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Full Salon Ultimate POS Software Review – All you need to know about Salon Ultimate

Salon Ultimate POS software

As one of the advantages associated with the use of Salon Ultimate POS software, your front desk will let go of the tedious confirmation calls because the solution provides automated text messages. As a Salon management solution, Salon Ultimate system will allow Salon owners to effectively manage appointment booking, front desk operations, and tracking of customers and billing.  Salon Ultimate POS software has been integrated with hundreds of the biggest product manufacturers to allow service providers to recommend products using their smartphones. The hybrid system of this app, the Salon and Spa Ultimate POS software is made available through the cloud and thus users need not worry about the system going down or poor performance in the event of internet outage. With Salon and Spa Ultimate, you will get a tablet and mobile apps for both employees and clients. The solution allows you to book appointments and schedules from any location. Salon and Spa Ultimate POS is available for deployment on-premise and in the cloud.

Salon Ultimate system allows users to create new services, modify those that exist for their clients and update service details throughout several stores. With this POS system, customers can book appointments for the available list of time slots throughout multiple locations.  Salon owners will then track the appointments that clients have booked and send them confirmation text messages and emails.

What is Salon Ultimate POS Software?

Salon Ultimate POS software is a salon management app which makes it possible for salon owners to manage appointment booking, front desk operations, tracking of customers and billing. Salon and Spa Ultimate is available for installation both in cloud and on-premise.

Salon Ultimate system -service maintenance

By using Salon Ultimate system, you’ll be able to create new services and modify the existing ones for your clients. Also, you will be able to update service details throughout several stores. This solution allows clients to book appointments from the available list of time slots across different locations. The owners of Salons will be able to track appointments that customers have booked and send them confirmation texts messages and emails.

Salon and Spa Ultimate - mobile accessibility

Salon and Spa Ultimate provides customized email templates that make it possible for users to create and share emails that are promotional with groups, individuals, and customer lists. You can also manage inventory through keeping track of how products are used and those that need to be replenished.

Salon Ultimate POS software - Mailing and Promotions

Salon Ultimate POS software also includes these features – gift cards and membership plans, customer database, reporting, staff payroll, and role-based permissions. The pricing for Salon Ultimate POS software is subscription for the cloud-based version and license for the on-premise version.

Just to differentiate between Salon Ultimate POS software and Salon and Spa Ultimate, Salon Ultimate POS software is a web-based POS and Salon and Spa Ultimate is a management solution designed for hybrid businesses for management of retail or back inventory, email marketing, and client relationship.  However, in this review, we are using these terms interchangeably together with Salon Ultimate system, Salon Ultimate POS or just Salon Ultimate to mean the same thing. Salon and Spa Ultimate offers a broad range of functionalities that guarantee the growth of spa and salon businesses and help them increase profits, eliminate waste and retain customers.

Let’s have an example of a scenario that can be perfectly handled by Salon and Spa Ultimate software. Consider a scenario where the percentage of the back bar inventory used or the number of products used to deliver salon or spa services is too low as compared to the recently ordered back bar inventory. In this case, it means that either your salon services or spa are not making enough sales or a beautician is using a product in a quantity that is below the minimum required. As a result, you might end up losing customers because of the poor quality of service and finally losing profits.

Salon and Spa Ultimate - Hybrid system

On another scenario, the percentage of your back bar inventory could be too high and this means that either your beautician is using a product above the required average or the orders for the back bar inventory are so little.  For this scene, the first thing it means is that you’re wasting a lot of money as a result of incompetent product usage and the second issue is that you are supplying your spa or salon with the correct amount of stock for delivering quality service. Because of the incompetence in using the supplied salon products, you will also end up losing customers and profits. The solution to all the problems above is to implement the Salon Ultimate system for your business.

Benefits of Salon Ultimate

Salon Ultimate POS has multiple benefits to businesses and users. Here are some of the benefits associated with the use of Salon and Spa Ultimate.

Salon and Spa Ultimate has some very unique features

Salon Ultimate system unique features include its inventory management. Through the database reporting feature offered by Salon and Spa Ultimate, you’ll get complete retail product descriptions and categorizations and backbar service or professional products that a salon or spa had ordered.  This feature allows salon and spa managers to streamline the physical counting of the inventory.

In a traditional setting, salons or spas will employ paperwork to manage their inventory and thus they will label products with purchase or order dates and tag them after they have been consumed. Salon Ultimate is a POS system that helps managers to do the optimization of their inventory by offering them a detailed database that has product lines, usage, and quantities.

Salon Ultimate - Inventory management

With Salon Ultimate system, you can accurately manage your inventory

For accuracy, the inventory management feature included in Salon Ultimate POS software allows for accurate management of back bar and retail inventory as managers could use this feature to check the trends on sales. The managers could rely on this feature as their guidance in determining which products from groups of products and suppliers are bringing in big sales for their company and the amount of those products that is needed.

The feature is also useful in addressing inventory issues such as oversupply, product handling or stocking concerns, and stock shortage. As a result, this will eliminate unnecessary inventory costs that will negatively affect the number of profits you will earn. Also, it sets a standard for employee training such that they will use the products as required or recommended by the manufacturer.

