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Full SAP Ariba Procurement Software Review – All you need to know about SAP Ariba Procurement Software

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SAP Ariba is a procurement software solution which improves your buying and settlement processes, letting you gain control over the costs and risks involved.

With SAP Ariba, you will have access to a large number of pre-enabled suppliers, easy supplier and catalog enablement, and integration with the Ariba Network, which is a network of more than 3.6 million connected companies.

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba provides a procurement solution for both buyers and suppliers. It lets businesses of all sizes connect with trading partners from anywhere, at any time , and from any device. With SAP Ariba, businesses can buy, sell and manage their cash efficiently.

SAP Ariba simplifies procurement and supply chain processes, letting trading partners collaborate and ultimately make faster, smarter buying and selling decisions.

Transactions take place over the Ariba Network. This large business-to-business (B2B) network, is a treasure trove of intelligence since millions of trading partners use it to generate trillions of dollars in commerce yearly.

SAP Ariba strengthens your business’ ability to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing customer needs, to mitigate threats to your supply chain, operations, and reputation, to automate and streamline your source-to-pay process letting you do more with less, to collaborate effectively with your team and business partners, and to help you build new business models and revenue streams.

Benefits of SAP Ariba

Lets look at some of the benefits which make SAP Ariba one of the leading procurement solutions on the market today.

  • Connected: Ariba Network is the largest B2B network in the world. It facilitates trillions of dollars in commerce every year. This provides a treasure trove of stability. In addition, the size of the network tells volumes about the platform’s stability.
  • Adaptable: You can design your own custom SAP Ariba solution which contains only the modules you need in order to manage your digital process transformation. SAP Ariba solutions are designed to fit how you do business with your suppliers and other trading partners.
  • Extensive ecosystem: You can work with Ariba’s global partner ecosystem on tailored solutions, source-to-settle process improvements, and procurement and supply chain risk mitigation.
  • Trusted, secure and stable: SAP Ariba has been around for over 22 yers and is backed by the stability, innovation, and technical resources of SAP.
  • Comprehensive: From the time you source an item, until you buy it, SAP Ariba facilitates efficient and effective cost controls, maximizing on savings, minimizing risks and process automation.
  • World Class Support: SAP Ariba’s support provides helpful best practice tips, resources, tools for process transformation, and tips for effective change management.
  • Intelligent spend management processes: With SAP Ariba, you can access data from any source. You can then improve on it, enhance it and then put it to work instantly. You are also able to connect processes across your business. This makes spend data readily available, and the instights provided help everyone to continuously change and enhance results. All of your business needs can also be met by connecting relevant third-party solutions or adding custom functionality.

SAP Ariba Features

SAP Ariba provides users with a number of innovations which makes procurement, fulfillment, and financial supply chain management simple. This procurement software removes layers of complexity and gives buyers the tools they need to manage everything from sourcing items to purchasing them all in one place.

Supplier Management

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SAP Ariba Supplier risk builds due diligence into the procurement process. With this solution you will be able to customize risk views and alerts to your business to each of your supplier relationships, and to your role. Overall, you will have a comprehensive idea of what each supplier has to offer, allowing you to make more timely and accurate business decisions, ultimately improving the relationship you have with trading partners.

SAP Ariba integrates closely with other SAP products, ultimately making it easy for you to get a grasp of how your supplier network is made up.

SAP also provides the SAP Ariba Suppler Lifecycle and Performance lifecycle management solution. It assists owners with the procurement process by directing their spending towards preferred suppliers, and ensuring that compliance is applied across your entire supply base.

Essentially this lifecycle management solution provides an accurate account of your supplier record, facilitates the process of suppliers maintaining their own information, lets you manage suppliers based on preset specifications, and improves the speed and effectiveness of your procurement process.

Source Strategically

SAP Ariba Procurement Software Strategic Sourcing

Businesses can use SAP Ariba to handle all of their sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all categories of spending all from within one piece of software. By using SAP Ariba, you will be able to aggregate, and classify all purchases made across your entire company. In addition, you will gain more clarity on segment spending and be able to readily spot opportunities to save.

