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Full Samanage Service Desk Software Review – All You Need to Know About Samanage


What is Samanage?

Samanage is an information technology (IT) service management solution that aims to simplify the complicated tasks and at the same time automate the most basic ones. It fulfills an organization’s need to oversee its employees’ technology-based work-related issues and concerns in the easiest and most efficient way possible. All this in order to increase the employees work capacity and a company’s overall productivity.

Partner up with Samanage and solve your employees’ needs as fast as possible. Endow them with the capacity to make requests and submit tickets in the least amount of time for the least amount of effort so that they can still salvage some energy to perform for the rest of the day.

At the same time, let Samanage empower your IT agents with tools to solve your employees’ concerns — and solve them quickly, comprehensively and with consistency. That’s two for one. And it all adds up to maximum productivity for you.

Samanage’s one-of-a-kind Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform provides you with morph speed for service delivery via an ITSM solution. Sit back and see how teams can work as fast and as efficient as they are supposed to. ESM rethinks how information technology can visibly provide additional value to your organization by streamlining your service request mechanism and thus the rest of your business processes, up until the delivery of the final product.

This simply means that Samanage will help you embrace web services using WSDL files, implementing precise service management best practices to optimize productivity in automating operational processes.

It is significant to note that little functionality just complicates matters with no real benefits to your organization. On the other hand, if you overdo and create too much functionality, it can result in too complicated business processes that will be difficult to maintain.


Plus with smarter service management innovations, you get to optimize delivery solutions to boost your overall productivity.

An important part of this is done by empowering your IT agents. Let them lead the charge by providing them with smart tools to streamline your different departments — IT, Human Resources and Procurement.

Also with Samanage being a SaaS application, you can get the most from the feedback mechanism. Thus, what your clients have to say about your service can make it possible to jumpstart your business processes and also improve Samanage — and your own — operations. Happily, Samanage can update the app with little to absolutely no service interruption to you or your clients.

At the helm of Samanage is Founder and CEO Doron Gordon. Before putting up Samanage, Doron also co-founded and was Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Continuity Software, which provides disaster recovery and high availability management solutions. He also founded and was CEO of Always-On Software, which was an innovative application service provider.

Samanage has two offices in the US, one in Cary, North Carolina and another in San Francisco, California. There are are also two offices in Europe, one in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and another one in London, UK. Samanage has one office in Paddington in Australia plus a post office box in Netanya, Israel.

Samanage Benefits

Samanage is the highest rated and the most reviewed IT help desk in the market today.

Simple to use

Samanage believes in just the right amount of automation.  Automation that reduces employee workload and effort plus saves up on time, particularly for managing your information technology services and assets.

Agile and intuitive design and technology

Samanage has been around for 10 years. Long enough to shake off the tiny kinks but still so shiny and new that it was able to use the most advanced, up-to-date technology that is now available.

Enjoy our streamlined designs that also place a premium on user feedback and efficiency.

Stunning dashboard

Samanage’s Dashboard presents as an intuitive IT-related management tool. It has key performance indicators (KPI) in metrics and graphs to update you on your business at a glance.


Make use of Samanage’s power to organize your company data. Take advantage of the points of interest your data will reveal such as the asset’s performance, specs, location, metrics, reports, and configurations plus other key insights that will push your support service to its optimum capacity.

Periodic reports are important to track a company’s progress and figures on service requests, the current status of pending tickets and requests, the average speed of resolution and, most important, customer satisfaction can help a company correct its pat in mid-air so as to prevent a service desk disaster.

What’s more, the Samanage dashboard can help you form data-based observations for the benefit of the organization.


Easy integration

Integrate popular — necessary —  business applications from Google, and so much more. Also, integrate your email with a very useful self-service portal.

Portable office

More and more companies are seeing the value of allowing employees to work out of the office. Employees not only save on travel time and the other concurrent hassles of traveling to the office. They also get to work on their own pace and in their own space. Thus there is less pressure and, it turns out, a higher quality to the performance.

Fortunately, Samanage can be easily accessed via any kind of mobile browser even while you’re miles away from the office.

All shapes and sizes

Samanage is fully-scalable. It was designed to fully comply with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is a highly suitable IT service desk application that can boost the workflows of large companies. Also, as a cloud service, Samanage is great for small and medium companies.

Cloud 9

Samanage requires no hardware nor software to have it installed into your office computer or on your employees own laptop or gadgets. required. Deployment is fast and efficient via a true cloud. Best of all, you are forever and ever free from worrying about site maintenance and upgrade costs.

