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Full Schedulista Appointment Scheduling Software Review – All you need to know about Schedulista Appointment Scheduling Software

What is

Online appointment booking is easier through Schedulista now. Now you have the opportunity to reduce the wait time without any worry.

If you are a hair stylist, chiropractor, personal trainer or teacher, you can use this application. A lot of times when teachers are not in the office, students have to wait.

Well, with this application students will know when the teacher is present. They can reach to the teacher by viewing the calendar and booking their slots.

It will help resolve the issues quickly and they can interact without waiting too. There is less time wastage through this application. It is necessary to get used to such applications for the businesses.

It helps them in operating better in the competitive market. Whether you are using a smartphone or PC, you can access the application easily. It also offers custom branding which is easy to manage and reach out to the clients.

What is Schedulista?

What is

To get the online appointments quickly, Schedulista works as the best software. You have multiple access to features through this software.

If you have this set up in the business initially, you will be able to create the client base quickly. There is no delay in booking appointments through this software.

As a business, you have to make the payment for the service. However, for the clients’ end, they will access it free of charge.

It is a great solution to accept appointments online as you can access it from the phone too. But it also comes with the SaaS service which has multiple features. Therefore, it helps in scheduling the appointments with the smooth interface online.

You can book the appointments through various means like Facebook, main website or even through SMS. Other options are through emailing and by the application of the software.

It is best for the salons, therapists, accountants, and such services. Even teachers can utilize this application to set up the appointment with the students.

This way the students will know when the teacher will be free. It will help them save time on both ends.

Schedulista interface

Benefits of Schedulista


There are many benefits of similar software which people use in the salons. You can find the unique ones within Schedulista which fit according to the needs of your business.

Here are some of the great benefits for you to utilize.

Easy to use

It is easy to use software to make the bookings online. When you have this integrated with your business, it is hassle free for the clients.

Even the staff has access to it to measure their performance. They would know that they will get the rewards after their efforts.

They will perform better which will be better for your business overall. There are proper booking forms on the application which the client have to fill.

It has the information which service they want to get and the timing along with it. With the automation process, the date is present on their calendar too. It automatically sets up the notification for them before the time of the appointment.


Most of the times clients forget and they do not reach at the appointment. Well, with this application, there is no chance of missing or forgetting about the appointment.

The reminders are there constantly for the client and the employee on the same day. It helps them prepare so they can reach there on time for the service.

The customized application helps you change the appearance of the interface within the software. You can access the software from your phone or the computer with your login ID. 

Daily Reporting

There are reports present in the application to view the performance of the business overall. With the help of google calendar integration, this application keeps the data within the system.

Even if you have to refer back to the appointment then you can check the previous month calendar easily.

It helps you keep the track that when you went to the salon last time. You can keep the tracking easily without spending much every other week.

Ladies love to visit the salons so you can keep the average count through this application.


There is an option to remove or add the properties within the application if you do not want anything in it. You can make changes to the interface according to your needs.

If you are an employee, you can make changes to the dashboard. If you are a client then there will be a different approach to it. However, if you are the owner then you will have the access to everything.

You have to keep the track of all the things so you can access anything within the application. Reach out the employees through their data and check on the client’s information.

Features of Schedulista


To understand Schedulista better, here are some of the features you can use to enhance your business. 


The best thing about Schedulista is that it is compatible with all the main devices which people use. Most of the people have android or iOS, Schedulista supports both.

Even if you wish to access it through the web-based system, you have the chance to do it. It has the cloud based hosting which saves the data and you can retain it later. Suppose you do not have the same phone so you can download the application somewhere else.

Easy Access

Access it through your login ID and your data will be there. If you have to book the appointment and do not have your phone then you can do it through another phone as well.

You just have to know your login information to access your data. Cloud saves your information and retains it when you enter the application.

No one can see your information other than you and how you have customized the application. It is dependent upon you how you operate it. It can be different for the clients, employees and the owner of the business.