Setting clear guidelines for how your business operates is important for having an effectively run business. SAP Ariba lets businesses create standardized source-to-contract processes across their entire business. This software also helps businesses to ensure that they actually see the savings they negotiated.

Direct Spend Solutions

SAP Ariba is an excellent tool for digitizing your extended supply chain. With this comprehensive procurement software, you will reap many benefits such as improved time to market and time to volume. This is achieved by combining research, development, and product design with sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management, ultimately accelerating innovation.

In addition, SAP Ariba enables the sourcing of all materials and services corresponding to multi-level Bills of Materials without having to leave the platform. The platform also makes sure that businesses collaborate with their suppliers effectively, warning them about possible supply shortages before they even occur. It’s also possible that businesses may be charged a rate that does not tie into the contract made with a supplier. Luckily SAP Ariba minimizes this by comparing purchase orders with actual supplier agreements and making sure that everything matches back up.

Users also have the ability to screen how qualified suppliers are which helps to prevent supply chain interruptions. They also have complete visibility of the supply chain, which allows for collaboration with multiple supplier tiers. This gives businesses the ability to reduce their inventory levels, increase their fill rates, and team productivity.

Extensive Procurement Capabilities

SAP Ariba provides innovations such as guided buying and spot buy. Additionally it comes with a large database of pre-enabled suppliers, easy supply and catalog management, as well as integration with the Ariba Network. This can reduce buying cycles by around 50 percent, cut supply costs by around 10 percent, and lower processing costs by between 25 to 60 percent.

Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP Ariba Procurement Software Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP Ariba allows businesses to streamline transactions and invoice management. With this procurement solution you can automate invoice capturing, define workflows, and automate approvals. It can also aid businesses in eliminating invoice exceptions as well as to ensure that invoices are linked to purchase orders, contracts, and services sheets. SAP Ariba also factors in jurisdictional invoice tax regulations, and to capture more early payment discounts.

Enhance With Drag-and-drop Tools

You can extend the functionality of SAP Ariba with tools which allow you to create standalone forms and create and modify process flows. You can even create new procurement business processes.

SAP Ariba APIs

SAP Ariba Procurement Software API

SAP Ariba APIs enhance a business’ procurement solutions, and gives access to cloud-based data. With SAP Ariba, you can add information relating to specific processes, industries, or locations to your existing tools and apps. Business data for approval, reporting, and/or analytics is also available. Applications created using the SAP Ariba API can be created on any cloud development platform.


You will need to contact SAP in order to get a price for SAP Ariba. Packages are flexible and tailored to the individual needs of clients. Ultimately this means that pricing will vary from client to client.

Technical Details

SAP Ariba is cloud hosted and is accessed through a web-based interface. Currently the only language which is supported is English.

Support Details

SAP has made the following resources dedicated to buyer support available:

  • Buyer Onboarding
  • Change Management
  • SAP Ariba Benchmark Program
  • Supplier Enablement
  • Find Suppliers on Ariba Network
  • SAP Ariba Education

The following resources are available to suppliers:

  • Help Center
  • Supplier Training
  • SAP Ariba Customer Hub

Live demos and webinars are also available on the following topics:

  • Supplier Success Sessions
  • Best Practice Webinars
  • PunchOut for E-commerce Managers
  • Creating Electronic Catalogs
  • Integrating With Your Customers Through cXML

If you need assistance and need an SAP Ariba partner to help you buy, implement, run, or support an SAP Ariba solution, you can use the Find a Partner resource.

Support is also provided via email and over the phone.


SAP provides users with a wide range of features which help to optimize their procurement process.These include financial supply chain management, and access to the SAP Ariba API. If you need assistance there are extensive support options at your disposal. Perhaps the most important feature you will have however, is access to the Ariba Network which allows buyers and suppliers to collaborate on transactions and strengthen their relationships while discovering new business opportunities.