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Full Sage 50Cloud Tax Software Review – All You Need to Know About Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50Cloud
Sage 50Cloud

What is Sage 50Cloud?

Sage is a major name in the world of accounting software, since way back in the 1980’s. Over the years, Sage 50cloud has evolved from Peachtree (which the Sage namesake acquired in 1988) then to Sage 50 then to Sage 50c and finally to the Sage50cloud of today. Though the name has been altered, the company still brings you a great product for all your accounting needs. Sage 50cloud is a true accounting type software which offers many features along with a high amount of customizability. With strong tools like reporting, inventory, cash flow management and more, it’s no surprise this software has wildly popular for decades.

In other words, Sage 50cloud is a well-rounded, fully capable, desktop accounting solution that incorporates an impressive set of features, customization, and cloud functionality. Sage 50cloud’s software is easy to navigate. You don’t need an accounting degree or someone from H&R Block to organize your books for your business and prepare for tax season or year-end. Sage 50clouds built-in features with checks and balances make sure your financial accounts are accurate.

Sage 50Cloud

The tax software is an ideal solution for medium to large businesses with anywhere from moderate to complex bookkeeping and accounting needs. The software is geared towards people with strong backgrounds in bookkeeping, but the software isn’t completely impossible to understand without a degree in accounting.

Sage 50cloud is mostly designed for desktop use, but a new feature to it is cloud functionality. It predates QuickBooks Online Plus by years, and it’s had decades of industry use to grow and evolve. The nice thing about having cloud functionality is that you can share financial data with an outside accountant or other business partners by storing it on their “Sage Drive.” Close competitors in terms of sophisticated accounting software are AccountEdge Pro.

Overall, Sage 50Cloud is a well-rounded, highly effective accounting software solution.

What are the overall benefits of Sage 50Cloud?

If you’re in the market for a complete business accounting solution software that includes strong features, exceptional customizability, and cloud functionality, Sage 50cloud is a good option for you. There are some unique benefits included that really makes Sage 50Cloud stand out from the crowd.

The software can track purchases and vendors, plus it has the ability to merge your data to pay bills straight from the interface. Additionally, it has some great expense management including bank feeds and mobile payment options. Sage 50Cloud can connect to your bank accounts, meaning you have the ability to record sales, receipts, and receivables plus transfer funds, make deposits and reconcile accounts all in real time. You also have access to all your financial reports from any device.

Cloud Functionality

One thing that makes Sage 50Cloud unique is the hybrid design; it’s a desktop application that also has a cloud component to give you data access and outside storage anywhere, anytime. Each license of Sage 50Cloud includes this functionality, and one additional download license to allow for this functionality on a secondary computer, like your home.

The software allows you to connect and share through what they call the “Sage Drive.” Your business or clients can store then share accounting databases, credit card numbers, EFT, payroll, and tax info on the cloud in a safe and secure fashion. The software ensures synchronization between the cloud and any files also stored on your desktop, meaning you don’t have to worry about making changes online from a different computer.

Sage 50Cloud


There are countless ways to customize Sage 50Cloud to fit your personal or business accounting needs.

For starters, you can transfer your accounting data from Sage into your other everyday productivity programs like Microsoft Excel or Outlook. Features like Sage Intelligence and Sage Contact integrate directly with your Microsoft Office 365 account. This allows for some great things such as emailing invoices straight from Outlook and saving trees.

The customizations are also endless within the invoicing feature with Sage. The program offers a very basic invoicing template, but it’s full of tools to make invoices your own. You can change the color schemes, fonts, and invoice layouts. You can also make it look completely original by adding your company logo and custom graphics.

Management Tools

Included within Sage 50Cloud are some phenomenal tools to help you really organize your business and its accounting needs.

With the Contact Management features, you can manage your customers, employees, and vendors. Sage allows you to add all the contact information you need for anyone you work with regularly, including their billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and so much more like rep/employee assignments for customers or vendors. Sage 50cloud also includes a great Customers & Sales dashboard that allows you to view all of your most important information about customers. You can view contact history and attach future tasks to complete with individuals as well.

Furthermore, the Project Management feature allows you to create and manage all your business products right within the Sage software. You can add dates, descriptions, status updates, and more. The program also allows you to create job phases, meaning you can easily track how projects are progressing. Sage’s Premium and Quantum Accounting Plans add even more features here like full job costing. With this, you can easily see just how much you’re earning on each completed job or task.

Finally, you can make it even easier to properly manage the business by simply connecting your Sage 50Cloud accounting to other products like Sage Payroll or Sage Payment Solutions.

Sage 50Cloud

What are the overall features of Sage 50Cloud?

The first great feature is the ease of use. Most users claim this software product is quite easy to use. Accountants especially like Sage 50Cloud, and many users boast that the product is well organized with many outstanding customization features to make it compatible with almost any workflow.

From the moment you first launch Sage 50cloud, the application opens to their Business Status section. This feature gives you an instant snapshot and in-depth overview of all your financial information for your business or company. There are so many charts and tables to illustrate things like your account balances or aged receivables. This means you instantly see all the data regarding payments that need to go out, the money you are owed, and other financial features from the start. Additionally, there are additional links on this opening page that can take you to other types of detail or task screens. Competitors like AccountEdge Pro lack such a dashboard.

