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Full Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Scaleo


Affiliate Marketing is unarguably one of the fastest growing business models on the cyberspace. With a projected rise to $6.8 billion in affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. by 2020, you could rightly term it as evergreen. Nonetheless, the processes necessary to run a successful Affiliate Marketing business can be daunting, hence, the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software.

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Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is a SaaS (Software as a Service) affiliate management and tracking software with real-time reporting and anti-fraud technology.

The Software simplifies the processes involved in running a successful Affiliate Marketing business. It also provides the necessary tools to enhance Affiliate Marketers productivity and increases sales.

Additionally, the software provides an advanced reporting solution for advertisers, affiliates and networks. With this software solution, businesses can make informed decisions regarding payments and commisions.

The software is a product of Scaleo, a group with over ten years of experience in tracking and affiliate and tracking technologies. The software was developed in 2015 and has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

In this Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software review, we shall be having a thorough assessment of the benefits, shortcomings, features, and pricing of this software.

New or familiar with Affiliate Marketing and are looking for a possible solution to automate your processes? You might want to stick around as we analyze this software. Ready?

Let’s bounce!

What is Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software?

Scaleo Affiliate Marketing software offersBefore we learn about the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software, you should take a look at the explainer video below.

The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is an affiliate management and tracking solution that provides the necessary tools for the setting up of an Affiliate Marketing business. The software comes with a real-time reporting feature and a free Anti-fraud logic. It also has full API access.

If you already have a business website set up and want to integrate the software into your business, the API module helps you get access to the full functionality of the software. You set and use.

The Anti-fraud logic protects businesses and users from fraudulent activities such as click frauds. On the other hand, the real-time reporting feature gives users access to statistics on finance and campaign performance.

Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software provides affiliates with varieties in offers to promote on the dashboard.

The Software allows users access to enhanced statistics, multi-client functionality, landing pages, multiple conversion points, and campaign automation. The software also has other features that are available for free to its users. Quite generous!

The software also allows users to add their direct affiliates and advertisers all on one platform.

Furthermore, the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is web-based and mobile friendly. Users can access the software from anywhere and from any gadget provided there is internet connectivity.

Overall, Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software enhances flexibility and productivity and accountability.

Having known what the software is, let’s now see how it works.

How does Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software work?

At first usage, there is a 14-day free evaluation trial; this period allows you to understand the software and how it works. You can either choose to upgrade or decline after this free evaluation period. It all depends on what you want from an Affiliate Marketing Suite.

Nonetheless, keep reading as we demystify this software further.

There are three User Access to the software; Manager, Advertiser and Affiliate Access.

Signing Up

Requirements for signup are:

  • Select your preferred plan.
  • Input your full name
  • Email
  • Company name
  • Skype ID
  • Platform name
  • Set up your Scaleo internal URL.

Scaleo Affiliate Marketing software signup

Remember that marked fields are necessary.

After successfully signing up, the support sends you a confirmation email containing your username and password. Use the information provided in the email for your login. After login, you should start navigating around the software.

Adding Affiliates

On the dashboard, you have the option of adding an affiliate by clicking on the affiliate menu item, click on add and fill in the information on the dialogue box that shows up.

scaleo affiliate marketing software affiliates

Adding Advertisers

To add advertisers, follow the same procedures you used while adding up an affiliate.

scaleo affiliate marketing software advertisersThat’s it! The best way to know how the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software works is by having a hands-on experience. You can start by signing up for the 14day trial.

Also, there is a step by step tutorial on other essential functions of the software. You should also check those out.

So, having had a fundamental experience of how the software works, let’s now take a look at the benefits of the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software.

Benefits of Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

Here are the advantages of Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software.

Fraud Prevention and Protection

With an increase in cybercrime, the need for fraud prevention and protection becomes imminent. In affiliate marketing, there is a tendency for the occurrence of fraudulent activities. For example, you could have an affiliate who might be into clicks and ads fraud practices, thereby shortchanging you.

It’ll also shock you to know that click fraud currently grows yearly at a 50% growth rate. What this means is that click fraud is on a high and there is no indication it’ll stop anytime soon. It also says that your Affiliate Marketing business is at risk.

However, with the Anti-fraud Logic solution, users can quickly detect any form of fraudulent practices. The software does this by checking every conversion to ensure that incoming traffics aren’t from questionable sources.

Money Saver!

On-time Invoicing

The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software comes with an invoicing solution that allows businesses or users to pay affiliates and partners on time.

The feature expedites the payment process by allowing businesses to maintain good business relationships with affiliates and publishers. Thinking of a better way to build better affiliate relationships, this might be the right tool for you.

Real-Time Reporting

Decision making is crucial in businesses, with affiliate marketing inclusive. Think of a report that comes from an Accountant to the management board. This report enables the management board to make financial projections.

When a report is faulty, it poses an advert effect on a decision making process.

The real-time reporting function of the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software provides an up to date reporting. It helps businesses make informed and valid decisions with regards affiliates payments and referral commisions.

