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Full Rezku POS Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Rezku POS

Rezku POS

What is Rezku POS?

Rezku POS

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Rezku POS is an iPad-based restaurant management software and point of sale system designed for use in bars, restaurants, café, and other similar businesses.


Rezku POS

Multiple set of restaurant management features

Rezku POS provides more than just any other iPad cloud-based restaurant management and point of sale system. It has a robust set of restaurant management features that enable managers to take charge of their inventory, greatly improve their profitability, reduce their losses, closely track their expenses, and increase their efficiencies.

Correct counting of items

Rezku POS lets you get the right costing of items per ingredient. Just enter the costs of the ingredients and Rezku POS will automatically calculate the overall cost per plate.

Tracking unaccounted losses

Track food waste while auditing the inventory to check for the unaccounted losses to allow you to stop the bleeding point and save more cash.

Shows places that need improvement

Rezku POS has sales reporting capabilities that allow for dissecting of sales data by staff, hour, weekly, daily and product. Know the superstar among your staff, the products that are selling such as pancakes, and the products that are being ignored on the menu.

Keep slots for employees

Rezku POS comes with all the tools that cover the bases related to staff scheduling, salary management, and workforce management.


Rezku POS

Inventory management

Inventory costs money; tracking stock is important to understand the restaurant’s operations, reduce losses, and get fresh efficiencies.

Waste tracking

Rezku POS offers methods of reducing food wastage and saving money.

Inventory audits

Find out the expected inventory against the actual so that you can investigate the unaccounted for losses.

Menu Costing

Place the cost of goods by ingredients and Rezku will automatically calculate the cost of the plates.

Sales reporting

Sales data is the most important piece of information for decision making. It displays the sales data that matter to you.

Sales by hour

By knowing the flow of transactions through the year, the month and the week, help you schedule in the short term and develop your business plan in the long term.

Sales by users

Watch out who’s a superstar seller and who needs mentoring in your restaurant’s team of staff, to build a strong team.

Sales by product

Get to know you’re most popular and semi-popular items that are available; order more to meet demand, and less to avoid spoilage.

Daily sales by reports

Get information such as taxes, cash, gross, net, credits, tips and more easily on Rezku POS.

Sales exceptions

This displays a per-user report of each canceled order, discount, comp, and use of ‘No Sale’ button, so nothing conspicuous happens on your watch.

Labor and Timeclocks

Integrated time locks system

There is no need for a different tool as labor management is built into Rezku POS.

Secure clocking images

RezkuPOS takes an employee verification image every time an employee clocks in or out,

Labor data exports

Track your labor usage and export to payroll or other accounting software.

Live labor cost tracking

Log in at any given moment and view any employee’s running cost – down to the penny!

Cash drawer management

Tracking down cash in and out of the drawer is a primary point of the sales function and Rezku POS adds complimentary security components.

Drawer summary and end-of day-reports

These are also called X and Z reports and show the transaction between the closing and opening of the drawer and are similar to an X report. The days end record is a record of all transactions for the whole day, and it is similar to the Z report.

Pay-out, pay in, bank drop

A supplementary account for depositing or withdrawing money from the drawer. Reason notes are captured and feature in the detailed drawer reports.

Transaction report

Transactions and the users that initiate them are recorded in the system, payment time, type order number transaction amount, customer name, and more makes it easy to research orders and transactions when needed.

Discrepancy reporting

If there is any discrepancy in any audit, it is documented and appears in the comprehensive drawer report.

Mid shifts audits

Affirm the amount of cash in the drawer at any time to check for accuracy.

By drawer, by use, bar drawer

With Rezku POS, you can configure cash drawers into two extra advanced modes. Bar drawers allow your bartenders to use one iPad with different cash drawers, while per-user drawers are for servers with their own change.

Remote management

Rezku POS

Rezku POS remote management features allow you to be virtually anywhere – from a park, running errands, or at home instead of an office.

Cloud based

Rezku POS backs up every restaurant’s information securely and encrypts them, but you can access the system through any internet connected device using your security details. Print reports, view dashboards and do practically everything.

Full Toolset

Whether you use a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, Rezku POS has a back office that can work with all sizes of screens as you do everything. You can update inventory, edit the menu, view sales, and so much more.

Live updates

Updates come as quickly as your internet connection. Sales labor and inventory are always in sync and your pockets.


This gives you the most important data on the go; it is easy to read and helps you manage your restaurant with better data access and all the important information you want.

Average ticket/tickets per hour

Rezku POS allows you to enter cost of goods by ingredients, and the plate cost is automatically calculated.

Net sales/Sales per hour

This is another way of viewing your restaurant’s performance. Net sales is an important number to focus on, while sales per hour displays the net sales over the day.

Top Sellers/Sales by category

Note all the items your customers love from drinks and food, and ensure they’re stocked fully for the next service.

Labor to Sales Ratio

This is another important metric, to track sales and labor costs together. It allows you to stay in the profitable range.

