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Full SAP Configure, Price and Quote Software Review – All you need to know about SAP

SAP Configure, price and quote Software

What is SAP CPQ?

SAP CPQ Software is a reliable sales configuration system. SAP CPQ offers you a selling solution by cutting through the complexities of various sales software. This CPQ solution helps you to streamline the selling process. SAP CPQ is also an automated selling solution process that enables users to provide solutions that meet the unique requirements of customers.

SAP Software is a German-based multinational organization. They make enterprise software that helps organizations like yours to manage all your enterprise resources from business operations to customer relations. SAP Software headquarters is in Walldorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. They also have regional offices in 180 different countries around the globe. As a company, they have over 350,000 customers in those 180 countries. They are also a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 Stock market index.

SAP sales configuration system is a significantly improved selling solution. This solution enables your sales teams and customers to configure, price, quote and also order various products with accuracy and efficiency.  SAP CPQ has a very scalable engine that is capable of performing bottom-up. This selling solution also can make the normal top-down approach. SAP software is very robust and provides you with a blend of multiple solution components. Finally, it is a complete sales configuration system that will integrate seamlessly with your everyday services and sales initiatives.

Benefits of SAP CPQ:

You want to know that you are getting the very best you can when you choose software for your organization. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of how this software will benefit you. Here is are the details of the various benefits you get with this CPQ solution.

Use a  sales configuration system that is user-friendly.

You want to be sure that your users will be able to sell more configurable items. Therefore, you want your CPQ solution to be easy to use. SAP CPQ provides you with ease of use for all your users regardless of how tech-savvy or non-tech savvy your users may be. The ease of use lets you sales representatives focus more on selling rather than fiddling with a CPQ solution that is confusing.

Allow your customers and partner channels to use the self-service option.

With the ability to offer more and gain more sales, your sales representatives will have the time to focus more on their selling tasks. Your customers will have the option to use the self-service function to be able to choose the products or services you offer that is suited to them. They will appreciate the ability to look at their own pace rather than listen to various tracks about your products. As a result, you will be able to gain more sales. The same can be done for your partner channels, providing them with a clear line of sight into your offerings.

Increase your profitability through sales efficiency.

Allow your sales team to focus most on increasing sales through the efficiency provided by SAP CPQ. No longer will your sales team be struggling with finding the resources they need to close deals or waste valuable time fact-finding. Your sales configuration system will be able to identify where opportunities lie for your sales team to be more efficient. Regardless of how complex your product offerings are, your sales team will be able to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities through notifications sent by your CPQ solution.

Provide a selling solution that is virtually error-free.

By using SAP CPQ, you are providing your sales team with the selling solution they need to create proper quotes and proposals. Through this tool, rest assured that your quotes and proposals are accurate and without error. Having accurate quotes will save time for you and your staff and allow them to generate documents with ease.

Move the sales cycle forward through the whole quote-to-cash process.

Having the ability to use a sales configuration system for your selling solution enables your staff to reduce the time they spend getting through a sales cycle. As a result, your customers and staff will spend less time doing manual paperwork and focus more on closing the deal. Your customers will be happy because their time will not be spent doing tedious tasks. You will allow them to complete the sales cycle with ease and efficiency.

Increase overall organization profitability through this selling solution.

Enabling product bundles will help save time for your staff and customers. You will only need to create one proposal, one quote and one contract through the use of the bundling benefit. Having the ability to put various products together into a bundle will allow your sales team to sell more and make more profit for your organization. You can group these bundles by purchased with options or as complimentary products.

Allow your team to configure their selling solution.

No two sales representatives have the same technique. Many have established their selling capabilities through trial and error. Having a highly configurable selling solution for your staff to use allows them to make it what they desire through the customization options. Since this CPQ solution is fully intuitive, each sales representative will be able to design their quotes and proposals based on their customization preferences.

Learn about SAP CPQ before taking the plunge to purchase.

Your sales configuration system is the backbone of your sales representative’s work. Therefore, they need to have the right selling solution for them. You know what is best for your organization. Make use of the SAP CPQ free trial period to help you determine if this is the right selling solution for you and your organization.