Affiliate Referral

Referrals are one of the ways through which businesses can grow their clientele. Same applies to Affiliate Marketing.

With the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software, businesses can now grow their affiliate networks by leveraging on existing affiliates. The software has an affiliate referral system. It allows existing partners to refer their families, friends, business associates, and any other individual with similar interest.

As long as the product or services are of premium quality, this effective referral system remains a veritable tool for enhancing clients acquisition.

Extensive Tools

Affiliate Marketing involves a lot of creatives creation. If you’re an advertiser and want people to adopt your products quickly, then you should work on your creatives.

Away from having a real-time reporting function, the productive tools within the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software allow you to enhance your creatives.

These tools include campaign directs, landing pages, conversion points, etcetera. By making use of these tools, you can create and enhance your landing pages for proper optimization. Other creatives include email and banners.

Easy to Use

You might be seeing the use of this phrase as quite ordinary and overused. But this is the way to describe the usability of this software best. The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is easy to use. It has a user-friendly UI (User Interface) with a dashboard that is easy to navigate through.

Just hover and click!

If you’re are a non-techy individual with a phobia for complex technical structures, this software might be appropriate for you.

You might want to take a look at this review from a user.

scaleo affiliate marketing software review

Enhances Mobility

There could be moments when you have to make some real quick transactions with your affiliate partners. However, you discovered that you could only do that with a PC. But you’re not with your PC, just your phone.

Unfortunately, you still couldn’t access your software with your phone. Frustrating!

However, this is not the case with Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software. The software is web-based. All you need to access the website is a gadget and internet connectivity.

With this software, you just run your Affiliate Marketing Business on the go.

Other benefits include:

  • Highly Responsive Support Team
  • Flexible Pricing.

Now we have the advantages. It’s about time we learned about the software’s shortcomings. Shall we?

Cons of Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

Minimal Theme Selection

Some persons appreciate a system where they can tweak out their ways. Customization it is!

Though Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software provides basic customization, however, it isn’t flexible when it comes to theme selection.

So, you decided to change some visuals, like play around with the coloration of your interface. However, you discovered that you were limited to only two theme selection. Disappointing right?

While some persons might see this as not necessary, you never can tell – the man sitting next to you might just be saying something else.

No Built-in Messaging

If you’re a publisher or advertiser, wouldn’t it be nice if you had an instant messaging platform within the software?

Sure you would want it!

Having a messaging platform would help connect advertisers, affiliates and networks. This feature will enhance the business relationship and also increase trust.

Maybe not necessary as some may see it, but creating a platform that’ll enhance business relationship won’t hurt.

Features of Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

There are several features of the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software which we shall be learning about right away.

Full Access API

This API tool allows you to integrate the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software into your business website in a seemingly straightforward manner.

The API has two variant; API for Affiliates and API for Managers.

To use the Affiliate API on your website, you would need to ask a manager. The manager approves you, you get verified, and then you install the API. You should see your unique API key.

To gain access to the full API, ask the admin to activate it for you. After activating, you should find your API key on your dashboard.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is cloud-based. It hosts its services on one of the trusted web service providers, Amazon Web Services. This feature ensures the protection of clients data.

Affiliate Referral

Grow your network by utilizing this affiliate referral feature. This feature provides the platform for affiliate reward on acquiring a new affiliate through referrals.

Anti-Fraud Logic

The Anti-fraud feature allows you to check for fraud by analyzing sources of traffic from every conversion. It uses in-house and external measuring points for executing the checks.

Comprehensive Statistics

The statistical feature of the Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software allows you or your affiliates track performances to know what’s working and what’s not.

Widget Area

Adding widgets to your panel helps you inform your partners and affiliate about any future update.

Real – Time Report

The real-time report feature gives real-time data report by the minute. No lags!


The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software has a three option pricing model; Scaleo medium(M), Scaleo Large (L), Scaleo Xtralarge (XL). These three pages have different prices with some restrictions on the lower options. Subscription is on a monthly basis.

Below is a screenshot showing a comprehensive list of the pricing model.

scaleo affiliate marketing software pricing

Technical Details

The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is web and cloud-based. Runs on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

There is also a full API module for independent installation.


The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software support team is very responsive. The team consists of a live chat, contact form, and a support portal where you can see answers to frequently asked questions.

Also, there is a real support person and an extended help desk. The support’s response is usually in 5minutes.

scaleo affiliate software support

Wrapping Up

The Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software is arguably one of the best Affiliate tracking tools out there. Features like the Anti-Fraud logic and real-time reporting makes it unique. The Anti-fraud logic feature is one feature that would give you value on your investment.

Remember you can still signup for the 14 days trial. This period is long enough to allow you to decide on whether or not this software is suitable for your business.

With that in view, you also should be able to place the cons as listed on this review page as against the pros inside different bowls tied to a balance scale.

We do not know the shape of your scale. However, if you feel you can talk to us about it, We’re open.

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