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Full RezOvation Hotel Management Software – All You Need to Know About RezOvation


Making reservations in hotels and inns used to be difficult, especially if it’s in an area you are not so familiar with.

But thanks to technology and platforms like RezOvation, reservations have become as simple as ABC! However, you would be glad to know that you can do more than just reservations.

RezOvation is a leading platform for online reservations, internet marketing, website design, and management system for the B&B market, inn, and small hotel.

With over 7,500 properties using the RezOvation, you can guarantee that the software has some unique capabilities.

Do you have an inn, lodge, boutique hotel, and other types of businesses, then RezOvation might be what you need. Now, you get real-time internet reservation services that you can offer your potential customers and clients

Interesting, isn’t it?

That said, let’s have a review of RezOvation, its features, benefits, flaws, as well as how it works.

What is RezOvation?

RezOvation is an awesome web-based property management software built to function for those in the hospitality industry. The platform is also well-designed for innkeepers to automate their daily tasks.

RezOvation’s functions also extend to bed and breakfast, inns, motels, small hotels, and lodges to help increase their reservations from anywhere, at any time.

RezOvation also comes with some advanced features that you might find exciting. These features include an online booking engine, front desk management, accounting & reporting, credit card processing, and guest management.

The platform can integrate with a variety of operating systems, plus it is quite flexible. Hence, you can access the platform from any mobile device that has an internet connection.

Interestingly, RezOvation is one of the few platforms that seamlessly synchronizes with an online reservation program known as BedandBreakfast.com.

So, if you are looking for a platform that can assist you in running your business from anywhere you are, then RezOvation might be what you need. You can finally have the freedom to increase your occupancy while having peace of mind.

Pros of Using RezOvation

So, you now have an idea of what RezOvation is all about. But, what are the benefits of using this software?

Well, you don’t need to go around looking for these benefits.

Highlighted below are the pros of using RezOvation.

Advanced Property Management Capabilities

If you have a business within the hospitality industry, then RezOvation can come in handy for you. Why? Well, because the platform comes with multiple advanced property management capabilities that can help you streamline your operations.

The platform has an online booking engine built to put ahead of your competition by increasing your occupancy. Plus, RezOvation acts as your 24/7 standby reservation desk that ensures that your customers easily get something that meets their preference.

Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate this booking engine with your website. Hence, your guests can have a special window where they can see all the unique features of your hotel or inn. Plus, your guests can have a mobile-friendly dashboard that allows them to make reservations even from their mobile devices.

Furthermore, the booking engine also detects changes in devices and adjusts to fit the size of the device screens. As a result, even if you don’t have a website that is mobile-ready, your guests can still check availability easily.

Facebook Integration

One of the most popular social media platforms out there is Facebook. So, there’s a very high chance that you’ll be getting a lot of customers from Facebook. And luckily, RezOvation integrates with Facebook easily.

With this integration, travelers can directly use their Facebook pages to confirm their reservations. Also, for those booking reservations online, you can use that medium in reminding them of future stay, special occasions, and so on, using automated emails.

Credit Card Processing

Making credit card payments using RezOvation Web is quite easy. Why? The platform has an integrated credit card processing. As a result, you can increase accuracy and at the same time, save time.

The software also makes sure that payment processing is carried out without having to involve your staff. Plus, with the platform being PCI certified, you can be sure that it meets with credit card security requirements.

Maximized Hospitality Time

RezOvation helps you streamline redundant processes and tasks, and helps you save money and time. Hence, you can maximize your hospitality time and focus on servicing your guests.

Cons of Using RezOvation

Now that you know the pros of using RezOvation, it would be only fair to also talk about the cons of the platform.

So, let’s explore some issues you might have with the platform, shall we?

Slow Loading Speed

RezOvation is quite slow and sluggish when loading anything. Even if you load in from different laptops or computers, the system remains slow. Now, that can be an issue, especially if you are trying to handle an impatient guest.

It Can Be Cumbersome

Getting out of a screen on RezOvation can be a bit cumbersome, especially if there are no existing guests when making an entry for a guest. Plus, to accomplish almost anything on the platform, you have to make many clicks.

Limited Credit Card Processors

One of the major issues with RezOvation is that you are limited when it comes to choosing a credit card processor. Technically, you have only two options; InnPayment and Intuit.

If your inn or hotel takes advance deposits, then this might be a problem. Because the plans of these processors changes, you can have issues trying to refund a credit card payment, which is a customer service nightmare.

Features of RezOvation

RezOvation comes with some awesome features that you might find exciting.

So, let’s explore the features of this software, shall we?

Integrated Card Processing

You can enjoy the convenience that comes with recording guest’s credit card payments in person or over the phone. Plus, your guests can easily use their credit cards when making hotel reservations.

You can securely store and access all credit information right from the platform, Plus, payments get processed without having to interfere, and reservations are automatically updated.