After deployment Samanage will automatically collect all of your IT asset configuration data. This will enable you to acquire detailed reporting and alerts via an easy-to-use and elegant interface.


Easy monitoring

Since Samanage frees you up from having to worry about site maintenance, you have more time to monitor your business assets and control your business processes. All with greater ease and accuracy. Take the extra time to also check up on your hardware and other software to ensure a hassle-free work environment for all.

Maximize your IT team

Many companies have yet to acknowledge just how important the information technology team is. Suffice to say that if an organization is to not just stay afloat in the murky waters that are the 21st century, the company IT team has to be topnotch.

IT teams can cut the workload for the support personnel, streamline processes, and deliver superior service. Their high level of performance can serve as an inspiration and can push the other departments to also up their game.

Samanage empowers both small and large information technology teams to have a comprehensive view of the IT organization. This will hopefully inspire them to share helpful and insightful information that will benefit the organization. Samanage reporting, and insights on measurability will equip your IT team armed with information that is useful for them and that is beneficial to the company. This will truly show the importance of IT to  optimize your organization.

Transparency means efficiency

Enjoy a more streamlined approach to address ticket requests and service requests plus fulfillment processes. Use Samanage to provide all employees with better visibility to their tickets and requests. This way, with all the information on hand, agents can raise tickets that much faster. All pending, ongoing, and resolved issues can be seen at the same time. Plus you’re also free to add important data such as sender, and receiver, and due dates.

Great savings

Employees have become wary of the stingy organization who is all about savings with no budget for equipment upgrade and for the development of company personnel. But the truth is there is a great benefit to Samanage allowing for saving time & money on software and hardware requirements, saving on additional training, and saving up on time to resolve a ticket.

It means that there is more to blow off on new equipment and new training opportunities. Plus savings always mean there are more smiles and less stress all around the office.


Samanage Features

Samanage has a bevy of time-saving and performance boosting features that have made it one of the most loved service management software in the world. Below are just a few.

  • IT Asset Management Features
  • IT Management Features
  • Issue Tracking Features
  • IT Service Features
  • ITSM Features
  • Service Desk Features


Samanage pricing plans are based on team size. However, it was not made clear just how many employees exactly can be served with each plan, merely saying each one was allowed ‘unlimited requesters.’

The Team plan was created for smaller teams and costs $29 per month plus an additional $0.40/month per device, billed annually.

The Team plan includes incident management and a service portal. Customer support will be from the extensive knowledge base or full community access to source answers from other Samanage users. You can also send an email to Samanage product experts.            

The Business plan can handle the needs of a growing team at $59/month per agent, plus an additional $0.50/month per device, billed annually.


The Business plan includes your service catalog, service level agreement (SLA), change management, custom roles incident management, and also a service portal. As with the team plan, customer support will be provided by the knowledge base or full community access. At the same time, both the Business plan and the  Professional plan will have access to real-time, plus 24/7 live chat support from product experts.

Finally, the Professional plan, which is touted as the most popular, can handle the demands of a mature IT company. At $79/month per agent, plus an additional $0.60/month per device, billed annually, the Professional plan can be customized to scale.

The Professional plan includes customized fields and forms, advanced automation features, scheduled reports, contract management, license compliance, and API access. Customer support for the Professional plan users will include full support from the award-winning customer success and support team. They can also access email, chat, and phone.

And if you’re not yet there, Samanage offers a 30-day free trial for you to find out if this product is for you.


Customer Support

Being a world-class IT service management platform, you would expect Samanage customer support mechanism to be fully in place. You would expect that actually having a concern would be almost an enjoyable experience. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

Samanage has, first of all, an extensive knowledge base. It’s filled with informative and entertaining blog posts, datasheets, and infographics. Samanage also offers webinars and video tutorials. In the decade that Samanage has been in business, it has also gained a broad following and a community has been established for those who have concerns and want to hear from others who have used Samanage before.

Samanage will also make a record of previous transactions. This will eliminate repetition on your part. It will also allow you to build on shared knowledge and best practices of other employees.

Samanage allows users to submit requests via the world wide web. For the Business and Professional plan holders, live chat is available 24/7 while access to the telephone is also available for those on a Professional plan.

The award-winning Samanage team is always ready to address your issues. And they are just a few clicks away to answer concerns and also to hear from you.

And now that you’ve been thoroughly bombarded with Samanage tidbits, go ahead and register. After all, as can be clearly seen on their site, Samanage only wants to make you happy. That’s why they’ve designed the powerful Samanage tools to make your work fast and efficient, to make Samanage a software that you’d want to get your hands on.