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Full Salesforce Essentials CRM review – all you need to know about Salesforce Essentials CRM

Salesfore Essentials CRM Review
Salesfore Essentials CRM Review

What is Salesforce Essentials?

Salesforce Essentials is the detailed CRM plan for many of the small-scale business dealers and customer support. Salesforce Essentials helps to make structured plans for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions. This system is particularly designed to provide assistance for small-scale businesses to make their sales to grow in a smarter and faster way. This can be achieved through the help of Salesforce Essentials built-in intelligence. At the same time, Service Cloud Essentials moved in the direction of the basic management of customer support for small-scale business enterprises.

Salesforce is named as SaaS colossal in the CRM category is best known for providing highly developed and most advanced CRM solutions for many of the industries. Also, affluent features in this platform were more applicable for both large-scale and medium scale business enterprises. In order to sync with the requirements of small-scale businesses where they need defined resources and time, Salesforce has then announced Salesforce Essentials. The features and services in Salesforce Essentials are more suitable for SMB’s sales so that they are also so easy to use, setup and maintain.

As developed to meet the needs of many SMB’s, this product is released into the market by implementing CRM-service setup that accomplishes your workflow scenarios from the time of initiation to finish. With its advanced and updated services and tools, the installation of the system can be done in a less time and it won’t take more than few weeks. Along with this easy installation, users of this system can also have accessibility for the feature “Trailhead”. It is the online gaming platform that helps to learn CRM services and sales, and other subjects included detailed and in-depth solutions. Also, Salesforce Essentials comes up with other top-most features called as Salesforce app and Einstein Artificial Intelligence.


Salesforce Essentials is the most unique and advanced solution that helps for SMB’s in implementing a trifling CRM and service infrastructure solution. This helps for SMB’s in increasing their sales and accomplish for great customer support. This powerful and high developed platform comes up with great benefits such as:

Streamlined arrangement

Salesforce Essentials eases the process of implementing a CRM system. As the workforce of SMB’s is so small, they may need to spend most of their time handling sales representatives, watching video and demos tutorials and going with the installation documentation. So, these all may look to be so unreasonable, Hence, Salesforce offers a unique solution for their users in helping with the easy installation process. It includes a streamlined setup system provided with built-in app tutorials that allow for users to find for their questions within a few minutes. Also included with a gaming application called as Trailhead that provides you with a communicative online setup and support for small-scale businesses at a free cost for initially using users and experts. It holds multiple topics and is organized into various sections such as Beginner, Admin, and Business User.

Power up your Sales

Offered at low cost, Salesforce Essentials includes a module named as Sales Cloud Essentials that has a rich feature set which provides more support for many of the small-scale organizations. Sales teams can track their leads and figure out important contacts so that their sales can enhance in a faster way. Also, allows them to have a detailed look at the entire organization sales.

This software helps in automating the sales operations with the help of Einstein Activity Capture feature, thus removing the removing the complications in using multiple spreadsheets for tracking calls, emails and meetings. This built-in feature takes hold of managing all the customer records and updates the information without any manual work just by syncing user’s email and calendar. As this is the prevailing app in the Salesforce Essentials, users can access and retrieve data at any time and at any location.

Delivering enhanced customer engagement

Evan SMB’s can go with using the services of Service Cloud Essentials to gain extensive customer support. It is a comprehensive platform that completely centralizes and associates various channels of cases that can be obtained from any device for agents to answer and address them in a more quick way.

With the help of automation, you can easily assign which task has to be performed by whom based on the conditions of availability and expertise. So, holding a complete view of the customer information helps for agents to be in more conversant with the customers and helps in resolving and answering inquiries.

More extensible platform

As this platform offers more scalability, many SMB’s don’t have to be in the worry about their sales growth. Starting with a platform that can grow with you is important to have a consolidated and up-to-date solution for your CRM requirements. It deals with multiple CRM issues and allows you to be in the lead position among your competitors. With the assistance of Salesforce Essentials, it is more simple to embed any other business applications like integrating signature and customer survey tools.

Integrated with all these benefits, Salesforce Essentials is promoted as one of the largest business application in the marketplace.


