows you to manage everything from a single location and these include planned tasks, time billed and spent, meetings, expenses and invoices, files and comments. Using Scoro application, you will be able to create budgets and allocate both non-billable and billable work. Scoro PMS software ensures effective management of project portfolio by allowing you to configure statuses such as in progress or completed, and tags like department, type, and market.

On matters of CRM and quoting, Scoro business management solution allows you to have a complete overview of the supplier or client on a single page from the time the communication started to the final invoice. You will view information like communication history, contact details, linked files, project linked in addition to all orders, quotes, and invoices. Scoro application provides you with a visual pipeline view. With the software, you can drag and drop deals while they move from one phase to the next.

Scoro PMS software also automates billing by allowing you to issue sales, credit and prepayment invoices and send them as PDF files. Scoro application also supports the automation of late invoice reminders, recurring and scheduled invoices. The reporting and dashboard provided by Scoro PMS software allow you to monitor your KPIs plus actionable items. With this business management solution, you will also receive reports on tasks, work, time, and finances among other things.

Scoro application also offers localized solutions by providing country-specific integrations within the European market.

Benefits of Scoro PMS

Scoro PMS software offers several benefits to businesses and users. Some of these benefits are explained below.

Scoro application is a comprehensive work management solution

Scoro business management solution is currently the most comprehensive work management system that is available in the market today. Scoro application is the most developed platform through which users can manage their business from one location. Scoro PMS software makes users stay ahead of business in terms of performance by allowing them to view all the changes made on tasks in real-time. As a user of Scoro application, you will be able to schedule tasks by day, week, or month and automatically compile them in a list, which a user can sort as required. This business management solution also provides security since users can be allowed into the system by different levels and this ensures that only relevant employees are working on a particular project.

Scoro business management solution saves businesses precious time

During project management, Scoro application is highly effective in saving businesses precious time. Organizations can quickly add tasks and the tasks can be readily linked to clients. You can archive email tasks in a smart inbox and subsequently display those tasks on a task list.

Scoro PMS software can keep all contact details on a single page

With regard to CRM, Scoro business management solution can be used to keep all the contact details of suppliers and customers in a single page. You can search, sort, and filter those details based on categories, tags, and location. You can also quickly access them by saving filtered views as bookmarks. Also, you can use the same view to create and issue invoices.

Through Scoro PMS software, you can also issue sales, credit and pre-payment invoices in almost any currency. You can also use the system to track project times that are billable and expenses. Scoro makes finance and accounting much easier through allowing you to view comprehensive financial reports with just the click of a mouse.

Scoro’s dashboard allows users to view projects in real-time and the system is customizable

Scoro’s dashboard is not only visually appealing, but it also allows users to view the status of a project in real-time. It can also provide an overview of both non-billable and billable work, tasks that are to be assigned and completed work. You can also customize Scoro application in accordance with your preference and this allows you to add custom fields for almost any of the features provided within the application. As a business, you can also opt for PDF templates for reports, invoices, orders, and quotes.

Scoro Business management solution can seamlessly integrate with several applications

Scoro PMS software can successfully integrate with multiple systems and these include Outlook Google, Cal and other calendar apps. Through their Dropbox accounts, you can access files from anywhere at any time. Scoro application can also connect with Mailchimp for the purposes of synchronizing mailing lists and also XERO for managing financial data. Furthermore, Scoro mobile app for Android and iOS has also been made available and allow users to access the platform while they are on the move.

Features of Scoro system

Scoro business management solution - task management

Scoro business management solution incorporates several features that make it one of the leading project management software in the market today. Some of Scoro’s features are as follows.

  • Business dashboard
  • Invoices and expense management
  • Custom fields
  • Quote management
  • Work-time billing
  • Budgets & forecasts
  • Multi-currency
  • Configurable statuses
  • Task management
  • Resource planning
  • Custom tags
  • Automated alerts
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Comparative reports
  • Customer management
  • Commission calculator
  • Project management
  • Financial reporting
  • File management & sharing
  • Company news feed
  • Calendar management
  • Late invoice reminders
  • Multi-language
  • Lead management

Below we provide summarized details of some of the capabilities offered by Scoro application through its features.