Secure payments


The payment card industry has come up with a specific rule book that shows how a cardholder data is to be handled by merchants known as DSS. The software takes data security seriously and helps in protecting users from liability.

E2E Encryption

End-to-end encryption implies that your computer card data will be locked tightly at the time when the card is in use.

100% PCI Complaint

The payment system in Rezku POS can make PCI compliance easy for restaurants.

Reduced Scope

Rezku POS can help in ensuring that restaurants are not subjected to complicated and expensive PCI audit. It does this by keeping sensitive payment data off premises.

Avoid costly breaches

In case you are not compliant with PCI DSS, you can either be liable for fines, or not be able to process credit cards.


EMV is a technology standard that was designed to limit credit card fraud. The technology includes smart cards as well as other types of secure payments, such as EMV, Contactless payments, Contactless cards, NFC Cell Phone Payment, Google Pay, Apple pay, and a reliable EMV reader from Ingenico. It also helps you avoid swipe-card liability.

Offline mode

Credit processing offline – even without an internet connection, you can still keep taking credit cards.

  • Set offline limits daily for offline transactions to mitigate risks, either the number of transactions or set dollar amount.
  • Accept all major credit cards – Discover, AMEX, Visa, Master Card, all in a single place with some of the lowest processing rates in the business.
  • Get an affordable high-tech to restaurants and makes it easy for use
  • Verification – get cardholder verification to ensure you get paid. Rezku POS gives you options to get patron confirmation of charges
  • Processing a credit card Rezku POS tablet
  • Reprint Credit Card Receipts — If there’s a hitch, Rezku POS lets you reprint credit authorization receipts.

Sign on Screen

Email your guests their receipts. This is a perfect tool for tableside ordering as it offers payment and authorization in one step.

Pre-Authorization Tabs

Keep yourself safe from skipping out on checks and declined payments by configuring the amount to preauthorize. Ensure your patrons are able to foot the bill before they’re served. This is usually referred to as bar tabs.

Marketing and promotion

Gifts cards, loyalty, and CRM

Promote the restaurant using the beautiful gift cards and guarantee return of business. Begin your ownership rewards. The discounts to point they would love to earn.


Have knowledge of your customers like never before. Keep personal details as well as order history for the marketing list.

Savvy discounting

Use discount to an item or to an entire ticket to quicken the ordering process.


Give names to discounts and then set them.

Custom discounts

On the fly, you can apply for a discount by either percentage or dollar amount.


Each discount and comp is kept in a detailed report that shows who discounted what and for how much.

Comp for VIP’s

Comp an entire order or just one item to really impress the special guests

Set permissions

Comping as well as discounting can be controlled by permission. Choose to get the authorization of managers to discount items.

Time Pricing

Use the automated price adjustment that conforms to the rules set for each day and time.

Happy hours

Establish happy hour prices for any product found on the menu. Add daily specials that have been set up once and continue running until it is turned off.

Activate and deactivate

The pricing rules can be deactivated or reactivated using just click. Bring back seasonal specials.

Daily deals

Set different pricing schedule for each day, or the whole day.

Apply period pricing on the fly

You can apply period pricing to products even outside the preset. Two minutes after happy hour and the manager need to offer a discount to a regular, he/she just needs to tap to enable.

Seasonal prices

Enhance prices seasonally to reflect the changing food costs. You can automatically raise prices during high peak seasons.

Evaluate marketing effectiveness

Rezku POS can help you determine the ROI for the marketing efforts through detailed sales reporting.

Gift card report

See the amount of gift cards that are sold and for how much.

Kitchen display systems

Everyone knows about the KDS which is a technology that allows the restaurant kitchen go paperless.

Save paper

Every paper that is printed to the kitchen or bar is taken out of the saving. A quality point-of-sale KDS can save you from:

  • Replacing ink ribbons
  • Buying rolls of paper
  • Replacing worn out printer hardware
  • Printer repair and maintenance costs
  • Hardware incompatibility with modern POS

This KDS is chock-full of important features that can optimize in the kitchen workflow, including an integrated bump bar, external monitor, kitchen proof case and hardware, ticker timer, a KDS for each station, upcoming orders, and KDS coursing.

Promotion analytics

Live support and promo advice from experts. These are fully integrated into Rezku POS and Back Office.

Online ordering

Break into online food service and grow your sales 30 percent overnight. With online ordering and online food delivery integration with Rezku POS managers will be part of the multi-million dollar growth market. The restaurant management software comes with many choices for online delivery and ordering that function perfectly with your restaurant.


Infinite – $199 per month. Annually – 279 per month – unlimited number of iPads

Serious – $209 per month. Annually – $149 per month – 6 iPads

Quaint – $139 per month. Annually – $99 monthly – 3 iPads

Small – $69 per month. Annually – $49 monthly – 1 iPad

Technical Details

Devices: windows, android, mac,web-based, iPhone/iPad

Pricing model: annual payment, monthly subscriptions

Deployment: On-premise, cloud hosted

Customer type: small business, medium business, large business

Languages: English

Support Details

  • Training
  • Live support
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Tickets
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