Features of SAP CPQ:

SAP software comes with a variety of features that you will be able to implement into your selling process. It is important that you review these features in order to help you determine if this is the right CPQ solution for you.

  • Produce a mix from lower margin standards to more advanced margins. Producing this is done through the ability to mix configurable products together.
  • Data Exchange for a collaborative selling solution. Having the ability to do data exchange enables your sales representative to share knowledge and move between tasks with the same data set.
  • Through the knowledge-based orchestration, you will be able to have a complete selling solution that provides the tools with your staff need. Through this orchestration, one sales representative can pick up where another left off.
  • Load data into your CPQ solution with ease using the data loader. The Data Loader tool is the perfect way to get prospects into your selling solution without having to tediously go through them one by one. Just upload customer information right from your CRM.
  • Interactive pricing allows you to make changes that will be calculated Each time the value of a characteristic is changed, the price of a solution will change in the configuration.
  • Have available user exits and open APIs to help you find the relevant information needed as it relates to pricing exit user types.
  • Automatically allow for quotes and proposals to generate orders. Through this process, you are saving time having to create orders manually. Once a contract is signed off on, send the proposal to order and have it done automatically for you.
  • Use solution modelling to help your sales team offer the right products for your customers. Through the information stored in your CRM and selling solution, your sale configuration system will be able to pick through it and determine what your customers need.

Pricing Details of SAP CPQ:

As a sales configuration system that you will use as a selling solution, you need to be sure that you are getting exactly what you need. No two organizations have the same requirements or needs. Therefore, SAP CPQ doesn’t have a pricing model that is set. If you want to find out the pricing of this CPQ solution, you will need to contact the vendor in order to find out what their enterprise pricing is.

The vendor will then take information gathered from you and use it to help them create the selling solution you need. Through this process, you will be able to find out additional details of this CPQ solution.

Technical Details of SAP CPQ:

There are two different deployment types you can get with this sales configuration system. Though primarily it is cloud-hosted there is also a web-based version that you can access with the right internet connectivity. The operating systems that work best with this CPQ solution are Windows and Mac, though you can use the web-based version on any device you currently own regardless of the operating system.

There are a variety of support languages that you can use when using this selling solution. Supported languages are English, which is the primary language supported. Also offered is also Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Swedish

Support Details of SAP CPQ:

The backbone of your organization is your sales team. Without them, your profits wouldn’t be as high or as steady. You need your organization to have a sale configuration system that will constantly work for them in order to be more effective in their jobs. For that reason, you need to know that when you choose a CPQ solution, you are getting one that will work for you when you need it most.

Therefore, when you encounter issues or technical problems, you have to have the support needed to rectify these issues quickly and efficiently. The support that is offered by your CPQ solution could be the deciding factor as to whether or not you choose that system for your organization. As such, here are the support details that are offered by SAP CPQ.

Phone: When you purchase this selling solution, provided to you will be a number that you can reach to gain support from a live representative. They will do their best to troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone and help to resolve it right then and there.

Live Support: The other support option you have is to use the live chat that is built into your software. Any time you encounter issues you can open a chat window and speak to a live representative regarding the issues you are having. They will follow the same process as if you called in and tried to troubleshoot your issue so that it can be fixed remotely. They will escalate any issues that are not able to be rectified upon initial contact.


SAP CPQ is a sales configuration system that will work as your selling solution. This CPQ solution comes with a wide range of customizable features. These features are those that you can work with to make it benefit you and your organization. However, the vendor website is very limited in the information they will provide you. The staff at SAP CPQ is keen on you contacting them for any additional information you might require. They want to know who is viewing them and what you are information interests you. For that reason, you will gain little from visiting their website.

Overall, as a CPQ solution, SAP CPQ does tick all the boxes. The ease of use to the highly customizable options makes it a great sales configuration system for your organization. There are a variety of simple and complex features that will truly benefit your organization. Read reviews and listen to experts in order to make the soundest decision you can regarding your selling solution. If you have more questions or need more information, fill out the contact form on the vendor website, and they will be happy to provide you with the information you require.