Project management

With Scoro PMS software, you will be able to see clearly the performance of your projects and the next steps that need to be taken.

Scoro application allows you to manage almost everything related to your project from a single page and these include planned tasks and meetings, time billed and spent, files and comments, and invoices and expenses.

Scoro business management solution allows you to allocate both non-billable and billable work and thus you can view the performance of your team in real-time.

With Scoro PMS software, you can create budgets for projects and compare them against actual results. Also, Scoro application will help you to manage your project portfolio by allowing you to configure statuses such as in progress, completed, and tags such as department, type, market etc.

Scoro application - project management

Work scheduling and tracking

Using Scoro PMS software, you will be able to assign tasks and schedule work using Scoro’s planner.  The planner provides you with an immediate overview of each person’s workload, available slots and potential overbookings, and realistic deadlines.

Scoro business management solution makes it possible for you to schedule meetings in a shared team calendar, and then link every event to projects and clients for a complete overview.

Using Scoro PMS, each employee can manage his own task lists by priorities, statuses, projects, and deadlines.

The business management solution also allows tracking of billable and actual time that has been spent on a project or a customer and transfer those hours to an invoice with just a few clicks.

With the use of Scoro PMS software, there is no need for timesheets.  The system automatically adds completed tasks and calendar events of every individual to their work reports.

Scoro business management solution - work scheduling and tracking

Financial management

With Scoro application, you can automate late invoice reminders, recurring and scheduled invoices. Also, the system allows you to issue sales, credit and prepayment invoices and send them as PDF files. You can also use the application to track your costs and purchases. You can compare multiple revenue scenarios in relation to actual revenue, profit, or costs. Using the system, you can also set multicurrency custom rates according to team members, projects or clients

Scoro application - financial management

CRM and Quoting

Scoro PMS software allows users to get a complete overview of their contacts from a single page, search, filter, and sort those contacts according to configurable tags, latest activity, categories, and location.

Using Scoro application, you can also get a visual overview of your sales funnel and compile quotes and send them as PDF files.

Scoro PMS software - CRM and Quoting

Reporting and Dashboard

Using the reporting and dashboard feature of Scoro business management solution, you will be able to make decisions that are based on facts and not gut feelings. Scoro allows you to monitor your KPIs, conversations, and actionable items, to know how well your team is utilized, to get an overview of non-billable and billable work, to see the performance of your projects in real-time and to view detailed financial reports.

Scoro PMS -reporting and dashboard


Scoro PMS software has three pricing plans and all of them require a minimum of five users and are payable monthly. The system also has a free trial plan.

Plus –  costs $22 per user per month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • Basic project management
  • Calendar, Dropbox , Toggl and MailChimp integrations
  • Invoices & expenses
  • Business dashboard
  • Calendar & task management
  • CRM & quote management
  • Onboarding from $899
  • Financial & work reports

Premium –  costs $33 per user per month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • All Plus plan features
  • Onboarding from $899
  • Advanced task management
  • Low-volume QuickBooks and Xero integrations
  • Advanced project management
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Late invoice reminders
  • Planner
  • Work-time billing
  • Advanced & comparative reports

Ultimate –  costs $55 per user per month

  • Minimum of 5 users
  • All previous plans features
  • Onboarding from $899
  • High-volume QuickBooks and Xero integrations
  • Commission calculator
  • Advanced resource planning
  • FTP server integration
  • Budgets & forecasts
  • Unlimited customizability options

Scoro PMS - pricing

Request a 14-day free trial at scoro.com.

Technical Details

Scoro business management solution runs on devices that support Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The language supported by the system is English only. The pricing model for this application is monthly payment. The customer types served by Scoro PMS software are small businesses and medium businesses. The software is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of Scoro application offer their support via training, email, and phone.

Email: info@scoro.com

Facebook: Scoro

Twitter: @ScoroSoftware

LinkedIn: Scoro

Instagram: teamscoro

Google + : Scoro


More support at help.scoro.com.

More contact details at scoro.com.

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