Salesforce Essentials holds unique and high-end feature set that make many of their clients to move towards this platform. The essential features that it holds are:

  • A complete and detailed information for customers
  • Management of multiple accounts
  • Management of various tasks
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • An enhanced feature of Einstein Activity Capture
  • Management of lead contact accounts
  • More enhanced collaboration tools
  • Activity feed and activity tracking capabilities
  • Inbuilt lightning app builder
  • More responsive page layouts
  • Email optimization
  • A comprehensive marketplace for AppExchange
  • Easily assigning tasks to the specified and applicable teams
  • Availability for gaming feature called Trailhead
  • Opportunity management
  • Setup assistants


Salesforce Essentials is billed at the rate of $25 per each user at every month. This plan is available with rich feature-set, centralized CRM components, and high-end customer services for many of the small-scale organizations. This plan allows supporting almost 10 users where even when 5 users are placed under the vendor’s site plan information. This pricing plan is available at two different modules at lower-tier options when compared with the remaining Salesforce’s Lightning products.

Salesforce Cloud Essentials – This plan is priced at $25 per each for every month. It holds the features of

  • Payment at an annual mode
  • Holds 10 users
  • Availability of G Suite that is available at free for first 3 months
  • Account administration and activity feed
  • Various contacts management
  • the Collaboration of multiple tools
  • Inbuilt lightning app builder
  • Management of various tasks
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • An Enhanced feature of Einstein Activity Capture
  • A comprehensive marketplace for AppExchange

Service Cloud Essentials – This plan is also priced at $25 per each for every month. It holds the features of

  • Payment at an annual mode
  • Holds 10 users
  • Availability of G Suite that is available at free for first 3 months
  • Account administration and activity feed
  • Various contacts management
  • The Collaboration of multiple tools
  • Inbuilt lightning app builder
  • Management of various tasks
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • An Enhanced feature of Einstein Activity Capture
  • A comprehensive marketplace for AppExchange
  • Case escalation regulations and queues
  • Easily assigning tasks to the specified and applicable teams

Technical Details

Salesforce Essentials has multiple technical functionalities such as

Supported devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Web-based
  • iPhone and iPad

Supported Language

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

Pricing options

Monthly and annual subscriptions

Customer types

  • Large-scale businesses
  • Small-scale enterprises
  • Medium scale organizations

Deployed environment

  • A Cloud hosted
  • Open API

Support Details

To be on the correct path to gaining success start with using right plan that fits for your organizations. Salesforce Essentials provides you with multiple supporting options such as through customer plans, training, conducting various communities and the availability of resources.

We are with you in supporting your needs and requirements that help you to achieve great success. So, select a plan from our available plans that supports you at every level of your growth.

Some of the successful plans that they afford for you are:

Standard Success plan

It may not be the easy thing to move with Salesforce Essentials tour with the provided guides. Here, you will be receiving resources related to the specific product that offers you in going with basic topics, training and implement related exercises that easily optimize your implementation.

Support with Success Community

Holding almost 2 million members, Success Community is housing multiple tricks, tips and troubleshooting scenarios that stand as great support for Salesforce customers, partners and other experts. With this, you will find numerous topics, engage in discussions and find solutions from experienced people who are more expertise in Salesforce.

Gain more with Trailhead

Your entire workforce ranging from users, medium level experts and highly experienced developers can seek the support and learn from the trailhead. These kinds of fun included and self-guided training sessions take the assumption out of getting started, make your team work faster, and drive user adoption.

To seek the support to move forward in Salesforce Essentials, there are numerous ways. Some of them are

  • Success Cloud
  • Advisory Services
  • Customer Support Plans
  • Tutorials and Learning
  • Free training
  • In-Class training
  • Certification courses and
  • Through trailhead
  • Conducting Communities
  • Trailblazer community
  • Partner community
  • Other Resources
  • Documentation
  • Contact Support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Admin console
  • Developer

Along with all these resources and plans, you can have the support of Salesforce Essentials team by visiting the page https://www.salesforce.com/solutions/essentials/# and seeking the help from the team.


So, serving the CRM needs of many industries such as banking, financial, government, healthcare, information management, wealth management, retail, manufacturing, media, insurance, life sciences, communication, and consumer goods, Salesforce Essentials stands in the top-most in the market. Also, its compatibility in connecting G Suite of the calendar for free of 3 months allows this software to be in the lead position. Standing away from the manual kind of work helps you to manage your workload, reduce the time that is consumed in complicated tasks and develop high-end communications with more detailed insights.

In the end, Salesforce Essentials is an integrated, trusted, reliable and extensible platform for managing CRM information like accounts, opportunities, email data and contacts.