With this feature you get:

  • Faster and secure payments
  • Cooperation with lodging certified processing experts
  • Increased accuracy
  • Seamless integration
  • More online inquiries converted to bookings

Online Booking Engine

RezOvation has an online booking engine that allows travelers to book reservations the way that they prefer.

You potential guests can either call you directly or make online reservations from anywhere they are, at any time. With a two-way real-time link, your guests can make reservations any time they want and get information on your property, room availabilities, and rates.

You also get unlimited reservations from your site without any extra fees.

With the online book engine feature, you can:

  • Offer add-ons and packages that increase revenue
  • Create a mobile-friendly site
  • Manage the creation and redemption of gift certificates
  • Give guests the option of reserving multiple rooms at once and;
  • Display availability according to room types or individual rooms

Mobile Booking

More and more travelers are using their mobile devices to find and make reservations. However, some online booking engines only support computer screens. Hence, it is hard for potential guests to make books.

But, RezOvation is different.

The platform easily adjusts to fit the screen of whatever device you access it from.

Also, you don’t need to download an app when trying to extend RezOvation beyond your hotel or inn. You can manage your hotel or inn from anywhere, on any mobile device.

With this feature, you can also access the contacts of your guests right from your mobile device. Plus, you get a real-time calendar to create reservations, search for reservations, look up guests, record payments, view availability, and so on.

Global Distribution System Interface

RezOvation has a Global Distribution System (GDS) that gives you a one-way to improved occupancy.

The platform seamlessly integrates with your property information and your room availability and rates using travel portals like Hotels.com, Expedia, Booking.com, and so on. Hence, you can take more reservations.

RezOvation provides you with a safe, two-way interface all the details on your property and rooms. As a result, all your information can be managed and kept up-to-date under the same platform. Plus, there is no need for double entry since reservations get done directly.

This GDS also gives you access to:

  • Total control of key property policies and information, unit rate yield options, and unit availability
  • Real-time management of online reservations and;
  • Better marketing exposure

Website Integration

There’s no better way to improve your brand visibility than having a website. And luckily, RezOvation provides your guests with a unique dashboard that gives them a view of your property without any extra work from your end.

Interestingly, guests that search for reservations from their mobile devices get access to a mobile-friendly view automatically. With this view, your guests can make reservations whether your website has mobile capabilities or not.

Also, you don’t have to worry about updating proper information or calendars on numerous platforms. RezOvation acts as a comprehensive solution that manages these updates for you.

Social Media Integration

While potential travelers are browsing through their Facebook pages, they can easily make reservations at your property. This function is possible because RezOvation seamlessly integrates with Facebook. And with this powerful tool, you have a better chance of maximizing your revenue.

Also, with RezOvation’s Facebook integration, your guests can easily check the availability of your rooms from their Facebook pages.

Automated Synchronization

RezOvation’s booking engine is what powers the Global Distribution System (GDS) interface. With this fantastic technology, your data about available and property get automatically synchronized with more than 600 travel platforms. Hence, the software ensures that your data is up-to-date and secure.

With this automated synchronization, you have access benefits like:

  • Per reservation fees, and affordable maintenance and setup
  • Collection of fees per reservations after guests leave and;
  • Zero cancellation fees for reservations canceled through the same channel that they were made

Pricing Model of RezOvation

RezOvation’s pricing model makes use a quote. Hence, you need to contact the company to have detailed information on their prices.

However, you can also request a demo which helps you walk through the platform and familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

Technical Details

Knowing about the RezOvation platform is not enough; you need to be aware of some technical details. With these details can easily and effectively use the platform.

Highlighted below are the technical details of this platform.

Supported Devices

With RezOvation being cloud-hosted and web-based, you can access the platform on multiple devices. These devices include:

  • Mac
  • Window
  • iPhone/iPad and;
  • Android

Pricing Model

The platform’s pricing plans are based on quotes. Hence, you need to tell the company what your needs and requirements are, and they would give you details on the price.

Customer Base

RezOvation has an extensive customer base. As a result, small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises, can use the platform as a property management solution.

Support Details

RezOvation has an excellent customer service that makes it easy for you to contact support. All you need to do is to go straight to their support page and browse through their help articles and FAQs.

The platform also has a couple of training videos that help you learn about the software.

Final Thoughts

RezOvation is a cloud-based property management solution built specifically for the hospitality industry. The platform is not only compatible with Mac computer but is also accessible from tablets and internet-enabled smartphones.

The platform also allows you to automate daily tasks as an innkeeper, as well as increase your occupancy. Plus, you get access to credit card processing, front desk management, an online booking engine, account & reporting, and guest management. And, travelers can easily book reservations that suit their preference.

With RezOvation’s Facebook integration, travelers can easily book reservations directly from their Facebook pages. Plus, once reservations have been made online, you can remind your guests about special occasions and the likes using automated emails.

RezOvation is also PCI certified. Hence, the platforms the requirements of credit card security.

Though the pricing model of the platform is quotation-based, you can request a demo and see if the software is what you need.