All can have different views for it depending on who is using it and for what purpose.

Clients are able to book the appointments instantly and it satisfies them. This service keeps them connected to your business because of ease.

As the salons are busy, they do not have to wait for eon calls to know if there is a slot available. They can check the dates on the software and book accordingly on the empty slots.

Modern Design

The design of the application is modern and up to date. Anyone can understand it as it is in the English language. It works smoothly with all kinds of users.

There are email campaigns with in the application where you do not have to pay extra. You do not have to contact the marketing agencies now since this application is enough for your business.

The integration with social media network spread the services of this business easily.


Schedulista offers the MailChimp integration which is a great source to get contacts. The more contacts you have, the better it will be for your business.

You can keep adding the users with the application and utilize it at the best. You have to follow the pricing plan for the software so that you can keep on receiving the services.

Pricing plans differ so it is better that you contact the representatives to know more about it.

Without any wait time, you can book the appointments for the salon and get the services done. It helps the business grow quickly and they can have good client relationships. 


Whenever someone books the appointment, there is the auto system to send the notifications to the employee and the client.

The confirmation is there on the email of the client and if they make the payment then it appears on the application too. This way the employee can see that payment is done so they do not ask for it as well when you reach the salon.

A day before the appointment, the reminder goes to the employee and the client both so that they can prepare. I tis s useful way to keep yourself prepared in the busy lives.



When we talk about the software Schedulista, there are few options for the pricing plan. You have the option to use the trial services to know how the software works.

It helps you in understanding and knowing if it is feasible for your business or not. It will guide you through the features so you can make the best use of it for the business.

You have the access to trial for 15 days and if you like it then you can continue for the price plan. Here are some of the quick details about the pricing plans for Schedulista.

Single User

The single user payment is $19 per month. There will be all the necessary features which you require for the business. However, if you increase the users then the price will change.

Up to 15 Users

When you have more than 10 users but less than 15 users, the cost will be $39. It is a good package to utilize for small businesses as they do not have many employees.

If you have more than 15 users then you have to get the quote from the representatives. You can contact them anytime to get the assistance.

The price will determine the number of users. It may be less for each and in the combine, you can afford it.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

This software supports various devices for business operations. Even if you are away from the computer, you can use it on the phones. It supports android and iPhone.

Along with that, the access is there for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPad. You can also use it through the web based system as well.

Language Support

This software only supports the language English.

Pricing Model

There are two main types of Schedulista for you to utilize. One is through the monthly payment however, the second is through quoting.

If you wish to get the monthly payments then you have to select the plan for it. For the quote system, there will be all the features which you need for the business. The price will determine upon the features it contains.

Customer Types  

The best way to use this software is for small businesses. The businesses which set up initially and do not have much base of customers.

It helps you in building the base and later on you can get more packages. It is also considered good for the freelancers to interact with the clients.


The deployment for this software is through cloud hosting services.

Support Details

Schedulista provides ultimate support to the clients through email and phone. If you have any questions or feel the need to contact then it is available for you.

Another option for you is to get in contact through live support. The professionals guide you with the process for the solution.

If the solution is not there instantly then they provide you a specific time for the resolution. If you wish to receive training for Schedulista, the experts are there to help you with that too.

You can understand the main features of this application to operate it in your business. This way you will not miss out on any feature which can benefit you as a firm.


For quick booking of appointments, there is nothing better than Schedulista. It helps the clients to book their appointments by viewing the slots online.

They do not have to call the representatives anymore and wait to get attended. It reduces the wait time and people book their appointments without any hassle. Schedulista works with MailChimp where it can import contacts automatically.

It depends upon the setting of the application. When you have the MailChimp attached, it will take the direct list of contacts through it.

You can import or export the contacts easily through this integration. You can also build the custom campaigns of marketing through this application.

It helps the customers be aware of your updated services over time. You can spread your message easily through this application and get popular.

It is all in one application which is a must-have for all the new and small businesses looking for big endeavors in the future.