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Full Sailthru Contact Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Sailthru


What is Sailthru?

Sailthru is an omnichannel cloud-based customer retention application that allows modern marketers to build and create lasting relationships with our customers. The application is built on the fact that the interests of the customers and their behavior changes over a period of time.

Therefore, Sailthru will constantly collect behavioral data from your customers and potential clients analyze this data and give you some suggestions about the best strategies to use to reach your customers.


Personalized marketing

Sailthru provides users with an opportunity to be able to reach their market using different marketing techniques. Sent through acknowledges that different clients or customers require different marketing strategies to be able to purchase a product or a service from a specific company.

Sailthru collects all data from customers behavior, social media postings and uses these data to analyze what kind of product or service they may want and the kind of approach that would deem fit.

Simple user design

A very important aspect of Sailthru is a unique user design. The design interface is so simple that even the basic beginner can understand and know how to collect data from Sailthru and use it for their business.

Targeted content generation

Sailthru works in such a way that it collects data from different clients and this data comes from their behavior. Using this data, the user is able to know how to reach a specific customer and the right means to reach them.

The dynamic content generation functionality helps send out relevant content to different customers through different channels.


For example, you might find that through the data collected, a certain user prefers email as a mode of communication while another user will prefer text messages. Sailthru collects all this data and uses it to determine the right mode of communication for you unique clients.

Detailed campaign reports

Perhaps one of the best benefits of Sailthru is the campaign reports that you get at the end of a campaign. The campaign detailed report will carefully tell you everything you need to know about your specific audience and how to reach them.

In addition, you have a chance to be able to check out your previous campaigns that were constructed or made according to the research done by Sailthru and compare to the new found data.

Integration with various email service providers

Sailthru can integrate with various email services providers. This reduces the amount of time that will take you to send emails to various providers.

In fact, all a user needs to do is to open the Sailthru account and write the email from the account. After this, a user will integrate different email providers with their Sailthru account and therefore when they press send, the email is sent to various customers through the email providers.

Single solution for comprehensive customer profile

Sailthru is a single solution for comprehensive customer profiles because it builds different profiles for different individuals. This helps put data in an organized manner.

Sailthru understands that different clients have a different or preferred way of communication and diverse interests.

Once the customer profile is built and setup, Sailthru will ensure that it goes through the customer behavior every single time to assess whether it has changed or not.


Increases transaction

Sailthru increases transaction by addressing clients on a personal level. The software is very personalized and is able to address different clients on a personal level because it has a customer profile database already.

Tailor-made emails are the easiest way to reach clients either they are beginners or not.

Improves customer experience

Using Sailthru, clients are able to offer their clients a very high-quality customer experience. This is because Sailthru will gather all the behavioral traits of different clients, classify them and use this information when sending out marketing emails.

Sailthru will use the behavioral traits data already gathered to send your customers an automatic message especially when they a product or service they are likely to purchase.

Boost return-on-investment

Many users who use various apps to ensure that their business is running and that they’re getting some profit off of it will always state that return on investment is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the business maintains its lifetime.

Sailthru users do not have to worry about this because since it is collecting data, users have a higher chance to sell the products or services.

This means that the need to employ staff to do repetitive marketing tasks producers. It also allows you to streamline your team and cut off some costs that you would have paid if you do not use Sailthru.


Helps recover lost revenue

One challenge that most business owners face is an abandoned campaign. This is a company that is started by a company with an aim of encouraging customers to complete their purchases. However, in most cases, this campaign does not bear a lot of fruit and this is because the company is not targeting the right people to promote the right services.

Using Sailthru, you can be able to target the right people and offer them the right service or product. This makes it easier for them to purchase your product and you’re going to get a profit off of that.

Increases the lifetime of a customer

Whenever you work with a company you’re going to realize that most of the prophet is gotten from maintaining the customs. This means that marketing is not all about attracting new customers.

A better way for you to boost your revenue is to retarget existing customers with products or services that they may be likely to purchase. Sailthru allows you to do this through its algorithmic system that determines what products of service and what mode of advertisement would suit a specific individual.

Sailthru provides users with tactics to strengthen their relationships with existing customers by providing them with post purchases, re-engagement in campaigns and exclusive offers.

Predicting the behavior of your existing and new customers

Once Sailthru gathers all the information of customers and creates new customer profiles, it uses this algorithm to predict the behavior of customers in the future.