Built-In Strong Features

Many users rave about the strong features that the Sage 50cloud software offers. Some of these excellent features include:

  • Informational Dashboards
  • Expense Management Systems
  • Sales Optimization Assistance
  • Payroll Capabilities
  • Reporting Features
  • Inventory Capabilities
  • User Permissions

Invoicing Features

There are numerous invoicing features included with Sage 50Cloud. The software allows you to track all your customer invoices, send out recurring (monthly) invoices, and duplicate invoices as needed, too. You can also add attachments to your invoice send outs or send a single invoice to more than one customer, which is a really neat and helpful feature. The Premium and Quantum plan also supports serialized invoicing, which is really handy to keep you organized. And, as mentioned, you can email out invoices through Microsoft Outlook.

Synchronization Features

Another outstanding feature of Sage 50Cloud is that it allows you to automatically sync with Microsoft Products! You can merge your Microsoft Outlook and Sage 50cloud contacts to save time. Sage provides access to all the features of Office 365, meaning you can go back and forth between your Sage 50Cloud software and others like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook. Access customer balance information, credit limits, contact details, and order history—even if away from the office. Don’t have access to Microsoft Office 365 currently? No problem: you can actually get licensing for it included with your purchase of Sage 50Cloud.

Sage 50Cloud

Pricing Details

Pricing details vary between the US and Canada products, but there was great pricing information along with a breakdown of what is included in each package available on their website.

For US customers, there are three different plans available, each with their own pricing and features.

The Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting Plan starts at $46.83/month or $465.95/year and includes the following features for this price:

  • 1 User, Single Company License
  • Tracking capabilities for income and expense management
  • Bill payment and customer invoicing options
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Automated bank feeds
  • Remote access to data through the Sage Cloud for staff and/or accountant
  • Full Integration with Microsoft Office 365

The Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting Plan starts at $72.41/month or $720.95/year and includes all the features of the Pro plan plus these added benefits:

  • Licensing for up to 5 users and 10 companies
  • Audit trail capabilities
  • Job costs through phase and finish
  • Advanced budgeting features

Finally, the Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting Plan starts at $182.91/month or $1834.95/year and not only has all the features for the Pro and Premium plans, but also these great bonus features:

  • Licensing for 40 Users and unlimited companies
  • Role-based security features
  • Industry-specific features for things like construction, manufacturing, and distribution

Additional Costs

There are some additional costs that you should be aware of before making the choice to purchase Sage 50cloud. These fees may not apply to you, but they are considerations to make if they are added benefits you may need. For example, additional user licenses cost extra. You can go directly to Sage 50cloud’s page of pricing, enter the number of desired user licenses, and it will show you exactly what the yearly subscription cost will be with these added users. You can also add payroll software to your plan, a fee that starts at just $39.95 per month depending on your payroll needs. You can additionally add other great Sage programs to your contract, like Payment Solutions (their gateway to online payment acceptance) or Sage’s Payment Management System (which allows you to accept electronic checks, gifts cards, create a loyalty program, and more). You have to call Sage to get this pricing information as it varies. Finally, you have the option to include Microsoft Office 365 licensing to any of Sage’s plan for just $150/year.

Sage 50Cloud

Technical Details

Sage 50cloud can be installed on your individual station, although the internet is sometimes required for specific functions and features. As mentioned, there’s also a cloud feature which allows you to store your accounting data on their Sage Drive, meaning you can access Sage 50cloud remotely from another workstation. The only catch here is that you need Sage 50cloud downloaded to that other device as well.

Sage 50Cloud requires the following hardware specifications:

  • 2 GHz CPU for a single user; 2.4 GHz recommended if you plan to have multiple users
  • The minimum RAM requirement is 2 GB, but 4 GB is actually recommended for multi-user function
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800 (but 1440 x 900 is actually recommended)

Sage’s 50cloud strictly is a Windows-based product, so it is only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. There is currently no support for Mac or Linux systems. Certain features within Sage 50Cloud require internet browser capabilities, but the software is most compatible with Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11. Additionally, some integrations require the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, or Outlook.

Sage 50Cloud

Support Details

One great part about Sage 50Cloud is the wide array of technical support options available. You can obtain support in the following ways:

  • Phone Support

You can reach Sage sales or technical support via phone. Sales related questions are typically answered promptly, whereas technical support wait times are actually quite long.

  • Sage University

Sage University is Sage’s online, on-demand learning source. There are a wide array of learning opportunities available to you at any time through this resource. This is a great place for people who are new to the software or are looking to expand how they use it.

  • Sage Knowledgebase

Sage Knowledgebase provides 24/7 access to support articles, documentation, downloads, and updates. If you are fairly tech savvy but having difficulties, this would be a great place to start before trying other support methods.

  • Sage City

Sage City is Sage’s interactive forum and discussion board. This allows for you to interact with other users and pros who use the software day in and out. If you need an answer quickly or wonder if someone has inquired about something before, this is an excellent resource.

  • Live Chat

Sage provides 24/7 live chat support to help you troubleshoot issues or ask questions.

  • Ticket System

If you are experiencing any sort of technical difficulties and do not want to wait to speak to someone over the phone, Sage provides a ticketing system 24/7 meaning you can submit claims and requests anytime. This is great for any non-urgent issues or needs.

A complete list of support details is also available at https://www.sage.com/en-us/support/.