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Full SALESmanago Sales Automation Software Review – All You Need To Know About SALESmanago


What is SALESmanago?


SALESmanago is an online, cloud-based sales automation software that offers a full suite of capabilities and solutions for marketers.




Dynamic SALESmanago content allows e-stores to achieve maximum effectiveness of online sales and email marketing.

Time saving

Save your consultant and customer’s time as SALESmanago’s eCommerce bot does all the work, looking through your product catalogue to find the best matches for products based on contact interests, and displays them automatically on the chat window.

Advanced Behavior Monitoring

Web beacon tracks just where your users are scrolling to and their interactions with other page elements. Monitor their behavior more accurately, track what they pointed, saw, clicked on, and use data for lead scoring and segmentation, and to generate more effective behavior profiles.

Personalized and tailored offers

Deliver personalized tailored offers to attract new customers, and gives you a competitive edge over rival brands.

Engages your marketing team in Lead Nurturing programs

Marketers work with sales teams as lead education and email marketing come together with CRM and sales funnels so you can meet your company’s sales targets jointly.

Advanced integrations with CRM/ERP/transactional systems

SALESmanago uses transaction and purchase details for sales automation, plus advanced integration with your CRM.

Data export

Transfer all contact data easily to external systems conveniently using API or a flat file.

Lead scoring

This builds up an objective measure of the engagement and readiness of the lead to purchase that can be found in the contact card. It also gives your sales team information on leads that are most promising to be contacted.

Lead Generation

Create a full range of lead acquisition programs and direct leads to a variety of forms to obtain their contact details.

Real-time content personalization

Respond to your prospective customers’ needs while adjusting the message communicated by call centers, and delivered via the website, or your RTB network or your own sales team.

Inbound Marketing

Behavioral tracking and identification of specific customers gives information as to what interests whom and when. Sales automation enables SALESmanago to respond properly while sending well-adjusted messages automatically via selected marketing channels.

Deep Data Integration in SALESmanago

SALESmanago offers fully automated and advanced deep data integration with major eCommerce platforms that lets you also transfer more than basic behavioral data of your web visitors, but also gives insights into transaction histories from the platform.

Dynamic one-to-one emails

These are some of the most technologically advance and most innovative functions of SALESmanago. It generates individual messages for specific recipients based on current transactional and behavioral profiles. These emails have information on services and products matched with the recipients’ needs.

Predictive marketing

This uses behavioral and transactional data so you can identify your prospects’ future shopping needs and target them using tailored correspondence before or at the time their need comes up.

Responsive content wizards

Customers get responsive content wizards so you can prepare contact forms, emails and landing pages, and adjust automatically to the device’s screen resolution on which they’ll be displayed. The creations get to respond attractively on all mobile devices.



Visitor identification

SALESmanago features one of the most advanced and unique modules used for identifying and monitoring website visitors. Unlike other tools, it offers information on the behavior and visits of the specific users, so you can create behavioral profiles plus generate automatic responses to their behaviors.

Contact monitoring

SALESmanago also lets you monitor behaviors of the users, both identified and anonymous, who visit your website, and gives you in-depth knowledge about prospects’ interests earlier in the purchase process.

Video Body Language Monitoring

This is a unique SALESmanago feature that monitors video consumption by registered users within your database, as it monitors several events related to viewing in major players like Vimeo or YouTube and others published on your blog or website.

Company identification

SALESmanago also identifies enterprises and companies visiting your website, and this is an effective yet simple way of increasing B2B sales. It offers summaries of the visits compiled in weekly reports sent to your mail.

Email Drag and Drop Designer

Design fully responsive and beautiful email templates, newsletters, and messages without having to involve IT teams.

Personalized re-marketing

Reach prospects with personalized messaging displayed on any website, so you can deliver offers to users who don’t reply to emails or those who leave your site.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Identify and monitor app user behavior while building their profiles and understanding them better. It provides an automated and personalized communication via in-app messages, email, SMS, and push notifications based on the profiles.

Digital body language

Userr profiles are constructed using digital body language, which are facts picked from each website user from behavioral analysis.

RFM based Marketing Automation

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary; a module that lets you analyze buying behavior, automate sales and marketing and segmenting customers based on transactional data.

Live Chat

This is designed for online stores and eCommerce stores. Sell via live chat, not just talking.

SALESmanago Sales Bot

To save time and for faster customer service, customers may get standard information from within the chat about the product or business without using consultants’ time via the SALESmanago sales bot.

Automatic Sales Chat

Create automatic conversations with users via Facebook Messenger, and it guarantees instant reactions to customer inquiries, so none are left unanswered or unattended to.

SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence is transforming sales automation, with new generation software like SALESmanago Copernicus based on machine learning and AI support to deliver tailored offers at the right time. The new dashboard, AI Recommendations, in SALESmanago Copernicus offers advanced AI-based data on product recommendations in your store.

SMS Messages


SALESmanago delivers intelligent text messages for personalized communication in real time with each prospect based on your current product offer and their profiles. It combines options including sending personalized content with advanced rules for mailing so you can direct spot messages at the optimum time to targeted recipients.

Social media

SALESmanago supports social media channel operations as you can source new contacts while tracking social events on your page.

Facebook Ads Integration

SALESmanago integrates with Facebook Ads to bring the power of sales automation and social media together, thus opening new possibilities like transactional and behavioral data to educate potential customers, target ad campaigns, and promote products/services they’re interested in.

