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Full Sapaad POS Software Review – All you need to know about Sapaad

Sapaad POS software

As a cloud-based POS software, Sapaad system is used by food businesses such as fast food and full service, cafes, dine-in, walk-in, home delivery, and take-out. With the Sapaad system, you will get a POS, a CRM, inventory management, back office management, delivery management and reporting within a suite. The software also has a tablet and mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Sapaad software solution is designed to solve different problems within the restaurant industry. Some of the problems solved by Sapaad POS software are explained below.

Designed for mobile restaurateurs

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Today’s restaurant businesses involve people who are always on the move. However, they have to know how their businesses are performing even if they’re away. With the live dashboard provided by Sapaad software solution, owners can have a great view on the performance of their businesses by virtually using any device.

Recipe management/ food costing

With Sapaad system, you are guaranteed of effective management of sub-recipes and staple supplies. Users can create recipes very quickly, view how the costs of menu items are impacted by ingredients, and measure quantities.  This capability ensures that restaurateurs stay ahead in business and they sustain their profitability. Food costs are immediately reflected via recipes.


As one of its strongest features, Sapaad POS software integrates with widely known third-party accounting applications and thus sales data can be automatically posted from the platform to accounting systems like Tally and Xero at the closing of the day. With no manual entry, Sapaad system succeeds in eliminating or preventing human error.

In today’s business world, small businesses rely on POS systems to conduct sales. For this case, they will use a PC, cash register, or a tablet when it comes to inputting products, determining costs, and closing the sale. With many POS systems, they will be able to track inventory levels and make sure that enough products are available in stock. For big-box retailers, they will most likely rely on expensive POS systems as they prefer those that are custom built to serve their needs. On the other hand, smaller shops are increasingly opting for cloud-based POS software.

Below, we provide you with more details on Sapaad software solution for you to see whether it will be a good choice of POS for your business.

What is Sapaad POS Software?

Sapaad system - sales dashboard

Sapaad system is a cloud-based POS software that is designed to meet the needs of food businesses such as cafes, full service, and fast food, dine-in, home delivery, walk-in, and take-out.  As a full suite, Sapaad offers POS, CRM, reporting, delivery management, inventory management, and back office management. With Sapaad software solution, you will also be able to access a tablet or mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

With its multi-location management feature, users can monitor their business from a single screen and perform changes to menus throughout locations. Sapaad POS software is compatible with standard click screens and touchscreens.

Some other features that are offered by Sapaad system include customer management, delivery call center and e-commerce as add-on modules. Also, Sapaad POS software can successfully integrate with merchandise planning and warehouse management systems like Tally and Xero.

When it comes to pricing, Sapaad software solution is offered on a monthly subscription basis based on the number of locations and users. With solutions, users can also connect to multiple devices.

As a POS system, Sapaad system is known for its frequent feature updates and ease of use and this makes it a powerful and cost-effective tool that can be used by restaurant owners from any place. As a POS platform, Sapaad software solution has gained much popularity among restaurant businesses in Dubai. This cloud-deployed application shows no discrimination as it serves both small cafes and restaurant chains. It is the perfect choice of POS for food service businesses that deal in walk-in, take-away, dine-in, and online and delivery orders.

Sapaad software solution brings order even to the kitchen environments that appear to be the most chaotic as it provides users with the opportunity to improve sales and build more customer loyalty. The system can be easily set up and is also easy to use as it takes care of all the things involved.

Sapaad POS software offers a rich user experience and allows businesses to focus more on very important tasks. Sapaad is the ideal POS tool to sustain the thriving of your business as it operates since it doesn’t need servers nor IT contracts that are very expensive. The tool is also affordable as the vendor has taken into consideration the financial capabilities and budgets of businesses. There are no setup costs for Sapaad software solution nor any hidden fees and expensive licenses.

For the purposes of building the trust of customers, Sapaad POS software has a free trial version which is available for customers who are interested in testing the application. All that you need is a PC plus an internet connection. The hosting of the application is done by its providers and this allows you to let go of the worries associated with server maintenance, contracts among other things.

Benefits of Sapaad POS

Sapaad POS software comes with several benefits to users and businesses which can help them increase revenues and as a result grow their businesses. Some of these benefits are as we explain below.

Sapaad system is great for business owners

Sapaad software solution provides its users with a customizable and powerful dashboard that gives them rich reports and insights into every aspect of their business. With Sapaad system, you can monitor employee performance, control the quality of your business operations, from anywhere at any time.

Sapaad POS

Sapaad software solution is easy to set up and use

You will not need so much time and resources to the get the system running as the installation only takes a few minutes. One major advantage is that you can immediately involve yourself in exploring the solution once its installation has been completed. Sapaad POS software boasts of a great user experience and this allows users to focus on the very important issues while the system does the rest.

From signing up to order taking, you’ll be into the system in a matter of minutes. The application provides a phenomenal users experience.

With Sapaad POS software, there are no IT headaches

Sapaad system is a cloud-based solution and all that you need is an internet connection and a browser to get a complete POS system packed with lots of features for your business. This means there are no expensive servers nor IT contracts that are necessary.