Salon Ultimate system supports brand awareness

Brand awareness is another unique feature of Salon and Spa Ultimate. The feature makes it possible for salons and spas to recommend products to their customers while providing them with all the needed information like reviews, photos, and instructions on usage. This is a client-focused feature since it promotes purchases that are made based on knowledge and informed decisions with regard to the specifics of a particular product. This will eliminate disappointments on the customer’s side as they will be assured of the product they’re served with since it is based on the information they have received.

Salon Ultimate system also promotes brand awareness in its email marketing functionality as customers are offered links to write reviews and they’re also given an option to provide the response to those reviews. This feature is very effective at boosting the salon or spa businesses via customer retention and capturing new customers.

Salon and Spa Ultimate has features that add a personal touch to businesses

Salon Ultimate POS software has a Profiling feature that has been integrated into its online booking functionality. Customers can use this feature to view the profiles of their service providers and this include photos, ratings, schedules, and their area of expertise. Also, the system provides a randomized service provider selector which adds up a personal touch to salon and spa services as customers are offered the option to select the service provider of their choice to take care of their needs within their appointments.  Important to note, this also promote customer retention and regular visits which maximize profits.

Features of Salon Ultimate System

Salon and Spa Ultimate system comes with several features that make it a top POS tool for salons and spa businesses. Here are the features you’ll find in Salon Ultimate system.

Salon Ultimate POS software - Loyalty and referral rewards

  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Employee Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Email Campaign
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Client Management
  • Multi-Location

Let’s now look into summarized details on the capabilities that come from the features of Salon Ultimate POS software


Some features that you’ll find in Salon and Spa Ultimate that make it a client-focused solution include the following.

Online booking – Salon Ultimate system has a sleek, easy-to-use and brand customized online booking that allows you to capture appointments on a 24/7 basis.  Using this feature, you can maximize appointment booking and also create opportunities which are call-to-action via appointments made in the last minute. The feature also allows you to view profiles of service providers and their photos, suggest appointment times, view their featured services, access a randomized sector for a first service provider, and purchase and send electronic gift cards.

Salon Ultimate - Online Booking

Reviews –  since your reputation is that much important, Salon Ultimate POS software offers you review pages which will help you in brand awareness and drawing in new business.  The application supports certified reviews on appointments that have been completed. Also, every email chain and email campaign has links for writing reviews included. Salon Ultimate system allows users to reply to reviews individually. It is also search engine optimized.

Salon Ultimate - Reviews

Kiosk Options – sometimes, spas and salon will require extra hands and additional tools and with the Kiosk capabilities offered by Salon and Spa Ultimate, you’ll get all the items that you need. The feature also supports self-check-in and membership contracts.

Salon Ultimate - Kiosk options

Look Book – with Salon Ultimate POS software, you’ll be able to showcase the hard work of your service providers by displaying their customers before and after photos. With this feature, you can search by provider, by service, and save pictures to customer’s profile.

Salon Ultimate - Look Book


Appointment book – Salon and Spa Ultimate has an appointment book that is clear and easy to understand for better management of your spa and salon. You can easily differentiate appointment blocks using custom colors and texts for the purposes of denoting different requests and services. Additionally, the book has small icons for signifying the current status of appointments.

Salon Ultimate - appointment book

Inventory management – Salon Ultimate system allows you to manage your BackBar or retail sales and purchases for the purposes of ensuring that your inventory levels are optimized. Salon Ultimate POS software is able to create purchase orders by relying on sales replenishment or/and historical sales trends.

Security – Salon Ultimate system allows you to secure your customers’ and business information through user assignments and security roles. You can show reports and options that are specific to every employee.

Salon Ultimate system - Security

POS – the clearly differentiated retail and service sections in Salon Ultimate system allow you to easily and quickly process sales transactions. In the same screen, you can also conveniently access the profiles of customers and view their important notes.

Salon Ultimate system - POS


Salon and Spa Ultimate offers two enterprise plans that users can choose from. View the pricing details we provide below and select the best plan for your business.

Salon Ultimate Single Location –  costs $129/month + $249 for installation and setup in addition to $10 for every additional computer

  • Appointment Book
  • Look Book
  • Customer Engagement
  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Hybrid Desktop System
  • Booked By Online Booking
  • Standard Online Booking
  • Salon & Spa Ultimate App

Salon Ultimate Multi-Location – costs $179/month + $499 for installation and setup in addition to $10 for every additional computer

All Single Location features

  • Corporate/Regional Service and Inventory Management
  • Look Book
  • Book Appointments For  All Stores From Any Location
  • Corporate/Regional Reporting and Marketing
  • Consolidated Client History, Formulas, and Notes
  • Booked By Online Booking
  • Salon and Spa Ultimate App

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Technical Details

Salon Ultimate POS software supports the following devices – Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The application only supports the English language. The pricing models for Salon and Spa Ultimate are monthly payment and one-time payment. Customer types served by this POS solution are small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. The deployment of the application is through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The sellers of Salon Ultimate system offer their support through Email, live support, and phone.


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