CRM and 360 Customer View

The SALESmanago Contact Card has everything about your specific client, and it integrates with several information sources about your clients showing their full and coherent picture on individual contact cards in one location, updated in real time.

Campaign and event management

Manage sales campaigns, while automating contact flow via the funnel stages, and giving sellers tools to work on leads and analyze lifecycles in SALESmanago’s sales funnels. Create and manage events run offline and online to automate communication fully with registered users and prospects. Use the system to create events while preparing registration forms to place on your site.

Analytical Dashboards

This tool shows comprehensive analytics of important sales and marketing processes. In real time, you can monitor marketing team efficiency at lead generation, sales department on lead routing, and both divisions work using campaign analytics.


SALESmanago integrates with beacon technology to enrich monitoring of client behavior, while localizing them with great precision inside business premises, agency, office, shop and near them. Technological and devices support are provided by Kontakt.io

Button interactions

Integrate the web beacon with any button on your site and monitor visitor behavior like when they use image galleries, on-page calculators and other interactive elements.

A/B/X Testing Engine

SALESmanago lets you prepare and run A/B/X testing on dynamic content. The drag/drop creator allows you to design any number of forms, banners, or landing pages, and SALESmanago displays the creations based on defined ratios, in the given place.

Marketing Calendar

Get information on past activities, helps with task management, and allows for campaign automation and quick planning. It is simple and improves sales and marketing efforts.

Your Marketing

This enables real time control of actions in the main features, analyzes the level of usage on main areas and monitors the work progress of the marketing department. It also has tips on how to use given system functions, ready suggestions with helpful links, and simple configuration of specific features.

Social Media Posting

Automate common work activities in social media marketing as SALESmanago integrates with Twitter and Facebook so you can post and tweet faster, while allowing for both scheduled and real time posting.

Ad Remarketing

Ad Remarketing by Google DoubleClick module enables targeting one to one ad display that are matched to every user’s needs in the RTB ad network, so each sees a specially prepared, single message.

Google DoubleClick

This platform manages the browser and Google that helps marketers and agencies in effective management of ad campaigns on all browsers worldwide. Its biggest asset is ability to target ads in videos or banners on websites plus tracking users on the web.

Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications

Conduct custom communication with any user. Notifications come as short messages sent to the user’s device directly without contact details. They can be sent to individual or all users using automated processes.


With GDPR, SALESmanago offers an option to switch on/off monitoring specific contacts, unless they agree on it like filling forms and submitting consent again. It also lets consent be given on processing data and profiling with internet browser settings without regulations on the exact consent type like those given about the website cookies, which show in form of pop-ups.

Customer Engagement Index

Carefully track customer engagement from the time they’re sourced, through to buying and retention, and final exit.

Customer Value Marketing

Build the highest value of customers in practice over time while maximizing ROI per customer.



  • up to 200 contacts in database
  • e-Mail Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Live Chat
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Website Visitor Identification
  • CRM & Contact Management

Easy Wizards: Contacts Import, Send email & newsletter, Send alert to sales team, and Contact Forms & Landing Pages

Reports & Analytics: General Database Analytics, e-Mail Marketing Analytics, Sales Dashboards, Sales Funnels Analytics

Integrations & Plugins: Basic API access, Popular eCommerce Platforms Plugins

Monthly license fee
  • €0 up to 200
  • €49 per month up to 1000
  • €199 per month up to 10 000
  • €299 per month up to 30 000
  • More than 30 000 – contact vendor

Professional: €149 per month

  • Free Onboarding
  • Everything in Basic
  • Automation Rules & Omnichannel Workflows
  • Omnichannel Recommendation Engine
  • Behavioural & Transactional Segmentation
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 Email Marketing
  • Live Chat with Customer Intelligence
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website Personalization
  • A/B/X Testing Engine
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Ads & Custom Audiences Integration
  • CRM & E-commerce Platforms Integration Plug-ins
  • Analytical Dashboards
Extend Professional package with Enterprise features:
  • €500/mo*
  • €150/mo
  • €250/mo
  • €500/mo
  • €600/mo

Easy wizards: Automation Workflows, Lead Nurturing for eCommerce, Personalized Website Banners, Dynamic Content ABX Testing, and Dynamic e-mails & Recommendations

Reports and analytics: eCommerce Transaction Analytics, Google Analytics eCommerce Dashboard, and Dynamic Content Analytics

Integrations and plugins: Full API Access, Product Data Feeds, Google Analytics Integration

Monthly license fee:
  • €199 per month up to 1000
  • €499 per month up to 10 000
  • €600 per month up to 30 000

Enterprise: €2999 per month

Customizable AI Marketing Cloud with 3 month free Proof of Concept before signing

  • Everything in Basic and Professional plans
  • Machine Learning & AI Recommendations
  • Sales Bot with Recommendations
  • RFM Segmentation & Automation
  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Custom Dynamic Content
  • Custom Automation Triggers
  • Custom Behavior Tracking
  • Dedicated Support and Consulting Service
  • Custom IT development and Integrations

Easy Wizards: AI Recommendations, ‌Reports & Analytics, Custom Sales Reports, Custom Conversion Reports‌

Integrations & Plugins: iBeacons Integration for Offline Tracking, Custom Integrations, Custom API Methods

Monthly license fee:

  • €199 per month up to 1000
  • €499 per month up to 10 000
  • €600 per month up to 30 000

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Polish

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small and medium business, Large Enterprises, Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, Open API

Support Details

  • Webinars
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Phone
  • FAQs
  • Live chat