Sapaad system effectively manages inventory and food costs

With Sapaad software solution, the management of inventory and food costs has been simplified by the systems inventory module which is able to control costs. This is attainable with the help of features like recipe management and food costing which come with the system.

With Sapaad POS software, you can also directly send or receive purchase orders through the system. By just the click of a mouse, Sapaad system allows you to transfer and receive stocks in between distinct locations. Additionally, Sapaad POS software does real-time tracking of stock movement and wastage cost.

Sapaad software solution is designed for you

Independent of the size of your business, Sapaad POS software works perfectly to meet the needs of small and multi-chain restaurants. The application is designed to serve the needs of dine-ins, walk-ins, online, home delivery and takeaway orders.

Sapaad software solution - Dining area

CRM and home delivery tracking

Using Sapaad’s Delivery manager feature and its built-in CRM, you will be able to track home deliveries from the moment the order is placed to the time it is delivered. You can also set up your own call centers that you can use to take orders for every restaurant location. Kitchens will be able to receive printing of all orders and this makes food preparation much easier. If it interests you, you can even choose to have a customer database that holds customer data like order history, contact info, and favorites.

Sapaad POS software - CRM

Sapaad system supports online and mobile ordering

With Sapaad software solution, users can use their mobile to take orders and do the processing of payments. The system provides a rich web and mobile experiences to its customers that include checkouts, order tracking, and online payments.

Sapaad software solution - online

Sapaad system - place order

Sapaad POS software has a powerful and customizable dashboard and reports

As a user of Sapaad POS software, you will gain access to its powerful, customizable, and multidimensional dashboard through which you can get reports and insights that are generated for any business aspect. These will include real-time analytics, monitoring of employee performance and quality control, and analysis of sales trends by using any device.

Loyalty Program

For better customer engagement, Sapaad system allows users to have their personalized loyalty programs that can greatly boost customer loyalty and revenue. The feature has been fully integrated with the product and it allows you to have a loyalty program almost immediately. Sapaad makes it possible for customers to tack, earn, and redeem loyalty effortlessly.


For the purposes of enhancing the security of the system, Sapaad software solution comes with a biometric feature that only allows authorized users to login into the system by the touch of their fingers. This makes the system secure and also ensures quick logins. The feature prevents fraud and system abuse.

Sapaad POS software is a low-cost POS system

Sapaad system is known for its affordability as the powerful platform is low priced. The vendor sells this software on a pay-as-you-go basis and the available pricing plans suit the needs of any restaurant establishment and their budget.

The pricing for Sapaad software solution starts at only $59 and there are no any setup costs, hidden fees, or expensive licenses involved.

Features of Sapaad System

Sapaad POS software incorporates a number of features that make it an ideal POS system for restaurant establishments. These features include the following.

  • Call Center Module
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • SMS Notifications
  • Central Monitoring for Restaurant Chains
  • Online Ordering
  • Sales Reports through Business Dashboard
  • Offline Mode
  • Recipe Management
  • ERP Integration
  • Accessible through Tabs, Smart Phones, and Desktops
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Loyalty Programs


Sapaad system provides several pricing plans for any business size and thus businesses of different sizes and number of locations can greatly benefit from the capabilities offered by this software. Every pricing plan offered by Sapaad have the following common features.

  • Dine in and Walk-in orders
  • Menu Items Configuration
  • Multi-printing
  • Super Dashboard
  • Tablet App or Table Mate
  • Service management

With regard to the number of outlets and users that a business has, Sapaad software solution offers the following pricing plans.

Small – priced at $59 per month

  • 1 Outlet
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 10 Users

Medium – priced at $99 per month

  • 2 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 25 Users

Large – priced at $199 per month

  • 5 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 65 Users

Upsize – priced at $299 per month

  • 8 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 100 Users

Enterprise – priced at $399 per month

  • 12 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 165 Users

Enterprise 15 – priced at $749 per month

  • 15 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 200 Users

Enterprise 20 – priced at $999 per month

  • 20 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 300 Users

Enterprise 30 – priced at $1499 per month

  • 30 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 450 Users

Enterprise 40 – priced at $1999 per month

  • 40 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 600 Users

Enterprise 50 – priced at $2499 per month

  • 50 Outlets
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 750 Users

Inventory can be included for only $69 per month. It includes the following features:

  • Food Costing
  • Purchase Management
  • Digital Stock Take
  • Recipe Management
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Stock Management

Home Delivery plans are priced from zero to $999 and they accommodate from 1000 to 200,000 customers. The features below are included in all these plans.

  • Delivery Management
  • Customer Database
  • Delivery Assistant
  • Home Delivery
  • Cloud Printing

Sapaad - Pricing1

Sapaad - Pricing2

Sapaad -pricing3

Schedule a demo at sapaad.com.

14-day free trial available at sapaad.com.

Technical Details

The devices supported by Sapaad POS software include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The software only supports the English language. The pricing model for Sapaad system are monthly payment, annual subscription, one-time payment, and quote-based. The customer types supported by Sapaad software solution include small business, medium business, and large business. The application is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

Vendors of Sapaad software offer their support through Email, phone, tickets, training, and live support.

Facebook: Sapaad


Instagram: sapaadpos 


More contact details at sapaad.com.

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