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Full Salon Ultimate Salon Software Review – All you need to know about Salon Ultimate Salon Software

What is

A perfect management solution in a form of software is here for you. You can now use Salon Ultimate to maximize the revenues of your business.

If you have been failing on providing good service to the clients then here is the solution for it. You can keep a check on the number of clients and the employee’s performance. As an owner, you have to check on everything.

This application will help you as a guide to know the truth behind your back. You cannot be present there all the time but you can view the activities through this software.

It has the category of inventory which records everything and tasks. You can enhance the service of the spa or salon with knowing how beauticians are working.

The requirements and usage of the equipment also get recorded to keep the track. You will be able to maintain the clients and know how well everyone is performing.

If there is less interaction with the clients, you can work on it. You do not have to lose on the profits despite so much effort. Download this software now to check how it works and its convenience.

What is Salon Ultimate?

What is

Salon Ultimate is a solution for salon and spa management to operate daily activities. It makes the management easier for businesses to keep records.

You can keep the records of clients and employees in the same place. There are separate categories to locate all the people within the organization.

You can check on the appointments beforehand and prepare well. Before the client arrives, you will know what he/she wants.

It is based on point of sale which helps you operate well in the market. It has the ability to keep inventory management along with hybrid business solutions. It also makes the client relationship stable for the businesses.

There are email marketing solutions available in this software to reach out the clients. This software helps in the growth of the business with maximizing their profits. It saves the time for both the business and clients.

Clients tend to stick to the same business because of the easy access to book appointments. If you want to retain the clients then this application is an excellent choice for you to operate well in the competitive market.

What is

Benefits of Salon Ultimate

For the best performance of your organization, it is necessary that you are aware of the benefits of the software. Salon Ultimate serves as the best software for the salons to keep records and online booking.

Here are some of the benefits for you to look at:

Managing Records

Whenever a client visits the salon, most of the time their time and purpose do not get recorded.

This way you do not get to know that which service was provided and is in demand. You do not get to know that you have to hire more people for the same service or not.

Well, with this software, you do not have to face such hassle. You can keep the record of the employees and the clients at the same time.

Checking on Record

As a business owner, you can check that how frequently a client is coming and for what service.

It will help you know the trend of your salon and also you can judge the performance. If a person is coming for hairstyling mostly then you will know that he/she likes the service by that employee.

You can reward that employee on the basis of the frequent client. This way, you do not overlook anyone’s effort within your business. Your business grows with the team so you have to take care of them.

Easy Set up

You can set up the categories within the application to customize it. There are multiple options within the application to make it best for you.

You also get to experience the overall reporting by the end of the month. You have to do the setup of it within the application according to the need of the business. It helps you in knowing the descriptions and how the overall performance is there for the business.

You can also look at the activities of the managers to see if they are performing well. They need to be up to the expectations so that you can be free of worry when you are not there. 

Inventory Count

Inventory management

The counting of inventory gets recorded in it so you can know which product is being used. You can check on the number of items to know that they not being stolen.

This way you won’t have the trust issues within the organization as well. You have to keep the eye on your business to make it flourish.

If you leave it in someone else’s hand then it will certainly not reach anywhere. This application helps you to connect with the business all the time no matter where you are.

Even if you are out of the country, you can manage the business through this application.

Features of Salon Ultimate

Helpful features of Salon Ultimate will help you reach at the goal you have aimed for your business. Features help you operate better in the market so know some of them which can be useful.

Here are the best features.

Unique Inventory Management

With the help of this software, manage the count of the physical items in the business. The incoming and outgoing products can be numbered through this application now.

You can have the reporting in the database all the time to keep the track. You do not need to maintain the paperwork when you have the access to this application.

It helps you in labeling the products and also mention the dates when it was purchased. When you have this information in the system, the guidance will be there at the same place.

You will know the quantities of the products and product lines through this software easily. It also helps you in check on the trends of sale in the market.

The suppliers set is there along with pulling off great sales for the business.

Brand Awareness

With the help of this feature, you can educate the client about the products which you have in the business.

Most of the clients wish to take the products to their home to try later. You can educate them through this feature that you have it so they can purchase it.

Even if you have some offers in the salon, you can send them through the application or through SMS.

They get the reviews and details within the application and then can choose among it. It also has the picture for them to view and depend on it.


There are instructions to use the product as well. It promotes the purchasing power of the client and also keeps them informed with the new products.

It helps them increase the knowledge so they can reach the salon. Most of the times ladies are not aware of the sales or the discounts which is why they are not there.

Due to this features, you can eliminate disappointments from the client’s side and keep them satisfied too.

They know that the useful products are there to help them do the application at their home as well. The function of this application is marketing where it links the clients with the salon.

Online Booking Category


Online booking system helps the client’s to have fast and reliable service within their phones. Salon Ultimate saves your time and the client’s time as well when they can book conveniently.

The feature of profiling allows you to set up the profile and view the services you have utilized. It also shows the record of the employee and their special service towards the clients. Clients can select the stylist according to their needs and get their appointments.



The pricing plans for Salon Ultimate are feasible for the business’s operations. You can choose the one which suits you the best according to the business needs.

Here are the details which you can look at:

Salon Ultimate – $129 w/ $249 Installation & Setup

The setup of each computer will have a cost through this software. As it has unique features, it will cost more than other software.

You can book appointments, manage inventory, get point of sale and customize it also. It also helps you in setting up customer engagement.

There is the access to hybrid desktop management as well. It also serves you as the online booking system which is fast and reliable. It is one of the great application used by the salons all over the world.

Salon Ultimate – $179 monthly w/ $499 Installation & Setup

This package is feasible for the medium and large businesses. It contains all the features of a single location package.

Along with those, you have the access to book from all the locations. There are techniques of marketing in this application. It also helps you book online easily and instantly no matter where you are located.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

With the help of multiple devices, you can access this software. You have the option to access it through Android, iPhone or iPad.

For the computers, it can be Mac or windows. You also have the access through the web-based system to use this application if you want to.

Language Support

The language support for this software is English only.

Pricing model

You have two feasible pricing model which you can use. One is the monthly payment system which you can also set up automatically.

Another options one-time payment. It helps you in getting free of worries with paying month to month.

You can make the payment on the basis of a contract with Salon Ultimate and keep on receiving the services. There is no interruption in the services and that is a guarantee by this software.

Customer Types

All types of customers can use this application whether they are small or large. It also sets best for the medium-sized businesses.


This software supports the deployment of cloud hosting services.

Support Details

For best problem resolution of Salon Ultimate software, you can contact the representatives instantly. There are few ways to contact them.

You can access the email or phone source to get in touch with the experts. However, if you get stuck somewhere in between the software, make use of the live support.

It helps you set up the application and also make you aware of the features. You will be happy to get assisted through the professionals as they guide you properly.

They are clear in their combination with providing excellent services. They want the client to be happy and know what they are using.

All the knowledge they have, they want you to know it as well. It will help you to use the application for your business to grow better.


To end all the problems in your spa or salon, here is the perfect solution for you. Salon Ultimate works the best for the businesses who are not able to build the base of clients.

You will be able to know where the inventory goes if there are fewer clients. All the records of employees are there in this application.

As everyone will be operating the application in the salon/spa, you will know who is performing well or not.

It will help you analyze the performance of the employees to fire them or reward them. You do not want to lose on the clients due to the poor quality of service.

So to get new clients and their retention, it is important to keep everything organized. Clients can book the appointments through this application and you can see who attends them.

You can also check on the response time and bring change in the organization through the guidance of this software.

Solve all the problems of your business by taking the right steps. Gather the ways to sort out the problems instantly through this software.