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Full Roboeyelabs Accounting Software Review. All about Roboeyelabs


What is Roboeyelabs?

Roboeyelabs is an integrated accounting and CRM platform that can be customised for the needs of all businesses.  At the basic level this is a free solution that scales to low-cost paid packages with additional functionality.

In terms of accounting functionality, it offers features such as accounts receivable and payable, cash management, billing and invoicing, purchasing, expense tracking, and revenue recognition.  And, through its smooth integration with program like QuickBooks and Xero, it helps boost the success of marketing campaigns.

The key feature of this application is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. This gathers data to help users create an accurate sales pipeline, and identify potential business opportunities.  The program also automates invoice creation and delivery.

After the initial set-up, the program allows users to create quotes, invoices, manage their contacts, track leads, send mass emails, and post on social media. It saves contact and product information for future reference so, once they are entered in the system, they can be accessed by a user at any time.

Roboeye labs is recommended for for small and medium-sized sales teams that want to use the information that they gather from their invoicing activities as a means of collecting useful customer data. That data can then be used for targeted marketing campaigns.


The main benefits of Roboeyelabs are:

CRM functionality

Through its CRM tools, Roboeyelabs helps organisations strengthen their customer support functionality and offerings, and to integrate seamlessly sales and post-sales customer support processes.  This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement, and provides a business with potential future revenue opportunities.

Streamlines processes

The application helps to streamline many processes, including marketing, sales management, and more. Data migration is facilitated through its integration with Xero and QuickBooks; this enables users to devise and integrated targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

Invoice Generation

It is easy to create and send invoice through the system; invoice generation and delivery is automated, saving the time that would otherwise be spent calculating figures, listing items and sending invoices via email, Invoices can also be printed with just a few clicks.


The program allows users to create additional customised features as needed, in line with business requirements, and the need to improve performance and results.

Lead Management Applications

The program features a range of lead management applications which help users convert leads into actual opportunities. This helps improve sales and ROI (Return on Investment). Also, through the CRM functionality businesses can use the program to create sales pipelines. This enables them to better understand their sales processes, based on reliable data, which leads, in turn, to better sales.


Key features of the application are:


Roboeyelabs CRM offers functionality such as help desk, and customer support and service management, features such as Case Management (support ticketing), Solutions (self-service Knowledge Bases), and Case Assignment and Escalation through the application of workflow rules. It also offers easy-to-deploy web-to-case forms that enable customer-specific case information to be captured through web sites. Furthermore, customer-specific email messages from Microsoft Outlook can be synchronised with the program and imported into the Cases module in Roboeyelabs CRM.

The functionality of Cases and Solutions can be used to streamline Customer Support initiatives across an organisation, and enable a stronger integration between Sales and the associated Customer Support processes. This helps ensure that customer-related problems and issues can be resolved in less time and more efficiently. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement, and offers future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


It is easy to generate invoices with Roboeyelabs. They can be generated from the invoice tools of the application, and are all stored for future tracking and reference.

With the click of a button, invoices cab be easily viewed, modified, and updated. They can also be assigned a condition – open, overdue or cancelled. This condition is updated automatically in the dashboard.

Invoice statuses follow the lifecycle of an invoice, from initial creation to final settlement. They allow users to track exactly where they are in the lifecycle. When a specific activity occurs, an invoice status will be automatically set, but users can choose to manually amend this as required.

Draft: By default, an invoice is assigned “Draft” status when it is first created.

Sent: When an email is sent to a client, its status is automatically changed from draft to “Sent”. This also occurs when a recurring invoice is issued to a customer.  Any invoice with sent status can be viewed by a client.

Viewed: If a client views an invoice, either through a guest URL or by using their guest log-in account, the invoice will be assigned a “Viewed” status.  This enables users to keep track of which invoices clients have reviewed.

Paid: Once an invoice has been paid – either online or offline it is assigned by the system as “Paid”.

Overdue: Any invoice whose due date is before the current date is classified as “Overdue”; they appear in invoice list with a red due date so they are clearly visible.

An invoice list can created from the main menu; filters can set for all, draft, sent, viewed, paid, or overdue.


As with invoices, it is easy to generate quotes through the system; all quotes are saved and can be stored for future reference, and can be generated through the Quotes tab of the application. Quotes can be viewed, modified, and updated with a single click.

The status of quotes follows the lifecycle of a quote, from draft to approval. This enables users to track exactly where they are in the lifecycle. When a specific activity occurs, the status of a quote will be automatically set; however, users can choose to manually amend this as required.

Draft: All quotes, when first created are given “Draft” status.