First, Sailthru uses on the customer profiles already existing in your database and predict their future behavior. Second, it also gathers, all data found especially on social media and uses it to predict the overall future behavior.



Performance dashboards

Sailthru’s most exciting feature is the performance dashboard. This is a dashboard that puts all data collected on one dashboard. It allows users to know the kind of campaigns they have to run in order to ensure that they increased their return on investment.

In addition, the personalized to dashboard also gives administrators or managers of organizations a chance to check and evaluate the performance of previous campaigns. Using this data, we can compare and contrast and find better alternatives to push their products or services in the industry.

However, Sailthru understands that every business is unique and therefore provides users with the ability to adjust, modify or even do away with a performance dashboard. This makes it easier for businesses to skin and increase other critical features on the dashboards to.

Campaign reports

Every business owner will tell you that they’d like to have a comprehensive report on the campaign. Generally, campaigns at done with the aim of promoting a product or a service. These campaigns are usually based on data collected by Sailthru.

The campaign report feature allows managers or business owners to check the performance of the campaigns. Sailthru will always provide a variety of data because the interest of different people are changing by the minute.

You can use this information to run an ad and ultimately use the campaign report feature to check the performance of the ad. Once a user identifies which works best for them, they can scale up the advertisement.

Prediction manager

Having current data is not as important as always having the right predictions of the diverse interests that you are customer base will have in the future. The prediction manager feature is a unique feature in omnichannel applications. Users can now use central to predict the kind of interest that they are existing customers and new customers will have in the future.

Using this information, a user can determine the kind of product or service to sell in that near future. Sailthru is well aware that your business is expanding and that the interests of your customers are ever-changing and therefore is there to help you out figure those interests before the future arrives.

Retention analytics tool

Another important feature of Sailthru is retention analytics tool. This tool helps users know how many customers they have retained when they ran a specific ad campaign. In addition, the tool provides users with detailed information on which kind of platform was very effective in reaching and retaining clients.

As a business owner, this is a tool to always keep at heart. Users can use this tool to know what kind of advertisement works in which platform is the most convenient for a particular customer base.


User administration

Most business owners complain that most only channel marketing applications are very limited. Limited in such a way that they do not have full control of the application and at times it does not sit well with a business.

Sailthru solves this by providing users with an opportunity to become administrator of the specific business they have in mind. This means that sing through will not do anything unless instructed by you in terms of administration. However, you can always reach out to them in case you need some help.

Mobile application                                             

Another disadvantage of using most email automation and analysis applications is that most of them are not found in mobile stores. This means that as a business owner you have to have your laptop everywhere for you to check the progress of your ad campaign or review some of the campaign reports.

However, Sailthru solves this by providing clients with an opportunity to use it on the go. The mobile application can be found on either Android or iPhone.

Smart strategies feature

Once data is collected by Sailthru, analyzed and presented to you, Sailthru will provide you with a list of strategies to use to ensure that you increase your return on investment. However, you can do as you please.

Account management

Once users choose a pricing plan from Sailthru, the company provides them with a couple of things.

First, Sailthru provides its clients with an integration consultant, somebody who is going to help you integrate Sailthru with other applications.

Second, Sailthru provides you with a project manager, somebody who is well aware of what it takes to advertise products and services and increase the return on investment. Users also get a chance to have access to the contact info of the implementation engineer and creative designers.


Sailthru believes that every company is unique and has unique sailthruneeds that have to be met. This makes Sailthru be flexible for most companies.

As a result of this, Sailthru provides its clients with a quote priced system.

Using this system, every user is encouraged to get in touch with a company form a good pricing package they can afford and that can offer them a kind of services they’re looking for.

Technical Details

Sailthru is supported by various devices such as windows, android, iPhone, Mac and it is also a web-based application. This allows users to use Sailthru in whichever part of the world they are. In addition, there is only one language supported by Sailthru and this is English.

The quote based pricing model is very convenient for different clients. Also, Sailthru encourages clients to reach out in order for them to understand the nature of their business before giving them the suggestions of the right pricing plan to choose from.

Support Details

An important factor that distinguishes send through from other applications in the same niche is that it provides its clients with personalized customer services.

Sailthru uses the same algorithm to build a one-to-one personalized customer experience.

Feel free to reach out to Sailthru through email and phone number.