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Full SafetyCulture Environmental, Health and Safety Software Review – All you need to know about SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture Auditing Software

What is SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a company that can help you by providing solutions to transform your inspections. SafetyCulture software can help you by digitizing your inspection with smart and mobile forms. It allows you to convert your checklists to be digitized and allows access from on site and in the field. It provides you the flexibility to do any inspections with enhances performance. When standardizing inspections across your organization, you can do so with customizable, user-friendly mobile inspection forms.

SafetyCulture software was founded in 2004 by a private investigator named Like Anear who was unfortunate to have witnessed workplace incidents. He wanted to do something about it and that is was brought about the birth of SafetyCulture. The company itself started in Townsville, Australia and has broadened out from there. It is now in Manchester, NY, Kansas City, San Fansciso and Sydney, Australia. With the expansion, it has become a world-wide utilized inspections software that has helped numerous organizations like yours, across a variety of industries.

The flagship product of SafetyCulture is the iAuditor that simplifies the auditing process. It has made this process so much easier for managers and has effectively helped to manage both quality and safety issues right from your mobile device. This inspections software is helping employees on the frontlines to be empowered by allowing them to report issues quickly. This in turn is helping to prevent incidents due to limited visibility and inefficiencies.

SafetyCulture solutions are now among the most used inspections software in the world. It is being used across 80 countries by helping to perform millions of inspections each week via the iAuditor.

The Benefits of SafetyCulture Software:

When looking for an inspections software, you want to be sure that you are getting the best you can for your organization. With that said, here are a few of the benefits of SafetyCulture:

  • It has a quick set up. When it comes to converting your paper checklists and spreadsheets to be mobile friendly, this software can do it in minutes. It is a simple interface that allows you to drag and drop. You can also add in trigger action responses and logic responses to be built in.
  • You can collect data better. By capturing information via your PC, tablet or your mobile phone you can attach photos. You can also mark photos, add a score to performances, receive and make electronic signatures as well as add in GPS coordinates. There is so much more it can do, but you will have to find that out for yourself.
  • With the ability to autosync between mobile devices and through the desktop platform, you can now communicate faster. You will always be aware of what is happening within your organization and out in the field in real-time. This will in turn allow you to identify issues as soon as they become issues.
  • Keep track of improvements made within your organization. With the opportunity to monitor and look over performances over time, you can stay on top of what is being done. You can also report amongst users, across different forms and even throughout locations. You will be able to drill down to answer specific questions and easily notice where improvements could be made in your process.
  • With the ability to convert paper checklists, excel spreadsheets and other documents to your mobile devices within minutes, you will always have inspection forms on hand.
  • No matter where inspections need to be done, you can do them. Through the use of any mobile smartphone or tablet you can work from anywhere. You don’t need connectivity to make use of this. No matter what you do offline, it will be saved safely and sync up the minute connectivity is restored.
  • You can have detailed reports instantly with the automatic report generator. Then you can customize them and share them with any pertinent team members.
  • There are easy to use admin controls that make it possible to add users and group them by locations, department and other criteria.
  • The SafetyCulture software offers you 99.99% reliable security to make sure all your inspections are safe and available at all times.
  • Through the use of integration, you can take your inspections and connect them to any other business systems you use.
  • There is very dependable support that comes in many languages.

SafetyCulture Features:



This is a very powerful inspection app that allows you to be able to create custom checklists. This app also allows you to be able to do inspections from anywhere both online and offline. It is designed to give you powerful analytics and equally powerful reporting capabilities. This inspection software will make life easier on your inspectors so that they can do their inspections with ease and not have to worry about the paper process that goes with traditional inspection workflows. They can work from on and off site allowing you to get reports of inspections quickly and easily.


This particular feature is very good for the well being of your employees. With this app you can do real-time incident reporting which enables you to send off alerts and take actions immediately. Through this app you can also get reports on potential incident areas and take preventative measures to help ensure that nothing major happens and thus keeping your employees and the environment safe. Through SafetyCulture spotlight you can report the little things that will in turn help you to prevent the big things.

Health and Safety:

By using the Health and Safety feature you can get complete inspection reports that are passed off to you quickly and allows you to take any action necessary. There are checklists that enables you to look for any concerns that might affect the health and safety of your organization and your workers. It can be accessed through your iAuditor app or via any phone, tablet or computer. It is designed to make field safety inspections easier and more comprehensive. It has everything from safe procedures for day to day work to even safe procedures for working at heights. There is a checklist available for any safety concern you may have within your organization. Through this software you will always be on top of your health and safety standards ensuring that you are compliant of all regulations that are mandated. It will track improvements, help you to share reports and communicate more effectively among your workers.


The inspection app is a great tool that will help you to perform any type of inspection that you need to do. It will help you to perform property inspections that can help you to keep your buildings in perfect standing with regulations. The Quality Management software will increase your productivity giving you high levels of performance throughout your organization. Through this application you can conduct quality visual inspections and use electronic checklists to record the results. It is also OHSA Compliant and will help you to identify areas that will prevent you from passing these government regulated standards.

Pricing of SafetyCulture Software:

There are a few options when using SafetyCulture. These options are you can be billed monthly or annually. Some parts of it is free to use. If you are looking to simply do basic inspections and auditing requirements, you don’t need to pay for that, you simply need to sign up. If you are looking for full admin control of your software which enables you to customize it and use the advanced analytics, it is $12USD per month Annually or $15USD per month Monthly. (These prices are per user.) If you have a large enterprise and want to set up SafetyCulture throughout your entire enterprise, then you need to contact them to receive a quote. With this option there is elevated support and exclusive features not found in any other package.

Technical Details of SafetyCulture:

Due to the fact that it is designed to help you go digitized in your workplace, it is compatible with all devices on all operating systems. You can use it on any smartphone and can download the exclusive apps like iAuditor and Spotlight through iTunes for iOS or through the Play Store on Android devices. It can be used both online and offline, but for real-time updates you do need to be connected to the internet.

SafetyCulture software can be used according to whatever language your device is on. English is the main support language.

Support Details of Safety Culture:

There are a variety of support options that come with SafetyCulture and this is crucial for you to have a good relationship with them. You want to be able to get help when you need it and their support criteria is clearly outlined.

  • Phone: You can contact them by phone Sunday through to Friday from 21:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC. There are local numbers you can call that are located in Manchester, Sydney, Townsville and Kansas City.
  • Email Support: This is a 24 hour a day support feature that is limited on the weekends only.
  • Chat support: You can get a representative through remote chat programs that come with SafetyCulture. It is 24 hours a day Monday- Friday but is more restricted on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Webinars: There is the option to learn how to handle commonly uncovered issues with SafetyCulture through their online webinars that will train you to become a pro.


SafetyCulture software is a great inspection software that will help you to achieve the desired results while keeping all your reports and checklists neat and organized. It is especially beneficial for the times you do not have internet connectivity. The real-time syncing and the ability to identify problem areas before there are incidents is especially beneficial.

If you work weekends though, don’t expect to get great support from their experts. There limited support times on weekend can halt production for you should a major issue arise. Plus, you can’t contact them via phone without paying a hefty phone bill unless you are in the one the cities listed above.

All in all though, SafetyCulture is a great software for digitizing your inspection workflows.