Sent: When a quote is issued to a client, its status changes automatically to “Sent”.

Viewed: If a client views an estimate, either through a guest URL or by using their guest log-in account, the system will assign the estimate a “Viewed” status.  This enables users to keep track of which quotes clients have reviewed.

Approved: Through a guest URL or by logging-in using a guest account, clients are able to either approve, or reject an invoice. The status will be updated to reflect this.

Cancelled: This status is used to categorise those quotes that do not end-up being invoiced, but are kept for reference purposes. Clients are not able to see quotes marked with this status.


All contacts can be stored in the system for follow-up, tracking, and future reference. Within Roboeyelabs, contacts can either by individuals or organisations, and can easily be viewed, modified, and updated with a single click. It is easy to search for a contact by name, email, phone number, city or country.

Contacts can be created through the “Clients” tab; once the required information has been completed, then it needs to be saved.

Equally they can be deleted, or modified using the edit function.


Through the Payments tab, the solution allows users to manage payments related to different customers. The tab allows them to see payments for all customers, with the date of payment, mode, and the amount. They can also edit or delete a payment record.

Payments received can be manually entered into an online payment form, which allows any relevant notes to be added as well.


Through the Products tool, users can access Products, Families and Tax Settings options. They are able to add, import, and update items, categories, units of measurement, tax settings, and payment terms.

In Roboeyelabs, a family is a set of generic products. “Calculator” and “IPhone”, for example, are products which can be added to a family called “Electronics”. Searching for products when creating a quote becomes easier if they are categorised.

Whilst new families can be created in the application, it only allows a family to be deleted if there are no products in it. Families, however, can be edited, and products reassigned to another family.

Products within the system encompass products, services, or parts. They can be created independently, or they can be assigned to a family.

Products are building block in terms of what is quoted and invoiced in Roboeyelabs. Different product families can be created, products added to those families, or imported directly into the system.

Products can easily be added into the system as a business, and product range grows. They can also be deleted and edited.

Any taxes that need to be applied to a product can be added via the appropriate settings page; this allows users to enter the name of the tax and the value (tax rate percentage), for each product. The program also allows taxes to be edited and updated when required.


This feature allows team members to connect and collaborate with each other, and seamlessly integrate with existing workflows so that information is shared across an organisation, and is available to individual team members when they most need it.

Email Tracking

This feature enables users to track all interactions with customers, partners and other interested third parties. By giving them a view of open and response rates to targeted email marketing campaigns, they are able to evaluate business opportunities intelligently.

Report Generator

The Report Generator tool allows users to produce a range of fully customisable reports as required, giving them either detailed information or a summary view of business performance with just a single click.

Social CRM

This tool uses social media services, techniques and technology to enable organisations to engage directly with their customers through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, thus building deeper customer relationships and engagement.


Despite the somewhat incongruous name, this is actually a project management app that helps organisations keep track of the tasks being undertaken by their teams; it also enables those teams to work together in a collaborative way in order to ensure that projects are delivered on time, and with the highest quality.

Email Campaigns

The program enables companies to create mass targeted email campaigns so that they can engage with them at particular times to encourage them to buy their products and services.


With Roboeyelabs organisations are able to create both internal employee, and external customer satisfaction surveys. The feedback gathered can be used to improve the quality of their products and services, methods of delivery, and or to enhance internal processes and practices.


Roboeyelabs offer three pricing tiers, of which the lowest, Bronze, is completely free.

Basic: This free plan, which is aimed at start-ups and small businesses, offers the following features – bills, contacts, documents, feeds, invoices, payments, quotes, reports, and transactions.

Standard (US $5 per month): In addition to what is offered by the Basic Plan, subscribers are given email integration, workflows and macros, a document library, roles and profiles, and reports and dashboards.

Platinum (US $10 per month): This premium plan offers additional functionality such as conditional fields, page layouts, custom modules, and advanced customisation, as well as Social CRM, and Facebook and Twitter integration. In addition, subscribers are entitled to priority support.

There is the option to try the solution for free through their website. No credit card details are required, although the registration process does involve the capture of customer data which can subsequently be used by the vendor for invoicing purposes.


Roboeyelabs is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems.


Direct Support is primarily available by submitting an email request to their support team. There is a company phone number provided but this is primarily for sales-based enquiries, and is dependent on Indian business hours.

The company can also be contacted via the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The website includes a blog section but there have been no postings since March 2017.

It should be remarked that he website currently needs an update to make it an effective tool for users. It is slow to load, the navigation menus are poor, and much of the product information is buried deep within it, and hard to access. In addition, whilst there is notionally a forum page, it is full of spam and clearly not moderated by the vendor.